The Secret 11% Income Stream From "Hidden High-Yielders" Paying up to 7 Times More Than the Media Reports

The Secret 11% Income Stream From "Hidden High-Yielders" Paying up to 7 Times More Than the Media Reports

"There are a small group of dividend yielding stocks that are hidden from most investors' radar. These are sparkling treasures..."

--Financial Writer Richard Evans,

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Is it a conspiracy or simply another shocking mainstream media screw-up?

The Secret 11% Income Stream From "Hidden High-Yielders" Paying up to 7 Times More Than the Media Reports

"There are a small group of dividend yielding stocks that are hidden from most investors' radar. These are sparkling treasures..."

--Financial Writer Richard Evans,

Dear Reader,

Frankly, I was shocked when I came across this in my research. It's a glitch in the way the financial media reports certain companies' dividend yields. A glitch that hides how much this group of low-risk stocks has actually been yielding.

If you know where to look, you can find that the true yields of these stocks are sometimes 3.5 times, 6 times, even up to 7 times more than the yield posted in the financial media.

Here's one example...

Yet if you look at the company's annual report, you'll find that it's been yielding over 11%.

Shocking, right?

But that's not all the financial media is hiding from you.

It turns out that this group of secret stocks has also returned an average of 25% per year for the last 10 years... And could pay out several massive special dividends in the coming weeks and months.

And we're not talking risky either. These stocks are favorites of value-investors like Warren Buffett and billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates...

Returns like this can make the difference between retiring comfortably and retiring wealthy. Even if you only have $10,000 to plop down on these hidden treasures, you could see that grow to $12,500 in the first year -- and compound into $30,459 over 5 years. $25,000 grows to an amazing $76,148.

And yet, despite all these facts, most people have never heard of these stocks. That's because the real returns are muted and distorted by the financial press.

I was so surprised by what I found -- was it a deliberate conspiracy to keep small investors out or just an unintentional error or omission -- that I went through every popular financial website and checked the posted yields.

And it was true. It was almost impossible to find out what these companies have actually been yielding.

Honestly, I was shocked. I didn't think it was possible for Wall Street to bungle something as critical as this.

But it's true. And as a result, I'd bet that less than 1 in 1,000 people are investing in what I call the "Hidden High-Yielders".

I'll give you all the details on how this happened and how you can find these "Hidden High-Yielders" in a minute.

Of course, the rich and famous have been quietly profiting from these "Hidden High-Yielders" for decades...

George Soros made close to $1.6 million from a "Hidden High-Yielder" in less than 3 months.

In November 2012, Michael Dell banked $3.4 million from a "Hidden High-Yielder." And it had nothing to do with his position as CEO of Dell.

Just last year, Warren Buffett made a small fortune from one of these stocks -- a little over $30.3 million.

So did Carl Icahn. According to his SEC filings, in February 2013 alone he realized a $391.5 million gain.

Perhaps the biggest winner is Bill Gates. In 2004, he made $3.4 billion (yes, Billion) from a "Hidden High-Yielder."

Fortunately, it's not just the investing elite taking advantage of these stocks, as you'll now see...

Seattle Bridge Player Amasses Over $500,000 from "Hidden High-Yielders"

Bjarne Rasmussen is a financial advisor with RBC Wealth Management. In a May 2012 interview with Washington news station King 5, he said that one of his clients, an elderly woman who enjoys playing bridge at church, bought 100 shares of a little-known "Hidden High-Yielder" in 1986.

That tiny investment is worth over $500,000 today.

And this woman isn't the only one.

On July 26, 2013 I got a note from Jim C. of Boise, Idaho. He wrote to say he's up 127% on a "Hidden High-Yielder" for a $4,249 gain and says, "I love watching the dividends grow...."

Robert C. of Erie, PA has a similar story. He says he bought and sold one "Hidden High-Yielder" a few times and ended up with "profit of around $10,000."

If Robert's making that much from just one "Hidden High-Yielder," think of what he could do if he invested in a few of them.

Maybe he should ask Lee S. of Clarkston, WA. Lee invested in two "Hidden High-Yielders" and saw them return 50% and 85%, helping him take home $13,039 in 2011.

