10 Retirement Savings Stocks That Can Give You the Second Income You're Looking For

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You could earn $25,000 to $55,000 in extra income every year
for the rest of your life by investing in these 10 stocks. All offer you a safe, stable, and reliable source of high income even if the market goes down. 

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10 Retirement Savings Stocks That Can Give You the Second Income You're Looking For

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All offer you a safe, stable, and reliable source of high income even if the market goes down.

Here's the full story -- so you, too, can enjoy the advantages these second-income stocks can hand you right away.

By Lou Betancourt, Publisher, StreetAuthority

Who couldn't use a second retirement income these days -- one that could pay you an extra $25,000, $45,000, even as much $55,000 every year?

With that kind of extra money you could golf every day... eat out every night... go to Hawaii three or four times a year... and still have more than enough left over to fund your children's or your grandchildren's college education.

That's the kind of second income these little-known stocks and funds could hand you -- and then some.

There's SeaDrill Limited, for example, a little-known offshore drilling company that not only hands investors an incredible 8.6% annual yield but also has delivered market-beating growth.

In fact, over the past five years, the company has handed investors not only total returns of 132.25%, turning $100,000 into $232,234 but also $9,791 a year in annual income.

Then there's American Capital Agency Corp., another little-known second-income stock that's been a dream come true for folks at or near retirement age, thanks to its 14.5% annual yield.

Just like SeaDrill Limited, American Capital Agency has also richly rewarded investors on the growth side as well, with 72% gains since 2008, turning a $100,000 nest egg into $172,000 while paying investors an incredible $14,000 a year, for a four-year total return of 287%.

You need only compare those returns with CDs, bonds, and low-paying Dow stocks to see why investors and retirees love cashing their second-income checks and why you will too, the moment you add one or more of our top 10 stocks to your holdings.

What's not to love?

Instead of getting $90 a month from a $100,000 CD or $180 a month from a bond fund, investors got paid $816 a month from SeaDrill while collecting $1,200 a month from American Capital Agency -- along with a bucket full of growth.

Bob W., of Boca Raton Florida, for example, would tell you the same thing -- these high-yield retirement savings stocks can give you the second income you're looking for and then some.

"My income is about $5,000 per month. I don't have an exact record, but my profit certainly exceeds $150,000."

Of course, he's not the only one who has discovered these second-income stocks and the supersized pay raises and capital gains they can hand you.

Michael W. of Brandon, South Dakota told us, "I'm making over $15,000 in dividends. Now I'm in control and have used [these stocks] to build a "part time" income - for life."

John H. of Redmond, Oregon would tell you the same thing, "Today, we're getting close to $6,000/year compared to $2,500/year a few years ago."

Paul S. of Fremont, California says that since he switched out of low-paying CDs and stocks he's already collected $32,000 in dividends and "I am [now] averaging about 10.5% annually from a combination of quarterly and monthly dividends."

Milton C. of Saint Paul, Minnesota couldn't be happier with the "bonus income" he's been receiving. "I'm earning over $23,000 in my IRA and $7,000 in my regular accounts."

That's why we call them Retirement Income Savings Stocks because they can hand you a "second income" as much as 14 times what you can get with CDs, seven times higher than bonds, and as much as three times higher than brand-name Dow stocks...

...along with a juggernaut of capital gains that will actually grow your wealth in retirement.

So why haven't you heard of these kinds of high-yield dividend-paying stocks before?

My answer is simple: They simply don't have the "big brand name" that's associated with a Dow dividend stock like AT&T or Verizon. So you may rarely read about them.

But by no means do they deliver off-brand returns!

On the contrary, these high yielding "second income" stocks have outperformed Dow dividend stocks and the S&P 500 by a country mile for years both income- and growth-wise.

Just look at how both SeaDrill and AGNC have trounced both the Dow's highest-yielding stocks Verizon and AT&T and the S&P 500 over the past five years!

AGNC not only handed investors total returns nearly 18 times greater than AT&T, Verizon, and the S&P 500, but delivered these returns through the subprime sell-off of four years ago right through the current eurozone crisis.

In today's presentation, I'm going to introduce you to our top 10 here at High-Yield Investing, tell you how much you can expect to get paid over the next few years, and explain why they offer you a smarter, safer, and more profitable approach to income investing than you may be following now.

How We Find These Second Income
Stocks That Could Hand You an Extra
$25,000 to $55,000 per Year

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Lou Betancourt. You may have heard about the monthly income stock advisory we've published since 2004, High-Yield Investing.

