Why Buy a Stock Yielding 2% When You Can Find One Yielding 26%?

Why Would You Buy an Income Stock Yielding 2-3% When You Can Find One Paying 26% Right Here?
... Or Better, One With a 1-Year Return of +53%?

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Why Would Anyone in Their Right Mind Buy an
Income Stock Yielding 2%-3% When They
Can Find One Paying 26% Right Here?

. . . Or Better Yet, One With a 1-Year Return of +53%?

     Yes, these are real numbers. And I'm just getting started!
     The 26%-yielder is a debt-free, billion-dollar online brokerage firm that recently made what the Motley Fool called "a pretty savvy move" by awarding its shareholders with a surprise $259 million dividend.

     But don't buy it! Its time is past.

     Instead, I'd buy the Rocky Mountain oil trust with that 53% gain. Over just 12 months, it tossed back 19% in dividends plus another +34% in capital gains, adding up to a +53% total return!
     Better yet, get the oil drilling partnership that in a very recent year gave a total return of +178%.

     This MLP is not just a one-trick headliner I've chosen for its great performance. I could have cited 50 others with higher numbers--but they're all fragile and hazardous!

     Instead, I picked one that first passed our long barrage of tests for...

A long track record of consistent and growing cash dividends--with no declines or missed payments
A history of improving earnings
Strong cash flows (you can't pay dividends without cash)
High projected growth, because growing firms are more likely to boost dividends
And the trifecta of a low 15% tax rate... zero or very little debt... and a steady non-cyclical business model.

     As the renowned editor of High-Yield Investing, Carla Pasternak has learned to look for a long history of genuine growth… as opposed to phony growth engineered by accounting fictions. The Wall Street jungle is crawling with flash-in-the-pan properties, vanishing wonders that disappear when daylight comes.

     My name is Daniel Moser. I'm director of investor relations at StreetAuthority - the national financial research company that publishes High-Yield Investing.
StreetAuthority provides independent and unbiased investing ideas to 1.8 million investors around the world.

     Unlike traditional publishers, at StreetAuthority we don't simply regurgitate the latest stock market news. Instead, we provide in-depth research, specific investment ideas and immediate action to take based on the latest market events.

     StreetAuthority spends over a million dollars a year on research and employs a team of experts across the U.S. and Canada. Before joining us, they worked as senior analysts for Wall Street firms, financial advisors, investment relations presidents, and business reporters for major newspapers.

     Unlike so many Wall Street analysts, we have no business relationship or "side deals" with the companies we write about. So we have no hidden agenda behind our research. Our entire business is built on making money for our readers--and our only obligation is to them. We know they'll only stay with us if they profit.

     Judging by the record number of subscribers who have signed up for StreetAuthority's High-Yield Investing, they're profiting plenty.

     High-Yield Investing is the most popular income advisory in America. And Carla's readers don't just like her, they LOVE her.

     Anthony Lemos, of Quincy, Mass puts it plainly: "High-Yield Investing is the best financial publication in existence, bar none. I have never written to any of the many publishing services I have used in the past, but yours puts them all to shame."

     Richard Gregory of Centerville, Ohio puts it this way: "Even though I've been investing for years, I'm a newbie to income investing...and, I LOVE your letter."
     Abe Sheffman of Miami, Florida wrote to me saying "I just received High-Yield Investing, and I wanted to let you know what a superlatively outstanding issue it was! Words almost fail me... but let me try a few, such as outstanding, superlative, incomparable, invaluable, best of breed."
     Dr. Stephen Silverhardt of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania said "High-Yield Investing is the fix I need to augment my retirement income. In the search for yield, Carla Pasternak is amazing."

     Martha Murch, who lives in Franklin, Maine told Carla, "High-Yield Investing surpasses any of the competition's investing letters. I can't wait for each edition."

     Roderick Baldwin of San Francisco says "High-Yield Investing is the best newsletter I subscribe to. Carla amazes me with the breadth of her coverage and her hard work in getting to the truth."

     Who is this master dividend hunter anyway? And how did she become America's go-to advisor for safe high yields?