Other part-time investors wrote in to say they've pocketed anywhere from $2,100 to $15,985 -- all over the course of just a few years.

Yet despite all the folks cashing in on these stocks today, it's nearly impossible to find accurate data on them in mainstream research. Only a few outlets are talking about how they've been yielding much more than what's being reported...

As recently as October 2012, Financial Writer and College Professor Richard Evans, writing for, proclaimed "there are a small group of dividend yielding stocks that are hidden from most income investors' radar. These are sparkling treasures..."

And when Financial Analyst Anand Chokkavelu wrote about these stocks, he said, "Believe it or not, it's still possible for opportunities to hide in plain sight."

Hidden in plain sight! But only if you know where to look...

These companies have paid much higher dividends than meets the eye. They also continue to beat the market, and if history is any guide, they could make several incredibly large dividend payments in the next 3-6 months.

These stocks might be Wall Street's best-kept secret.

Let me show you what's going on...

An 11.3% Yield from a Stock "Yielding 1.5%"

It's standard practice for financial websites to post a company's dividend yield.

Yet, what our research found is that sometimes the yield posted on the site doesn't reflect the "true" yield. In fact, it's grossly understated.

In other words, the yield found on the website, newspaper, or magazine doesn't fully mirror what the company has actually been paying, nor what it'll likely pay in the future.

For example, take a look at one little-known high-yielder. Its "posted" yield is about 1.5%.

Here's a zoomed-in screenshot from Yahoo Finance. As you can see, it appears to only yield 1.5%

Here's a snippet from Google Finance. Once again, the yield is right around 1.5%.

And finally, here's a snippet from

However, the company's audited 2012 annual report reveals a much different story. In the letter to shareholders, the CEO points out that the company has actually been yielding 11.3%.

There it is in black and white. This company's actual audited and published yield has been nearly 7.5 times higher than the yield you would have seen by looking at financial websites or doing everyday online research.

So if you were searching for a high-yielder and trusted one of these popular financial websites -- as millions of individual and professional investors do -- you could have easily passed on this company.

And missed out on an 11.3% yield -- one of the highest yields in the market, and more than 4 times what you can get by investing in Coca-Cola or many other blue chips.

Not only that, you could have missed out on another high-yielder that went under-reported by the "experts". This one delivered a total return of 44% last year -- more than triple the Dow and the S&P.

As you can see, research websites all put the yield at around 2.6%...

Here's CNN Money...

 Here's MSN Money...

But once again, the company's annual report shows a much bigger yield. As the company itself says, its cash dividend was approximately 7%.

Crazy, right? And it's not just these two.

Surprisingly, there are a lot more "Hidden High-Yielders" out there than you'd think.

In fact, according to a New York University study covering five stock exchanges and 10 years of data, there were more "Hidden High-Yielders" in 2012 than any time in the last decade.

That's why Forbes magazine said late last year: "[Hidden High-Yielders] seem each day to grow more plentiful."

Today there are dozens of these stocks, and they're showing up in every sector. Consumer staples, energy, finance, tech... you name it.

I wanted to see how well they were doing as a group compared to the S&P 500. So I had our research staff go back and track the performance of all "Hidden High-Yielders" for the past five years. The results were stunning...

In addition to paying out billions in dividends, they performed nearly 4 times better than the market over the past five years.

And remember, this was during a very turbulent time for investors. The U.S. debt downgrade... the Eurocrisis... the Great Recession... while these events sent shockwaves through the market and cost millions of people their life savings, the "Hidden High-Yielders" didn't miss a beat.

That's why I'm bringing these stocks to your attention. With so much uncertainty in the market -- and with so many investors starved for higher yields -- these stocks are clearly one of the best and least-known ways you could collect thousands of dollars before the year's out... and score triple-digit capital gains.

How Some Americans Turned $10,000 Into $542,100

Of course, despite their success as a whole, you can't just run out and buy the first "Hidden High-Yielder" you see. Like any group of stocks, there are always few bad apples.

So to make it easy for you, my research staff and I sifted through every single one of these hidden prizes and found the four with the brightest outlook.

Their performance has been nothing short of amazing.

In the past decade, they've returned 828% -- yes, I said eight hundred twenty-eight percent -- beating the market by more than 8 times.

That comes out to a 25% return every year.

