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Stock #1 -- The $1.55 medical device company that could help 50,000 people beat colon cancer... and why Andy thinks it will be trading at $18-$25 in a year.

Stock #2 -- The tiny $8 million company that has discovered $12.2 billion of uranium.

Stock #3 -- The top play in an industry that is being forced to grow +250,000% by the U.S. Congress

Stock #4 -- A little company that could give the world all the clean water it wants -- at a lower cost than municipal water.


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 Join Us and Learn How These Game-Changing New Technologies Could Help Put Your Portfolio on the Fast-Track to Wealth
  In this highly anticipated webcast event, expert Andy Obermueller reveals his favorite "game-changers" stocks.

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Dyadic (DYAI.PK) +271.4%
Netflix (NFLX) +250.7%
Liz Claiborne (LIZ) +236.3%

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By uncovering new products, innovative technologies and "game-changing" trends, Andy Obermueller helps put his readers on the road to becoming millionaires and multi-millionaires by identifying investments with the potential to make at least 10-to-1 on their money. The first issue of Fast-Track Millionaire premiers on June 15, 2010. When you register for the webcast, you'll be eligible for an exclusive V.I.P. subscription discount.



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