Three Companies That Could Do For You, and Our Country, What No American President Can

And not a minute too soon...

Three companies that could help put an end to the U.S. trade and budget deficits... solve the problem of rampant unemployment... put money back in the pockets of consumers -- and put far more money in your pocket as an early investor.

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Game-Changing Stocks

THREE Companies That Could Do For You, and Our Country, What No American President Can

And not a minute too soon...

Three companies that could help put an end to the U.S. trade and budget deficits... solve the problem of rampant unemployment... put money back in the pockets of consumers -- and put far more money in your pocket as an early investor.

Dear Reader,

You, me, and everyone else has suffered long enough under the current economy -- and President Obama is not about to help us.

He can't.

He's as much a victim of partisan politics and a bloated Washington bureaucracy as we are.

The three companies I profile below though could turn our nation, our economy and our personal fortunes around on a dime.

They're at the forefront of a new and growing revolution...

Billions of Corporate Dollars are Already Being Mobilized

My friend, you are about to witness one of the largest economic and financial realignments in our nation's history.

General Motors, AT&T, the City of Los Angeles, United Parcel Service, Waste Management, Caterpillar and hundreds of other recognizable names are committing billions of dollars to the revolution.

Chesapeake Energy alone has earmarked $1 billion towards the revolution.

Two Asian countries, quickly seizing their opportunity, are investing $1 billion in one of the three companies leading this revolution.

And at least 20 state governors are also supporting this revolution.

A revolution that will reinvent and re-invigorate America -- just as steel and oil in the 20th century transformed a largely rural, backwater America into the greatest industrial and financial powerhouse the world has ever known.

The wealth this revolution and the three companies leading it are now creating could become the foundation for personal fortunes and financial dynasties on a scale that hasn't been seen in over 100 years.

One of these three companies has seen its share price climb 1,233% over the last few years.

Today it's frantically building one new factory after another to satisfy orders flooding in from the transportation sector... the telecommunications sector... the construction industry... and even city and state governments.

Such things don't go unnoticed of course.

Recently, one private investor who saw the writing on the wall put down close to $25 million for 600,000 shares in this company.

The second company is blanketing the entire country with what I would term "money stations," and in a moment I'll explain exactly what I mean by that...

And why you might want to visit these money stations on a regular basis yourself.

One analyst is predicting this company's stock could rise to $200 per share -- an increase of over 1,566% from its current $12 share price.

The third company could help reverse our trade deficit and create hundreds of thousands of jobs -- and is now projected to generate gross profits of $5 billion per year.

Invest in these companies and you'll have the opportunity to create personal wealth on a scale that never existed before -- wealth you'll be able to pass on to your heirs and beneficiaries.

This is the Wealth Only an Industrial Revolution Can Create

Indeed, these three companies have started a 3rd industrial revolution.

If you recall, the 1st industrial revolution was born in England in the 19th Century.

It supplied the means -- the machinery -- by which manufacturers could produce goods faster and in greater quantity for a rapidly growing urbanized and commercial population.

A population that was hungry for innovation, a population that could no longer survive, much less thrive in an agriculture-based economy alone.

And the fuel that sparked, and ultimately powered that 1st industrial revolution was, of course, oil.

Small investors who saw the potential that existed in industries that flourished because of oil...

Who recognized the wealth-building, empire-building genius of Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Vanderbilt and others...

And, most importantly, who invested in those companies that these men of vision and daring built from the ground up...

They quickly rose to become titans of wealth themselves.

Now You Can Seize Your Opportunity As They Did

It doesn't require genius, or even skill to enrich yourself on what I'm about to hand you on a silver platter.

This is your time, your chance to invest in game-changing events, and the game-changing companies right now knocking on your door.

Those fabled investors of the past, most of whom began as small investors like yourself, became fabulously rich -- barons of wealth and privilege -- when they, too, heard a similar knock on their door...

And didn't hesitate to open it.

They seized their opportunities.

And yet, history always repeats itself.

Witness the 2nd Industrial Revolution...

It began at the tail end of the 20th Century, here in America.

A maturing, more sophisticated population hungered for faster modes of communication, interaction and collaboration.

And a riot of technological innovation followed, spawned by the invention of personal computers and the Internet.

"Cyberspace" became a 4th dimension -- an unseen highway that opened up new economic and social frontiers, and opportunities.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Jeff Bezos and hundreds of others capitalized on this 2nd industrial revolution, and created vast and thriving empires, which in turn created more empires.