We publish it for successful professionals like you who are living in or are headed toward retirement and are looking for a second income to not only safely supplement their government checks but also enjoy solid returns.

Today, I'm proud to say that more than 36,000 investors turn to us every month for just that reason: to learn about the safe, solid, high-yield stocks.

Little-known companies with incredibly strong business models, impeccably clean financial statements, and long histories of increasing dividend payments and delivering outsized total returns.

It's been precisely this focus on safety and yield that's not only led us to these 10 retirement savings stocks I will tell you about in a moment, but also protected our readers during the subprime sell-off of 2008.

In fact, as hundreds of big-name companies slashed their dividends back our select portfolio recommendations increased payments by 16% from the year before.

That wasn't by accident either.

Before any recommendation appears in the pages of High-Yield Investing, it must run through our gauntlet of six financial tests that I've been told by industry insiders are 10 times stronger than those used by Fitch, Moody's, and the S&P 500. Frankly, they have to be, because our reputation is attached to each one of our recommendations.

That's why every one of our recommendations must possess a:

  1. Long track record of paying consistent and rising dividends
  2. Matching history of improving earnings
  3. Strong cash flow sufficient to pay dividends and then some
  4. High projected growth that can lead to dividend increases
  5. Zero or little debt, because debt-free companies have more cash to distribute
  6. Noncyclical business models that can profit in all markets and at all times

That's why we reject 99 out of 100 potential high-dividend stocks and funds, because our tests show these companies' ability to continue to deliver on their payouts is in doubt.

This is why we never invested in Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, or Countrywide Financial, AIG, or Teekay Tankers when their cash payouts simply were not sustainable based on sales and earnings. Our tests showed they were about as solid as Swiss cheese and far too risky for our money.

Frankly, this is how we find stocks that pay 5% to 14%, can continue to increase their payouts over time, AND in some cases deliver long-term capital growth, so you can sleep safely at night knowing you're going to get paid.

This is why you can invest in these 10 retirement savings stocks with confidence as they have all passed our tough tests with flying colors.

Our readers would agree:

"We are currently earning $22,000 per year on dividends." - Neva M., Sweet Home, Oregon

"We are earning a substantial amount, between 15% and 17% percent of the amount invested, which brings us more than 2.5 times my annual state teachers' pension." - Sherman P., Vancouver, Washington

"My total current dividend yield is over $8,000/year and growing." - Phillip B., Houston, Texas

"I earn about $43,000/year in dividends." - Jean F., Lombard, Illinois

"I am making $40,000 annually from my high dividend portfolio. I currently reinvest my dividends into additional stock purchases. I plan to retire next year and start collecting my dividends." - Barry Z., Wilmington, Delaware

Why Your Timing Is Perfect to Add These
Second-Income Stocks to Your Holdings

As 10,000 baby boomers a day rush headlong into retirement for the next 18 years, we expect demand for these high-yield retirement income savings stocks to grow and put upward pressure under their prices for three simple reasons:

1. You Get Safety That Outperforms the Market:

Most investors don't realize this, but dividend stocks have a long history of outperforming the market through good times and bad. For example, from January 1972 through 2010, U.S.-based dividend stocks returned 7.1% annually, far exceeding the market's 1.5% return for non-dividend payers.

This chart tells the whole story. $1,000 invested in 1975 in non dividend-paying stocks would be worth just $1,700. The same amount in the S&P 500 would be worth $15,000. That's less than half what you would have received if you had put your money in these high yield dividend growers.

That's just over the long term.

During periods of low economic growth, like we're in now, high-dividend equity stocks have clearly trounced both non-dividend payers and bonds, as the graph shows:

As you can see, the high dividend stocks beat both investment grade bond and growth stocks by as much as 33%!

Of course, driving the performance of these high-yield stocks comes down to one thing non-dividend paying stocks and bonds can't offer: continuous, rising, high-dividend payouts.

That's why growth stocks fall further when stock prices are falling, because they simply don't have the backstop of dividends putting a huge cushion under their stock prices.

The reason is simple:

Dividends aren't paper profits you must sell to realize, but cash in your pockets, money in the bank -- income that you can spend, use to pay bills, or reinvest -- that can't be taken away by a market reversal.

That's just the first reason you'll want to own them now -- safety that outperforms the market. Here's the second -- and an even more powerful -- reason you'll want to add them to your holdings.