On top of that, investors have been lead to believe their average yield is about 2%, when in reality they've been yielding up to 10%.

Let me tell you about the first of these companies: "Hidden High-Yielder" #1.

At first blush, it looks like your average company. It's rarely mentioned on CNBC, and it appears to only yield about 1.7%.

However, pull back the curtain and you'll find one of the most relentless dividend payers on the market.

First off, it's an insurer. Warren Buffett says owning shares of an insurer "is truly having your cake and eating it too." Why? Because insurance companies have an unbelievable advantage. Not only do they collect piles of cash in premiums, they invest that money to generate even bigger piles of cash. And in good times and bad times, consumers continue to pay their insurance premiums.

That's why the company's been an absolute cash cow. It's delivered profits for 17 straight years, and paid a dividend for 37 years. It also has a good track record of hiking those dividends. In the past five years, it increased its dividend 36%.

No wonder anyone who invested $10,000 when this company went public in 1988 would be sitting on $542,100 today.

Compare it against popular dividend-paying blue chips and it's not even close.

Take some of Wall Street's favorites: Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson. They're doing fine. They've returned up to 50% since 2008. But stand them next to Hidden High-Yielder #1 over the past five years, and they pale in comparison...

What's more, the company has also forked over special dividend payments up to $7 per share at the end of the past two years.

If you buy 1,000 shares of it today and it pays the same special dividend this year as it did last year -- a very possible scenario given its history and recent performance -- you could make $5,320 from that one payment.

Now, I obviously can't promise that will happen... But if it did, that one dividend alone could paid for an end-of-year vacation.

So if you're looking for a rock-solid dividend and the chance at triple-digit gains and massive special dividends, look no further than "Hidden High-Yielder" #1 -- RLI Corp.

Judging by how few shares change hands each day -- 59,000, which is about 1/100th of Wal-Mart -- almost nobody knows about this stock. Even fewer know about its juicy 8.5% yield.

But before you take any action with RLI, just know that it isn't the only "Hidden High-Yielder" deserving your immediate attention. In fact, some of the others are even more enticing...

"Hidden High-Yielder" #2: This company is perhaps the most undervalued "Hidden High-Yielder" out there. Since 2011, it's increased its regular dividend 300% and paid no fewer than 8 special dividends. Combine all the dividends and you have a yield around 7% -- nearly three times larger than the 2.7% reported by the financial media.

In addition, this company is also profiting from one of the greatest growth trends in American history. As you may know, the International Energy Agency predicts that the U.S. will pass Saudi Arabia as the world's top oil producer by 2017.

When you consider that the Saudis made a reported $1.26 trillion from oil exports in 2012, you realize that the companies vying to replace Saudi Arabia could see earth-shattering profits.

That's where "Hidden High-Yielder" #2 comes in.

It's one of a small handful of oil refiners in operation today. No refinery has been built in the U.S. since 1976, so you can only find a few "pure play" refiners these days. This company is one of them.

As more and more oil and natural gas is sucked out of U.S. soil, its plants will likely be running at full capacity for years -- possibly decades.

Over the last 10 years, its shares are up a mindboggling 1,524%... and that's before all the talk about America becoming the next Saudi Arabia. If the U.S. starts to really challenge OPEC, "Hidden High-Yielder" #2 could see profits that were only a dream a few years ago.

Amazingly, it's still trading for a bargain today. Its P/E ratio is hovering around 6 -- cheaper than its peers, and a third of the S&P 500's historical average.

"Hidden High-Yielder" #3: This company is a niche retailer with stores across the country. Since 2003, its share price has grown an astonishing 991%. Over the same time period, it has also increased earnings per share every year and ballooned its cash flow. It now has $144 million in cash and short-term investments and zero long-term debt, so it should have no trouble making big dividend payments.

The best part: Most investors believe its dividend is a mere 1.5%. In reality, it's been just under 10% for the past year.

"Hidden High-Yielder" #4: This outfit is a casino operator with big expansion plans. It's bidding on two new casinos projects in Philadelphia and Boston, eyeing Toronto and New York for potential spots, and already building one in Macau, China.

In addition, it's known for paying special dividends. Last year it paid a massive $8 per share special dividend -- 60% bigger than the one it paid 2011.

