The Perpetual Income of America's Privileged

The Perpetual Income of America's Privileged

It supports them through good times and bad. And could provide you with an income that doubles every 4 years... no matter what happens in the economy or the stock market

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The Perpetual Income

of America's Privileged

It supports them through good times and bad. And could provide you with an income that doubles every 4 years... no matter what happens in the economy or the stock market

Dear Reader,

The very rich -- America's Privileged -- live differently than you and I. And they invest differently too.

According to a nationwide study, the favorite income of America's Privileged consistently beat the income from stocks, bonds and mutual funds over a 60 year period.

In fact, their income rose consistently through every recession... depression... stock market crash and economic meltdown. And over the following decades, every $10,000 invested provided them an astonishing $3 million total income.

Just to give you an idea of how such an income removes the wealthy from our everyday worries, consider two of America's Privileged, Rita and James Kennedy...

In the midst of the 2008 economic collapse, they went ahead with their $150,000 wedding without cutting any costs. They still went on their lavish African honeymoon with guided safari excursions, beachfront villas and gourmet wine tours. And afterward when they came back, they still forked out another $400,000 to renovate their home.

The largest financial crisis since the dot-com crash didn't seem to have any effect on them.

Nor did it hamper the lifestyle of another one of America's Privileged, 37-year-old Paul Phillips. During the same time, he surprised his girlfriend with a new $110,000 BMW.

And when New York Times reporter, Sharon Otterman, asked him about the recession, he simply replied, "it doesn't affect me at all."

You get the point.

America's Privileged live lavishly, unaffected by the same economic stresses as you and I.

But what really separates them from the rest of us, is that they are far better at holding on to their money in spite of how much they spend.

Their spending may seem frivolous, but it doesn't affect their wealth because they also invest differently.

Their favorite investment has nothing to do with stocks or bonds. Nor is it affected by the economy either. It's a unique asset that was once unavailable to almost anyone else.

As the The Wall Street Journal reported on July 29, 2009, "[it] had long been controlled by dynasties who prospered behind high barriers to entry."

I'm not talking about hedge funds... accredited investment deals... or private offerings. But about another investment that shelters their wealth more resiliently than any of these... a source of perpetual income that can support their lavish lifestyles through good times and through bad.

And it does this by growing faster than the rise of inflation... an average 10% a year for the past 60 years.

That's enough to double your income every four years.

What's even more interesting, is that in spite of Obama's promise to "make the rich pay their fair share," their #1 favorite income source still gets a 100% corporate tax exemption to this day.

It isn't fair, but that's the power of Big Money's influence in Washington behind closed doors.

The good news is that thanks to a law hidden deep inside the Cigar Excise Tax Extension Act, signed 53 years ago by President Eisenhower -- it's possible for ordinary Americans to tap into the same income source -- if you know how.

You don't need to be rich to take advantage of it. You can start with as little as $500. And though it has nothing to do with stocks, bonds, options, commodities, currencies or mutual funds... you can easily take advantage of it through your regular broker. And most importantly, you can start receiving your income in as little as 90 days.

Take Rob Collson for instance. He lived in a small town in West Virginia, and never had an easy life.

As a sales rep, his income was unpredictable. Raising two boys and putting them through college left little to put away for retirement. Fortunately, Rob discovered this income secret. And in 2007 started receiving $4,700 a month... the first consistent income he's ever had. "It has been very dependable," he says.

Rob's story is in no way unique. There are many other ordinary Americans taking advantage of the same situation as Rob...

One of them is 67-year-old, Ray Spick of Pierre, SD. Saving and investing didn't come easy for the retired hospital service technician. And he may have never saved enough to retire on. But then he discovered the same source of perpetual income and started putting it aside for retirement. "I started with nothing and I now have a 7 figure nest egg," he recently told me.

And there's 37-year-old Linda Mancinni of Hemet, CA. Linda was a secretary at a high tech firm when she discovered the same secret in 2011. She is now getting $40,800 a year in extra income.