Early investors who loaded up on Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Amazon and others when they were all still small and struggling...

They're happily retired now, dividing their time between their Caribbean white sand beach homes -- and everywhere else they choose to live and go.

But don't be envious of them -- join them!

This is your chance to create similar wealth, equal wealth -- wealth that will survive you -- wealth that will stand as your legacy -- a testament to your vision... and your ability to recognize that...

Necessity, the mother of invention that spurred the previous two revolutions, now heralds the arrival of the 3rd industrial revolution...

The Energy Revolution

Born of our unquenchable thirst for a cheap, abundant, and clean-burning fuel...

A replacement for increasingly scarce, increasingly expensive and polluting oil.

Oil, a fuel hated and revered.

Hated because it has become our addiction and our master... and we, in our near complete reliance on it, its victim and slave.

Yet, to give it its due: it created near universal prosperity and enormous private wealth for tens of thousands of investors.

But because oil supplies are volatile -- due to political instability, threats of war and terrorism, spills and other mishaps -- its price keeps rising -- threatening our future prosperity.

Do not be fooled though by alternative energy solutions that are either impractical or decades away, if ever, from seeing the light of day. They are...

The Black Hole of Energy Speculators

These fuels include wind power, solar power and of course nuclear power and hydrogen fuel cells.

Then there are the "artificial oils," ethanol for example, and oil from algae and other biomass feedstock.

Of course, any one of them may prove to be the fuel of the future, albeit, the distant future.

But right now, they're either not economical, easy to produce or abundant -- though they certainly do have potential, especially ethanol.

And yet... there is one alternative fuel that savvy investors could leverage right now into a sizeable fortune...

If they invest in those companies now profiting from...

Clean Burning Natural Gas

"Just as the 20th century was the age of oil, the 21st could prove to be the century of gas." -- The Economist

It's abundant, it's cheap and it's easy to access.

New shale gas deposits are discovered so frequently that industry and government authorities have trouble keeping their maps up to date.

As I write to you today there are at least 22 major shale plays in the U.S. alone. These include:

  • Marcellus (Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky)
  • Bakken (North Dakota, Wyoming)
  • Haynesville (Texas, Loiusiana)
  • Barnett (Texas)
  • Eagleford (Texas)
  • Fayettevile (Arkansas)
  • Antrim (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio)
  • Woodford (Oklahoma)
Image from Source: U.S. Information Administration based on data from various published studies. Canada and Mexico plays from ARI. Updated: May 9, 2011

The three companies profiled below are taking full advantage of this "embarrassment of riches" -- our over-abundance of natural gas.

In fact, the United States currently has a 100 -- to 200-year supply of it.

The reason it's so difficult to make a more exact calculation is because, as I indicated above, there's just so much of it, so much being discovered every day, and untold amounts still to be discovered in the future.

"We have 2.7 quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas, enough to last 120 years." -- Thomas Donohue, CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), a highly respected, independent research firm, recently published a study that states current U.S. shale deposits alone are enough to last us for more than 100 years.

It then adds that another 1,000 trillion cubic feet of shale gas will probably be found in the near future.

"Shale reservoirs are now estimated to contain more than two quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas, more than doubling America's previously estimated natural gas reserves, and giving us close to a 200-year supply of clean, affordable, American natural gas." -- Aubrey McClendon, former Chairman of Chesapeake Energy

We're Floating Atop an Underground Ocean of Shale Gas

In fact, we have so much of it, tens of million of dollars worth of it is simply being burned off!

The New York Times estimated that natural gas "flaring" in North Dakota alone is burning off 100 million cubic feet per day.

The reason for so much excess is that natural gas today, as it was in "pre-shale" days, is used mostly for heating and cooling and for utilities to generate electricity.

The real big money has been left on the table -- and that's the table you need to grab a chair and sit at.

But is natural gas economical to use?

The 3 companies I profile below certainly believe so -- they've already invested 100s of millions of dollars.


A barrel of oil contains about six times the raw energy content of a thousand cubic feet (Mcf) of natural gas.

So all things being equal, with oil prices hovering around $99 per barrel, natural gas should fetch about one-sixth as much, or $16.50 per Mcf.

But, all things are rarely equal.

For the past 20 years the average price of natural gas has been in the $3- to $4 range.

In other words, natural gas has been, and still currently is, an absolute bargain!

