Welcome to The Bull Market that Never Ends: Government-Driven Investing

  Investing is tough enough in good times. In this shell-shocked economy, you need an edge that puts the odds squarely on your side.

The best way to do that today... indeed the only way... is to limit your investments to those that are virtually guaranteed to succeed -- thanks to the daunting power of the federal government.

The government is by far the biggest player in our economy. Like a whale in a pond, it sends shock waves through the economy with its every move.
These waves create tsunamis of cash that inject billions of dollars into companies in the right place at the right time.

My name is Andy Obermueller.

I am Chief Investment Strategist for the only investment research service 100% dedicated to profiting from government spending. The entire focus of my Government-Driven Investing letter is to pad your portfolio with private sector-profits generated by government action.

Wherever those opportunities lie... in alternative energy... in  healthcare... in infrastructure... I track them down each month and share them with my readers.

A Profit Opportunity 16 Times Bigger Than Most People Realize

The government is always a gargantuan force in the markets. Now it is THE force.
Obama's $787 billion stimulus package is just the tip of the iceberg. The real amount is 16 times higher.
Between bailouts and buyouts... TARPs and TALFs... the government is coming up with so many new ways to spend our tax money that it's tough to keep track of them all. Add it all up, and the U.S. government has spent, lent or committed $12.8 trillion to reinvigorate our economy.
That number is so big that it's within spitting distance of our entire economic output last year. U.S. GDP came in at $14.3 trillion in 2009.

We've never seen anything like this before, and I doubt we ever will again. At least not in this lifetime.
The government is spending those trillions somewhere, and I've got a team of researchers working full-time figuring out where that cash will wind up.
We've identified five sectors that will be flooded with so much new government cash, shares almost have to climb. I wouldn't be surprised to see them double in a year.

We see it again and again. Whenever Washington decides to help a new industry get off the ground, the investment profits follow in lockstep. This holds true whether it's the Internet, nanotechnology, wind power, electric cars or any other area.

When the government began its massive effort to modernize its computer systems in the mid-1990s, Oracle and Dell were the main suppliers. These lucrative contracts kick-started epic growth at both companies, as they branched out to consumers and businesses worldwide.

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Investors who got on board Oracle back then brought home gains of +1,185% by the end of the decade. Dell saw their shares skyrocket +7,861% over the same time, turning $10,000 into a sweet $796,100.

Amgen's epic stock gains would never have happened if the government hadn't invested heavily in biotechnology in the 1980s. It was a government scientist in fact, working in partnership with Amgen, who made the discovery that led to Amgen's first blockbuster drug.

Anyone who wanted to make a play on Amgen's government connections in the 1980s could have bought in at $7.75 a share. A thousand-share $7,750 flyer would now be worth $3.6 million. That's what I call a life-changing stock. The same type of partnerships are happening today behind the secretive walls of government and industry

Finding the Beneficiaries of Government Action

Here's an example of how it works. In the last year alone one of my government-driven stock picks shot up +284% in under four months. Behind those gains was FDA approval for the company's proprietary enzyme to ferment wine, beer and fruit juices.

But that is just the beginning for this company. It is a leader in cellulosic ethanol. This is a brand new type of bio-fuel. The federal production schedule calls for it to grow from almost nothing today to more than 16 billion gallons a year in just 12 years. That is +15,900% growth - mandated by law!

Here are a few more government-driven plays I've recently recommended... A private prison provider-- up as much as 64%... A battery maker for energy-efficient cars -- up as much as 79%... A satellite imagery company -- up 53% in a matter of weeks.

Let's face it, the talking heads on TV might know what laws and mandates are on the books, but they have no idea how these laws will affect the private sector... and they certainly don't know which companies will profit the most.

And neither does your broker, for that matter. He has neither the contacts nor the motivation to find these deals for you. You need a real "insider." And I'm not talking about some insider-trading peddler. That will get you way more trouble than it's worth.

I am an old-school researcher. I go straight to the source. My Rolodex is filled with the D.C. power players and corporate decision-makers positioned to profit from the government's handouts. I get the scoop from those closest to the action, whether it is a lobbyist in Washington... members of Congress and their aides... guys on the factory floor... right up to the CEO.

This first-hand intelligence has packed my portfolio with winners. In fact, of the 32 open positions in the portfolio -- 25 are soaring in value. And most of these plays are still strong buys right now.

And it isn't just the U.S. government that is handing out the cash. China recently announced an $800 billion stimulus plan... Japan is spending $154 billion... Great Britain is spending more than $30 billion... France is spending $33 billion... Canada even has plans to spend more than $30 billion on stimulus. And these stimulus programs are on top of their usual budgets!

But it is one thing to know that a government will spend billions of dollars in one sector or another. The key is to know which companies will benefit the most. Thatís where I come in. I find the deals. You make the profits.

Join Me as I Find Opportunities to Profit from Government Action

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To your success,

Andy Obermueller

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