Add them all together and it's sporting a yield around 7.2% -- much bigger than the 2.8% posted online.

This Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

I could go on and on about these companies. Just remember that most investors have no idea how shareholder-friendly these four companies are.

People across the country think they yield less than 3%, while in reality they have been yielding 7%... 9%... at times even over 11%.

They pay billions in dividends every year, and their share prices have skyrocketed during what many have called The Lost Decade.

That's why my research team and I believe they're perfect for anyone looking for a low-risk, double-digit income and the chance at triple-digit gains.

If you hold 1,000 shares of "Hidden High-Yielder" #3 and it pays another $8 dividend, like it did a few months ago, that's $8,000 -- overnight.

And if you hold all four of these stocks and they perform half as well in the next ten years as they have in the last... $25,000 would turn into $76,148. Along the way, you'll also have made tens of thousands of dollars in dividends.

What if they managed to keep up the same pace, or perform even better?

Suffice it to say, your $25,000 would be well over $200,000.

Of course there's no guarantee that will happen. Nor can I promise that they'll continue to pay special dividends.

But the point is, even if you have only have a few thousand dollars -- or a few hundred, really -- starting today you could get dividend yields much bigger than Wall Street would have you believe.

That's the power of investing in "Hidden High-Yielders." And that's why I believe they're one of the best ways for you to build a millionaire nest egg and eliminate your financial worries for good.

I've detailed everything you need to know to confidently invest in these stocks and I'd like to send you a copy of this just-published research report , free of charge.

Let me show you how to get your copy right away...

How to Pay for Your Retirement With Wall Street's Secret Stocks

My bosses Paul Tracy and Lou Betancourt started this independent investment research firm way back in 2001. Today, it's one of the largest firms of its kind.

We now have more than 2 million readers spanning 175 countries. And they seem pretty happy with our work.

Not long ago, we got an email from an investor in Portugal named Ricardo O. He said...

"I have been (and still am) a subscriber to other advisories and you are clearly the best. Simple, honest, clear and with a long-term focus, which is so badly needed these days."

Back here in America, it's the same story. Steve Halpern, an editor for independent publication Money Show Digest, said...

"Having read hundreds of financial newsletters on an ongoing basis for over 23 years, I can tell you that StreetAuthority's services are among the very best in the business."

I could show you literally a thousand more notes just like these.

I could also show you that in these notes, one theme is repeated over and over: Our readers appreciate that we're constantly bringing to light under-the-radar investments... the kind you don't find anywhere else.

For example, before the 2012 presidential election, we uncovered a private stock market where Mitt Romney made $200 million. Only 6% of Americans are normally allowed into this elite investment playground, and they've made a fortune.

Starbucks founder Howard Schultz made $13 million in 10 months. Bill Clinton made $15.4 million. Even U2 front man Bono made $10 million from this private market.

But we showed those who aren't part of the elite exactly how to invest alongside these rich folks. Now retail investors across the country are getting yields as high as 17% and pocketing 41%... 46%... even 76% gains in less than a year.

We also recently revealed a little-known investment phenomenon called the "Dividend Vault." This unusual investment came from information buried in an obscure federal reserve document labeled "Z.1."

In short, we discovered that corporate America was holding about $1.7 Trillion in a "Dividend Vault," and we showed investors an easy way to own a fraction of this "vault." Even those who snagged just one ten-millionth of this "vault" are scheduled to collect $3,080 this year and every year going forward... for possibly even the rest of their lives.

Over the years, we've also shown investors:

  • How to beat the stock market while only managing your portfolio for 12 minutes a month
  • A secret way to invest in companies like Google before they go public
  • How to get 300%-plus gains and 12%-plus dividends yields from 17 stocks with "Rich Parents"
  • And a whole lot more

From these ideas and many more, retirees and people looking to retire have made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We search for these off-the-radar ideas because let's face it... Wall Street and the mainstream media have a history of looking in the wrong place.

Just think back to endless coverage of "hot" IPOs like Facebook and Zynga, two companies that quickly flopped. When these social media companies were coming on the market, Wall Street couldn't get enough of them. The coverage was wall-to-wall.

You didn't hear those companies praised at StreetAuthority, though. We told investors repeatedly to "avoid these widely-hyped stocks."

