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5 Companies With the Best Chance
of Curing Cancer and Delivering
Huge Gains To Early Investors

Fellow Investor,

     If a cure for cancer is approved by the FDA, the company that created it can sell that drug to the whole world for whatever it wants... and its stock price will soar.

     Take Dendreon Corp. (Nasdaq: DNDN) for example. Dendreon has a new drug called Provenge that taps into the immune system to fight prostate cancer... one course of treatment costs $93,000.

     You read that correctly -- $93,000 for one cycle of one drug. That's a hefty price to pay, but if it works... it sells.

     I'll tell you what happened to Dendreon's share price in a second. First, you should understand the size of the problem.

     The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 2 American men and 1 in 4 American women will be diagnosed with some sort of cancer.

     More than 1.5 million new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2011.

     The National Institutes of Health estimates the financial expense attributable to cancer in 2010 at $263.8 billion in just the U.S.

     And Dendreon alone holds the patent and an FDA approval on the most promising treatment for one of the most devastating forms of cancer -- prostate cancer.

     So what do you think happened to its stock?

     Between March 2009 and April 2010, Dendreon's stock rose a stellar 1,764%.

     On just one day -- April 14, 2009 -- Dendreon's stock shot up 132%.

     And it almost doubled again two weeks later on April 29, 2009... when it made another one-day jump of 94%.

     But it takes years and around $1 billion to develop and get FDA approval for a blockbuster drug.

     Dendreon was required to put Provenge through three phases of clinical trials. The chances of a drug getting through phase I are only 66%. In phase II the percentage drops to 33%. And the chances for successfully completing phase III are 55%.

     Dendreon's stock price had already started to rise when it reported positive results from its first phase III trial on April 14, 2009.

     And once Dendreon got Provenge past phase III... it had an 80% chance of being approved by the FDA. By then, investors were piling in.

     For a company who is able to develop a cure for cancer, getting FDA approval is like hitting a goldmine -- and Dendreon hit the goldmine on April 29, 2010 after a decade-long struggle.

     There are dozens of companies with cancer drugs in phase III trials right now. If they pass this phase, they also have an 80% chance of gaining FDA approval.

     Over the past several weeks I've researched dozens of them. And I've narrowed them down to five companies that I believe are most likely to get their drugs approved by the FDA... and who are still small enough to feel the impact on their share price.

     One more note about Dendreon. At the beginning of March 2009, when Provenge was still in phase III trials, the company's shares traded for around $2.90. By the end of April 2010 the stock price had reached $54.06.

     The five companies I've selected have the potential to skyrocket like Dendreon did, if their drugs are approved.

     To be fair, it's risky, and there are no guarantees when it comes to FDA approvals. You can lose money. But there's no argument that the rewards could be game-changing for your wealth.

     I've put all my findings in my two latest issues of Game-Changing Stocks. I give you the breakdown on 39 cancer drug companies in phase III trials right now. And I reveal the five companies I think have the best chance of curing cancer and delivering huge profits to early investors.

Why Game-Changing Stocks Is Unique

     Despite all the rocket scientists and supercomputers on Wall Street, the best way to get rich from investing is the same approach that worked best decades ago: find a breakthrough technology or industry and watch your profits soar as the concept matures from a wild idea into a gargantuan commercial success.

     To bag those big gains you need a contrarian streak. If you buy the same investments as everyone else, you're going to have the same performance as other people -- which is always mediocre. This is why Andy Obermueller's Game-Changing Stocks is definitely contrarian.

     It's an approach that has served him well. For example, when Whole Foods crashed in 2008, Andy said it was a great buy. Other analysts said the chain was on the way to bankruptcy and that high-end organic food would never prosper in a tough economy. Andy disagreed, urged his clients to buy and the stock went on to triple within a year.

     When everyone else was talking about oil, Andy was talking about an unusual alternative energy source that could replace the oil in your gas tank -- and his top recommendation went on to book gains of more than +300%.

     When everyone else was writing the obituaries for banks in the financial crisis, Andy found a small Southern bank with a sparkling balance sheet and made +85% in eight months.

