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My 3 Favorite 10-Bagger
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"I've seen 214 U.S. stocks jump 10-to-1 in the
3 years I've been focusing on this asset class.
These 3 could be next."

Fellow Aspiring Millionaire,

     I'm Andy Obermueller. I run StreetAuthority's Fast-Track Millionaire advisory.

     My job is to find stocks that can make you a millionaire while you're still young enough to enjoy the money.

     I do this by looking for "game-changers" -- breakthrough companies that change the lives of millions... and turn entire industries on their head.

     I'm talking about companies with big ideas. Like the small outfit that wants to switch our economy from one based on petroleum to... one based on sugar

     It might sound like a crazy idea, but this stock jumped +328% after I found it. And I think it will keep on rising for a long time because the U.S. government has ordered its industry to boost production by 246,000%.

     A ground-floor opportunity like this is the only way you're ever going to get rich in a hurry in stocks.

     These are the legendary moon-shots that every investor day dreams about.

     Like buying McDonald's at the start of the fast-food era. Or Microsoft at the start of the PC craze. Or Yahoo at the start of the Internet revolution.

     Thousands of ordinary people became millionaires by investing in these game-changing firms. Tens of thousands, probably. Their lives were changed forever.

     But can I be frank for a minute? I'm sick to death of hearing about McDonald's, Microsoft, Yahoo and all the other moonshots of yesteryear.

     Let's talk about the stocks that are skyrocketing now!

     642 stocks stocks are up at least tenfold in the past year -- and 326 of them are in the United States. And that's just the start. 349 of them are up 20 to 1! 205 of those are in the U.S.

     In a minute I'm going to tell you about three of these explosive stocks. But before I share them with you, let me answer an obvious question...

Isn't This Like Looking for a Needle in a Haystack?


     First of all, there are thousands of needles in our haystack.

     2,221 U.S. stocks are up 100% or more in the past six months, right here in the U.S. alone.

     Second, it's not as hard to find those needles as you might think.

     You have to do a lot of digging, but once you know which traits to look for, a game-changer stock stands out like a $100 bill on the sidewalk.

     You'll see for yourself when I reveal the three possible 10-baggers I'm looking at right now.

     Can I guarantee that these picks will go up 10 to 1? Of course not. But I doubt anyone will complain if we simply double or triple our money, especially when we do it in a hurry.

     Example: In March, I found a handful of companies exploring for oil in the waters off the Falklands Islands. I recommended buying Rockhopper Exploration as a low-risk play on what could be a huge find.

In May, test results from its offshore well sent Rockhopper shares soaring. I quickly closed the position for a +287% gain in 60 days.

That's How Much You'd Have Right Now If You Had Put $10,000 Into Diedrich Coffee Stock Last Year.
$20,000 Would Have Made You $1,936,200. In Just 12 Months!

What would you do with an extra $968,100?

Pay off your mortgage? Set up a trust fund for your kids? Buy a vacation home? Do all three?

It's not easy to decide how to spend a sudden windfall... but it's a nice problem to have.

Just ask anyone who bought stock in Diedrich Coffee last year. This outfit created the single-serve "K-cup" coffee craze. Its stock soared +9,581% in 2009. That turned $10,000 into $968,100.

We started following and writing about Diedrich back in August 2005. That was four years before it went on its millionaire-making rocket ride.

The Payoff Comes Fast

     When you find a game-changing idea and zero in on a stock that can put that idea into motion, the profits come fast.

     On March 16 I sent out an email alert on Star Scientific, a terrific little company I discovered that owns the rights to a proprietary method of curing tobacco. This process doesn't affect the taste of the tobacco nor its nicotine content. But it dramatically lowers the levels of carcinogens in cigarettes.

     Star wants to be the first company to claim that its products are a healthier alternative to cigarettes. If the FDA agrees, Star will be in a position to unleash a disruptive technology on a $70 billion industry.

     In that email I said the shares were a steal below $2.00. The next trading day Star closed at $1.60. Eight days later Star shares closed at $2.79. That's a +74% gain in eight days.