     Carla has earned a wall full of advanced degrees--including an MBA from the University of Calgary and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin--but her most important investment lesson came to her as a little girl.

     For her 10th birthday, her grandfather decided she was old enough to learn about the stock market. He bought her 10 shares of AT&T to mark her 10 years of life on earth. A year later, she sold the shares for a nice profit and bought her first bicycle. She realized early on that the right investment could change your life.

     Carla has come a long way since then. For over 20 years she taught business courses at Mount Royal University.

     Carla is now Director of Income Research for High-Yield Investing and Dividend Opportunities. Together, these newsletters put her expertise in the hands of more than 200,000 subscribers every month.

     Carla lives in Calgary, Alberta, the oil and gas capital of North America... and the headquarters for hundreds of high-yielding energy companies.

     She knows these operations so well that they hire her to write their annual reports. She has written shareholder reports for 50 companies including many of the most popular Canadian trusts. She knows their numbers as well as the CEOs do.

     And that gives her an almost unfair advantage in pinpointing the tiny number of securities with dazzling double-digit yields that are also safe enough for anyone. Here's an example right now.

+162% Growth "Perpetual Cash Machines"

     Yes, world-class stocks are out there.

     But good luck finding them by chance. Any doofus with a keyboard can dig up a hundred high-yielders in five minutes without even changing out of his jammies. But they're apt to be mathematical migraines.

     What you need are what we call "Perpetual Cash Machines." Dividend juggernauts that multiply like rabbits to the tune of +162% a year. Our list of rabbit-like favorites is short. There are only five of them in the whole world!

     But there are two more first cousins that come close. And we have collected all seven into one modest booklet, which we will be more than happy to send you FREE of charge when you join our 34,000 High-Yield Investing readers.

     We call it, to Carla's annoyance, Carla's Cash Cows. A corny title, but very worthwhile. And the price is right.

     Buy these cash cows now and you may be tempted to hang up your investing spurs, sit back and just watch your dividends roll in. All you need is a handful of stocks like these and you've set yourself up for life. Play your cards right and you'll literally never have to invest again.

     I'd love to send you this report at no charge, and I'll get to that in a minute.

Winning the Race Before You Start

     The industries we cover in High-Yield Investing are delivering some of the highest dividend yields on the planet. In fact, nothing gets into our "10% Plus" portfolio unless it is yielding more than the historical stock market return of 9% a year. So we're beating the market right out of the gate in dividends alone.

     We're finding high-yielding stocks, funds and ETFs that are showering our subscribers with more cash than they need for their monthly expenses.

     William Briglia of Newport News, Virginia wrote in to tell Carla "I have made more money in retirement than I did when I was working. Income from dividend-paying stocks (which I collect every month) is even better than my greatest expectations."

     David Switzer of Pensacola, Florida says "I can't thank you folks enough for your quick responses and great suggestions. You are certainly more helpful than my broker!"

     Dike Ajiri, president of an insurance firm in Chicago confided in us that "Your newsletter has been a godsend to our investment team. Thanks."

     Theodore Faust of Cumming, Georgia says "StreetAuthority has helped me make the cash flow that my wife and I require in order to retire with the same income we had during the working years. Thanks for your help."

     Stan Ackerman of Rancho Palos Verdes, California put it this way: "Thanks for all of your advice -- I have made thousands this year from the ridiculously low price of your newsletter. Keep up the good work. I am enjoying those dividends!"

     You might be surprised how "boring" these cash cows are that are making so much money for all these subscribers. We recently discovered a business that simply owns a small collection of old-fashioned wireline phone companies that was yielding 12.4%!

     This firm rakes in fees from millions of rural phone customers. It's about as unsexy a business as you'll ever find. But because this revenue is almost recession-proof, it means predictable cash flows and steady dividends for us.

     If you'd like the details on Steady Eddies like this -- plus a continual stream of stocks, funds and other investments with abnormally high dividend yields - they are all in a second report that I'd like to send you ASAP.

Safety First

     New subscribers to High-Yield Investing love to pounce on our total-growth stars, like the Perpetual Cash Machines I just mentioned. Numbers above 100% draw them like a cat to catnip.

