IRS-Approved "408A Account" Turns a $60,000/Year Retirement into a $324,000/Year Vacation

IRS-Approved “408A Account” Turns a $60,000/Year Retirement into a $324,000/Year Vacation

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  • Only 4.2% of Americans do this, but it’s open to anyone with an income

  • 100% legal and IRS-approved—just ask your broker to switch your account registration

  • Set it up now for free by telling your broker eight words

I want you to call your broker today… and tell him eight simple words.

You don’t have to buy or sell anything. You don’t need to change your portfolio at all—just change how your account is classified.

It’s free. Should take no more than five minutes.

Yet this one move could make you $86,447 more than other investors—in the same exact same stocks! And if you do it in a specific way it can triple your retirement income—at least.

Just ask 61-year-old Chicago retiree Steven F., who boosted his income by 440%… enough to turn a $5,000 monthly retirement check into $27,000.

That turns a no-frills $60,000-per-year retirement into a $324,000-per-year vacation.

In Wisconsin, Roger N. made the move and now collects $10,000 a month. He told me, “It doesn’t get any better...”

Pennsylvania retiree Robert Z. says, “It’s helped me a lot. I would’ve had a hard time without it.”

Robert never made a lot of money. And after years of saving, he only managed to put away $57,000.

“For me, it has been the best thing going as I have no company pension,” he told me. But with the help of this loophole, he retired at age 53.

What really blew me away is that even though Robert’s been living off his savings for 15 years now, he has more money now than when he retired!

The Denver Post calls it “the best thing that ever came out of Washington”

This government-sanctioned loophole makes traditional 401(k)s, pension plans and IRAs look like a waste of time.

It’s so powerful that it’s turning regular people into retirement millionaires.

Like Clement D., who said he used the loophole on his retirement account. And now it’s worth more than $2.5 million.

What’s more, you can get started with next to nothing. Robert H. in Hawaii began with just $1,400 and now has $300,000.

The New York Times calls it “one of the biggest single… breaks Congress has ever given to middle-class Americans.”

And the Journal of Financial Planning says it’s “hard to beat. I’m surprised Congress let us have that.”

It’s also been written up in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. And it has been featured on MSNBC… FOX and CBS News…

Kiplinger says it’s “one of the smartest money moves [you] can make… and setting one up is easy.”

All you have to do is register your retirement account in a special way. Tell your broker eight simple words and you’re in.

But it’s up to YOU to take the first step.

Once you see the details you’ll see why CNN Money wrote, “Dollar for dollar [this loophole] may just be the best savings plan in America.”

Again, this isn’t about buying stocks or adjusting your portfolio in any way.

It’s about making what you already own pay you a whole lot more.

It could easily make you $86,447 more than other investors who own the exact same stocks you do.

Why do so few Americans—just 4.2% at last count—take advantage of this giveaway?

Because it’s not something the IRS shouts from a mountain top. After all—it costs them billions each year.

And to be frank, it’s not for everyone. If you are a multi-millionaire without a financial worry in the world, you don’t need this. And if you’re struggling to make ends meet, it’s not for you either.

But if you are one of the vast majority of us who are somewhere in the middle… and if you’d like to squeeze more out of your nest egg with almost no effort… then you need to look into this 408A Strategy as soon as you can.

No Trick, Catch or Hidden Cost

Before I spill the beans, let me quickly introduce myself.

I'm Lou Betancourt.

I run StreetAuthority, a multimillion-dollar financial research firm out of Austin, Texas.

Close to a half a million investors rely on our research. We are especially strong in the high-yield arena… where we share our recommendations with nearly 20,000 income investors in our High-Yield Investing service.

In fact, High-Yield Investing’s Chief Strategist, Nathan Slaughter, guides about $8 billion dollars in portfolio assets for people from all walks of life… from young couples just starting out… to retirees deciding what to do with their life savings.

Through it all, we’ve found that whatever their financial goals are… in the end, all our readers want the same thing:


Ultimately, the whole purpose of saving and investing is to have enough cash to live on.

Problem is, not many people are aware of how to go about it right. They don’t even know all the options they have.

