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Better than IRAs

23 corporate retirement plans you didn't know you could tap into...

...without working there a single day

"It more than helped me meet my retirement goal of being financially independent."
-- Phillip R.

Dear Reader,

Some companies offer the best type of retirement plan. And for those lucky enough to work there -- it's a near guarantee of retiring rich and early.

Take the Midwestern electrical company Border States Electric.

According to the Star Tribune, since 1985, the company has helped over 150 employees retire as millionaires. While many more millionaire workers are choosing to delay their retirement... still working in the company's warehouses and offices.

"We really do run this company for the benefit of our employees," says the company's CEO, Tammy Miller. "What is so rewarding in my job is seeing people leave this company with retirement-income security and more personal wealth than they ever expected."

Amazingly, Border States Electric isn't the only company making its employees rich this way...

At a Washington software firm, sales clerk, Shirley D. also retired a millionaire after only 5 years -- thanks to her company's retirement plan. The New York Times reported she did it in spite of never having been promoted... or ever making more than a regular wage.

And there's also the Illinois aerospace manufacturer, CEF, which gave out $58 million to 135 of its factory workers.

What each of these companies have in common is a unique retirement program which was originally called The Second Income Plan.

It allows regular employees to retire rich, even if they never make more than the average wage.

As Time Magazine put it, "it's a wealth builder for many lower level employees."

For the most part, this unique type of retirement plan is only available to the employees of those companies.

But what many people don't realize is that some of these companies are required by law to also make the plan available to their employees' families... and as a result to ordinary folks who have NEVER worked for these companies!

It's all part of a little-known S.E.C. regulation that removed the restrictions on these programs, providing equality among American industries.

That means regular folks like you can take advantage of these plans too, even if you've never worked a single minute for one of these companies.

In short, you can tap into the same kind of benefits that many of America's most well-off retirees are already getting -- and you don't have to be on the payroll.

Just look at the people who're taking advantage of this amazing opportunity...

Like Walter R. in Virginia, who didn't have much hope for his retirement, "My company 401k would have been insufficient," he told me. But that all changed after discovering the Second Income Plan. And over the following years, it grew to over a million dollars, telling me... "I am now comfortable enough to retire."
And Texas resident, Richard B. told me, "My paychecks are now more than I need to live on... [it] helped me meet and exceed my retirement income requirements."
Or Florida retiree Joseph P. who's receiving an income of $110,000 a year from his Second Income Plan.

What I like best, is that it doesn't take a lot to enroll in this incredible plan. Remember, they were originally designed to help poorer employees retire rich... So you can easily get started in one with as little as $500.

Like California restaurant manager, Genevieve C., who enrolled in a plan offered through a nearby electronics company. She signed up with less than $100 and watched her plan grow to $275,000.

You just have to know which companies offer them... and the easy steps to enroll in them.

So if you're interested, I can show you all of this in the next few minutes. The first thing you need to know is how this type of plan is so different from the usual retirement plans that most companies offer...

I came across them after nearly five years of research into one of the least understood and most overlooked corners of the stock market. And I believe they are the best place you can put your money today.

My name, by the way, is Nathan Slaughter.

I've always had a passion for investing. Even as a young boy, I remember picking my first winning stock in 7th grade... and I was an active investor by college.

Upon graduating, I worked as a financial advisor... managed millions of dollars for people from all walks of life... from young couples just starting out... to retirees managing their life savings.

One of my first picks in the business was Qualcomm, whose stock went up to $800 a share... and made me enough to put a down payment on a house and pay for my honeymoon.

But what really makes me happy is hearing from the people I've helped out over the years...

Like Martin L. in New York who tells me, "I have been withdrawing from my IRA since 1996 and thanks to you, it has held steady."
Or Mark D. in Delaware who says, "You have provided me a steady stream of income for the past two years."
And John L. in Vermont who recently sent me a note saying, "Since January, I am 4 for 4 with a net 71.6% gain. "

Finding great investment opportunities is my passion.

I've spent my professional life searching for them. And I believe companies that offer the Second Income Plan to non-employees are, by far, the best way for regular people to retire rich.