So if you too are interested in taking advantage of this kind of perpetual income, let me show you what this secret is... how it works... and how you can use it to enjoy the same lavish lifestyle as America's Privileged... no matter what your status in life today....

From personal experience

My name is Nathan Slaughter. I personally know about the perpetual income of America's Privileged because it's also been in my family now for three generations.

Ever since I can remember, money was never a source of worry in our family. I don't recall hard times while growing up. I know there were recessions... and I had friends whose fathers had been laid off. But somehow, we were isolated from the same hardships.

You see, my grandfather came upon the perpetual income of America's Privileged 30 years ago and it has changed the way our family has lived ever since...

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not claiming I come from a family of America's Privileged. We're ordinary folks. The kind you meet every day.

Both my father and my grandfather were hard-working men. They both believed in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.

They don't live high on the hog. No luxury vacations to Europe... or garages packed with showy cars. It's not because they can't afford them. It's just that these things don't matter much.

What matters is never having to worry about feeding your family... about paying your bills.

...About knowing you can retire whenever you please... About knowing you can take a day off to help your neighbor...

...And knowing that your grandchildren can afford college without getting into debt... or that they'll be able to buy a house once old enough.

And you can tap into the same kind of perpetual income too. As so many working-class American families have already learned to do...

Ordinary Americans tap into
the stream of perpetual income

Take 61-year-old Martin Ramsey.

Martin and his wife, Margaret, ran a daycare up until last year, when the ever-struggling economy, and dropping business, forced them to shut it down.

Without a job, neither of them were making money. They didn't have any income stocks or bonds to help them out.

But fortunately for them, the Ramseys found a way to access the same perpetual income of America's Privileged.

And now, a year later, all of their living expenses are paid for. They no longer have to worry about making ends meet... or about the economy.

As a result, the Ramseys have a lot more free time to enjoy life these days. Though Martin admits in an Atlanta Journal interview, "I don't want to be completely retired yet."

And other people have stumbled upon this secret too...

  • Like Buffalo, NY electrician, Ernie Richter, who says his perpetual income already covers 80% of his home's mortgage payment.
  • And there's Colorado retiree Ralph Monroe, who retired early at age 30 thanks much to the perpetual income of America's Privileged. He's debt-free, and collects $2,080 each month. "Our bread-and-butter living expenses are paid for," he recently told The Washington Post.

There's no reason you can't enjoy the same kind of income yourself. In fact, because of today's technology, it's easier for ordinary folks to tap into this perpetual income than ever before. But that wasn't always the case...

Only for America's Privileged...

Many of the best investment opportunities are only available to rich people, and off limits to the rest of us.

For instance, you must have a minimum one million dollars to qualify for "accredited investor" status... which lets you invest in hedge funds, private placements, angel and seed financing... limited partnerships... and many other lucrative opportunities. Here are a few examples...

  • A wealthy Fortune Magazine journalist named Alfred Jones, invested $40,000 with a limited partnership which uses a hedging investment strategy to avoid risk. Though Alfred spends his profits regularly, his original stake still grew to $460,000.
  • Two of America's Privileged, Charles Ledley and James Mai, invested $110,000 in worldwide arbitrage... buying up mispriced investments which were undervalued in one market, simply because prices there hadn't caught up with faster markets. Within 2 years, their investment grew to $15 million.
  • In 1985, Pennsylvania native, Stephen Schwarzman invested $400,000 with a private equity firm which specialized in the perpetual income of America's Privileged. Since then, his investment has not only enabled him to live lavishly, but also made him $500 million.

These kind of opportunities aren't available to ordinary folks. But there is one other way you can access the perpetual income of America's Privileged...

And it's all thanks to a similar loophole America's Privileged use for their investments that's rarely used by anyone else.

Let me explain...

