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If You Want More Income, More Often, and With Less Risk, Then The Dividend Trifecta Could Be Your Answer...

Because, it could hand you:

  • 43% safer returns than traditional investing
  • Current yields averaging 6.8% and
  • Gains of more than 127%.

Dear Reader,

The Dividend Trifecta is a three part approach to dividends that multiplies the effectiveness of every dollar you invest.

The plan is specifically engineered for people who want to retire sooner. Or, for those who would like to get a steady stream of extra income now.

And, I can tell you after managing a $5 million trust fund for a non-profit, I've been pitched every investing "system" available.

Many so-called systems are complicated and should only be used by professional investors willing to sit in front of their computer screens for hours on end each day.

But, I believe The Dividend Trifecta works for the vast majority of people willing to put it into action.

For instance...

How are these ordinary people generating this kind of income month after month and year after year?

In short, it's thanks to a new approach to investing.

It's a discovery I call The Dividend Trifecta.

A trifecta is an amazing feat. In horse racing, it would be picking the top three horses... in order... before the race starts.

Over the last three years, I have quietly created a "dividend trifecta"... a proprietary system comprised of three different types of dividend- paying stocks that I believe will outperform any other dividend strategy on the planet.

But don't let the word dividend fool you... this goes way beyond your typical dividend plan or simply reinvesting dividends.

You Could Have Cashed $55,688
Worth of Checks in Just 47 Months

Had you been part of the original group of Dividend Trifecta participants back in December of 2009, then you would have already received more than 1,260 checks. That's 1,260 extra paychecks to do with as you please.

In total, these payouts added up to more than $55,688. Your payout could be more or less as I'll explain in a few minutes.

What I've discovered through this unique system has set me on a mission to help other ordinary investors realize the success they've always dreamed of in retirement.

Success that now equates to more than $1,339 per month in effortless income based on our current portfolio. It may not be a fortune, but when you consider it only takes about 10 minutes per month to manage the income stream, that's pretty good.

In short, I've discovered an investing technique that requires no risky options trading... no short selling... no sweating the next quarterly earnings season and... no worrying about the Fed's next move. Yet it almost guarantees you'll never run out of money in retirement.

I even had a very knowledgeable investor and successful small business owner tell me: "I wished I'd done this 20 years ago."

And in just a moment, I'll share with you exactly how The Dividend Trifecta works and how to get access to a free special report I've written that explains how to get started.

But first, let me ask you a question...

Is 0.5% On Your Money Really Fair?

How is it that you deposit money into your local bank branch or credit union and only get back 0.5% on your money?

After all, the banks are loaning that money out to little Jimmy down the street for his first car at 2.99% -- that's a 600% spread for the bank.

And that young couple that moved in around the corner, they're paying 4% on their mortgage -- another 800% spread on your money.

Then there's the kid going off to college. If she's like most college grads, she'll be sitting on a student loan debt of more than $25,500 financed by your bank at 6.8% -- a spread of about 1,300%.

And then when all these folks get in over their heads, the bank gives them a credit card at 14.52% -- a spread of 2,900%

None of which are possible without your money by the way.

But here's the rub: you don't get a say in who gets your money or what they use it for.

You'll never see their credit score and you'll never meet them and look them in the eye as they take your money and use it for... well... whatever.

All you get is what amounts to a slap in the face by your "friendly neighborhood banker" who gives you a whopping 0.5% -- if you're lucky -- for your money while he pockets the difference.

Add in the rising cost of taxes, insurance, prescription drugs and everyday living expenses like gas and groceries and you'll be lucky if you can keep from going backwards.

John Buckingham, a Chief Investment Officer for money management firm AFAM, sums it up nicely:

"Money market funds are the modern day equivalents of the mattress, paying a miserly 0.02% on average. At that rate, your money will double every 3,466 years."

In other words, with rising costs and declining yields, your "safe" money may not be so safe after all.

In fact, Sarah Bloom Raskin, who serves as a member of the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve, says...

"... the low level of interest rates represents a strain on households who rely on income from interest-bearing assets; indeed, the flow of interest income that households earn on their savings has declined about one-fourth since the recession began."

- Sarah Bloom Raskin, Board of Trustees for the Federal Reserve March 1, 2012

It's not Just the Banks...

The banks aren't the only ones slashing payments to savers and retirees. Uncle Sam himself is cutting back on what he's willing to give to retirees.

Since 1983, Social Security cost of living increases have averaged just 3.27% per year. And in 2010 and 2011, there were no increases. In 2012, you'll get a 3.6% cost of living adjustment.

