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From: Nathan Slaughter, StreetAuthority.com Gold Analyst

Dear Investor,

     It's time to make even more money in gold. If gold hits $2,000 per ounce as it has several times in the past, then we'll be swimming in profits.

     But before you invest in gold coins, gold bullion, gold stocks, or even gold teeth... you need to read my latest report: The Truth About Gold.

In this report, I'll expose the shocking truths about gold that every investor MUST know, including...
How to buy gold for only $329 an ounce while others are paying more than $900 an ounce.
My prediction on how high gold will go.
The astounding 10-year trend that will completely change the way you think about investing in gold. (But your portfolio won't mind it a bit)
Whether the world's fastest-growing economy is dumping gold or loading up on it. Plus, the gold strategy they've secretly used since 2003, and how it could immediately increase your own gold profits. 
The unsuspecting commodity that correlates to the price of gold 90% of the time. Follow this commodity and predict the price of gold. Watch your gold investments be "on the money" every 9 out of 10 times.
The little-known "utility" value of gold and how it can safeguard your portfolio in both up and down markets.
Hidden "gold cycles": When's the best time of year to buy gold? When's the best time to sell it? Properly align your gold investing with these hidden cycles and give your profits a lift... season after season.

     In addition to these shocking truths about gold, you'll get this bonus --

 My Favorite Way To Profit From Gold... For Only $329 an Ounce

     Gold bullion, gold coins, and gold funds... there are many ways to profit from today's booming gold market. But my favorite way to profit from gold is completely different, and it's as simple as buying a loaf of bread.  And best of all, it's the ONLY way on earth to buy gold for $329 an ounce.

    In The Truth About Gold I'll give you my favorite way to profit from gold. You could be making money alongside me within days...

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Best Regards,


Nathan Slaughter

Chief Investment Strategist, Investor Update

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