America's Privileged use
trusts to protect their income

One way the rich protect their wealth is by setting up trusts.

That's because trusts let them access their income while keeping it out of reach of everyone else.

Take the famous case of Ted Kennedy...

In 1969, the multimillionaire heir was involved in a car accident which killed his friend and passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne.

Her family tried suing Kennedy for his millions, but were unable to get even a dollar from him because all of his wealth was held in a trust.

His perpetual income was also within the trust -- and completely unaffected by the lawsuit.

The point is, trusts can give one person access to finances, while keeping the same money out of reach of everyone else.

And this is where the perpetual income of America's Privileged -- and you -- come in. Because there is another type of legal trust which makes the same perpetual income available to you -- while excluding others.

The main difference is -- that this trust is set up specifically so you can collect your income without ever having to buy the income asset. (This is also why you don't have to be rich to receive this income.)

I realize this may sound completely unbelievable... and perhaps even a bit confusing -- so I should backtrack a bit. And tell you why this type of trust was created in the first place...

Eisenhower Trust opens
the door for everyday Americans

The trust which allows you to tap into the perpetual income of America's Privileged is something I call "The Eisenhower Trust."

It was created in 1960, at the height of the Cold War, when America faced a serious threat from the outside Communist world.

You may even remember those days... the Duck and Cover drills in classrooms... the safety films... or the fallout shelters many families had.

At the time, Congress passed many laws for military reasons which didn't look as though they had any military intent.

Like the Interstate Highway System Act for instance...

With our cities being vulnerable targets, there had to be a way to evacuate them quickly. So President Eisenhower signed a law to build highways through every state in the U.S.

As Forbes reported, "[Eisenhower] believed that large cities would be targets in a possible war, hence the highways were designed to facilitate their evacuation and ease military maneuvers."

To most people, better highways were just something a growing country needed. Though their actual purpose was for military reasons.

There was also another law buried inside the 1960 Cigar Excise Tax Extension Act. This was The Eisenhower Trust law, and it had nothing to do with cigar taxes. Instead, it took hundreds of billions of dollars worth of wealth -- and created a way for it to be spread out geographically across the whole country.

Some analysts believe that making this wealth less centralized, protected our economy by making it a difficult military target.

Whatever the law's true intent, what The Eisenhower Trust law really did is, for the first time, it gave ordinary Americans access to the perpetual income of America's Privileged.

As financial journalist, Xavier Basil reported...

"Prior, only the very wealthiest individuals had the accumulated capital required to invest in [the perpetual income]. But thanks to [Eisenhower Trusts]... you don't need to be wealthy anymore; ordinary folk can buy a piece of the action."

That's because Eisenhower Trusts took the perpetual income of America's Privileged -- and let it be distributed geographically among multiple trust beneficiaries... instead of a single wealthy individual.

As a result of this loophole, anyone can now register themselves to become a "trust beneficiary" -- and start receiving this perpetual income.

And just to be clear: Eisenhower Trusts aren't the same thing as the family trusts used by America's Privileged. Their family trusts aren't accessible to you and me, only to their family members. On the other hand, Eisenhower Trusts pay out to anyone who registers with them.

But what's common for both Eisenhower Trusts and the family trusts of America's Privileged -- is that they both pay out a perpetual income to someone, a trust beneficiary, without that person having to actually own the income assets.

And this is the key reason why you don't have to be rich to receive this perpetual income... Because the income assets are owned by the trust, yet the money they make is paid out to trust beneficiaries.

In fact, with Eisenhower Trusts, it takes as little as $50 to become a trust beneficiary and start receiving the same kind of perpetual income that America's Privileged have been enjoying for generations.

It's actually very easy to do. You don't need to see any lawyers, or sign any legal documents to do this. And I'll walk you right through the simple procedure.

Since 1960, there have been 166 Eisenhower Trusts formed across the U.S. Each of them specializing in different income assets of America's Privileged.