2. You Get Extra Money to Fill the Retirement Income Gap:

In a 2012 study, Fidelity Investments and Strategic Advisers found that 38% of current retirees aren't generating enough income to meet their current expenses.

The projected $2,100 a month income shortfall Fidelity estimates the average retiree will face will only grow the deeper you are into retirement.

Here's why:

At 65 years or older you simply can't go back to work at the same job at the same salary and save more.

What's more, your spending can actually increase in retirement, should you be beset by health problems and without the proper insurance coverage.

To make matters worse, with CDs paying less than 1%, bonds paying less than 2%, and average Dow dividend stocks not paying much more, the opportunities to boost your income from traditional methods is strictly limited -- especially now when we may be entering a decade of reduced global growth.

That's what makes these high-yield, retirement income stocks your best bet to fill the retirement income gap, as they not only provide high yields now but also tend to grow their dividends and stock prices over time.

For example:

With the yield on our top retirement income savings stocks averaging 8%, here's what your income could look like from a $100,000 portfolio compared to CDs and bonds over the next 10 years.

*The table above displays the running total of the total income earned at the end of each year

Look at this. Instead of getting $1,730 or $1,900 a year you could be getting $8,000. That's just for the first year.

Over 10 years these high yield retirement stocks could provide you with $61,000 more than bonds and $62,700 more than CDs. Talk about extra money to fill the retirement gap. There it is...

This amount doesn't include any potential dividend growth or capital gains these Retirement Income Savings Stocks can hand you.

That brings me to the third reason you'll want to add these stocks to your holding now.

3. You Get Incredible Capital Growth Too!

Just look at the kind of growth a small portfolio of just five of our top retirement income stocks would have handed you over the past five years.

Together, they would have handed you average returns of 76.3% with average annualized income of 10.1% while they crushed the S&P 500 -- giving you the savings and the income to prevent you from running out of money in retirement.

How can this be?

Because the Retirement Income Savings Stocks we invest in not only pay out higher dividends... but also tend to be run by better management -- management that is committed to increasing shareholder wealth.

This is why the average dividend on our Retirement Income Savings stocks is 8.25% while the average total return on our holdings is a respectable 40%.

So when we say you can invest in these 10 retirement income savings stocks with confidence, we mean it, as each one possesses a long history of:

  1. Not only paying steady dividends but also increasing them whether the market rises, falls, or moves sideways
  2. Weathering financial storms -- like the one we are facing now
  3. Outperforming equities in a low-growth environment with rising income and capital gains, while rising along with the market during high periods of economic growth

Our readers would agree:

"My income from the portfolio is slightly above $100,000 and I reinvest about $25,000 & use the rest together with other retirement funds to thoroughly enjoy my retirement." - Bob W., Boca Raton, Florida

"I can tell you I'm taking money out and have been able to keep the principal at or higher than when I started. I'm currently earning 6.6% at cost on my portfolio." - John D., Panama City, Florida

"I made $17,300 from dividends last year on my investments. I reinvest all of my dividends and do not withdraw from these funds except for the occasional large purchase. (I just bought a boat with some of my profits)." - Joe P., East Jordan, Michigan

These are just a few of our readers who have added our retirement income stocks to their portfolios and are enjoying the benefits of securing a rising income stream for their retirement.

Let's take a look at a few of these opportunities now, along with the kind of income each one could hand you now and over the long term.

Before we do, I want you to know that for over 11 years StreetAuthority has helped conservative, safety-conscious investors like you earn above-average profits by providing the independent investor a source of independent, unbiased -- and, most of all, profitable -- investing advice.

We've done this NOT by regurgitating the latest stock market news but by providing our readers specialized firsthand stock research along with the specific investment ideas and action to take based on the latest market events.

As you'll see in a moment, we give you the straight shot on all the recommendations, both the risks and the rewards, similar to what hedge fund managers receive from the market statisticians, only prepared for the individual investors by our own chief strategist, Nathan Slaughter.

You'll never get any kind of "pie in the sky" forecasts or "fairy tale" stock stories or "undiscovered oil stock" to double in three days from him -- just solid, fully researched, fact-filled investment advice at the institutional level prepared exclusively for the individual investor.

This is also why Forbes, Yahoo Finance, AOL, and Nasdaq regularly republish StreetAuthority research, which I'm proud to say has reached over 2 million investors in 175 countries.