So what are they? And how can you start receiving such large payouts yourself?

The easiest way to show you is by giving you an example...

How The Second Income Plan can change your life

Let's look at Philadelphia couple Jillian and Brent Wilkins...

Brent didn't consider himself a financial expert. "I'm an amateur with no particular experience," the 49 year-old welder admitted.

But thanks to his brother-in-law, he learned about a company that offered the Second Income Plan to non-employees. He decided to give it a try and signed up for the plan.

Brent had no professional affiliation with this company whatsoever. He had never worked for them as a contractor or as an employee.

To open up his plan, he simply filled out the enrollment form, and deposited a nominal amount... the $622 he had saved up over the past few months.

"I got involved with [them] at an early point. I figured, why not use this small amount of money as an easy way to increase my [net worth]?"

Afterward, he didn't give it any more thought. And the company deposited money into it for him on a regular basis... just as it did for its regular employees.

As a result, over the following years, Brent's plan grew exponentially. And Brent recently confided, "[It's] now worth $82,360. It took very little effort."

What Brent likes most is that, unlike the pension plan offered by his regular employer... with his Second Income Plan, he can withdraw any amount from it whenever he wishes.

He can use the money to put his daughter through college... pay down his mortgage... or go on vacation.

Or he can instruct the plan to start paying him a regular income. Or he can stop the plan and take out the whole amount.

And that's one of the great things about the Second Income Plan. There aren't any restrictions like there are with regular retirement or pension plans.

So why does the Second Income Plan give you all this freedom?

The best way to see this is by showing you how the plan got started in the first place...

Newspaper company invents the most successful employee perk

The Second Income Plan traces its roots back to 1956, when a little-known publishing company called Peninsula Newspaper Company, came up with a unique way to reward its employees.

They called it "the second income plan" because it let the employees build an additional income from the company's profits.

The reasoning was, if the workers could benefit directly, they'd have more incentive to help their company grow.

It resulted in employees being able to collect huge payouts when they retired... left the company... or whenever they needed the extra income.

The program was a huge success. The company prospered, and over the next 25 years employees received millions of extra dollars in retirement bonuses through their Second Income Plan.

To truly appreciate how this happened, just consider the radical difference between their Second Income Plan and the typical pension or 401(k) which most companies offer.

Unlike the Second Income Plan, typical plans have nothing to do with the company's success.

You see, in most companies, any excess profits a company makes are paid out to senior executives in year-end bonuses. That money is never put back into the company, and doesn't benefit the workers in any way. If anything, it causes workers to become envious of their senior management.

But that wasn't the case with the Peninsula Newspaper Company.

In fact, the Second Income Plan was such a radical departure from ordinary pension plans that it took an otherwise ordinary business and transformed it into a fast-growing enterprise that grew like it was on steroids.

It did this for two reasons:

First: it put the company's profits back into the business so the company could reuse that money to grow and profit even more...

And second: since it was now the employees' money, the workers had a personal interest in making the company prosper -- and working harder than regular workers at any similar company.

As a senior exec explained it:

"We feel that we see better productivity and people who are more enthused because they realize what they're doing affects their pocketbook, too."

At the time, the Second Income Plan was only available to the Peninsula Newspaper Company employees. Nobody else could benefit from it.

Seeing this success, other companies decided to follow suit...

Small manufacturer imitates success and pays out millions

Reflexite, a small Connecticut manufacturer made theirs available to all 126 employees.

"It was an ideal solution," said Cecil Ursprung, president of Reflexite. "We've had a 28 percent improvement in our gross profit."

In fact, over the following 5 years, Reflexite's workforce tripled... its sales doubled and its profits rose almost sixfold.

As a result, many employees became rich at companies offering this plan.

As one former general manager, Barry Gaston, explained, "We made some millionaires. Even people who had been with the company only a short time were able to walk away with thousands of dollars."

One of these was Cynthia Halbert. In 1983, she gave up college in order to take a cashier's job in her hometown of Houston.

"Back then, I used to get teased about working at a retail store," she told The Florida Times-Union.