Though there are many trusts to choose from, they all have two main benefits that make them a better income source than dividend stocks, bonds, CD's, treasuries or mutual funds.

Let me quickly show you what these two benefits are... and the top four trusts I recommend you sign up with today...

Benefit #1: Perpetually rising income

This one I've already hinted at.

Eisenhower Trusts pay you more consistently and reliably than any other investment.

A great example of this is an Eisenhower Trust originally created in 1970 by California couple, William and Evelyn Clark.

It contains $9.2 billion worth of income assets located in 41 states. And sends out checks to its beneficiaries on the first day of every month.

And this is an important point here. Because unlike most bonds or stocks, some Eisenhower Trusts will pay you monthly instead of quarterly, so you get paid much more often.

With the Clarks' trust, that's a total of 518 checks sent out every month since the trust was first set up 44 years ago.

During that time, the check amounts have regularly increased every three months. They have NEVER been delayed, decreased or stopped.

In fact, they continued to go up during the 1987 market crash... the early 1990's recession... the 2000 dot-com collapse... the 2002 bear market... 2007 sub-prime mortgage crisis...

You get the picture. The Clarks' trust has never failed to raise and pay out its perpetual income even once.

It's no wonder the Chicago Tribune claims that, "[Eisenhower Trusts] have been among the most reliable of investments."

But it's how high they can raise your income that I really like.

A great example of this is trust SKT. In the last 10 years alone, its payouts have gone up 485%.

That means if in 2004 you received a check for $2,000, today you'd be getting checks for $11,703.

That's a much larger income raise than any dividend income I can think of.

To give you an idea, look at this a chart of the dividend payouts of three popular blue chips; Exxon Mobil, Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble.

Their dividends have gone up about 130% over the past ten years. And if you've invested in them, you're probably quite happy with your dividend checks.

But compare them to the fourth line going steeply up...

That's the payout of Eisenhower Trust DLR, whose payouts were increased by 400% over the same time.

One of the reasons Eisenhower Trusts can pay you so much is because paying their beneficiaries is their only purpose.

By comparison, when you collect dividends from a stock -- that company's main business isn't to provide you with a dividend income. Dividends are just the money that's left over, after they've paid their operating costs and all other expenses -- including the large salaries of CEO's and other upper management.

Not only that, those companies have to pay a 35% corporate tax on those dividends, before you get them.

So only a tiny portion of a company's profits ever makes it to you as a shareholder.

But this isn't the case with Eisenhower Trusts. They are created with only one purpose: to provide trust beneficiaries with a perpetual income. That's their only reason for existing.

90% of trust profits paid directly to you

In fact, the 1960 Eisenhower Trust law requires that each trust pay out at least 90% of its profits to its beneficiaries.

And since the trust payouts aren't corporate dividends, they aren't taxed like dividends either. Instead, the trust law explicitly states that Eisenhower Trusts are 100% exempt from paying taxes on their profits before sending the money to you. So unlike dividends, trust income is only taxed taxed once, after you receive it as income.

That means the trusts always transfer a minimum 90% of their tax-free profits to you in the form of a large perpetual income.

And this is why the perpetual income you receive from these Eisenhower Trusts is much larger, and grows much faster, than any stock dividend.

Just ask Les M. of Buffalo, NY, who collects $43,000 a year... or Mark W. who says, "I quickly found it to be an excellent cash cow with regular increases."

Or Steve F. in Chicago, who signed up with trust MFA, and watched his perpetual income grow 440% in just six years.

While most dividend stocks today can barely pay out a 2% dividend, some Eisenhower Trusts pay out a perpetual income that's five times larger than that.

As Forbes recently reported, Eisenhower Trusts, "returned the same [amount] a year over the past 15, 20 and 25 years, showing rather remarkable consistency."

One 62-year-old New Jersey retiree, Arthur J., tells me, "Very dependable income. The economy and stock market has not affected the long term results."