     But Carla's main concern is always stability and security. Decades-long track records are the foundation of her portfolios. Unfailing dividends are her meat and potatoes.

     After that, she looks for dividend growth. There's just no substitute for the magic of compounded growth over time. So her #2 layer of profits is high and growing yields, year after year.

     The cherry on top of these priorities is #3, capital gains.

     Ironically, that little cherry often turns out to be more than the dessert. Sometimes it's the whole main course--in fact a moveable feast that sticks to your ribs and can last a lifetime. (More on our portfolio results in a minute.)

     This protective instinct towards money runs in her blood. Carla's grandparents amassed a portfolio that is still part of her life. For many years, Carla managed this money so that her mother could live off the income.

     Now that the portfolio has passed on to her, Carla still puts painstaking research into every investment idea because her own family's heritage is on the line. When Carla tells her subscribers that she's found a stock safe enough for a retired grandmother, she means it.

     Carla describes herself this way, "I keep my finger on the pulse of the market and I'm always on the hunt for the perfect high-yield play. Whether I'm pounding away at my computer, or stomping on the treadmill eyeing the tickertape on an overhead TV screen, or tapping on my iPhone for the latest quotes from Yahoo! Finance, or just sitting back on the couch watching CNBC -- I track the heart-beat of the market throughout my day.

     "I'm fascinated by the market and I also like making money, not only for myself but especially for other folks. It's my form of service. When I find an investment idea that's so loaded with cash that the 5 or 10% yield turns out to be a springboard to double and triple-digit gains for you, nothing delights me more.

     "When subscribers write me and ask, 'Carla, what about ABC stock or fund that's yielding 20%?' I take a good look. But don't be surprised if I inform you that some of these ultra-juicy high yielders are not as compelling as they may seem at first glance.

     "There's no free lunch, and a stock yielding 20% or more can carry a lot of baggage that could sink it faster than the Titanic. Wall Street knows that its dividend may be on shaky ground, or the big boys would be piling into the stock, raising the price and pushing down the yield. The yield can stay high for a while, but before long, watch out below!

     "MCI was a great example. You may remember back in 2002 when the stock was paying a 30% dividend yield. It paid that enormous yield for a few quarters, but that was about it. The company went bankrupt and investors lost everything.

     "But for every MCI there are also genuine high-yielding properties out there that I'm delighted to pass along to you in the bi-monthly pages of High-Yield Investing. That's what I love doing."

It's All About Strong Businesses and Strong Dividends

     Every pick in High-Yield Investing operates a solid business with increasing profits and it shares these profits with their shareholding owners.

     It's not the specific level of yield that matters to us -- although it's a great feeling to pocket 13% a year in cash while other investors are watching their stocks sink.

     What really counts is that they simply pay them. Dividends are a sign of financial strength, of a real business making real profits.

     And owning companies that keep increasing their dividends makes us even happier. After all, the only way to consistently raise dividends is by growing cash flow. Any company that can do that year after year will create you a near-miraculous pile of money.

     Philip Morris (now renamed "Altria"), which most investors dismiss as a stodgy -- even boring -- company, is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

     There's nothing fancy about making cheese, coffee and cigarettes. But with its high dividends and years of 15%-20% growth, "Big Mo" has thrown off some of the best long-term returns of any investment of the past two decades.

     While $10,000 invested in the S&P 500 in mid-1988 grew into a substantial $80,203 by July, 2010, that same $10,000 put into Philip Morris exploded into $467,864. You can attribute the bulk of that 46-fold gain to Philip Morris' 22-year record of high and rising dividends.

     And believe it or not, these Philip Morris investors incurred 22% less risk than the market during their 22-year ride. Talk about enjoying the best of both worlds! Like subscribers to High-Yield Investing, these investors gave up nothing on their path to wealth, while enjoying a priceless peace of mind along the way.

     To be fair, the Philip Morris/Altria story is a particularly strong example of the miracle of compounded dividends. But it's far from unique. You can find similar results from any number of steady but unspectacular stocks with long-term records of high and rising dividends.