High-Yield Investing readers do NOT have that problem… because they see every way to generate income an investor can possibly get.

Not just stocks and bonds… but REITs, preferred stocks, ETFs, MLPs, closed-end funds, exchange-traded bonds, income deposit securities... and a few other securities you’ve probably never even heard of.

Some of these investments pay you six times what the average investor gets.

Money like that can change your life…

Theodore F. of Cumming, Georgia tells us…

“You’ve helped me make the cash flow that my wife and I require in order to retire with the same income we had during the working years.”

Lloyd F. of Missouri sent us a note saying…

“Because of your research, I have an income of $30,000 a year and this is just from 1/3 of my investment portfolio.”

William B. says…

“I have made more money in retirement than I did when I was working.”

We hear from a lot of readers who are making more money now in their 60s, 70s and 80s than they ever did before. That’s a sweet way to retire if you ask me.

Which brings me back to the account-registration loophole.

After working with so many investors over the years, I can tell you that not one in 10 knows about the maneuver I’m showing you here.

Even though it can eventually triple their investment income when used the right way, most people are completely blind to it. That’s why only 4.2% of Americans use this perfectly legal IRS-approved program.

The New York Times reported on the loophole when it first came out:

“For more than a year, ads and articles in the financial press have touted the benefits of the new [loophole]. Yet … no more than 1 in 20 Americans has put money into [it].”

And it’s pretty much been that way ever since…

Over the years, the loophole got buried in the 73,954 pages of the U.S. federal tax code. And it has fallen off the radar for most investors.

Why the U.S. Government Gave Us this Gift

taxpayer relief actYou may recall the late '90s for the booming stock market.

But it was also when our national debt took off and Washington got worried it would crash the economy.

So with Bill Clinton in the White House, Congress passed a law to keep the economy afloat by creating huge tax breaks for middle-class Americans.

It was called the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. If anyone remembers it now, it’s for making capital gains on American homes tax exempt.

But buried in the same 317 pages of legislation under Section 408A was another loophole—much larger than the capital gains exemption on our homes.

At the time, the Pittsburgh Press announced “Congress just provided you with a giant loophole—and you’d better get moving.”

As Money Magazine asked, “Suppose you could collect tax-free income after you quit working, no tax bill on April 15. You’d jump at that, right?”

And that’s exactly what the Section 408A of the Taxpayer Relief Act did… and still does today.

I know it sounds incredible…

…but use this loophole correctly and you get to opt-out of the tax system!

Yes, it’s hard to believe. But I use the loophole myself… and by applying it in a specific way—which I’m about to show you—it can triple the cash flow of a retiree.

It works for New York dairy farmer Christine F., who recently told me this loophole gives her “peace of mind.”

“I’m in line to be comfortable and flexible during my retirement,” she says.

New York retiree Mark S. says “I like to think of [it] as a supercharged savings account, one that will earn much more than a regular savings account, but will still allow me to make withdrawals tax-free.”

The 408A loophole gives you 3 ways to retire sooner and richer:


408A Benefit #1: Your Money Grows MUCH Faster

We are so used to paying taxes that most of us rarely think about the huge difference it makes when we don’t have to fork over a large chunk of our income to Uncle Sam each year.

To see what I mean…

Just look at the difference the 408A loophole could have made to you over the past few years…

Since the market bottomed out in 2009, stocks have been on a nice run, averaging about 18% a year, as measured by the S&P 500.

So if you had money in the market, you probably did pretty well.

In fact, if you had started with $100,000 in popular blue chips like Amazon, Coca-Cola, or Johnson & Johnson…

chart 1

…you would have $301,421 today.

That’s what you’d net AFTER TAXES over this stock market run.

Now if you used a tax-deferred account like an IRA or 401(k), you almost certainly did better.

chart 2

Since you didn’t have to pay taxes on your money while it grew, it would have grown that much faster. Even after the tax haircut you’d take on withdrawal, you’d end up with an extra $28,267.

But look at how much more you’d have if you used your 408A tax-escape clause instead…

chart 3

That’s $86,447 more than a regular brokerage account—simply because of the account you held the stocks in.

You get an $86k bonus, not for being a better stock picker—but just for classifying your account the right way.