Another retiree, Jonathan F., says, "After the crash, I sailed through on the [perpetual income]. I never had to sell at a loss to get money to live on."

And Atlanta retiree, Robert B., reports, "The income has been very dependable. I now have over $200,000 based on investments which totaled about $20,000."

Now you can see why America's Privileged are so much better off with their perpetual income than somebody collecting stock dividends.

And now, thanks to the Eisenhower Trusts, you too can collect this kind of perpetual income... simply by becoming a trust beneficiary through your broker.

I'll show you how to do that in a minute. But first you should really see the second incredible benefit these trusts have in common...

Benefit #2: Grow your money safely... and fast

As a trust beneficiary, you not only get a great perpetual income, but you grow your wealth as well.

That's because when you become a trust beneficiary, you also benefit directly from the rising value of the trust's assets.

This is not unlike a stock price going up when you own company shares. But much better.

An easy way to see this is with trust DLR I just showed you.

This trust has 101 perpetual income assets located in the U.S., but collects an income stream from high-tech and 30 other industry clients, in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Singapore.

Ten years ago, these assets were appraised at $1.4 billion.

But since then, they have shot up in value -- and are now worth $6.9 billion.

As a result, over the past decade, trust holdings went up 380%. What would that mean to you as a trust beneficiary?

It means that if ten years ago you chose to put $5,000 into this trust, today it'd be worth $23,997.

If you'd put in $25,000, today you'd have $119,983.

And this isn't the only trust to grow your savings like this. Other trusts' income assets have gained by large amounts as well...

Trust SPA's assets gained 311%
Trust EXR's assets gained 274%
Trust SKT's assets gained 303%
Trust OHI's assets gained 292%
Trust VTR's assets gained 242%
Trust LTC's assets gained 186%
Trust SPG's assets gained 268%
Trust HHC's assets gained 220%
Trust FRT's assets gained 209%
Trust RYN's assets gained 243%

With gains like these, you could leave your money in the trust and watch it grow even higher, or you could withdraw some and go on vacation... buy yourself a new car... pay for your grandkids' college tuition. Whatever you wish.

And this is the beauty of Eisenhower Trusts. They can pay you in two ways...

  • First, by giving you a large perpetual income, and
  • Second, by quickly growing any money you put into them.

We've already shown this to many ordinary folks...

Like mechanical engineer, Jerry L., who put $7,000 into one of these trusts, and now has a stake of more than $45,000... even after he sold a third of his holdings to renovate his home.

Salt Lake City native, Frank A., who says his trust holdings gained 371% since 2006... and San Francisco retiree, Dave R. who doubled his money 3 times...

And you can sign up to receive the same kind of perpetual income too, simply by becoming a trust beneficiary through your broker.

To help you do this, I've created a special report that walks you through all the simple steps. The report is called, Double Your Income Every Four Years with the Perpetual Income of America's Privileged.

In this report I'll show you how easy it is to become an Eisenhower Trust beneficiary, so you can collect the same kind of income as America's Privileged.

In addition, I'll show you the three best Eisenhower Trusts to sign up with, to get you started right away.

This report is completely FREE. And you can have it in the next few minutes. All I ask in return, is that you also try -- without risk or obligation -- my financial research service called, High-Yield Investing.

Let me tell you a bit about it, so you can see if it's something you'll be interested in...

What is High-Yield Investing?

Income is the ultimate goal of every investor. You want to have money to live off of. But it's harder to do today than ever before.

With the government keeping interest rates at historical lows, most income investments have been paying a paltry 2% or less the past few years.

If you want to receive a good reliable income, you have to look at investments Wall Street doesn't recommend. Like the perpetual income of America's Privileged.

So the goal of High-Yield Investing is simple: to show you how to receive a great reliable income, without taking on any big risk.

Each month, I give you the highest-paying opportunities you can take advantage of. I show you everything you need to know to make 3-5 times more than you'd make with typical stocks. But with far less risk. And far less work.