     Take Johnson & Johnson for example. Buying 200 shares of J&J 20 years ago would have cost you $13,550. By reinvesting J&J's fat dividends into more stock, 20 years later you would now have 2,364 shares worth $139,618 -- a 10-bagger. And your shares would be throwing off $5,106 in dividends a year. That's a 37.7% yield on your initial investment.

     We have dozens of examples like this. I'll send you a white paper detailing them all if you'd like to see it.

     Some of these stories are amazing. If you had put $10,000 into Nationwide Health Properties back in 1988, you'd now have a small fortune of $358,554. And you'd be getting $11,132 in dividends every year -- more than your initial investment! The exhilaration of "lapping" your stock that way is a feeling you never forget.

     Dividends are the forgotten heroes that have made countless investors rich. When people talk about the massive gains common stocks have racked up over the long haul, what they're really talking about is the phenomenal juggernaut effect of reinvested dividends.

     Look at the history of Coca-Cola. It went public in 1919 at $40 a share. Today, each of those $40 shares is worth $253,379. But that's nothing! With its growing dividends reinvested that share is worth a stunning $8.5 million. By the way, that original $40 share is now throwing off $243,712 in dividends a year!

You want a steady yield over 10%? You can choose from 80 stocks.

Or do you want a yield over 15%? Take your pick from 26 stocks.

     We haven't seen anything like this for decades. Now you can help yourself to locked-in dividends up to 15%. Talk about stress-free investing!

     And that's just the guaranteed yield. On top of that, we're seeing huge capital gains of +30%... +40%... even +50% in one year!

     If you are just now becoming an income investor, jump in and join the crowd! High-Yield Investing is offering you selections you could only dream about in pre-crash days.

     Our biggest recent gainer was +226%--a painless +226%! And we have dozens of similar stories we could tell you. This particular story is about Diana Shipping, which Carla picked up for a bargain $10.74. At the time, it was yielding 12.9%, but when the dividend came in like clockwork over the next two years, the share price zoomed up by +165%, handing us that juicy +226% total return. Not bad for a quiet little shipping stock!

     Likewise with another shipper Carla featured at the same time as Diana, Eagle Bulk Shipping. This one was yielding a whopping 15.8% and we liked it so much that we made it our "Income Stock of the Month." Within two years we were sitting on a +131% total return.

     More recently, Carla recommended an Alaska oil field play because she was impressed by its payout record. It had paid quarterly dividends for more than 20 years. Thanks to strong demand and tight supply, it has surged 41 to 1 (over +4,000%) just since the year 2000. Last year it added +49% more.

     Tell that to the next guy who says that income investing is for widows and orphans!

How to Triple or Quintuple Those Nice Yields

     Now here is what makes High-Yield Investing so different from other investment newsletters. High-Yield Investing is for those who want a solid, regular paycheck (monthly or quarterly) AND a high chance of multiplying your yields by a factor of five or six or seven, as you see here in our current track record.

     We currently have 31 names in our two recommended portfolios, and 30 of them are in the black, with profits as high as +106.0%. With investors all around us swimming in a sea of red ink, that is a priceless feeling.

     Carla's "10%-Plus" Portfolio is where you'll find some of the highest-yielding investments on the planet. Nothing enters this portfolio unless it pays an annual income stream of 10% or greater. Why are all the yields you see here below 10%?

     Because every one of these picks has risen in price since we recommended it. This lowers the current yield of course but investors who bought in at the low initial price are pocketing yields of anywhere from 10% to 22% on their investment.

     Here is Carla's complete portfolio performance as of today. Notice that the +34.2% average total return is more than quadruple the already very healthy 8.3% yield.

10%+ Portfolio
(Must be over 10% yield at time of listing)

  Dividend Yield Total Return
Security #1 9.7% 14.50%
Security #2 9.0% +66.8%
Security #3 9.0% +26.5%
Security #4 8.0% +12.1%
Security #5 7.9% +26.6%
Security #6 7.8% +29.6%
Security #7 7.6% +36.8%
Security #8 7.6% +51.5%
Security #9 7.0% +65.3%
Security #10 9.8% +3.6%
Security #11 9.5% +29.0%
Security #12 8.9% +3.5% (held less than 3 months)
Security #13 7.4% +47.3%
Security #14 7.4% +65.7%
Average 8.30% 34.20%

     For our second more conservative portfolio, we use our "Dividend Optimizer" model to find stable, growing companies yielding at least 5%. These are investments you can count on to deliver above-average income year-in and year-out.