     That's even faster than the +79.7% gain in seven weeks I made on the Chinese car and battery maker BYD Company last fall... or the +287.4% gain in 60 days I made on Rockhopper Exploration this spring.

     I don't sell everything I buy that quickly. Sometimes it's better to hold on for longer-term gains.

I recommended Whole Foods, which is changing the organic food business, on 11/24/08. If you had followed my advice you'd be up +310.4%.

I recommended Netflix, which is changing home entertainment, on 9/21/08 and if you followed that as well, you'd be up +250.7%.

Want a Shot at Changing Your Life? Buy these
Three Game-Changers Now

     A minute ago I promised you three stocks that have "10-Bagger" written all over them. Here they are.

     I'm researching dozens of game-changers for Fast-Track Millionaire. But these three in particular could be so lucrative that I want to share them right now.

10-Bagger Pick #1 -- A Tiny $8 Million Company
That Discovered $14.9 Billion of Uranium
Where No One Else Was Looking

     This is not only a fascinating story, it's one of the most promising investments I can think of.

     It's a small mining outfit that is turning trash into treasure -- literally. I think this company is going to make a killing. Here's why...

     It has discovered an ingenious way to extract uranium from burnt coal ash.

     I didn't even know this myself, but coal contains trace amounts of uranium. About 50 parts per million. The uranium stays in the ash after the coal is burned.

     This tiny Canadian outfit can extract uranium from coal ash for $35 a pound. The spot price of uranium is about $55 a pound.

     So we're looking at a fat $20 per pound profit.

     Not only does it have a patented extraction process, it also has a customer: China. It has signed a deal with the China National Nuclear Corporation to extract uranium from a coal dump.

     China has 21 new nuclear power plants under construction. And they won't produce a single watt without uranium.

     Luckily for China, it has 2.7 billion tons of coal ash. Which means they are sitting on 270 million pounds of uranium that only this company can extract for them.

     At a margin of $20 per pound, that's $5.4 billion in profits. You don't think that will make this penny stock take off like a rocket?

     The nice thing about this pick is that it already has a solid gold mining business that provides most of its revenue. So that takes a lot of the risk out of this small stock. Its uranium recovery project is a bonus.

     I think this stock has "10 to 1" written all over it. It's a true swing-for-the-fences play.

     It's trading at about 20 cents a share. At that price you can buy a ton of the stock and have some fun.

     So why not take a flyer and buy 50,000 shares?

     You've got several powerful investment winds at your back with the one: investors' interest levels in gold, uranium, China, and energy in general are all surging.

     As soon as this coal-to-uranium technology is put into the field, you're going to see a flood of interest in this stock. If that happens, look out. You could get a split and see your 25,000 shares turn into 50,000 before you know it.

     I've written a report on this stock that covers every angle of this play in detail. You can't buy this report anywhere. But keep on reading and you'll see how to get it free.

10-Bagger Pick #2 -- This $1.75 Medical Technology Stock Could Break Through $20 Next Year

     This second breakthrough stock play is one I feel really good about. Because it's giving 50,000 people every year a fighting chance against a killer disease.

     It could be a huge step forward against America's second-leading cause of cancer death--colon cancer.

     Colon cancer is serious business. About 150,000 cases are diagnosed each year and roughly 50,000 people die from it.

     Everyone over 50 should be screened for the disease.

     But the current test--optical colonoscopy, which inserts a camera inside the colon--is so unpleasant that only half the people who should have one actually get one.

     Well now there is a much more pleasant alternative: a virtual colonoscopy. A machine scans your colon from the outside. It's fast, accurate and pain-free.

     A Blue Cross study found that virtual colonoscopies are 90% accurate. But the study stressed that radiologists need good software to get good results. And that's exactly what this company makes.

     It's on the verge of getting FDA approval for its virtual colonoscopy tool. Regulators say they don't need any more data, and I think approval is imminent. Could be tomorrow. The product is already being used in Europe. It should hit the U.S. market soon. We're looking at an opportunity that could pop any day.