But unknown to her friends, her employer offered that rare employee benefit... the Second Income Plan.

Cynthia signed up for it the day she got hired. And by the time she was 33, her savings within the plan were well on their way to becoming a million dollars.

"My friends are not nearly as financially stable as I am," she said. "All of them would like to be in my position."

As her manager, Tom Spick, confessed, "There are lots of people who have become millionaires working [here]."

For the longest time this program was only available to the employees of those companies that offered it.

The general public -- even regular shareholders -- were denied access.

"We were a well-kept secret for many years," admitted one company exec.

But seeing how much money the employees were making, large shareholders demanded access to the plan as well.

One executive confided, "It was the most requested service from our shareholders."

So these companies, along with their shareholders, lobbied the government to give access to non-employees...

Government unlocks door to Second Income Plan

And in September, 1968, in a move that went largely unnoticed in the mainstream press, the S.E.C. modified its regulations so non-employees could also take part in the Second Income Plan.

The two stipulations were that the non-employees had to become shareholders in order to benefit from the plan... And that the companies offering this plan didn't advertise it to the general public.

But many people found out anyway. And thousands have been signing up and benefiting from these plans since then.

Like Philadelphia mom, Frances Richter. As an insurance claims agent, she never made more than $45,000.

But through a friend, she learned about a Second Income Plan offered by a growing pharmaceutical company and signed up for it right away. It proved to be the best investment she ever made... and by the time she retired, her plan was worth nearly $2 million.

What Frances likes most about her plan is the peace of mind it gives her, "you can live to 103, and you know you're not going to outlive your assets."

As a result, her life is more relaxed these days. She has more time to spend with family, and does consulting part time to keep busy. She's also become somewhat of a philanthropist... something she never thought of doing, considering the modest wage she made during her working years. In fact, since 2004, she's given away $370,000 to various charities.

And there's also Darren Purcell. He signed up with a Second Income Plan offered by a local power company.

To qualify for the plan, he had to become a shareholder. So he purchased $2,500 worth of company stock and according to USA Today, "went on with his life."

Over the following years, the power company contributed to his plan, on the same regular basis as it did to the plans of its employees. And to Darren's amazement, his plan grew to $70,000... an incredible amount considering how little he put in to get it started.

In both of these examples, each person took advantage of a Second Income Plan offered by a publicly traded company.

They didn't become employees... consultants... contractors... or work for those companies in any way.

To qualify for their plan they simply had to become shareholders. Even if they bought a single company stock... it was enough to get the plan started.

And that's the beauty of the Second Income Plan. It has the potential to outpace your current company pension... 401(k)... or IRA... even if you don't have much to get started.

Best of all, unlike those traditional retirement plans, the Second Income Plan doesn't require you to wait until retirement age to withdraw from it... or convert it to a stream of regular income.

Another fellow who did this, Robert C. in Hawaii, had his plan grow to $300,000, and was having it pay him $24,000 a year.

"Not too bad on an initial investment of about $1,400," he told me.

How much could you make today?

The best way to show you this is with a plan offered by one particular regional bank...

Now, when I first told people about this bank's Second Income Plan, the bank was inundated with phone calls from people wanting to get onto their plan.

In fact, the bank's lawyers contacted us, and requested that I don't reveal their name because they are simply unable to deal with the huge volume of requests.

You see, unlike so many American banks, this regional bank survived the banking crisis, no doubt much thanks to the responsible nature of all its employees -- from bank teller to upper management.

In fact, over the past 5 years, the bank has bought out 7 struggling banks, adding them to the payroll.

As a result, the company has been on a tear, growing its employees Second Income Plans by leaps and bounds.

One employee confided, "It's a great bank to work for. They do value their employees."

The bank also offers a Second Income Plan for non-employees, and is a great example of what you could expect if you signed up for a plan yourself...

Let's say you found out about their plan five years ago. To qualify for it, you would have had to become a shareholder. So you put in a nominal amount to get started... let's say $750.

After that you forgot about it, and went on with your life, never adding another penny. Today, based just on the company's contributions, your Second Income Plan would have grown to $4,800.