For these reasons, I've made it possible for you to receive a risk-free subscription to High-Yield Investing along with my special in-depth report on all these opportunities I'll be previewing for you now.

That way you can further evaluate our research and recommendations and even collect a few dividend checks first to see if High-Yield Investing is the right investment advisory for you.

More about that in a moment, but for now let's take a closer look at a few of opportunities that await you.

Retirement Income Savings Stock No. 1

If you are looking for an instant boost to your retirement income, you need look no further than American Capital Agency Group (AGNC).

As I mentioned at the beginning of my presentation, it's currently delivering a 14.5% annualized yield and has handed investors 72% total returns since 2008.

If you're wondering how on Earth this company can pay out such a high amount when interest rates are so low -- and let you sleep soundly at night -- let me explain.

Simply put, the company is a mortgage REIT that borrows money at ridiculously low rates and then invests in much higher rate securities.

Not just any mortgage securities, mind you, but only those for which principal and interest payments are guaranteed by a U.S. government-backed agency.

After all, when you borrow money at 1% and invest in securities that pay out at 3% or more -- and leverage that up to eight times -- it's not hard to understand why it can pay such high yields.

Take a quick look at the company's current sales growth (362%), earnings growth (378%), profit margin (92%), and rock-bottom P/E ratio of 8 and you'll not only see why so many individual investors have added this one to their income portfolios but also why so many big-name institutional investors have too.

BlackRock, State Street, and Morgan Stanley are just three of the 20 top institutional and mutual fund holders that own millions of shares worth billions of dollars.

With AGNC passing all our financial tests with flying colors, rising in share price 25% over the past 12 months, and generating triple-digit year-over-years sales and earnings growth, we feel comfortable standing behind this recommendation as a great way to boost your income and earn capital gains at the same time.

My readers who added this one to their holdings in April of this year would agree -- thanks to their 15.9% total returns in less than four months.

You'll be glad to know that AGNC is just one of three high-yield retirement income REITS we're currently recommending to our High-Yield Investing readers.

Just like AGNC, each one can provide you with the double win of high income and capital gains... and is completely detailed in my quarterly profit forecast for our High-Yield Investing readers.

It's called 10 Retirement Income Savings Stocks That Can Give You the Second Income You're Looking For and I'll be happy to send you a free copy when you sign up for a risk-free subscription to High-Yield Investing.

That way you not only can evaluate the full breadth of our research, recommendations, and stock advice but also see if our High-Yield Investing advisory is right for you.

More about that in a moment, but here's a quick look at our next recommendation from your free report.

Retirement Income Savings Stock No. 2

As you'll see, our next favorite retirement income savings stock gives you one of the greatest combinations of safety, income and growth we've seen here at High-Yield Investing.

In fact, since we first recommended it in 2005, it's handed our investors 173% total returns. With reinvested dividends, $100,000 would now be worth $273,000.

And it's still one of our top picks.

Here's why:

The company not only owns and operates the longest refined petroleum product pipeline system in the United States but profits like a toll-taker. As a result, you profit from every drop of oil that passes through the 9,600-mile system that accesses 40% of the nation's refineries from the Gulf of Mexico through the Midwest.

Thanks to its monopoly-like status in its sector, the company has been able to not only raise its dividends 205% since going public in 2001 but also provide a sense of stability and growth for investors, as they simply have no real competition trying to cut into their profits.

So it's no shock to us here at High-Yield Investing that the company not only recorded record operating profit from the second quarter of 2012 but also delivered a 22% earnings surprise.

Nor is it any surprise that the company's distributable cash generated to pay distributions also increased 14% to a quarterly record of $134 million.

That's why we originally recommended it seven years ago and why we continue to hold on to it today, as it continues to deliver one of the most consistently rising and stable sources of income on Wall Street.

In fact, our new readers who joined us here at High-Yield Investing 12 months ago and added this one to the income part of their portfolios have seen their shares rise 30% while collecting 4.5% on their money.

But please don't think you're too late for the train on this one.

Given the company's steadily growing business, solid dividend, and management commitment to returning cash to investors, we believe 2013 is likely to register as another market-beating year, as you'll see in your free copy of 10 Retirement Income Savings Stocks That Can Give You the Second Income You're Looking For.

Retirement Income Savings Stock No. 3

Being an income investor myself, one of the things I like best about these second-income stocks is the stability they can add to your life because you know your income is secure and your investment is growing.