     President Obama himself recently had a virtual colonoscopy. If the test is good enough for the commander-in-chief, it should be good enough for millions of other people.

     When a critical health procedure is all of a sudden cheaper and easier--and pain free to boot--I can't imagine demand doing anything but shooting up.

     The company already pulls in nearly $30 million a year. I project it will earn $1.00 a share soon.

     That could push its share price somewhere between $18 and $25. The stock currently trades below two bucks. So this could easily be another 10-bagger in the making.

10-Bagger Pick #3 --
The Fungus that Could Change Your Life

     Now I want to tell you a story about a fungus of all things. A fungus that produces enzymes that unlock the sugar found in the cells of all plant life.

     It has already made my readers a ton of money and I expect it will make them plenty more going forward.

     For me, the story started about 18 months ago, when I had a long conversation with one of the most inspiring businessmen I've ever met.

     I honestly think this guy is going to change the world.

     Even if he's half right... or just 10% right... he's going to make bucketloads of money for anyone who puts a little cash into this stock.

     Now, here's the fun part: This industry's profits are almost guaranteed by our friends on Capitol Hill.

     Congress has ordered a timetable for the production of biofuels. Cellulosic ethanol is one of them. Right now, this country produces just 6.5 million gallons. But by 2022, we need to be making 16 billion gallons a year.

     Upping production from 6.5 million to 16 billion is a +246,000% increase, a compound annual growth rate of nearly +100%. And this growth is written into federal law.    

     That much cellulosic ethanol is going to require a huge amount of sugar. You see, instead of being made from the starch in corn, cellulosic ethanol is made from the sugar in plants. But the energy in that sugar is out of reach without this company's patented enzymes. So this company has a golden ticket.

     The stock surged a few weeks ago on news of a new plant in Spain that is using this company's enzymes for cellulosic ethanol. More new deals are in the pipeline. The broader point is that cellulosic ethanol is coming online and the market is beginning to recognize the fact. A recent piece in The Economist bears this out.

     Get in this stock now and you could be gassing up your Ferrari before long (with cellulosic ethanol of course!).

     Again, full details come your way in a third special report I've just released.

Why It's Time to Swing for the Fences

     It's a crazy market. The economy is on life support. The stock market is sucking wind. But hundreds of stocks are jumping anyway.

     If you're still hurting from the market crash of 2008/09 here's a way to jump-start your portfolio and get back to even.

     Bagging a few +1,000% winners will dramatically accelerate your path back to wealth.

     Don't worry about the economy. Game-changer stocks follow their own beat.

     When a new drug is discovered or breakthrough technology is released, that stock is going to soar no matter what the Dow is doing.

     Did a lousy economy stop Apple from selling a million iPads in 28 days?

     In fact, a tough market like today's is the best time to be in the small, early-growth-stage stocks we go after in Fast-Track Millionaire. After our previous nine recessions, small-cap stocks were +36% ahead of the S&P 12 months later.

Your Smartest Move at This Point Is to
Go Big Game Hunting

     Let's be realistic. None of us is going to get rich in a hurry in mainstream blue chip stocks. The S&P is a handy benchmark and good proxy for the U.S. economy... but it rarely rises more than +30% a year... and usually a lot less than that.

     So even in good years it simply can't multiply your net worth quickly.

The Lost Decade? Not For These 1,827 10-Baggers

Some pundits call the past 10 years the "lost decade." I don't. And neither do investors in the stocks below.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the 1,827 stocks that rose 10-to-1 this past decade.

Stock (Ticker) 10-Year Change $25,000
Turned Into...
Bally Technologies (NYSE: BYI) +9,160% $2,315,000
Hansen Natural (Nasdaq: HANS) +7,360% $1,865,000
Water Furnace (NYSE: WFI) +4,170% $1,067,500
Deckers Outdoors (Nasdaq: DECK) +3,940% $1,010,000
Quality Systems (Nasdaq: QSII) +3,740% $960,000
Clean Harbors (NYSE: CLH) +3,550% $912,500
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
(Nasdaq: GMCR)
+3,250% $837,500
Flir Systems (Nasdaq: FLIR) +3,160% $815,000
Urban Outfitters (Nasdaq: URBN) +2,960% $765,000
Southwestern Energy (NYSE: SWN) +2,940% $760,000
Joseph A. Bank Clothing
(Nasdaq: JOSB)
+2,930%% $757,500

     Ditto for income stocks. I love a nice fat dividend, but not even the world's highest yielders can make you rich fast.