Instead, we introduced our readers to The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever -- stocks that we think you can buy today and hold for the rest of your life.

People who invested in these "Forever" stocks saw gains up to 50% in a year -- more than doubling the market -- and up to twice as much dividend income.

This is much more than the losses suffered by those who invested in the social media darlings after their IPOs.

But as proud as I am of these "Forever" stocks and the other ideas we've introduced readers to, what I'm showing you today could make you even more money than any of them.


Because this is the only investment opportunity we've ever seen that:

  • Has returned an average of 25% per year for the last 10 years
  • Gives you double-digit yields from stocks appearing to yield much less
  • Could pay you thousands of dollars in special dividends in the coming weeks and months
  • And could help you retire in 10 years from just $25,000 today

That's why I'd like to send you a free report, The 4 "Hidden High-Yielders" the Media Won't Tell You About.

In this in-depth report, you'll get the names and tickers of each of the best 4 Hidden High-Yielders. You'll see exactly why they should continue on their market-crushing path for years to come, and how you can invest in them immediately.

You'll also get all the details on why the media misrepresent their true yield.

I'll tell you exactly how to get your report in just a minute. But first, let me show you...

How to Turn "Hidden High-Yielders" into Millions of Dollars

As profitable as "Hidden-High Yielders" can be on their own, there's a way to squeeze even more money out of them.

A lot more.

The New York Times calls it "an investment strategy that is as smart as it is simple."

And the LA Times says it "has become immensely popular with small investors looking for quick, easy and inexpensive ways of putting their dividends to work for them."

It's what we call the "One-Click Trick." It's the completely "hands-off" technique thousands of folks are using to pay for their retirement, and then some.

Just listen to the story of Grace G., a former secretary from Lake Forest, Illinois.

Grace never earned an impressive salary. She never drove a fancy car. According to the Los Angeles Times, she got her clothes from garage sales. She lived in a one-bedroom house that was willed to her when a friend passed.

However, she invested less than $200 in a single company back in 1935.

Using the strategy behind the "One-Click Trick," she juiced her returns and turned this tiny investment into $7 million by the time she died in 2010.

Edwin C. of San Diego did almost the same thing -- in a much shorter time span. Ten years ago he opened small positions with two Hidden High-Yielders and applied the "One-Click Trick." Today he's up over $100,000.

Because of these investments and a few others, Edwin can now say, "I'm a multimillionaire with no college education, just a 20-year Navy career behind me."

In just three years, Constance D. of Richmond, VA went from owning zero stocks to a $25,000 portfolio... also using the "One-Click Trick." "I think it's just wonderful," she says.

So how does this work? As the name implies, the "One-Click Trick" begins with just a single click of the mouse.

After you've invested in a Hidden High-Yielder, all you do is log on to your brokerage account and click on a particular icon.

You'll then be taken to a special page where you type in a single sentence... and that's pretty much it.

Within a few minutes, your brokerage house will let you know that you're now using the "One-Click Trick," and you're all set.

You won't realize it at the time, but you'll have started a chain reaction that nearly always leads to bigger gains down the road. The amount of shares you own will grow... you'll be able to make money whether the market goes up or down... and you'll save a bundle in brokerage fees.

And who knows? If your experience is anything like the others I just talked about, you could be well on your way to complete financial freedom.

I should mention that this strategy isn't exclusive to Hidden High-Yielders. It works with most dividend-paying stocks. So if you have other dividend investments, it's very likely you could increase your wealth on those investments too.

Why haven't you heard of this before?

Believe it or not, the government restricts companies from advertising the "One-Click Trick." And since this strategy cuts brokers out of the deal, they don't like people knowing about it, either.

As bestselling financial author Joshua Kennon says...

When you use [the One-Click Trick] you pay little or no commission. This leaves more cash in your pocket. Wall Street doesn't advertise these programs because if you use them, it loses the fee income.

That's why I'm bringing it to you today. Since we're not a brokerage house and are completely independent from any Wall Street firm, we have no reason to keep this wealth-building idea hidden from the public.

Now, I should point out that this strategy isn't fool-proof. It won't make you rich overnight, and it won't work with the majority of stocks. For example, if you're investing in penny stocks or other high-risk investments, it's almost impossible to use the "One-Click Trick."