Odd, since the actual cost of living is rising at about 6.2% per year.

What's a Retiree to Do?

In this type of low-yielding environment, millions of investors are turning to income-generating investments like bonds to supplement their income.

But that too could be a mistake.

Take a look at this chart:

Bond income has been in a major downward trend for years. It's a trend long enough and strong enough that I'd be very cautious about putting all my eggs in that basket.

Instead, you need a balanced approach that gives you the income and gains you want but without the risk that could do you in during the next market downturn.

And that brings us back to my discovery of the Dividend Trifecta...

Why I'm finally "going public" with 
The Dividend Trifecta.

Hi, my name is Amy Calistri.

For more than 15 years, I worked at IBM, starting as a product engineer in New York before working my way up to a senior analyst in Texas. By the time I left the company, I was responsible for a $129 million annual budget. That's a lot of pressure and a lot of big numbers... I loved the challenge.

"Watching CNBC might be entertaining, but unless you fancy yourself some sort of day trader, it will not help you figure out what to do with your life savings."
- Carl Richards

I've also served on the Board of Trustees for the Society of Women Engineers where I was responsible for managing a $5 million investment fund.

And again, I loved these positions. But I realized, I wanted to help even more people discover what I uncovered about investing.

That's when I decided to join the team at StreetAuthority.

StreetAuthority is a financial research firm that provides guidance and advice to individual investors. In total, more than 2 million people log on and read StreetAuthority's free research each month.

But what's even more telling, is that more than 79,000 readers find their research so valuable, they gladly pay up to $4,000 to get access to StreetAuthority's premium research services.

However, you should probably know I don't come from a classic investing pedigree. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University and a master's in Public Affairs from The University of Texas.

And I haven't worked a day on Wall Street. (If anything, I think not working on Wall Street -- which is rife with conflicts of interests and greed -- can actually help you be a better investor.)

Although I'm an engineer by trade, I've always had a knack for the markets. I even used one of my earliest investment gains for a down payment on my first house when I was just 24 years old.

Maybe it was then I realized the markets - and helping people understand them would always be a part of my life.

That's why in the 1990s I honed my research skills as a Senior Economic Consultant with Applied Economics Consulting Group. There, I provided economic, financial and risk management services in support of commercial litigation that lead to the award of over $500 million to a telecom patent holder.

That's important to you because I know when a company is trying to cover something up - and how to find out the real story. That's something most investors simply don't have the time or patience to uncover.

And one other thing...

Before joining StreetAuthority, I had the pleasure of creating and teaching online investment courses used by and National City Corporation. Some of my investing articles have even been featured on and Google Finance.

The point of all this talk about me is not to impress you, but to impress upon you the how passionate I am about what I do.

But it's not just me, it's the entire StreetAuthority family.

That's why StreetAuthority spends millions of dollars on research each year and employs a team of experts across the U.S. and Canada. As a result, we're able to uncover rare, profitable and compelling investing opportunities that you aren't likely to find anywhere else.

And investors don't have to worry about a hidden agenda behind our research. We have no business relationship or "side deals" with the companies we write about. Unlike some financial firms, StreetAuthority receives no compensation or promotional fees whatsoever from the companies we cover.

All that's well and good, but instead of talking about me, why don't we get back to the story...

So, a few years ago, StreetAuthority co-founder Paul Tracy came to me with an idea that sounded almost crazy...

A Challenge and a Check for $200,000

You see, Paul first discovered the power of dividends almost by accident. He tried trading systems, computer systems, newsletters... you name it, he tried it.

But then one night at his office in Austin, TX he realized he was generating multiple "checks" from many of his investments. And that these cash generating stocks were the same stocks he almost never paid attention to.

Here he'd been struggling to actively manage his portfolio and the real money and gains were coming from what was the "hands-off" portion of his account. In fact, Paul now gets monthly checks totaling about $4,000 from this "hands-off" approach.

So, three years ago, Paul handed me a check for $200,000. I was to use it to open a brokerage account and to prove - beyond the shadow of a doubt - that an investor, like you, could strategically buy and invest in dividend paying stocks to create a stronger retirement income.

But, he didn't want me to just find dividend stocks - that's easy. He wanted me to create a system.

Paul challenged me to rebuild the portfolio from the ground up. He wanted to see if I could fine tune this discovery.

"And," he added, "It needs to be safe. People are cautious -- as they should be. They don't want to lose what they've got left."