And even though there are an increasing number of electric hybrid, flex fuel, and to a lesser extent all-electric vehicles on the road today -- none of them, with the technology available today, are able to produce the power required by...

The Real Kings of the Road

Yes, automobiles account for the majority of miles driven each year on our highways and roads.


Light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, trucks and buses -- log the real miles.

For example, while you and I might drive 15,000 miles per year on average...

The vast majority of long-haul truckers average 110,000 miles per year -- and consume close to 40 billion gallons of fuel -- 30% of our domestic oil production.

Heavy trucks are far and away the biggest consumer of motor fuel.

"If you replace eight million 18-wheelers with natural gas, you have cut OPEC in half." -- T. Boone Pickens

But, there are only 2 fuels right now that contain the octane rating -- the power that the engines of these vehicles require.

Diesel and natural gas.

Diesel though is made from oil -- end of argument.

"Natural gas is getting cheaper, but diesel and gasoline are not." -- Forbes Magazine

And of course, diesel fuel is a pollutant -- burning it releases toxic fumes into the air we breathe.

Natural gas, on the other hand, is clean burning.

Converting just one garbage truck, for example, from diesel to natural gas -- is the "pollution reduction equivalent" of taking 325 cars off the road.

How to Build Your Fortune With Natural Gas

It's actually incredibly easy to do when you understand a basic rule of economics...

Instant and massive wealth is always, always found where there is an overwhelming, urgent, and unmet need.

More specifically, it's found in the companies that have the ability to satisfy that overwhelming, unmet and urgent need.

Admittedly, such companies are not always easy to recognize.

Take for example, Costco. When you first heard of the chain, did you immediately buy its shares when they came on to the market for less than $7 a share?

If you had... a $10,000 investment would've grown to a $125,700 windfall today -- a 1,157% increase.

Why? Because Costco saw that the American consumer needed a cheaper solution to supermarkets -- an outlet, a no-frills warehouse where they could buy in bulk at wholesale prices.

Costco identified the need, supplied the solution -- and early investors made a killing.

Another example... Starbucks translated America's unquenched thirst for convenient, quality coffee and a relaxing and convivial place to drink it into an American icon, and a worldwide powerhouse.

In 1992, when its shares were trading for pennies, a $10,000 investment would be worth $704,200 today -- a 6,942% increase.

So once again, early investors made a killing when they bought shares in a small company that had the solution to a hitherto unmet need.

Amazon saw that Americans were yearning for shop-at-home convenience, discount prices and quick delivery.

In 1997, when its shares were trading for less than $2, a $10,000 investment would be worth a staggering $1,408,700 today -- a 13,987% increase.

There are hundreds of other companies that have done the same -- created wealth for investors by supplying the solution -- the answer to an unmet need.

Find such a company -- better yet -- find three such companies that have solutions to our currently urgent and unmet energy needs... and I have indeed found them...

And you have your opportunity to accumulate obscene amounts of easy money three times over.

Three Urgent Unmet Needs and the Three Companies That Can Satisfy Them

Urgent Unmet Need #1: Demand for natural gas-powered engines is far greater than the available supply.

"There's definitely major interest in natural gas from fleet buyers. It's the cheapest fuel out there." -- Mike Levine, Ford spokesman

Yet the difference between a natural gas engine and a gasoline engine is minor -- 80% of their components are the same. There are no major technological hurdles to overcome.

There's simply not enough being built to keep up with exploding demand.

For example, of the 9 million plus heavy-duty trucks on the road today, only 40,000 run on natural gas, all the rest use diesel.

And isn't that ironic?

The alternative fuel we've been looking for, clamoring for is already here.

Natural gas is cheap. It's abundant, and even renewable, in the case of biomethane. And it's green and clean!

The Solution and the Promise: Below I'll introduce you to a company that's seizing its opportunity to become the General Motors of natural gas engine manufacturers.

In fact, it's already partnering with General Motors, Ford and other car and truck manufacturers.

Why? Because the U.S. expects to see some of the most explosive demand for natural gas vehicles in the world -- all because of our abundant natural gas reserves and its low cost.

In fact, over half the state governments here in the U.S. are clamoring for more natural gas vehicle production.

Last month in Oklahoma, governors of more than 20 states joined together to ask the auto industry to start manufacturing natural gas vehicles for their state run car and truck fleets.