My research is followed by both ordinary folks and financial professionals. As Jerry W., a Minnesota trust manager, told me...

"You are far and away one of the best in the business... I'm running a Trust Department of over $100 million in equities [and] your coverage has helped me outperform the indexes by a wide margin."

Here's an example of the kind of investment opportunities I'm talking about...

The secret of 12% Inside Deals

Another income strategy used by America's Privileged is something I call "Inside Deals" which can pay up to 12% in income.

Charity organizations, university endowments and pension funds that need high returns, all have hundreds of millions invested in these deals. Yale University, for example, keeps roughly one-third of its endowment funds with them.

Inside Deals are done by specialized firms which use the money they collect to buy entire companies off the stock market.

Once these businesses have been bought, the inside-deal managers trim the company's fat... fix the balance sheet... and do whatever else is needed to make the company profitable.

After they're satisfied with the new company's condition, they sell it back to the stock market at a large profit.

The New York Times says Inside Deal firms, "have been known as 'fast money' for flipping businesses."

A great example of this is when one inside deal firm bought Weight Watchers in 1999 for $735 million. After turning the business around, the firm re-listed Weight Watchers on the stock market, making an enormous $3.5 billion profit for its wealthy investors.

Inside Deals are completely out of reach for small time investors. But the good news is you don't have to be one of America's Privileged to participate in them. That's because there are now twelve Inside Deal firms trading on stock exchanges.

So if you'd like to join America's Privileged in collecting a 12% income with inside deals, I've put all the details into a report called Inside Deals that Quadruple Your Income. It tells you exactly what you need to know to get started today.

It's also FREE of charge, like the first report about the perpetual income of America's Privileged. And you can get your hands on both, when you try High-Yield Investing. That way, you'll be able to join subscribers like...

"$100,000 portfolio income"
"My income from the portfolio is slightly above $100,000 and I reinvest about $25,000 and use the rest, together with other retirement funds, to thoroughly enjoy my retirement."

-- Stan A., Los Angeles, CA

"I am 4 for 4"
"Since January I am 4 for 4 with a net 71.6% gain."

-- John L., Randolph, VT

"Steady stream of dividends"
"High-Yield Investing recommendations have provided me a steady stream of dividends for the past two years. "

-- Mark D., Newark, DE

Now, let me show you another great way to earn a great income, so you can decide if High-Yield Investing is right for you...

Forever Fortune Partnerships

Another way America's Privileged invest is by forming unique partnerships. The arrangements ensure the partner does all the work, and they enjoy a large passive income.

Take former cattleman, Herb Geving for instance. According to a CNN interview, "the 74-year-old grandfather receives whopping checks at the end of every month."

As Herb told CNN, "it's amazing. You don't have to work at all. You just walk to the mailbox and there it is."

Typically, only the wealthy can participate in deals like this, because many of these deals require you to own America's Privileged income assets.

But there is a 'back door' for getting into these partnerships even if you're an investor with limited funds.

Barron's investigated this loophole last year and concluded, "partnerships have been one of the best investments in the past 10 years."

You can now join these partnerships easily by contacting your existing broker, and having him arrange all the details.

I've just finished a report on it called, Forever Fortune Partnerships: The Secret to a Perpetual, Passive Income. Inside, you'll find everything you need to know, so you can start receiving your checks right away.

This report, like the first two reports, is also FREE of charge. And you can get access to all three reports now. All I ask in return is that you try my monthly research advisory, High-Yield Investing.

So... Is High-Yield Investing right for you?

How to know if this
is right for you

You won't find the next big thing in High-Yield Investing.

If you want information on hot investment trends or risky penny stocks... this is not the place to look.

Instead, I simply investigate the safest opportunities in the world to collect an enormous investment income.

My philosophy is simple: Make sure you can get paid.

If you buy a typical stock, you have no idea when or if you'll ever get your money back.