So, over the past three years, I've been actively researching, investigating, testing, and perfecting my strategy - now called The Dividend Trifecta.

This strategy can help you earn hundreds... even thousands of dollars each month for the rest of your life -- whether you're 28 or 88... whether you're a millionaire or just getting started... and whether you have an MBA or didn't graduate high school.

How do I know? As I told you, I've been studying and fine-tuning my strategy for years now. And not just in theory -- I've been testing it with actual cash. I have a real brokerage account dedicated solely to this test. You'll see a recent account statement in just a moment.

You see, everyone here at the StreetAuthority offices agreed that's the best way to show you this system really works.

Reverse Engineering The Dividend Trifecta

trifecta (trai'fekta)- n
1. any achievement involving three successful outcomes

As I mentioned earlier, we're talking about dividends. But not just any dividends.

Because simply plopping down some money on big dividend payers like Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) or Johnson and Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) is not the best way to pull consistent money from the dividend world.

Don't get me wrong, I think you'd probably do well to take a portion of your "safe" money and put it in some of the usual dividend payers talked about in the main stream media.

After all, dividends do outperform even the broader indexes in both bull and bear markets as seen in this chart:

Come to think of it, that's probably why Jeremy Siegel, aka the Wizard of Wharton says:

"...dividends are the critical factor giving the edge to most winning stocks in the long run."


If you want to experience real security in your retirement years... if you want to practically guarantee you never run out of money in retirement no matter what happens in the economy or in the markets... then there is an even better way.

So, let me show you the three parts of The Dividend Trifecta...

Dividend Trifecta - Part One:
Double Digit Yields in a Low Yield World?

The first part of the "Dividend Trifecta" is focused on the highest-yield opportunities I can find. The yields here start at about 8% and go up from there. Many of these stocks and funds yield 10% or more.

But don't worry, I work hard to avoid unnecessary risk usually associated with high-yield securities.

Perhaps a real example from the current portfolio would be best...

The Gabelli Multimedia Trust (NYSE: GGT) has been around since 1994.

The closed-end fund invests in traditional global telecommunications, media and entertainment industries -- along with newer interactive media products and services.

The current quarterly dividend of $0.20 per share provides a hefty annual yield of about 7.7%. Meanwhile, at the time of this writing, the trust was trading at a slight discount to its value.

Overall, the trust holds a nice mix of companies with solid growth potential coupled with some very dependable cash cows.

So there's a pick you could buy tomorrow to start increasing your income. But it's not the only one.

That's why, in just a minute, I'll show you how you can get even more details on this play along with others just like them.

But before I do, let's look at...

Dividend Trifecta - Part Two:
Growing Income in a Stalled World

The second part of the trifecta includes my "Fast Dividend Growers." These stocks are increasing dividend payments up to 15% a year -- making them perfect for you if you want a rising stream of income... and who doesn't with the rising cost of everything in sight.

In 2011, the S&P was up and down... finishing the year flat. But dozens of "Fast Dividend Growers" soundly beat the market for the year. And they did that largely without the same ups and downs that most investors experienced.

The secret to success behind these rare stocks is simple. "Fast Dividend Growers" are dominant companies with stable businesses and strong cash flows that can be depended on to pay -- and increase -- their dividends year after year.

These stocks are pretty rare. Standard & Poor's has a Dividend Aristocrats Index that's made up of stocks that have increased dividends for 25 years or more. Only 54 stocks made it into the index at last count.

The good news? There are a number of companies that have consistently raised their dividends for years, but simply haven't made it the full 25 years... yet.

By my estimates, there are about 100 stocks I'd say fill the bill as a way to grow your income.

And if you buy their shares and let these stocks pay you over the long term, you can earn some enormous dividend yields.

Take a look at Magellan Midstream Partners (MMP)......

When I bought Magellan Midstream Partners for my Daily Paycheck portfolio in February 2010, the master limited partnership paid an annual dividend of $1.42 per share. Trading at a split-adjusted price of roughly $21 per share, any investor could have picked up the stock and locked in a solid 6.7% yield.

However, Magellan Midstream Partners increased its dividend 12 times since then. Today it is paying $2.23 per share. That's a 57.0% dividend increase in just over three years. That gives anyone who bought the company back when I recommended it a 10.6% yield on their original investment.

This company could grow its dividend for years to come. If it sustains its 11% annual dividend growth rate, in 2015 (just over two years from now) the company could pay $2.75 per share in annual dividends. That's a 13.1% yield on your original 2010 investment.