To add to that, a few brokerage houses don't allow their clients to do it.

However, if you plan on investing in any of the "Hidden High-Yielders" I've told you about, and you invest with a mainstream brokerage house, you shouldn't have any problems getting started.

I've put together a report that will explain exactly how it works. It's called, The One Click That Could Make You a Millionaire.

The report will answer all your questions and show you how simple this strategy truly is. It will also show you just how much extra money you can expect to make from your investments... how much you'll save in brokerage fees... and more.

If you are serious about growing your nest egg, I can't stress enough how much money the "One-Click Trick" could make you.

The best thing? As part-time investor Robert R. of Florida says, "You don't have to worry about constantly trying to beat the market."

More often than not... you can sit back, relax, and watch your money grow on its own.

Just as with my first report, The 4 "Hidden High-Yielders" the Media Won't Tell You About, this second report is also completely free. The only thing I ask in return is that you give one of our most popular research services, The Daily Paycheck, a try.

Let me tell you a little bit about this unique advisory...

Collect 398 Dividend Checks A Year

Most income investors collect a dividend check a few times a month. If they're lucky, they may get one every week.

Not Investment Research Advisor Amy Calistri. She collects one every day. Some days she collects two.


In late 2009, StreetAuthority gave Amy $200,000 and asked her to create a unique income advisory that goes way beyond regular dividend investing. What she came up with is called The Daily Paycheck, because its goal is to give you a dividend "paycheck" every day of the year.

It may seem complicated, but in reality it's just the opposite.

Amy created three unique portfolios. Each one focuses on a different type of dividend stock. After she scours the stock market for as many as 50 hours a month, she finds the best dividend stocks available and adds them to one of these portfolios.

Almost like magic, the combination of the three portfolios working together spits out a dividend "paycheck" every day of the year. More than every day, really.

As of today, she is averaging 398 "paychecks" a year. She's getting an average 5.9% yield across all portfolios... and has made $78,311..

She's collecting an average of $1,443 dollars every month, and that number keeps getting bigger.

The nice thing is, it's possible for you to have a similar performance, even if you're just getting started.

There's no such thing as "missing the boat" with The Daily Paycheck. You can start creating your own portfolio at any time, and you can start with any amount of money.

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If your nest egg is small, your "paychecks" might be a little smaller. But you can still collect them every day (or more) and watch them grow rapidly.

We've received more mail than we know what to do with from happy investors.

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-- John K., Shelter Island, New York

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-- Jack B., Rancho Palos Verdes, California

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And the great thing about The Daily Paycheck is that you don't have to overhaul your entire portfolio to make it work for you. You can just add some of Amy's picks to what you're doing already. That alone should provide regular income, and help you sleep well at night.

43% Safer Than Ordinary Investing

I should also mention that Amy is a big fan of safety.

To prove it, our researchers went through each stock by hand and tracked how safe each one is versus the S&P. Her portfolio came out 43% less volatile.

In other words, while investors who simply follow the market are getting a sore neck from watching it go up and down, Amy's followers are sitting back and relaxing. Yet her picks are living proof that you don't have to sacrifice gains just to be safe...

All but 6 of her 56 portfolio holdings are showing gains right now. One is up 180%. Another is up 215%. Another pays a 10% dividend and is up 69%.

In fact, to prove that she's serious about avoiding bad investments, Amy's created a Dividend Blacklist.

These are the wolves in sheep's clothing... the dangerous dividend stocks masquerading as 12% yielders that are nothing more than time bombs.

Good luck getting a dividend blacklist from your broker, or from a Wall Street analyst. They hate to make "sell" recommendations. As Burton Malkiel points out in A Random Walk Down Wall Street," since the analysts are covering the stocks, they are less likely to provide negative publicity to the company...."

Not Amy. She's identified several dangerous dividend payers that should be avoided like the plague.

For example, there's one high-yielder that seems like a great deal. At about $4.50 per share, it is relatively cheap. Meanwhile, its current dividend of $0.40 a year, which equals about a 9% dividend, seems attractive at face value.

But one look under the hood will show you why this company should be avoided.