     The best-managed mutual fund won't deliver. Neither will ETFs. And bonds, obviously not.

     If you want to get truly rich in the market, you have to dedicate at least part of your portfolio to serious big-game hunting.

     And your portfolio simply has to achieve +100%, +250% or even +1,000% growth. That's the only way. You can't save yourself into riches.

     You have to hitch your wagon to "game changer" stocks. Like Priceline (Nasdaq: PCLN), which changed the way millions of people buy plane tickets and hotel rooms.

     You'll always have opportunities like Priceline because game-changing companies will always emerge in the flurry of global capitalism. Some disruptive technology will inevitably topple the market leader and create a new horde of millionaires.

     Anyone who doubts this will happen is ignoring history.

     Think of what Netflix did to Blockbuster. Blockbuster was a suburban fixture, a neighborhood institution and part of the weekly routine of millions of American families. Its prices were high, its overdue fees exorbitant and its selection was often spotty. The company didn't care because it didn't need to -- it was number one.

     And then a guy named Reed Hastings noticed something. He noticed you could mail a DVD pretty cheaply. And he built a company that was such a game-changer that it destroyed Blockbuster. Blockbuster will soon be wallowing in bankruptcy court while early Netflix investors are deciding where to moor their yachts.

     Netflix went public in September 2002 at $8.12 a share. Within eight years it traded above $100 a share. Yesterday it traded at $209. Early investors in this fast-traded stock turned $10,000 into a quarter million bucks.

     Look at Apple. For years, Apple made expensive computers primarily used by graphic artists and teachers. It was lucky to have 5% of the market. Then it came up with a niftily designed mass storage device. That's all the iPod is -- it's not a special music player, it's a portable hard drive with a set of earphones.

     This device transformed popular culture overnight. It remade the music industry. And TV. Millions of people who would never have bought an Apple product were introduced to the company and became devoted fans. Adjusted for splits, Apple stock was $7.77 the day the iPod was launched. Today Apple is at $255, a +3,182% gain. $25,000 turned into $820,463.

     You don't need to be in a futuristic tech company to get rich this way. Example: Urban Outfitters. This trendy retailer took the shopping malls by storm with its edgy youth-oriented stores. Investors who bought in at Urban's 1993 IPO and held on through the next four stock splits have seen a gain of almost 20 thousand percent.

     Over that time $10,000 in the S&P 500 turned about $26,000. Investors who bought Urban Outfitters fast-tracked their way to $2 million!

     If you didn't get in on Netflix, Apple, or Urban Outfitters, don't despair. There is good news, and it is this:

     There are more Reed Hastings out there.

     Just think: A guy sitting on a park bench with his laptop could be writing software that will change the world again. And I guarantee you an inventor in a workshop somewhere is tinkering with an idea that will become the next iPhone.

     It's going to happen. It always has.

See What a Few High-Flyers
Can Do for You

The average long-term total return of the S&P 500 Index is about +10% a year. Lately, it's been a lot lower. But even at +10%, it takes more than seven years for an investment to double.

That's nowhere near good enough.

The red line on the chart shows a +10% return. It shows what you get with a $50,000 initial investment plus an additional $10,000 per year. It doesn't ever reach a million dollars.

The blue line shows what happens when you invest just one-fifth of your portfolio in securities with far greater potential than the S&P - in this case, a +75% annual return. That's the portion that swings for the fences.

These stocks might fly under the radar, but they're not especially rare. As of June 1, I found 487 U.S. companies with a return greater than +75%.

The result is clear. The high-performing stocks move the needle for the entire portfolio. That quickly creates a serious gap between the two lines as our $50,000 turns into $5.8 million.