     And when most investors were losing money in recession-battered mainstream stocks, Andy was booking gains of +73% in booming little-known niches like satellite imaging.

     Andy has a history of digging up new investment ideas well before they hit the mainstream media. He was the first one to alert us to all these game-changers:
The company that created the billion-dollar ethanol fungus -- up +328% after Andy found it.
The Falkland Islands oil explorer that nobody heard about -- up +454% two months after Andy found it.
The tiny $8 million company that discovered $5 billion of uranium where no one else was looking -- up +76% after Andy found it.
The medical technology stock that could help save 50,000 lives a year -- up +62% after Andy found it.
The "healthy cigarette" company -- up +74% just eight days after Andy found it.
The small Alabama bank with a new business model -- up +126% after Andy found it.
The cutting-edge aeronautical outfit -- up +58% after Andy found it.

Opportunities Everywhere You Look

     You never know where the next fortune-maker is coming from. But you can be sure it's coming.

     10 years ago people would have laughed at you for saying that we would soon be walking around with mini-computers tethered to us.

     Now millions of people won't step out the door without their beloved BlackBerry, iPhone or other hand-held device.

     If you had put $10,000 into Research in Motion (Blackberry's maker) at its IPO, you would have been sitting on $766,650 in less than eight years.

     And smartphones are just one of the dozens of life-changing investment trends that you could have ridden to riches in the past decade.

     For years, Apple made expensive computers for graphic artists and teachers. It was lucky to have 5% of the PC market. Then it came up with the iPod and transformed popular culture. Adjusted for splits, Apple stock was $7.77 the day the iPod was launched. Today Apple is close to $250. That's a 32-fold gain. $10,000 turned into $320,000.

     It doesn't always take years to see this kind of explosive growth. Whenever you can find a company that changes the way millions of people live their daily lives, profits follow.

     Last year Diedrich Coffee -- the outfit that started the single-serve coffee craze at offices across the nation -- was up +9,581%. That turned $10,000 into $968,100. In a year!

     The good news is that everyday investors like us can be part of these game-changing events and make fortunes in the process.

     We started following Diedrich back in August 2005. That was four years before it went on its millionaire-making rocket ride.

     But if you want in on the next big winner, you have to know where to look first.

     That's where Andy Obermueller's Game-Changing Stocks comes in. Andy's service is devoted to finding the next big life-changing investing idea. In each issue Andy introduces you to a new technology, concept or industry that could change the world and make you a millionaire in the process.

Unusual Investing Ideas You Won't Find Anywhere Else

     The ordinary media doesn't cover this beat. They'll tell you all about a discovery once it comes out -- but they don't look ahead to see where the next one is coming from.

     Andy spends almost every waking hour looking for game-changing companies just like these.

     And I can assure you that if you are not looking specifically for the next breakthrough you won't find it.

Meet the Strategist Behind Game-Changing Stocks

Andy Obermueller has spent his career navigating through a constant influx of information to find investment profits. First, he spent 10 years as a financial journalist, working for some of the nation's largest newspapers.

At the business desk of the Star-Ledger, his market acumen guided the financial news read by more than a million people each day. After watching business from the outside for 10 years, Andy got an inside look as a commercial lender with Wells Fargo's Business Banking Group.

Now at StreetAuthority, Andy is a research fanatic who spends 60 hours a week poring over a multitude of newspapers and financial journals. He then distills this mountain of data into a single investment trend and presents it in Game-Changing Stocks.

Reading Game-Changing Stocks is like looking over Andy's shoulder as he goes about his daily hunt for the next big breakthrough stock.

Most investors can't spend their days camped in front of a Bloomberg terminal or poring over SEC filings. And they're not going to have much luck getting a CEO on the phone.

Andy's Rolodex is crammed with CEOs, brokers, bankers and other heavy hitters, and he talks to them every day.

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     In all, it's an outstanding opportunity. What investment could be better? Your risk is zero, yet your profit potential can be enormous. I urge you to act now.


Lou Betancourt
Publisher, Andy Obermueller's Game-Changing Stocks

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