Again, all you need to know is eight simple words… tell them to your broker… and you’re good to go.

No wonder The Wall Street Journal calls it “one of the best ways to save for later life.”

Just ask Ohio native Marc W. He found out about the loophole in 2004, and took $25,000 out of his IRA… and grew it into $245,000.

Raymond D. boosted his portfolio by $62,800 in two years thanks to this same loophole.

Just think what an extra $62,000 every two years could do for your retirement.

You could take long vacations… buy a new car or two… and splurge on things you always wanted but didn’t think you could afford.

You could actually live better than you did in your working years—and isn’t that what we all want?

Which brings me to the next crucial benefit this loophole gives you…

Not only does it grow your money faster, but it lets you boost your income to a whole new level…

408A Benefit #2: Boost Your Income Immediately

If you ever worry about outliving your savings, this loophole can fix that fast...

Because it gives you a second chance at a rich retirement. A total do-over.

Face it, you’ll never pull in a great income from your 401(k) or IRA unless you save a whole lot of money first.

But this loophole is different. It lets you collect a large income without having to save a whole lot first.


It gets you into investments your traditional retirement accounts can’t touch

Many people don’t realize it, but dozens of lucrative financial assets are legally off-limits to standard retirement accounts.

With regular 401(k) or IRA accounts, you’re strictly limited to stocks, bonds and various funds.

But that’s just a fraction of the income opportunities you can tap into with this loophole.

Like Florida retiree Neil P., who used the loophole to buy rental properties.

Today he collects 15% a year from them—completely tax-free.

That’s just one of the options you’d never have in a regular account.

A music teacher I know of earns 30% a year on his money with this loophole. He bought a few dozen musical instruments and leases them to his students, collecting a steady monthly income. All of the money he gets is tax free, too. He could never do that with an IRA.

But your options don’t stop there…

With the 408A loophole, you can use your retirement money to buy a home.

You can use it to save for a college education.

You can even take your money out at any time, tax free and without penalty. Nice to know if you ever need some cash in a pinch.

On top of all that freedom, there are no tax papers to file in April. No checks to send to the government. Every dollar this loophole makes you is yours to spend as you like.

And the ways you can set it up are nearly endless…

Simply put, the Taxpayer Relief Act gives you the most flexible and lucrative way to pile up tax-free cash since the Federal Income Tax was established in 1913.

But here’s what’s really astonishing…

You can make thousands more than other people—off the exact same stocks.

Take Exxon Mobil, as just one of a thousand stocks I could pick.

Right now, it pays an approximately $3 dividend. So if you own 1,000 shares, you get about $3,000 per year.

In a 35% tax bracket, Uncle Sam gets $1,050. Every year.

That’s $10,500 over 10 years lost to taxes. Forever.

I know it doesn’t seem fair, but that’s how it is.

But using this loophole, you keep that $10,050 AND let it compound, so your money—and your income—grow even faster.

Just think of it: $10,500 extra cash from a stock yielding just 3.7%.

Imagine the difference it can make for you on the stocks in High-Yield Investing that are paying 6%, or 8%, or 10%.

You’ll be pulling in double the income of other investors.

In fact, many of our subscribers are doing even better than that—seeing their income shoot up 4x, 5x even 6x over what they were making before.

See for yourself…

Here are just a few of the yields we are pocketing right now…

table yield 1

These portfolio holdings are paying us an average of 8.7%. That’s more than four times the 2% that the S&P 500 is paying.

One of our readers, 63-year-old Christine F. has been getting over 10% for the past five years. She told us she took advantage of this loophole “for just one reason, peace of mind.”

Retired Tennessee sales manager Richard M. is doing even better, making 12.3% using our research.

And Samuel G. says [the loophole] allows me to take advantage of high-dividend funds without declaring them. Last year I made about $5,000 per month.”

They are all pulling in a great income with the help of the 408A loophole.

As long as you are a U.S. citizen with a retirement account, you can join them immediately.

Again, it’s not right for 100% of Americans… but if you are one of the 95% who can benefit from this program, you’ll never regret taking this step…

This Is What You Need to Do Right Now…

First you need to grab our in-depth research report, Retire Tax-Free and Triple Your Income today.