I would never tell you to put all your eggs in one basket. But if you are willing to add a few game-changing companies to a diversified portfolio, you could find yourself on the Fast Track to the Two Comma Club.

That's the exclusive league of investors with seven or eight-figure portfolios.

Let Me Do the Heavy
Lifting for You

     Most investors can't spend their days camped in front of a Bloomberg terminal or poring over SEC filings. And they're not going to have much luck getting a CEO on the phone.

     But that doesn't mean aspiring millionaires can't piggy back on someone who can.

     My Rolodex is crammed with CEOs, brokers, bankers and other heavy hitters. I talk to them every day.

     A few months ago I went to Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting in Omaha. This is not your typical shareholders meeting. It's a three-day mega event, the Woodstock of capitalism.

     The place was crawling with millionaires who grew rich investing alongside Warren Buffett. Most were there to hear Buffett--and so was I. But I also went to learn what I could from the other attendees.

     Some of them are worth hundreds of millions and they tend to be plugged in early on the information chain. After all, they grew rich by finding an early-stage opportunity themselves, in Berkshire.

     I like to chat with these guys to find out what they're most excited about now. I also want their feedback on my own ideas. A lot of them were gung-ho about ethanol at this last meeting wish confirms my own bullishness on the "10-Bagger #3" I just shared with you.

Got a Spare 60 Hours a Week?

     Finding the game-changing equities I cover in Fast-Track Millionaire isn't something you can do in your spare time on weekends.

     It takes hours reading annual reports. Hours scouring trade publications and news articles. Hours facing a computer screen. Hours listening to experts, reading blogs, looking at SEC filings -- it never stops. I spend 60 hours a week feeding my brain information and looking for more.

     It ain't cheap, either.

     StreetAuthority spends over a million dollars a year on market intelligence. We have a small army of researchers with real-time access to every market in the world and the best information about every security traded anywhere.

     It's no wonder that we have a long history of finding big winners at StreetAuthority.

     In June 2006, we noted that DryShips was trading at $10.79, almost a -50% discount to its fair value of $21. We told our readers to buy with both hands.

     Sure enough, DryShips' share price rose to its fair value of $21 within eight months.
But, like the Energizer Bunny, DryShips kept going and going--all the way up to $130.97 a share by October 2007 -- for a +1,113.8% gain.

     Had you bought a thousand shares of DryShips when we first recommended, your $10,790 investment would have ballooned into $130,970 within 14 months.

     With your $120,180 in profits, you could have indulged yourself in a new Mercedes
(or two!)... or paid for a four-year college education.

We've hit pay dirt in shipping stocks again and again. Genco Shipping made our subscribers a +293.2% gain.
On Excel Maritime Carriers we made a hefty +554.4% gain -- buying low at $10.35 and watching the stock rocket to $67.72.
Looking for a safe way to play China's construction boom, we recommended Aluminum Corp. of China. Readers who followed our advice were up +379.1% within months.
On alternative energy play First Solar, we bought at $68.04. As it became evident that this firm was changing the playing field, its share price soared to $137.35 for a +101.90% gain-doubling our money in less than five months.
Another winner in the maritime sector, Diana Shipping, gave us a triple as its share price rose +205.1%.

We also recommended...

AmBev on 01/26/09 -- now up +292.6%

Gilead Sciences on 10/01/01 -- now up +434.1%

AB Global High Income on 12/15/08 -- now up +192.9%

Rio Tinto on 1/20/09 -- are now up +347.6%.

Morgan Stanley India on 08/20/09 -- now up +44.8%

MasterCard on 12/18/06 -- now up +153.8%

Tanger Factory on 05/28/03 -- now up +337.5%

China iShares on 03/28/05 -- sold on 10/15/07 for a +274.7% gain

Boston Properties on 11/05/01 -- sold on 03/19/07 for a +370.4% gain

Harrah's Entertainment on 10/01/01 -- sold on 01/17/07 for a +255.5% gain

ImmunoGen on 06/26/02 -- sold on 03/16/05 for a +155.5% gain

What You'll Get When You Join Me

     Fast-Track Millionaire is a web-based newsletter that you can access the instant I release each monthly issue. You can then easily print out the issue from your computer if you wish.