Our third stock from your free report is another that offers that kind of stability and growth.

Here's why

Over the past five years, this boring real estate investment trust (REIT) has not only turned a $100,000 investment into $172,000 for a 72% gain but also handed investors average annual yields of 5%.

All in one of the worst housing markets of all times! And it continues to rise in this market while crushing the S&P 500 almost four times, 12% to 2.8% year-to-date.

How can this be?

Because this REIT specializes in the most recession-proof and affordable niche of the housing sector—manufactured homes and RV resorts.  As a result, this company was one of the few to have profited from the housing collapse, as occupancy of its low-cost manufactured homes and RV parks surged, and with it, the company's sales and earnings.

Demand for its low-cost housing has continued to increase; with revenues rising 20% year-over-year from the previous quarter as the company's occupancy rates hit nearly 90%—up 2% from the year before.

What's more, because it's an REIT, you get favorable tax treatment as well because only 23.5% of the income you receive is taxable income—the balance is the return of capital.

When you add to that its long-term track record of never missing a payment—or lowering it, for that matter—you can begin to see why we like this one so much that we believe it should be one of the first you add to your holdings, as you'll read in your free copy of 10 Retirement Income Savings Stocks That Can Give You the Second Income You're Looking For.

I'll bring you the full story -- payouts, stock symbol, and all -- in your free copy of 10 Retirement Income Savings Stocks That Can Give You the Second Income You're Looking For.

Just click the link below to download your free copy.

When you do, you'll also get the full story on ALL 10 of retirement income savings stocks that can hand you the second income and secure future you're looking for, including:

  • The 9.5% preferred share that Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan have invested millions in to boost their own profits.
  • The 8% medical facilities company that's not only outperformed all the S&P 500 by more than $2-to-$1 since 2007 but also handed our readers 25% total returns in the past 17 months.
  • The 17% REIT that's also out-performed the S&P 500 by better than $2-to-$1 since March of 2009 while handing investors 164% gains along the way.
  • The 8% monthly mortgage REIT that's handed our readers stable income and 92% total returns since 2005.
  • The recession-proof REIT that's turned a $100,000 investment into $172,000 in five years while handing investors an annual average yield of 5%.
  • The 4.7% oil pipeline company that not only raised its dividend for the past 21 quarters but also had handed investors annualized gains since 1998.

Best of all, it's yours free for simply accepting a no-risk trial subscription to High-Yield Investing. That way you can evaluate each one of these opportunities and see for yourself if High-Yield Investing is the right income advisory for you.

Specifically Designed to Help You Earn a Steady Income Stream Along with the Opportunity of Earnings AND Capital Gains

That's been our sole mission here for the past 11 years and what we believe has made High-Yield Investing one of the most popular income investing advisories in North America.

You see, we know, as you do, that when you retire, prices won't stop going up, taxes won't stop going up, and inflation won't stop either.

We also know that to improve or maintain your current lifestyle, your investments and your income must go up too.

That's why every single recommendation that appears in our advisory has passed the barrage of financial tests for dividend growth and yield safety.

That's also why none of the investments we have recommended here has ever missed a payment to our readers and why they have a combined history of raising dividends 10% for an average of 3 years.

That's why we've made it possible for you to receive a free copy of 10 Retirement Income Savings Stocks That Can Give You the Second Income You're Looking For FREE along with your opportunity to test-drive High-Yield Investing.

We're hoping that you'll find it to be as informative as our faithful readers who write...

"I have made more money in retirement than I did when I was working. Income from dividend-paying stocks (which I collect every month) is even better than my greatest expectations."

-- William B., Newport News, Virginia

"StreetAuthority has helped me make the cash flow that my wife and I require in order to retire with the same income we had during the working years. Thanks for your help."

-- Theodore F., Cumming, Georgia

"I have actually purchased a number of the MLPs recommended by [High-Yield Investing], and the dividends have been excellent, without the typical stomach-churning effects of following the Dow on a day-to-day basis."

-- Hiram Safford, Appleton, Wisconsin

"I have purchased up to 10 of [the] recommendations and am well pleased with the high dividends and upward movement [High-Yield Investing]'s recommendations have given my portfolio."

-- Michael Unser, St. Louis, Missouri

If you don't feel the same, just let me know and we'll send a full refund. However, with our readers earning top effective yields of up to 14% and total returns of 174%, we're confident you'll be pleased with the advice and ideas we bring you.