"We're serious. We're ready to buy natural gas vehicles now. We all know that natural gas is a cleaner form of energy. It's an abundant form of energy. It's a less expensive and cheaper form of energy, one that will not only create American-made jobs, it will be good for our national security and economic security." -- Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said, addressing the auto and truck manufacturers

Urgent and Unmet Need #2: There's still not enough gas stations with natural gas pumps here in the U.S. to keep up with exponentially expanding demand.

Have you seen many? I certainly haven't.

Yet, the technology is basically the same that exits for gasoline and diesel pumps.

It's just a matter of building them.

And building them is already an amazing worldwide growth industry.

Just look at this chart below showing the global growth of natural gas fueling stations:

Source: 2012 NGV Global. Image from

The Solution and the Promise: Below I'll introduce you to a company that is satisfying demand -- building natural gas stations, veritable money stations, across the entire length and breadth of the country.

A company that is miles and miles ahead, literally and figuratively, of every other company in this astonishingly lucrative investment space.

Imagine... if you had invested in the B&O Railroad (now CSX) when it was first laying railroad track across the country, building our intercontinental railway system...

Or in AT&T when it began stringing telephone wires across the country...

Imagine how rich you would've become!

Imagine how rich your children, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren would be today!

That's what this company could become -- a future CSX, a future AT&T.

Urgent Unmet Need #3: America has a punishing $44 billion trade deficit, over 15 million Americans are without jobs.

Lest we sink back into a recession, America desperately needs to make money. Not print it -- but earn it.

Yet our industrial base, our manufacturing base, has shrunk to the point of near irrelevance.

Oil, steel, automobiles -- industrial products that were produced in America -- that built America -- are now produced overseas and imported here.

Indeed, China has replaced America as the world's largest manufacturer of pretty much everything.

Within arm's reach of you right now there is something that was made in China, not here.


America has natural gas, far more than we need -- and most of the world has far less than they need.

The Solution and the Promise: The third company I'm about to introduce you to could dramatically decrease our trade deficit -- and create 100s of thousands, if not millions of jobs.

But it's not a natural gas explorer or producer.

Rather it's what I would call a natural gas "facilitator."

It's building the infrastructure needed to ship our natural gas overseas.


Global demand for natural gas has been increasing just under 10% annually for the past 10 years.

But in just 2 years, European gas demand alone will exceed all available worldwide non-U.S. supply.

Consider too...

The global market for natural gas fueling stations and engines is already more than 100 times larger than it is here in the U.S.

According to The International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles, in 2011 there were 123,000 natural gas vehicles (NGVs) on the road in the U.S. -- but more than 15 million NGVs worldwide -- a 20% increase over the previous year!

Source: 2012 NGV Global. Image from

While the U.S. currently ranks 17th in the world, with less than 1% of total NGVs on the road. China and India have 6.58% and 7.24%, respectively, with over 2,000,000 NGVs combined!

This company will be the middleman between U.S. gas producers and natural gas buyers around the world.

And it's the only American middleman there is.

When natural gas leaves our shores, it has to pass through the hands of this company.

These 3 Companies Could be Your Biggest Money Makers
in the Decades that Follow

  1. The company that's building America's natural gas fueling stations.
  2. The company that's building America's natural gas engines.
  3. The company that's building America's natural gas export facilities.

And there are still other companies, companies I haven't mentioned yet that could also create great wealth and fortune for you if you invest in them now!

In fact, I've assembled an entire list -- an honor roll of companies that are the dominant players, the commanding leaders in their respective natural gas fields.

And they're attracting high profile, billionaire investors like T. Boone Pickens who can see the future and help make it happen.

But first, the three companies I promised you...

Company #1: Single-Handedly Building America's
Natural Gas Highway

"I project that the company may be able to sell as much as 2 billion gallons of LNG within 5 years and, if so, it could become a $200 stock." -- Philip Mause, Senior Advisor with the Pacific Economics Group
A Waste Management natural gas refueling station
A Waste Management natural gas refueling station. Source:

Energy Department Secretary Steven Chu predicts that soon there will be a natural gas filling station every 150 miles in the United States, more than adequate for trucks and cars with a range of 500 miles.

Currently though, there are only about 1,500 natural gas stations in the entire U.S., less than half of which are open to the public.

The rest are run by fleet companies, waste haulers, buses, etc.

But that's about to change.

During what this company calls Phase 1 of its build out, it will have built nearly 200 additional natural gas fueling stations across 33 states by the end of this year.