     They're true mattress stuffers -- the kind you can buy and forget about.
As you can see, these 17 offerings now yield a lower 6.1% but have an average total return of 35.7%.

     Nobody's perfect, but this is pretty close--especially when you remember that we've owned many of these properties for less than a year.

     Notice that the +35.7% total return is way bigger than the 6.1% yield--5.8 times bigger. And it's a phenomenal 17 times the average 2% yield on the S&P 500.

Extra-Stable Portfolio
(Must be over 6% yield at time of listing)

  Dividend Yield Total Return
Master Limited Partnerships/REITs    
Security #15 6.1% +64.8%
Security #16 5.9% +8.3%
Security #17 5.4% +74.7%
Security #18 5.3% +97.3%
Security #19 5.1% +116.5%
Security #20 7.3% +6.8%
Security #21 6.5%  -1.2%
Security #22 8.3% +31.6%
Security #23 7.9% +33.7%
Security #24 5.1% +8.3% (held less than 3 months)
Security #25 7.3% +3.8%
Security #26 6.8% +26.3%
Security #27 3.7% +16.4%
Common Stock    
Security #28 7.1% +9.7%
Security #29 5.2% +37.3%
Security #30 5.0% +36.7%
Security #31 4.8% +35.2%
Average 6.1% +35.7%

     In 2010, Carla also turned in another great performance according to newsletter tracker Mark Hulbert. He reported that High-Yield Investing's portfolios grew +24.6%, +80% better than the Dow. That's nothing to sneeze at.

     Generosity pays: It almost seems like dividend paying is built into the very structure of the universe. As Ned Davis Research found, S&P 500 firms that raised dividends from 1972 to 2008 gained an average of +8.8% a year, but those that cut dividends (or never paid them in the first place) produced ZERO growth over that entire 36-year span. Worth thinking about.

Sweet Spot Oddity

     I started off with some really high yields--because I know that's what most investors want to see quickly.

     But notice the odd contrast between the total returns in the two portfolios I just showed you: Our first one (the 10%+ portfolio) requiring 10% or more to qualify for listing, gave total returns of just four times its yield. Darn good, no matter how you slice it.

     But the second one (the Extra-Stable portfolio) requiring only a 6% yield to qualify for listing gave total returns of +35%, nearly six times its yield.

     Moral of the story: You can't just pick a stock or fund strictly on the basis of a sky-high yield! There's more to the story--especially when you have a broad-based advisor like Carla picking your portfolio listings.

     It pays richly to look at the whole picture. In this case, we've found a "sweet spot" where yields are not so low that they're trivial and not so high that they make it tough for management to pay steadily increasing dividends.

     And if you pay close attention to her hottest advice in your monthly High-Yield Investing (and her e-mailed mid-month tips in Dividend Opportunities), you just might beat that +35% by a few points. Our readers do it all the time.

Retirement: The Hard Way and the Easy Way

     You've got two basic ways to fund your retirement.

     First, the hard way: You work your buns off for the rest of your life, keep your fingers crossed, and hope you've saved enough in your retirement account to survive on your meager dividends--assuming your equities don't sag. (The average Dow 30 yield is 2.42% today.)
     Now, pick a number. How much would you like to retire on? Let's say you'd feel comfortable with $70,000 a year. That means no yachts, no vacation home, no major frills. But it's certainly enough to survive on.

     So working the hard way, you'd need a nest egg of $2,893,000. (That amount times the average Dow yield of 2.42% gives you $70,011 a year.)

     Question: How much of that close to $3 million have you saved thus far? Are you even close?

     Second, the easy way: You get a subscription to High-Yield Investing and start switching your cash into our high-yielding beauties--like the 19.2% yielder I want to tell you about in a second.

     Once you let our portfolio picks run your savings up to $364,583, you're drawing $70,000 a year--using our 19.2% yielder as an example. Then you immediately start coasting from that point on, drawing monthly or quarterly dividend checks from your mailbox.