It shows you how to access this loophole immediately so you can:

  • Legally opt-out of paying income taxes on your investments for the rest of your life…

  • Boost your savings by as much as 50%, and…

  • Secure your plan to triple your retirement income as fast as possible.

You’ll get everything you need to get started, including three perfect investments to create a huge income with this loophole.

  • This first one yields 12.7%, thanks to $56 billion in commercial real estate that it snapped up on the cheap in the financial crisis. It is now churning out growing rental income every year for shareholders. Invest $50,000 in this gem and you’re locking in a stipend of $6,350 a year and rising.

  • Another is a government contractor for Federal and state agencies. Even though it jumped more than 50% in 2016, the stock still yields 7.2%. Most companies yielding that much are on shaky financial ground. But this one actually has an investment-grade credit rating.

  • And the third, a New York-based investment firm with a growing 7.5% yield, is the kind of stock you can live off forever. It pays you monthly, and hands out two special bonus dividends, in June and December… giving you 14 paychecks a year!

You’ll see full details on all three cash cows in our new report—which you can access instantly online—right now—with no restrictions…

Before you grab your report let me show you the third way the 408A loophole could upgrade your retirement…

408A Benefit #3: The Tax Man Ignores You

I realize most people think IRAs are a great way to save for retirement because they let you avoid paying taxes until you withdraw your money.

And there’s nothing wrong with that… but when you use the 408A loophole, something even better happens…

…the taxman retires on the same day you do.

With a traditional IRA, you’re forced to start using up your savings—and paying taxes on your earnings—once you hit 70½. No exceptions.

But not with a 408A account. Every penny you accumulate is yours to keep. There is no more taxman in your life.

And if you like, you can keep your money in your account forever. You never have to take it out if you don’t want to. And a lot of people don’t!

In fact, in any given year, only 4% of the people who own 408A accounts take out any money at all.

They just keep their money in place, letting their nest egg grow fast. They aren’t forced to withdraw it when they don’t need it. And when they do feel like tapping into their own money, they aren’t forced to send Uncle Sam part of it.

But here’s what’s really impressive…

If you never take it out of the loophole your heirs get it all, without paying a penny to the government.

With inheritance taxes hovering as high as 40%, this is a no-brainer.

In fact, I know of a Silicon Valley CEO who’s leaving almost his entire $95 million fortune to his children this way.

Instead of sending a $38 million check to the IRS, his kids will be able to keep what he worked a lifetime for.

Please understand that you don’t have to be rich to do this. In fact, it’s better if you’re not. Anyone can set it up for free in minutes. You don’t need a lawyer.

The Pittsburgh Press puts it best:

Pittsburgh Press quote

You’ll get the full details on how to set this up today in Retire Tax-Free and Triple Your Income.

This report is your first step to making your retirement what you had always hoped it would be.

And like everything we do at High-Yield Investing, it is based on the unstoppable power of compounded dividends.

More than 130 years of data proves that owning dividend-paying stocks... and then reinvesting those dividends... beats every other investment approach hands down.

According to Ned Davis Research, if, back in 1972, you had invested $100,000 in the S&P 500 stocks that didn’t pay dividends you would now be sitting on $300,153.

But if you had invested in the dividend payers you would have $4,577,910. That’s 15 times as much money.

That’s why Nathan Slaughter and his High-Yield Investing team dig deep to find income-payers you don’t see in a typical newsletter.

Between REITS, closed-end funds, income deposit securities, ETFs and master limited partnerships—not to mention plain old stocks and bonds—they buy and sell every sort of income-paying security on Wall Street.

Some of these opportunities are so exotic that you may never have heard of them. Like this one…

Hidden Dividends the Media Never Tell You About…

For example, Nathan has found a hidden source of dividends that almost no one else in America talks about.

They’re issued by some of the biggest corporations in America… and are dished out automatically to all shareholders.

But these unscheduled payouts are considered “special,” not ordinary. So they aren’t reflected in the official yield figures, and they go unreported by the press.

Unless you have your ears glued to the ground like we do, you probably wouldn’t even notice them. But they are happening all the same.