Many of the fueling stations will be located at Pilot-Flying J Travel Centers -- the nation's largest truck-stop operator with more than 550 retail properties in 47 states.

On its own, this company already fuels 25,000 vehicles at 273 strategic locations across the U.S. and Canada.

But the company's ultimate goal is to provide natural gas fueling stations coast-to-coast and border-to-border.

And not only are individual investors excited about the prospects of earning profits from this company...

Gas producers are investing in this company, too!

Which only makes sense -- they need more end markets to sell their gas to.

Accordingly, Chesapeake Energy just invested $150 million in the company. Plus, they're earmarking $1 billion more to increase public awareness and demand for natural gas vehicles.

And it's already paying dividends...

For the six months ending June 30, 2012, this company delivered 92.3 million gallons of liquid natural gas (LNG), up from 74.7 million gallons for the six months ended June 30, 2011.

Company #2: "Build It and They Will Come"

Remember that iconic line from the movie Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner?

Well, this company is building it, and they're coming...

Orders for this company's natural gas engines and parts are pouring in from all over the world, and from practically every major car and truck manufacturer.


Because it has the largest production line and the most patents on natural gas engine design -- more than twice as many as Ford, and more than four times as many as General Motors!

No wonder Ford and GM are partnering with this company to build natural gas engines.

And aside from Ford and GM, this company has contracts with:

  • Cummins
  • Volkswagen
  • Fiat
  • Volvo
  • Navistar
  • Caterpillar
  • Peugeot
  • Peterbuilt
  • Freightliner
  • Daimler
  • Suzuki

And also with Weichai Power -- one of China's leading suppliers of natural gas engines, where over 450,000 heavy-duty trucks are sold every year. Currently, Weichai supplies 40% of the Chinese market and over 11% of the global market for heavy-duty engines.

Understandably, this alliance alone is expected to reap massive profits for the company.

And that only makes the company even hungrier.

To keep up with the unprecedented demand for their engines and parts the company has set up operations in Vancouver, California, Detroit, France, Sweden, Italy, China, and Australia.

Note: In February, at a large trade show, every truck manufacturer in North America was offering a natural gas option -- and every one of the trucks on display included parts made by this company.

That's why the smart money wants a piece of the company.

One well-known and wealthy private investor, Douglas Kevin, who's always quick to seize his opportunities, bought 600,000 shares of this company with a price tag of almost $25 million.

Makes perfect sense.

Over the past year its revenue has increased by over 78%

2nd quarter, year-over-year, revenue jumped more than 136%

Clearly, investors are in love with the company's numbers and its long-term prospects.

Over the past 4 years, its share price has climbed 1,233%

Natural Gas Vehicle Sales are Booming

For example, Waste Management already operates nearly 1,700 NGVs -- the largest fleet of NGV recycling and waste collection trucks in North America.

This year, NGVs will represent 80% of Waste Management's annual new truck purchases and that trend, according to the company, will continue for at least the next 5 years.

United Parcel Service (UPS) runs 1,100 natural gas trucks and is putting in an order for 952 more.

"Natural gas is the only long-term viable option to diesel. -- Michael Britt, UPS Director

AT&T recently deployed its 2,000th NGV and plans to quickly add an additional 7,500 NGVs to its fleet.

Cities across the U.S. are also looking for ways to lower emissions and save money by switching diesel fleets to natural gas.

Los Angeles leads the nation.

It runs the country's largest fleet of natural gas buses: 2,214.

They've logged nearly 1 billion clean air miles -- reducing pollution by more than 80% and eliminating 300,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per day.

Then there's New Flyer Industries Inc., a manufacturer of long distance buses, which recently delivered its 4,000th natural gas bus.

And more than 35 U.S. airports have natural gas vehicles in their fleets or have policies that encourage use by private fleets operating on their premises.

The explosion in demand for NGVs from industry and state and local governments is clearly ongoing and multiplying.

And as more and more fueling stations are established, consumers will also raise their voices and wave their money at NGVs.

It's already projected that by the end of this year there will be twice as many NGVs on the road as there are plug-in electric vehicles: 123,600 NGVs versus 65,500 plug-ins.

The big automakers see the writing on the wall and the money on the table -- and they want in on the action.

Next year, GM will offer a natural gas version of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.

Chrysler will offer a natural gas version of the Dodge Ram.

Honda is already churning out natural gas Civics.