     Of course, not every stock Carla recommends will yield 19.2%. But you get the idea. You're a heck of a lot closer to financial freedom doing things our way than sticking to the stingy blue chips most other people are stuck in.

     Isn't that a lot easier? Instead of an ostrich-size nest egg, you only need (in my simplified calculations) one-eighth as much money!

     This way, you don't have to save up for a multi-million dollar retirement fund. Ever. And you need NOT assume that Social Security will survive perfectly. If it does, great. Just stash away your unneeded Social Security checks and save them up to pay for one heck of a Caribbean cruise.

     This is why so many investors are shifting to income investments. Your basic yield numbers are locked in, and your spendable profits begin right away. You don't have to spend 30 years scrimping and saving.

     In many cases, our portfolio selections offer their own in-house, automatic DRIPs (Dividend ReInvestment Plans), which usually save you a few dollars and a bit of paperwork--while creating a virtual endless loop of profits!

     I can almost hear you sighing with relief that financial freedom is so much nearer than you thought! Small wonder that High-Yield Investing has exploded onto the investment scene with 34,000 paid subscribers.

     As soon as you can, you'll want to read up on our array of high-yielding blue chips, mutual funds, preferred stocks, ETFs, MLPs, closed-end funds, exchange-traded bonds and preferred stocks.

     Here's a good one to consider jumping on right away...

Capture a 19.2% Yield Backed by the Federal Government

     We picked this REIT as our "High-Yield Security of the Month" in March 2009. Since then, it's racked up a total return of +134%--crushing the +54% return for the S&P 500 over the same period.

     This company is a real cash machine: It borrows money at super-low short-term rates and buys mortgages guaranteed by a U.S. government agency. It borrows cheap, collects a bit higher and pockets the spread. Simple, but elegant--and the shares pay a rich 19.2% yield.

     Shares have soared thanks to perfect business conditions. The government backing of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac means the securities it buys are essentially risk-free. Mortgage rates may be low, but that is more than offset by the company's historically low borrowing costs.

     Despite its skyrocketing price, its yield is still high because dividends have been rising too. It just posted record earnings with net income up an astounding +87%.

     It has virtually zero credit risk, but its margins could be squeezed if short-term interest rates rise. To fend this off, the company has made the smart choice of moving into adjustable-rate mortgages. That way, if rates rise the company's income rises, too.

     Bottom line: You've got a fantastic dividend yield that's well covered by earnings. This isn't a play for your rainy-day money, but with management so skilled at managing risks, this REIT is the perfect cash cow for more aggressive income investors.

     For the full story on this cash machine and its 19.2% yield, try a no-risk subscription to High-Yield Investing and you'll get all the details right away in a report we send to all new subscribers.

A New High-Yield Standout Every Month

     Like the 19.2% yielder I just told you about, every month we spotlight a unique income security offering an irresistible combination of yield and growth and crown it our High Yield Security of the Month.

     Here's a peek at the outstanding payouts we've locked in with past "Securities of the Month". Take a look at these yields. Are you finding anything remotely close to them in your own search for reliable double-digit income?
Issue Security Type Yield
Jan 2006 Closed-End Fund 25.3%
Feb 2006 Closed-End Fund 22.6%
May 2006 Equity Inc. Sec. 12.0%
May 2007 Mutual Fund 14.3%
June 2007 Closed-End Fund 19.6%
Aug 2007 Canadian Trust 13.4%
Jan 2008 Closed-End Fund 28.6%
Oct 2008 Bus. Dev. Corp. 13.5%
Dec 2008 Exch-Traded Bond 16.2%
Jan 2009 Exch-Traded Bond 15.4%
March 2009 REIT 21.0%
May 2009 STRIDE 15.4%
Feb 2010 Bond Fund 10.6%
May 2010 Inc. Deposit Sec. 10.4%
Aug 2010 Bus. Dev. Corp. 12.4%

Start Your Own Cash Machine Today

     With the S&P 500 yielding 1.7% and CDs paying even less, you will never get the income you need to live and retire comfortably from the mainstream asset pools most investors swim in. Especially with inflation chopping your return off at the knees.
     By contrast, we have an entire portfolio of investment ideas that offer an annual cash income above 10% a year before we even consider them.
     I'll make it easy for you to get started. First, I'll send you the free Special Report I mentioned earlier called Carla's Cash Cows: Great Companies with 10%+ Dividend Yields.