But instead of holding regular stocks, with the hopes of cashing out one day, I suggest you try a different approach. "Get paid for your investments instead." And start collecting thousands of dollars every month in extra income.

I've taught a lot of people how to make a fortune with secrets like the perpetual income of America's Privileged, and the others I mentioned.

And many folks have written me back to tell me about their success...

"Made more money in retirement"
"I have made more money in retirement than I did when I was working. Income from dividend-paying stocks (which I collect every month) is even better than my greatest expectations."

-- William B., Newport News, VA

Steady Retirement Cash Flow
"You've helped me make the cash flow that my wife and I require in order to retire with the same income we had during the working years. Thanks for your help."

--Theodore F., Cumming, GA

"Increased my cash flows"
"Not only have I increased my cash flows, but in the recent market all the securities have increased in value as well. "

-- Glenn G., Laguna Niguel, CA

But you won't know for sure if High-Yield Investing is right for you until you try it.

So how do you get started now?

How to get started now...

To get started now, let me know that you're interested, and in the next few minutes I'll give you online access to High-Yield Investing and all for the income opportunities I've mentioned.

High-Yield Investing costs $129 for one full year... about as much as a dinner for two at a good restaurant.

If you take advantage of even one idea I've told you about, you'll make your subscription cost back right away. I know I could charge more for this service, but I don't.

You see, after working with American retirees for most of my career, I'm sure if you take advantage of the perpetual income of America's Privileged or one of the other secrets I've shared here -- you could easily have all the income you'll ever need.

If you're not happy with my work at any time before the first 90 days of your subscription are up, let us know and you'll get a full refund. It's that simple.

But I don't think you'll be canceling after you see the money coming in...

Because with High-Yield Investing, I ensure you know about EVERY possible way to collect an income that's available to you... including the best dividend stocks.

Just look at this other income secret you may not have heard about...

Generous stocks with double-digit returns

Collecting a large and reliable income from regular stocks is difficult. Even the most reliable Blue Chips can cut or stop paying their dividends, like we've seen in 2008.

But what most investors don't realize is that 197 publicly traded companies pay out another unique type of "cash machine" dividend they cannot cut. These dividends are incredibly safe, because those companies are required by law to pay them out.

And most important, the yields are 4 to 5 times larger than a company's regular dividend. Two of them, for instance, are currently paying an enormous 10.4%.

Unfortunately, stock exchanges consider the cash machine shares a burden to list and sell. That's why most brokers will almost never recommend them to you. And as a result, few people ever find out about them.

If you'd like to learn more about these "cash machines," including the best three to invest in today, I've published a full report called: Cash Machines: Generous Stocks with Double-Digit Returns.

Like everything else I've told you about, this research also comes free of charge, when you take a risk-free trial to High-Yield Investing.

When you do, you'll be able to join existing readers like Dale S. in Stillwater, MN, "I am up 23.5% in about a month. "

Micheal Unser in St. Louis, MO, "I made $17,300 from dividends last year on my investments, and just bought a boat with some of my profits."

And John D. in Panama City, FL, "I'm taking money out and have been able to keep the principle at or higher than when I started."

As I mentioned, a one-year subscription normally costs $129.

But, if you're willing to try my service today, you can do it for substantially less.

Here's what I mean...

To try High-Yield Investing, simply click on the "Join me now" link below. You'll be taken to a secure order page with two levels of discount to suit your specific budget.

The first discount level is the...

New Member Discount

The New Member Subscription offer includes the full details on all the income opportunities I mentioned:

  • #1: Double Your Income Every Four Years with the Perpetual Income of America's Privileged. Let your broker sign you up to become a trust beneficiary, and start receiving the same kind of perpetual income as the wealthiest families.
  • #2: Inside Deals that Quadruple Your Income. A safe way to collect a 12% income from the same Inside Deals that charity organizations, university endowments and pension funds use to make hundreds of millions.
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