Vodafone paid one a while ago. So did Dish Network, Whole Foods and Microsoft.

And get this: these special payments are typically 10 times larger than their regular dividend.

Our subscribers LOVE it when we steer them to these massive “stealth” dividends.

One of these companies handed out a bonus dividend of $7 per share. Meanwhile, its normal dividend was just 27 cents.

report coverThat’s like getting your next 26 paychecks advanced to you in one lump sum – and still getting your regular paychecks afterward. Pretty sweet.

The mainstream financial press rarely covers opportunities like this. Most brokers won’t tell you about them either.

But High-Yield Investing is different. All we do is focus on the highest-yielding investments on the planet.

So Nathan recently ran every special dividend payer he could find through a battery of tests to find the strongest. He lists the elite group that made the final cut in 12 “Unreported” Dividend-Payers Yielding Up To 10.4%

You’ll find all 12 stealth payers here, including these three standouts:

  • This stock appears to pay just $1 per year, but when you count the $3.05 cash windfall it pays out in bonus dividends, the true payout is 4x as high.

  • This casino operator paid out a special dividend of $2.75 per share. It also bumped up its regular dividend by 44% in the past two years.

  • Then there’s the insurance company that shelled out $15 per share in bonus payments over the past six years. That’s on top of ordinary dividends, which have risen for 39 straight years.

Again, these hidden dividend payers are exactly the sort of unconventional opportunity you rarely see in the paper or on TV. But it’s what we live for at High-Yield Investing.

Now let me show you another high-yield secret that can pay you a consistent income, virtually unaffected by the stock market...

Pocketing Double-Digit Income… No Matter What Stocks Do

Nathan recently shared another income play with his readers that may be the most reliable cash you can receive as an investor.

Forbes says these investments “returned the same [amount] each year over the past 15, 20 and 25 years, showing rather remarkable consistency.”

Wealthy families use this perpetual income to sustain their lifestyles. And now, thanks to Congress, you can do the same thing and collect a steady income that’s independent of the stock market.

Just look at a handful of these investments we found recently, each giving you a double-digit cash flow:

table yield 2

Why do they pay so much?

Because while these securities look and trade like stocks… they’re actually private partnerships. And there’s one more big difference: the IRS gives them a total pass on corporate taxes.

By saving up to 35% of their income, they have so much leftover free cash to distribute that they pay the highest yields you’ll find on Wall Street.

You can easily pocket $12,000 a year for every $100,000 you put into them.

Here’s what some of the investors who follow my research say about these cash cows:

“The income has been very dependable. I now have over $200,000 based on investments which totaled about $20,000.” –Robert B., Atlanta

“Very dependable income. The economy and stock market has not affected the long term results” –Arthur J., New Jersey

“After the crash, I sailed through on the [income]. I never had to sell at a loss to get money to live on.” –Jonathan F.

reportI’d like to give you the full details on these overlooked securities in The Secret to a Perpetual, Passive Income. You’ll find our three favorites in this report:

  • This Oklahoma outfit yields 11.2% and has relentlessly hiked its distribution since its 1993 inception, posting a total return of 1,010%.

  • With a footprint in every link of our nation’s most critical industry, this one has raised its distribution every quarter since its 1998 IPO.

  • This 10.5% yielder has steadily hiked its payout since its 2005 IPO, and has never once reduced it.

And this isn’t the only income secret our readers are taking advantage of. Here’s another one that’s pretty unusual...

How to Piggyback Onto a Company’s Pension Plan... Without Actually Working There

Certain private companies offer a special type of retirement plan that allows employees to retire early—and rich.

These plans grow savings faster than regular pension plans because they’re paid directly out of the company’s profits, like a profit-sharing program.

For instance, Midwestern power provider Border States Electric started offering a plan like this to its 1,500 workers in 1985.

As a result, 150 of them have retired millionaires since then. That’s 10% of the workforce. And these are blue collar people.

So what does this have to do with investors who don’t work for this company?

Well, because of a change in S.E.C. rules, companies like Border States can now offer the same plan to non-employees like you and me as well.