Then there's the asset class with tantalizing securities yielding 14.3%... 15.1%... and even 19.6%. These income investments have been around for years. They're regularly praised in the financial media, and investors have made a lot of money with them.

Once again, a closer inspection reveals severe problems. One of these popular stocks has lowered its quarterly dividend four times since the summer of 2011. Another popular one recently lowered its dividend from $1.40 to $1.25.

As interest rates go up, these investments could get squeezed badly.

In Amy's free report, The Dividend Blacklist: High Yields You Should Avoid, she'll tell you all about these dangerous stocks, and several more.

You'll get this free report when you give our research service, The Daily Paycheck, a try.

It's Time for You to Start Collecting Checks Every Day

Is The Daily Paycheck right for you?

Only you can know.

That's why, for the next 60 days, I want you to test-drive Amy's research at my risk.

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Curtis S., from Vancouver, WA uses this strategy to make about $140 a day. He says he spends the money on "home improvements, physical precious metals and helping [his] children through tough times."

Every day, more and more people are learning how to collect a daily paycheck.

  • Steve F. of Ludlow, MA got paid 56 times for a total of $2,277 over the last 6 months
  • Michael K. of Cleveland, OH makes $166 a day -- or nearly $60,000 per year
  • Lee S. from Clarkston, WA makes $35 a day. And according to him, he received an amazing "405 paychecks" in a single year -- more than one per day

One long-time Daily Paycheck subscriber wrote to us recently to express how the service saved his retirement. I'll let him tell you in his own words...

I am a 69 year old dentist with a short time to work. For years I had been trying to figure out how I was going to turn a large portfolio of stocks into cash to live on. And then I get an offer to join a newsletter called The Daily Paycheck!!! What a revelation. I now have the answer.

-- Lloyd F., St. Louis, MO

Lloyd went on to say that he's collecting $30,000 a year in "paychecks," and loves reading Amy's research.

When I hear stories like these, I can't help but wonder what kind of peace and prosperity The Daily Paycheck could bring to your life.

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That being said, I think you'll be thrilled with The Daily Paycheck. I assure you: It's like no other advisory you've ever seen. I've been in this business for over 20 years now. In all that time, I've never seen a single advisory that takes dividend investing to this level.

I've also never seen anyone else cover the research you'll get in your free reports.

Speaking of which, we've covered a lot of topics today. So let me give a quick recap to make sure you know exactly what you'll be getting.

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Report #3: The Dividend Blacklist: High Yields You Should Avoid

Report #4: The Daily Paycheck Primer: How to Start Your Own Daily Paycheck Portfolio Today

How much does it cost? I'll get to that in just a moment. But first, let me tell you about some stocks Amy's using right now for triple-digit gains and 10%-plus dividend yields...

The Best Stocks for Mortgage Payments and Utility Bills

If you're looking for regular income, one group of stocks is an absolute "no-brainer."

This group of stocks makes three times more payments than "normal" dividend stocks. They're also typically safer than "normal" dividend stocks. Since they pay dividends more frequently than most, they establish a floor for the stock's share price, which minimizes the risk of big price swings.

Most of them also trade for under $30.

Not surprisingly, they are difficult to find. They account for less than 1% of all dividend stocks, and they're not widely covered in the media.

That's too bad, because these stocks -- monthly dividend payers -- are perhaps the best way to generate regular income sufficient for things like mortgage payments and utility bills.

Amy's always on the lookout for high-yielding monthly dividend payers. She's recently come across some real beauties...

For example, she found a monthly-paying fund with a stellar yield and a superb track record. Since its 2003 inception, it's delivered an average annual return around 8%.

Month after month... year after year... since 2003! That's 120 straight months of regular, steady income. A few picks like that is all a small investor needs to amass a seven-figure retirement portfolio.

It yields around 8%, and with several safe sectors in its portfolio, it is broadly diversified to protect against volatility. It's paid solid dividends for 10 years, and there's no reason to believe it'll stop now.

She also found a monthly dividend payer that lets you invest in companies when they experience the most growth -- before they go public. That's where the really big growth happens.

Imagine getting in on Microsoft before it soared 26,000%. Or Google back when it was trading for a few dollars. This business development company lets you do just that. It invests in small, private companies long before they appear on the regular stock market exchanges -- and offers a 6% dividend yield.