Not bad.

But it gets even better.

Because remember, the Second Income Plan was originally created for employees. And one of the options employees have is to contribute to their retirement plan on a regular basis, from each paycheck.

So let's say you did the same, and every month after starting your plan, you contributed another $80.

How much difference would it have made to your savings plan today?

By doing this, you would have contributed a total of $2,000 over the past 5 years.

But the company's contribution would have been much higher... over $27,000.

That's incredible growth!

The plan grew nearly 14 times more than the money you put into it.

I don't know of any other investment... stock... fund... pension or retirement plan... where you can save up $2,000, a little at a time... and end up with $27,000.

Consider Oklahoma tech support worker, Ben R., who signed up with a Second Income Plan offered by his local utility company, "I put $25 to $100 a month into it as I paid my electric bill. Now it is quadrupled at about $36,000."
And there's also Michigan auto worker Robert M., who put $1,500 in to start his plan and ended up with $190,000. "Not too shabby!" he recently told me. "It was probably the best financial decision I have ever made."

What I like best is how easily your money grows within the plan. Yet, it still doesn't take a lifetime to accumulate a sizable amount, as it would with most other retirement plans.

It's no wonder many employees are putting as much into their plans as they can, so they can retire early and rich.

Just look again at that regional bank's Second Income Plan I mentioned. If you started your plan in 2004... and if you'd contributed $80 a month... today you'd have over $46,000

With $200 a month... you'd have $108,000

With $500 contributions... you'd be looking at $264,000

And if you'd managed to put in $1,000 a month... today your plan would be worth well over half a million dollars!

In each case, the plan would have grown 13 to 14 times higher than the money you contributed to it.

A great example of doing this is Montana resident, Lynn N...

"I didn't have any form of retirement plan at work and I needed to start something. I couldn't afford a huge investment but I knew I could do a little bit each month," she told me.
After discovering the Second Income Plan, she put a little aside each month. And now she says, "I may not have a million dollars, but I'll be able to live well in my retirement years."

And it gets even better...

Flip the switch and double your benefits...

The Second Income Plan has a special feature which lets you switch the way your plan works.

You see, when you first start your plan, it's set by default to be in accelerated growth mode. That's why your plan grows so fast.

But when you want to start receiving an income, you can flip a switch within the plan, which then redirects the money coming into it, and gives you a regular income.

So if the company is regularly contributing $4,000 into your plan, you can instruct it to start paying it out to you instead, in the form of a regular paycheck.

Or, you can instruct the company to split the amount, and pay you a portion, let's say, $2,000 in income... and put the other $2,000 into your plan to keep it growing.

As Tennessee resident, Rick M., told me "I'm getting a yearly income of $36,000."

What impresses me most is how quickly your checks grow year after year.

For instance, with the southern regional bank I just mentioned...

...if you received $2,000 paychecks in 2010, your paychecks would have grown astronomically fast. And today you'd be getting $6,200...

And it's like that with all of the Second Income Plans I found.

Of course, depending on the company and the employees... some have grown more than others. But every one of them have increased their payouts by huge amounts...

Accenture's Second Income Plan, for instance, would have increased your paychecks from $2,000 to $4,509 over the last five years...

And Casey's would have gone up to $3,556...

As you can see, these are incredible pay raises!

When you sign up for a Second Income Plan in a company with a motivated workforce... your income grows higher and faster than the income from any other investment I'm aware of.

As a Detroit hospital worker, Denise W. told me, "I am getting up to $99,000 a year."
And Naples, Florida retiree, Gene M. says, "My income had increased to a point that I could afford to give up the income from dividends."

The best part is, you aren't limited to how many Second Income Plans you can start.

Charlie H. in Texas wrote me that he has plans with two companies...

"I began one plan with $5,000 and is now worth approximately $600,000. The other plan started at approximately $4,000 and is now valued at $95,000."

And consider Michigan city worker, Ronald C... He told me, "I was tired of the market swings up and down, and not having anything to show for it."

But after finding out about the Second Income Plan from a co-worker, he signed up with as many as he could. "I was hooked," Ronald recently told me.