     Your subscription also includes Mid-Month Updates. These give you my latest thoughts on the markets and a rundown on the positions in our model portfolio. It's a great chance to see all the explosive stocks I'm finding -- even the ones I haven't decided to put in the portfolio yet. If you see something you like, you can pull the trigger and buy it before me.

     I'll also alert you by email whenever there's breaking news on any of our holdings. This way you have up-to-the minute buy/sell/hold advice on every position in my portfolio.

     You'll also get three special reports I've prepared especially for new subscribers. They cover all three "10-Bagger" picks I described earlier in this letter.

Turning Trash Into Treasure: The World's Most Promising Uranium Play

In this report, you'll get the full story on a tiny $8 million company that discovered $5 billion of uranium where no one else was looking. The cost of extraction leaves a tidy $5.4 billion in profits. That's enough to make any stock take off like a rocket. I think this stock has "10-to-1" written all over it. It's a true swing-for-the-fences play.
Profiting from the Next Brazil

Brazil has been a miracle worker for investors. Stocks there are up +300% since the start of 2005... while the S&P 500 has been flat. So where is the next big boom? My bet is a place few investors can even place on a map. But its top 20 companies have outperformed the MSCI Frontier Markets Index. Its GDP growth occasionally exceeds China's. Fortunes will be make as the world's investors discover this country. Here's the best way to get a piece of the action.
A Potential Ten-Bagger in an Industry with +246,000% Growth

This report is about a stock that has already made my readers a ton of money. But I expect plenty more going forward because Washington has ordered this industry to raise production by +246,000% in the next 10 years. This growth is written into federal law, which is a guarantee you don't often find as an investor. 

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Hire Me Now for $2.18 per Day

     Fast-Track Millionaire isn't for beginning investors.

     It's a resource-intensive service designed for serious investors and it isn't cheap.

     But it might be perfect for you.

     If you are ready for a faster-paced and more decisive brand of investing, I think you'll love Fast-Track Millionaire.

     You might love it even more once I share a bit of good news that concerns you as a member of the StreetAuthority family...

     As a special gift, my publisher is offering subscriptions to existing StreetAuthority customers for just $795. That's a pretty nice discount from the $2,495 price that others must pay.

     That means you can put me to work for you for an entire year for just $2.18 per day.

Try Out Fast-Track Millionaire
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     If you decide for any reason... or for no reason at all... that Fast-Track Millionaire isn't right for you, just let us know anytime in the first two months. We'll stop your service and refund your money.

     Of course, you'll keep the issues and reports you've already received.

Welcome to the Two-Comma Club

     I'm not working 60 hours a week to add a few percentage points to your annual return. I want to make a real difference in your financial situation.

     Take a look at your last brokerage statement. If your balance has only one comma, I want to add a second one to your bottom line.

     If you've got $33,900, I want to see it grow to $1,033,900. If you have $161,450 I want it to be $1,161,450. If you have $357,125 I want it to be $1,343,125.

     Don't think you can't do it... because I know plenty of people who have.

     The truth is, you only need a few great stocks in a lifetime to make a huge amount of money.

     But you have to be willing to swing for the fences.

     I'm in the batter's box right now. Why don't you step up to the plate with me?

     Click below and put Fast-Track Millionaire to work for you now.

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To Making Speedy Profits Together,

Andy Obermueller
Chief Investment Strategist
Fast-Track Millionaire

P.S. As soon as I hear from you, I'll send you the current issue of Fast-Track Millionaire with a portfolio of the most explosive stocks on the market today... plus your password to our members-only web site... plus the three research reports you see above.

P.P.S. Money-Back Guarantee. Take 60 days to test my newsletter out. If you decide to cancel I'll refund your money. You'll get to keep all of your research reports with my thanks just for trying out Fast-Track Millionaire.


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