Meanwhile, from the time I recommended Magellan Midstream Partners until today, the shares have appreciated 202.4% -- including dividends, my subscribers have enjoyed a total return of 262.7%.

Not too bad in a world full of stalled growth. As you'll see once you take a look inside The Daily Paycheck's complete portfolio, this is just one of several "Fast Dividend Growers" I'd like to share with you.

But first, before I go any further, let me make sure we're on the same page...

Not Some Pie-In-the-Sky,
Get-Rich-Quick System

I want to make one thing clear. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

If you are hoping to use this strategy and in a few days start buying sports cars and going on exotic vacations, then I suggest you look elsewhere.

This is about steadily growing your money in a systematic way without taking on tons of risk.

And the Dividend Trifecta can generate a substantial stream of income each month that can help you secure your financial future.

Let's face it. I'm a baby-boomer. My friends are baby-boomers. And I'm betting many people reading this presentation are as well.

The past decade has seemingly made us fight for retirement with one arm tied behind our backs. Wild swings in the stock market have wiped out trillions in wealth -- I even know many people who refuse to invest anymore!

I can't say that I blame them for being gun-shy. But it's those people who I think are going to benefit most from my Dividend Trifecta strategy.

According to government sources, the average monthly benefit most retirees see is $1,230.

Using the Dividend Trifecta, I've averaged $1,339 per month during the past year. That's like getting an extra check fromthat government retirement program.

But unlike the government check that barely keeps up with inflation, your income stream from the Dividend Trifecta strategy can grow larger and larger each month.

If you think this is something that could help your financial position... then keep reading. I'll show you how you can get started with the Dividend Trifecta strategy.

But first, let's finish up with...

Dividend Trifecta - Part Three:
Stable Growth in an Unstable World

The final part of the Dividend Trifecta includes my most stable investments. If you're a conservative investor, then these picks could deliver consistent dividends no matter what happens in the market.

The Reaves Utility Income Fund (NYSE: UTG) is a perfect example of the type of security I love to invest in. This fund owns stakes in dozens of utility stocks throughout the world.

It owns a telecom in New Zealand, energy companies in the United States, and utilities in Brazil.

I can only think of one, maybe two, other places where you can invest in a stable group of monopolistic holdings this broad from all over the planet.

I first bought UTG back in December 2009. At the time, I bought just 190 shares. And back then the stock paid a monthly dividend of $0.115 per share. With my 190 shares, I could expect the position to generate income of $262 per year.

But I've reinvested every cent I've received into more shares. Today, I own about 329 shares -- about 73% more shares than when I started. At the same time, the fund has raised its dividend nearly 14%.

So while originally I was earning $262 per year in dividends from UTG alone, today I am earning $520 -- a 98% increase in income in just a few short years.

Try getting a 98% raise from your boss or from a government program. It's probably not going to happen.

But with investments like UTG, as well as some of the other stocks I'll tell you about in a moment, increases like this are common.

Add two, three, four or ten of these types of plays together and suddenly, you're beginning to see how these little "paychecks" can add up.

And the real beauty of compounding is that it speeds up as time passes. I love being paid nearly 85% more from an investment, but what's most exciting is that I now own more shares... which means more dividends... which buy me even more shares next month... and the month after... and the month after...

And when you build an entire portfolio of monthly and quarterly dividend payers like UTG, you can see some pretty dramatic results.

Putting It All Together...

So how does all this pan out for you once you start receiving payouts like the ones we've been talking about today?

Consider your typical income portfolio.

It holds a position in a few dividend payers and maybe a fund or two. You get paid occasional dividends, that's for sure. But because you only hold a few positions that pay quarterly dividends, the income you receive is lumpy. It will look something like this...

Yes, some months you'll get lots of income... but with only a few positions paying quarterly dividends, there are months where you won't get much of anything.

Not exactly the best system for those of us that have real expenses every month.

That's where the Dividend Trifecta comes in to play. The goal is to build a high and steady stream of income using three different types of dividend payers.

The result? A portfolio that pays you in any market multiple times per year.

Even more importantly, these three different types of dividend payers spread out market risk and increase the margin of safety.

This ensures that you earn substantial income month-in and month-out, no matter what's going on in the market.

The chart below shows the monthly income generated over the past year...

The Dividend Trifecta is just one part of a service we call The Daily Paycheck.

Imagine if after implementing this strategy you were able to write letters like these:

These people aren't part of the richest 1%.

They are regular folks just like you who have figured out that anyone can use the strategy to earn a substantial income stream to help pay their monthly bills, fund retirement, or simply grow their wealth month after month and year after year.