Since then, his plans have grown to $291,000... even after withdrawing a sizable chunk to pay for his daughter's wedding.

In fact, in the past three months, he's collected over 20 paychecks thanks to the Second Income Plans he's signed up with.

Over the past 5 years of research, I've come across 23 companies offering this incredible plan to non-employees. And you can start a plan with each and every one of them if you so wish.

Finding these businesses wasn't easy. There's no "Second Income Plan" website which lists them.

In fact, the same S.E.C. regulation which gives you access to these plans, also stipulates that those companies don't advertise it in any way. That's why these plans are so hard to find for the average person.

Even if you go on one of these company's websites, you'll often find little more than a 1-800 number if anything at all.

Unfortunately, I bet 99% of the investing public has no clue this opportunity even exists.

It's a shame, really, because taking advantage of it is so easy once you know how...

How to sign up for your first Second Income Plan today...

At one time, if you wanted to join a Second Income Plan, you had to contact the companies directly.

They'd send you the enrollment forms by mail... and after sending them back, you'd be registered on Second Income Plan payroll. But today it's much easier to join. Because thanks to the World Wide Web and computer automation... you can now enroll through your online broker.

You see, since becoming a shareholder was a key requirement to joining these plans -- most of the companies offering them have arranged to let you sign up online.

In fact, if you deal with any of the larger brokerages like E*TRADE, Fidelity, Schwab or TD Ameritrade, to name just a few... you can probably sign up for a Second Income Plan today.

And once you're registered, you automatically start receiving the Second Income Plan benefits...

Like Virginia electrician, Phillip R... To qualify for a Second Income Plan, he purchased just one share through his broker. As he put it:

"That one share, at about $16, turned into $100,000. It more than helped me meet my retirement goal of being financially independent, and not having to work to maintain a level of lifestyle."

Yet, many people still aren't aware of this incredible opportunity. Fortunately, there is a way to find out about them...

Because these are public companies, they are required by law to report all of their financial dealings. And this is how you can locate and track them.

I discovered that all of the companies offering a Second Income Plan have unique FOUR traits in common.

You NEVER see these characteristics together at the same time in any other company... except those offering the Second Income Plan.

For an outsider -- someone who doesn't work within the company -- it's the only way to locate these incredible businesses.

I can't give you the details here. But I've written a report about how I find them, as well as the top 3 Second Income Plans you can sign up with today.

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 William B. in Newport News, Virginia, who says...

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Typically, only the wealthy can participate in deals like this, because of the large up-front cost to get into them.

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Barron's investigated this loophole last year and concluded, "partnerships have been one of the best investments in the past 10 years."

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How to know if this is right for you

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Steve Jobs, one of the richest men in the world until his death, took home just $1 in salary as CEO of Apple.

So how did he get so rich on just a $1 salary?

He owned a "forever" stock that paid him about $55 million in cash a year.

There's also John Mackey, the flamboyant CEO of the upscale Whole Foods Market, who also makes $1 a year in salary. He wouldn't be able to buy a granola bar in his own grocery store with his annual salary.

Yet, he deposited about $400,000 into his bank account -- thanks to a "forever" stock he owned.

Then there's Richard Kinder, founder and CEO of the energy company, Kinder Morgan. He, too, manages to get by on just $1 a year.

But his forever stock is delivering a whopping $89 million in cash straight to his bank account -- every quarter!

Forever stocks have given all of these men life-changing wealth. They can protect you from a declining dollar... rising inflation... market crashes... recessions... bear markets and even credit downgrades.

But these stocks are not just for CEO's and wealthy executives. Anyone -- even you -- can have this same wealth-creating opportunity. All you need to do is buy "forever" stocks -- just like these CEO's do -- and hold them for the rest of your life.

These "forever" stocks can make you five times richer than "regular" growth stocks. They can even make you 30% richer than your average dividend-paying stock.

Unfortunately, you'll never hear about them from your broker because he'll lose most of his commission if you own a stock you never need to sell. So these stocks are not at the top of any broker's buy list.

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