I've put together a report that will give you all the details on these fast-paying dividend stocks, and two more. It's called, Monthly Dividend Payers: 4 High-Yielders.

In this report, I'll give you the names and tickers of 4 monthly dividend payers and why they could provide steady, stable, and growing amounts of cash for years.

This report is yours free with your subscription to The Daily Paycheck.

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The Daily Paycheck is one of our most popular research services.

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I should also add that if you'd prefer to try this service for just one year, the price is even lower -- only $99. And of course it comes with the same no-risk guarantee.

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Report #1: The 4 "Hidden High-Yielders" the Media Won't Tell You About
In this exclusive report, you'll get the names and tickers of the six best "Hidden High-Yielders" going completely under the radar.

Most people don't realize that they actually yield more than 11% in some cases, and that they all pay large special dividend payments.

For the past 10 years, they've returned 860%. But in our report, you'll see why the next ten years could be even better than the last.

Remember, if they perform half as well as they have, a $25,000 investment will turn into more than $100,000 in a decade. And if they keep up their pace, you could make twice that -- along with thousands of dollars in dividends.

Report #2: The One Click That Could Make You a Millionaire
In this report, you'll learn that with just one click of the mouse, you could trigger a snowball effect unlike anything you've ever seen.

This low-risk strategy has doubled or tripled investors' take-home pay -- and cut the broker out of the deal. Over time, you could save hundreds -- or even thousands -- in brokerage fees and watch your money grow exponentially.

You won't get rich overnight, but if you've got a little patience, a few thousand dollars could balloon into a massive retirement nest egg.

Report #3: The Dividend Blacklist: High Yields You Should Avoid
These are the wolves in sheep's clothing. On the surface, they look like they offer sky-high yields and a growing business. But dig a little deeper and you'll find some of the most dangerous places for your money today.

Report #4: The Daily Paycheck Primer: How to Start Your Own Daily Paycheck Portfolio Today
This report will show you the secrets behind Amy's three portfolios, and reveal how you could start collect multiple paychecks per day -- all within the coming weeks.

Monthly Issues of The Daily Paycheck
At the beginning of every month, you'll get Amy's favorite dividend pick -- her "income security of the month" -- sent right to your inbox. You'll also get a detailed analysis of current market events, as well as which stocks you should sell.

12 mid-month updates
Half way through the month, Amy will catch you up to speed on any market developments and update you on her portfolio holdings. She often recommends another stock, and tells you which dividend stocks to avoid.

The StreetAuthority Insider
A twice-weekly advisory available exclusively to paid subscribers.

You'll also get complete access to Amy's Daily Paycheck Portfolio. Some of these stocks are up over 100%, but still have plenty of room to grow. They yield as high as 20%, and are helping everyday folks collect money every day.

And when you sign up for two years, you'll get two extra reports:

Report #5: Monthly Dividend Payers: 4 High-Yielders
One yields 8% and is extremely well-diversified across safe sectors... Another yields near 6% and grants you access to fast-growing private companies... and yet another gives you the safety of bonds with the upside of stocks, while yielding 6%.

Report #6: 3 Stocks to Start Your Own Daily Paycheck Portfolio
The Daily Paycheck strategy may sound time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, I think you'll be amazed at how simple it is to execute.

To help you get started, Amy's highlighted her top three picks from her existing portfolio.

The first of these stocks provides a hefty annual yield around 8%.

The second security is extremely timely. It protects you from possible interest rate increases in the near future.

It's a unique bond fund that's much less sensitive to interest rates fluctuations than your typical bond. It pays a monthly dividend of roughly $0.49 per share, which gives it a near 6% yield.

You'll learn the names of these high-yielders, and another one, in Amy's new report, 3 Stocks to Start Your Own Daily Paycheck Portfolio.

Remember, you'll have 60 days to decide if all this research is right for you.

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Remember, too, that StreetAuthority reaches over 2 million regular readers, including scores of people in the media. As this report is quickly circulated, it's doubtful these "Hidden High-Yielders" will remain under-the-radar for long.

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If you're ready to get started, just click on the "Join Me Now" button at the bottom of the page. You'll be taken to a secure page that gives you a summary of everything you'll be getting with this risk-free subscription.

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Luke Stenis

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