I love hearing their stories. Their experience adds to the overwhelming evidence that what I'm about to show you actually works. They also put a much more human face to the numbers. We get to see that these numbers aren't just random figures on a page. They reflect actual cash that people are generating... cash that's truly making their lives better.

$55,688 in Dividends... And Counting

There's only one place on the planet you can get the Dividend Trifecta strategy...

It's only available as part of my investment research service called The Daily Paycheck.

Since I started testing my "Daily Paycheck" strategy, the results have been staggering...

I've collected about 1,260 dividend checks for a total of $55,688. And in the past year I've earned $16,074. That's an average of $1,339 per month. 

How did I build this portfolio... and how can you do the same thing?

It all starts with the investments you make. As you likely guessed by now, the key is putting your money EXCLUSIVELY in investments that pay you regular dividends.

If a stock or fund doesn't pay me a steady yield, then I don't even give it a second look.

But if this strategy were just about buying a few dividend payers and riding off into the sunset, then it wouldn't be worth talking about. This strategy involves so much more.

That's because if you want to earn the largest monthly income stream possible... then you need to be paid as often as possible.

My goal with my $200,000 portfolio is to invest in a basket of stocks that pay me dividends for every day of the year.

In the past year, I've earned 398 dividend checks -- more than one per day. That's an average of $45.04 in dividends per day.

That might not sound like a lot, but I don't think anyone would complain if they were handed a fifty-dollar bill every day of the year.

For example let's take a look at 2012...

Keep in mind everything that has happened during this time...

But here's the thing...

I have NOT had to watch the market every minute of the day. I do NOT trade in and out of stocks on a daily basis. And I do NOT lose sleep wondering what the stock market or economy is going to do next.

I simply let my portfolio pay me day after day, and earn a steadily rising income stream.

If that sounds good to you, then maybe you're wondering...

How To Create Your Own Dividend Trifecta
Portfolio... Starting Today

Of all the features of the Dividend Trifecta method, what I like best is that the results are fully scalable.

In other words, you can start with what you have.

I built my portfolio using $200,000 in actual cash. But what if you don't have that much to invest? Or, what if you're fortunate enough to have much more?

The good news is that I'm convinced this strategy can work for anyone.

For instance, say you have $20,000 to invest. In that case, you can still earn the same income stream on your money as I am, but your payments will simply be a little smaller.

Given that $20,000 is about 10% of the size of my portfolio, you would simply expect about one-tenth the income. That still comes out to about $150 extra income for you each month.

And if you had $400,000 to invest -- double the size of my portfolio -- you can simply multiply the income I'm receiving by two.

To make things easy, I've put together the chart below. It shows how much you could potentially earn given an average yield on your portfolio of as little as 7.2%.

Once you're receiving your steady monthly income stream, you can do what you want with it -- pay bills, go out to eat, buy a new pair of shoes. That's the beauty of earning regular monthly income -- it's there when you need it. And when you don't, reinvest it until you do.

It's Time for YOU to Start Building
Your Own Income Stream

As I said earlier, for a couple of years now, I've been testing and tweaking the portfolio with $291,000 of actual cash. Today, that portfolio has grown to more than $267,000, and I'm now earning MORE monthly income than the typical government retirement benefit -- $1,339 per month, to be exact.

Meanwhile, I've done all of this in full view of thousands of select investors just like you.

You see, I report all of my progress to readers of my monthly research service The Daily Paycheck so they can follow right along with me.

This newsletter is my way of recording my progress as I build a portfolio that pays me for every single day of the year. Each month I provide the latest research on my favorite income ideas, important updates on my real-money portfolio, and news on my holdings.

If you want to follow right along with me, then there's no reason your own income portfolio can't look just like mine. I tell my readers everything I do BEFORE I make any investment.

In fact, you won't just mimic my performance... you might beat it. That's because I give all of my readers a chance to beat me to the punch...

To avoid even the hint of any conflict of interest, after I recommend an investment to my readers, StreetAuthority -- my publisher -- requires me to wait 48 hours before I buy it for my real-money portfolio. And if I buy an investment for my personal account, then I have to wait two whole weeks before I make a move.

So far, the readers following my Daily Paycheck advisory seem to have enjoyed it...

"I have invested right along with Amy from the beginning of the portfolio. After the financial collapse, I vowed to take charge of my own financial future, kicked the financial planner to the curb and couldn't be happier. Amy helped me secure a great income producing investment. I just get so excited to see those payments compounding on their own. I only wish I would have invested more, but since I am just learning, I don't think Amy would be disappointed, she is conservative herself. Thank Amy for holding my hand."