     If it takes double-digit yields to make your income-investing heart pound faster, then this is the report for you. It reveals where you can get safe yields of up to 10.0% right now... and possibly double or triple your money within two years.

     Here's where you'll find the "Perpetual Cash Machines" I mentioned earlier. These are not only among the most generous stocks you can buy, but they're some of the safest, too. You can buy them, forget about them for years and let them steadily make you wealthy. I'd advise you to grab one of these rarities while they still pay above 10%+.

     Even experienced income investors will be surprised by one of the plays in this report. It's not a stock--it's a royalty trust, with the rights to 150,000 acres of oil in northern Alaska. It doesn't mine, drill, recover, process, transport or sell anything.

     Someone else does all the work and you get paid a nice royalty. It gives you an ideal way to profit from rising oil prices while pocketing three times the yield a big oil company gives you.

     That's just one of the special reports I'm eager to send you as a new subscriber to Carla's monthly high-yield report. Here are the rest.

Report #2) Pipelines of Profits

     If you've never heard of Master Limited Partnerships, it's time to listen up…

     These businesses trade like ordinary stocks but pay much bigger dividends. That's because the U.S. government exempts them from income taxes, as long as they pay out the lion's share of the cash they generate to shareholders.

     As an added bonus, your own taxes are low because 80% to 90% of your dividend is tax deferred.

     This novel income-investing vehicle is catching on fast, especially in the energy patch. Ten years ago, just six MLPs traded on Wall Street. Today, there are over 100, with a combined market cap of some $260 billion.

     As the price of oil plunged in the fall of 2008, MLPs were hit hard, many of them dropping by -50%. But what most investors didn't realize is that most of these vehicles get paid for moving oil and gas through pipelines, so their revenues kept flowing regardless of energy prices.

     Result? The cheapest fundamentals and highest dividends we had ever seen in this asset class. Their yields were higher than their P/Es! How often do you see that?

     We urged investors to take advantage of this "Alice in Wonderland" inversion of investing reality. MLPs have since surged +81% so their yields are now more modest. But they still offer some of the most reliable total returns on the planet.

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Report #3) High-Yield Winners: Stocks with Hefty Dividends and the Cash to Keep Paying Them

     These three securities represent some of the world's soundest income-investing opportunities. In addition to their rich yields, they are all issued by companies with enough cash to keep paying as far out as we can project.

     One is a preferred stock is issued by a well-known REIT. It leases space to restaurants and convenience stores across the U.S. under 20-year contracts, providing a steady income stream. You won't easily find a more dividend-friendly firm--its website greets you with the slogan: "Welcome to the Monthly Dividend Company."

Report #4) Best Utilities You Can Buy Now

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     One of our picks is an "A"-rated utility bond backed by a huge electricity producer. Paying quarterly and currently yielding 6.8%, this senior note gets paid ahead of common and preferred-stock dividends. Its issuer has low debt and plenty of capital to cover its commitments, with earnings covering interest payments by 6 to 1.

Report #5) Real Estate You Can Trust--High-Yielding REITs with Recession-Proof Dividends

     After crashing -78% in the real estate meltdown, REITs have more than doubled since their lows of March 2009.

     But dozens of them are still well below their previous highs, so they still offer enticing potential-- if you know where to look!

     After carefully screening all 192 U.S.-traded REITs, paying attention to each portfolio of properties, its growth prospects, and its valuation levels, these are our picks as the best long-term winners.

     One is a well-run nursing-home operator. It has more than 250 assisted living facilities in 29 states…and has posted steady growth throughout the decade. It has raised its dividend 17 times since 2003, doubling it in the process. Operating with just 19 employees, this remarkable cash machine sent its happy shareholders $175 million in cash over the past 12 months. Send for your free copy of this report today.

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