If this is the kind of straightforward income advisory you're looking for, then I invite you to take advantage of our risk-free trial and let us know what you think.

Plus if you join us today, we'll welcome you aboard for 60% off the regular one-year price of $99 -- just $39. Here's what your special introductory price includes:

    Your free copy of 10 Retirement Income Savings Stocks That Can Hand You the Second Income You're Looking For, including the full story on our top 10 high-yield companies that are paying annual yields up to 14% and have passed our toughest tests for safety, yield, and consecutive payouts.

  • 12 Months of High-Yield Investing, which not only contains our newest recommendations but also updates on our current holdings along with our "High-Yield Stock of the Month," featuring the single high-yielding security Nathan likes most.
  • Access to High-Yield Investing's "Dividend Optimizer" portfolios. Dividend Optimizer gives you her best picks from 5% to 9%. Together, they will bring you the best, safest, and highest-yielding opportunities in the marketplace today.
  • Access to the High-Yield Investing private website, featuring the most recent issue, your free special reports, and a searchable archive of our past issues and reports dating back 11 years.
  • Three additional free reports:
  • Report #2 - Cash Cows: Great Companies with 10%+ Dividend Yields featuring her top selections that offer 10%+ yields along with her time-proven methodology for finding and investing in them.

    Report #3 - High-Yield Winners: Three Stocks with Hefty Dividends and the Cash to Keep Paying Them all of which are poised to deliver market-beating returns as well.

    Report #4 - Seven Habits of Highly Successful Income Investors The key strategies and attitudes that the most accomplished income investors follow for long-term prosperity.

Should you decide to sign up for two years, you'll not only receive all the benefits above but also 24 monthly issues for just $78 (a 56% savings), plus you'll receive these three additional reports:

    Report #5 - Pipelines of Profits High yields of up to 12.5%, annual dividend growth of + 9%, and market beating annual returns of +17% since 1996 are just three reasons income investors are flocking to these Master Limited Partnerships.

    As you'll see in your free report, each of our picks here brings you a long history of uninterrupted dividends; regular increases, and armored car-like safety you can count on for the long-term.

    Report #6 - High-Yield REITs with Recession-Proof Dividends The ones you'll read about here not only have long-track records of steady dividends and share price growth but are in rental and mortgage sectors that have benefited from the housing decline, delivering yields as high as 13% and five year returns as high as 74%.

    Report #7 - Today's Top Forever Utilities: Wall Street's best-kept secret could make you rich beyond your dreams. So many investors ignore them as being old, stuffy investments. But they can offer you safe 6.8% yields and stunning capital gains.

Since both options come complete with a 100% money-back guarantee, why not consider the two-year trial?

Either way, you'll have 30 days to make up your mind if High-Yield Investing is right for you, while locking in our best price and getting all of our free reports.

No matter which option you choose, you'll still be able to see how our readers have been able to capture a second income of $25,000, $45,000, even $55,000, or more from our recommendations without risking a dime.

Better yet, you'll be able to capture a few months' worth of dividends yourself before you decide.

Again, if you're not 100% impressed and delighted, just call our customer service for a full refund, right up until the last issue. You can keep all your free reports with our "thanks" for giving High-Yield Investing a fair try.

I can't think of a better way for you to try High-Yield Investing.

Once you see how our readers are using our recommendations to secure a second income for themselves, I think you'll agree it's a great way to look at and evaluate every single one of the ideas I've described here and our monthly income advisory without risking a dime.

To begin your trial and download your free copy of 10 Retirement Income Savings Stocks That Can Give You the Second Income You're Looking For, click here now.

All good wishes,

Lou Betancourt
Co-Founder, StreetAuthority

P.S. If you've read this far and you're not sure about our approach to retirement investing or giving High-Yield Investing a try, please keep this in mind:

If you continue to keep your money in low-paying CDs, bonds, and stocks, you will continue to earn next to nothing on your money and may have to sell your stocks to make ends meet down the road.

For this reason alone, you owe it to yourself and your family's future to at least see our complete analysis on these retirement savings stocks and how a subscription to High-Yield Investing can help you continue to increase your income when you retire.

I've made it so easy, convenient, and risk free for you to just that, you can take 30 days to test-drive our service before you give us your final "yes" or "no" -- and it's your decision the whole way.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not begin now?

To begin your trial and download your free copy of 10 Retirement Income Savings Stocks That Can Give You the Second Income You're Looking For, click here now.