-- Wende W., Colorado

"I have done quite well. My portfolio has a yield of 8.5% and has increased its total value by 30% in the nearly three years I have been a member."

-- John K., Shelter Island, New York

"I am currently earning $34,000 per year in dividends for a $300,000 portfolio."

-- Jack B., Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"It's very rewarding to see [the "paychecks"] show up in my checking account. It's equally rewarding to see the price appreciation in almost every one of Amy's picks -- pretty outstanding in anyone's book."

-- A. W., Arizona

But there's no guarantee The Daily Paycheck will be the right service for you. So here's what I'd like to do.

Try The Daily Paycheck for the next 60 days, view my portfolio, read my latest research, and then decide if my research is what you're looking for.

Start your 60 days now and you'll receive:

Everything you need will be sent to you to review for the next 60 days. Take that time to decide if The Daily Paycheck is what you're looking for. If not, simply contact our customer service team for a full refund.

Before you decide to go ahead and give the service a try, I want to tell you about a bonus set of research that comes with your subscription...

Up To Five FREE Bonus Reports To Jump Start Your Portfolio

However, as a way to sweeten the pot even more, I'd like to offer you a shameless bribe for simply trying The Daily Paycheck service for the next 60 days.

The following five FREE reports are yours to keep even if you decide the The Daily Paycheck service is not for you.

Take a look at what you'll be getting...

Bonus Report #1: Dividend Blacklist: High Yields You Should Avoid Right Now

Just because a stock sports a high yield doesn't mean you should rush out and buy it. Here, I've identified several income investments -- including one of the highest-yielding dividend payers on the S&P 500 -- I think you should steer clear of.

In this report you'll discover...

If any one of these black list stocks are in your portfolio, this report alone could save you thousands of dollars in losses and missed opportunity. It's yours FREE for the asking.

Bonus Report #2: Four Stocks Yielding 10%-Plus

If your idea of investing heaven is a double-digit yield, then you'll love this report. The yields here start at 10% and go up from there.

In this report I'll reveal...

I'll show you a way to invest in fast-growing emerging markets... AND grab a 10%+ yield...

Bonus Report #3: Amy's Favorite Monthly Dividend Payers

These stocks pay dividends that hit your account every 30 days... instead of every 3 months. My picks in this report include a little-known security that trades fewer than 200,000 shares a day but that boasts a yield of 8%.

In this report you'll finally have the key to unlocking secrets like...

You get all three of the above reports absolutely FREE when you give my research service "The Daily Paycheck" in a no-risk trial run.

Access to The Daily Paycheck service is just $99 for a full year (12 issues). A ridiculous bargain when you consider the number of checks you could soon be receiving.

And, if you decide to go ahead and join us for two years (24 issues), we'll throw in twoextra reports.

Take a look...

Bonus Report #4: Lifetime Income Generators: 3 Stocks for a Lifetime of Dividends

I believe you can rely on these three investments for the long-term. They include a company that has raised its dividend 47 times since 1997... another company that pays more than $10 billion a year in dividends... and a fund that's paid monthly distributions for more than 240 consecutive months without missing a payment. (That's more than 20 years!)

In this report, I'll hand you retirement-changing income growers on a silver platter.

Plus as a 2-year subscriber, you'll also get...

Bonus Report #5: The 3 Best Stocks to Start Your Own Daily Paycheck Portfolio

If I were to start my Daily Paycheck portfolio from scratch, then I would buy these three stocks first. These investments pay yields of up to 8%, giving you a head start on earning a solid monthly income stream. If you want to collect a check 365 days a year... This is the report you'll want to read first.

Here's the bottom line...

In a matter of minutes, you could have the ticker symbols to your very own "paycheck" machine.

All you have to do is click the "Join Me Now" button below. Once you do, you'll be taken to a subscriber's enrollment page where you'll choose between a one-year or two-year option -- both backed by our 60-day money back guarantee.

And with either subscription, you get to keep the Bonus reports as our way of saying thanks for trying the service out.

If you don't like it, I won't get my feelings hurt. Simply call our dedicated customer service team before your 60 days is up and we'll send you a full refund. You'll be able to keep all of the in-depth research reports and newsletters you've already received, free of charge.

To get instant access, subscribe now.

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Always Searching for Your Next Paycheck...

Amy Calistri

Amy Calistri
Chief Investment Strategist, The Daily Paycheck

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