One investor, Benjamin R., took advantage of a company plan offered by his local utility. He says, “I put $25 to $100 a month into it as I paid my electric bill. Now it is quadrupled at about $36,000.”

reportAnd there’s Robert H. in Hawaii who told me his plan is now worth $300,000. And it pays him $24,000 a year. He says “not too bad on an initial investment of about $1,400.”

Look… If you haven’t saved as much as you should have, these now-open company plans are probably your best chance at a comfortable retirement.

Just ask Montana waitress, Lynn N. She tells me:

“I didn’t have any retirement plan at work and I needed to start something. I couldn’t afford a huge investment but I knew I could do a little bit each month.”

She put a little aside into one of these plans each month. And now she says, “I’ll be able to live well in my retirement years.”

I’d like to give you the full details on how these overlooked plans work, and how to access them yourself.

You’ll find everything you need to know in The Second Income Plan – How to Collect Payouts Large Enough to Change Your Life. You can get a FREE copy immediately.

Again, this is just one more way to generate a growing stream of cash that most investors will never see.

Get a Constant Stream of Income Ideas Like These…

If you want to generate maximum income from your portfolio, you have to look at all your options… not just the standard ones everyone knows about.

And that’s exactly what I’m offering you today… a chance to cash in on every income opportunity I just showed you.

First, I’ll send you our research reports covering all of them:

  • Report #1: Retire Tax-Free and Triple Your Income

  • Report #2: 12 “Unreported” Dividend-Payers Yielding Up To 10.4%

  • Report #3: The Secret to a Perpetual, Passive Income

  • Report #4: The Second Income Plan – How to Collect Payouts Large Enough to Change Your Life.


You can have all of them now, absolutely free.

All I ask in return is that you look at High-Yield Investing.

Almost 20,000 people use this service, and many of them have been with us for more than a decade.

These long-term subscribers pay $99 per year. But if you’ve never subscribed before, you can come on board for just $49.95—50% less.

Act now and you’ll get the next year (24 issues) of High-Yield Investing… all the special reports… plus full access to the entire recommended portfolio.

Not only are these picks showering our subscribers with cash, but they’re racking up some serious gains, too.

For example, every position in our flagship “lifetime wealth generators” portfolio is up, averaging a 133.4% total return each. In other words, our readers are more than doubling their money in this portfolio.

Across all my portfolios, 29 of the 35 positions (83%) are showing gains, with total returns as high as 501%. Not bad considering we’ve owned 13 of them for less than a year.

But why not take a look at the numbers yourself?

Just click here and you can see the entire portfolio within minutes.

Keep in mind, I’m not asking you to commit to anything. Just try my advisory—with no obligation—so you can see for yourself if it lives up to everything I showed you here.

To start, you’ll get every one of these wealth-building reports in your hands immediately.

Together, they are worth more than three-hundred dollars. Let’s add it all up…

report list table

As you can see, the total value of everything you’ll receive comes to almost $400.

Yet it’s all yours for just $49.95. And even that amount is 100% guaranteed.

Which means that if at any time in the next three months, you feel High-Yield Investing isn't right for you… if you aren’t 100% happy with everything you get… simply let us know. You will promptly receive every penny back. Simple as that.

Join Us Now!

If you’re interested in any of the income plays I’ve showed you today, simply fill out the form below.

You’ll get immediate access to every opportunity I’ve mentioned in this presentation… and you’ll enter a world most investors never see.

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All you need is a handful of investments like these and you can set yourself up for life. You will literally never have to invest again—unless you want to.

All that's left now is for you to join us here.

I look forward to us working together.

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Lou Betancourt
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Report #2: 12 “Unreported” Dividend-Payers Yielding Up To 10.4%

reportThese hidden payouts aren’t reflected in official yield figures, so the press rarely reports on them. But Vodafone paid one a while ago. So did Dish Network, Whole Foods, and Microsoft.

We’ve rounded up every “stealth” dividend payer we could find and presented the 12 strongest here. One company with a 27-cent dividend handed out a bonus payment of $7 per share!

Value: $75 (Privately published. Not available on Amazon or in bookstores.)

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Report #4: The Second Income Plan – How to Collect Payouts Large Enough to Change Your Life

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