The BIG Push is On!

The natural gas revolution is gaining traction. It has exposure, adherents and evangelists.

For example...

Congress is considering passing legislation that would provide tax credits for the purchase of natural gas for vehicles -- and also offer companies that invest in building natural gas refueling stations up to $100,000 per station.

In the southwest the South Coast Air Quality Management District is completing a 700-mile natural gas corridor from Las Vegas to Ontario, California, which will provide natural gas fueling stations for the public.

Utah has designated I-15 from Idaho to Arizona as a natural gas vehicle corridor.

And Seattle is among the growing number of cities making fueling stations available to the public.

Even the federal government is getting into the act...

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Department of Energy is funding 140 new fueling stations.

Yes, the push -- from every sector -- to replace gasoline and diesel vehicles with natural gas is palatable, growing and unstoppable.

Company #3: Its Hands are in Everyone's Pockets

This company owns a network of natural gas "feeder" pipelines.

So you could say that without this company there'd be no natural gas to buy or sell, much less burn.

Their pipelines, those existing, under construction and proposed, connect to the main interstate pipelines that supply the U.S. and Canada with 75% of its average annual supply of natural gas.

And that's a lot of gas.

Yet, this pipeline business, as essential and lucrative as it is, is only one of this company's 100% owned subsidiaries.

It also sells natural gas directly to the maritime industry -- to the ships running on the fuel.

Note: Orders for natural gas powered ships have shot up more than 25% in just the past 6 months alone.

Why? Because more and more governments around the world are requiring their flagged ships to run on cleaner burning fuel -- not the dirty "bunker oil" that many ships now burn.

And this company is the leading natural gas supplier to this rapidly growing and mammoth market.

But the BIGGEST potential bonanza for this company and its investors is...

Its plan to sell natural gas abroad, to foreign markets hungry for our natural gas.

Makes sense. The world is already referring to us as the Saudi Arabia of natural gas.

Accordingly, the company is building the necessary infrastructure to sell our gas to other countries. And two Asian countries have just announced they plan to invest $1 Billion in this company to ensure that it happens.

In fact, the necessary government approval and permits have been received...

Financing is in place...

And once its facilities reach full capacity...

The company is expected to generate gross profits of... $5 billion per year!

Not bad, considering the company's market cap now stands at just $2 Billion.

These 3 Companies Leading the Natural Gas Revolution are
Just the Tip of the Iceberg

There are many other companies benefitting from this revolution –while positioning themselves to become future members of the Dow Jones Industrials.

These are the companies I want to tell you about, like one company that's building LNG tankers to actually ship our gas abroad.

But space is lacking, and I've already taken up much of your time.

Yet know this... as natural gas becomes our country's dominant energy source for the 21st Century these are the companies that could make your dreams of monumental riches come true.

Don't turn them away; don't ignore them.

This is your chance, maybe your last chance, to align yourself with the new natural gas economy -- and to create wealth you never thought could be yours.

Let Me Tell You More About the Best Positioned Companies Leading the Charge

I'd like to send you a 1st edition of our acclaimed eBook:

America Will Run on Natural Gas:
Seven Companies to Buy and Hold For the Next 100 Years

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This eBook provides you with an in-depth analysis of 4 additional companies that have also carved out a commanding presence within the natural gas sector.

A sector that will prove to be as dominant and rewarding for investors as big oil was at the start of the 1st industrial revolution.

Plus, this eBook also covers the entire field of fast emerging alternative fuels and power systems.

You'll discover the technologies under development and the companies developing them -- companies you'll want to keep an eye on going forward for quick gains in this fast evolving sector.

No one can predict the future with certainty, but with this eBook in your hands you'll know all the possibilities -- and you'll be ready to take advantage of all the profitable opportunities.

Note: According to the International Energy Agency, natural gas will overtake oil as the most-used fuel in the U.S. by 2030.

America Will Run on Natural Gas gives you ALL the information you need now, TODAY, to start building wealth that might rival those of the oil barons of old -- the Vanderbilts, Carnegies, and Rockefellers -- when they had less money than you do now.

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Don't let it slip through your fingers.

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AthenaHealth (ATHN) provides cloud-based business services for physicians. It's up 229.24%.

Ariad (ARIA) a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of small-molecule drugs for the treatment of cancer. It's up 326.10%.

Regeneron (REGN), another biopharmaceutical company. It's up 121.92%.

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