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In a stock market as jumpy as this one, a reliable 10% dividend is a blessing.

No wonder High-Yield Investing subscribers are in investment heaven.

In every issue, Carla Pasternak guides 31,000 cautious investors to the highest (and always the safest!) yields she can find.

Carla's unique service delivers some of the most generous yields on the planet. She has an entire portfolio of stocks that need to yield at least 10% before she even looks at them. Considering the stock market's historic return of 9% a year, her readers are beating the market right out of the gate in dividends alone!

Still Finding Double-Digit Yields

It's been a busy season for income hunters. Wall Street's pullback in the last few years has been like Christmas in July for dividend lovers. Carla is finding yields of 9.5%... 9.7%... even 10.7%!

As you'll see in this report, investors are racking up solid profits by focusing on companies that put shareholders first-- by sharing their profits in the form of steadily increasing cash dividends.

For a prime example of what I'm talking about, read on to find out about an unusual stock yielding 9.0%!

Say "Good-Bye" Forever to Stock Market Worries

Carla's stress-free approach to wealth has made thousands of High- Yield Investing readers wealthy. Of course, the only performance record that really counts is what High-Yield Investing does for you. So if you prize a high current income, outstanding growth, and above all safety, I'd like to invite you to join the thousands of investors who are already using High- Yield Investing to harness the wealth-building power of these financial juggernauts.

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I am sending you this report to introduce you to our work here at High-Yield Investing. Here Carla lays out her latest thinking for you to peruse at your leisure.

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P.S. If you like the idea of a steady stream of dividend checks in your mailbox, you'll want to check out the special report we've prepared for new subscribers called Cash Cows: Great Companies With 10%+ Dividend Yields.

Right Now You Can Lock in Yields That We Haven't Seen in Decades. 283 Stocks Around the World Yield More Than 15%.
166 Yield More Than 20%!

Read on and learn how you can lock in these extraordinary yields and position yourself for huge capital gains, too.

Carla Pasternak, Editor, High-Yield Investing

When the market gives you lemons, you might as well make lemonade.

That's what we're doing at High-Yield Investing -- taking battered stocks with secure dividends and creating the sort of impossibly generous portfolios that income investors could only dream about when the market was riding high several years ago.

For anyone with the nerve to stare a bear market in the face without flinching, the world-wide drop in asset prices isn't a punishing blow -- but a rare gift.

It's as if a giant "multiply your money" certificate dropped into our laps. Every dollar we're investing now is giving us twice as much income as it did before.

Look around you. You can lock in yields that we haven't seen in decades. 283 stocks around the world yield more than 15% right now. 166 yield more than 20%! Sure, a few of them are junk... but plenty of them are REITs. These aren't ticking time bombs of toxic derivatives. They're bricks and mortar throwing off rents that go right into your pocket.

Buy the right cash cows now and you may be tempted to hang up your investing spurs, sit back and just watch your dividends roll in.

All you need is a handful of stocks like these and you've set yourself up for life. You'll literally never have to invest again.

Win the Race Before You Start

We income investors look at the market a bit differently than "regular" investors. It's not the price of an asset that interests us, it's how much cash it throws our way.

After all, if you're an income investor, it's the cash in your pocket at the end of the year that counts. And I think it's fair to say that High-Yield Investing subscribers have been more than happy with the cash in their pockets recently.

The industries we cover in High-Yield Investing are delivering some of the highest dividend yields on the planet. In fact, nothing gets into our "10% Plus" portfolio unless it is yielding more than the historical stock market return of 9% a year. So we're beating the market right out of the gate in dividends alone!

We're finding high-yielding stocks, funds and ETFs that are showering our subscribers with more cash than they know what to do with.

You might be surprised how "boring" some of these cash cows are. For example, we discovered a business that simply owns a small collection of old-fashioned wireline phone companies that was yielding 13.6%!

This firm rakes in fees from millions of mostly rural phone customers. And because this revenue is almost recession-proof, it means predictable cash flows and steady dividends for us.

If you'd like the details Steady Eddies like this -- plus a steady stream of stocks, funds and other investments with abnormally high dividend yields -- please accept my invitation to try High-Yield Investing.

Like a constant wind at our back, every investment we make is supported by a generous and steady yield. This puts a strong floor of support under its share price.

Just take a look at this report. You'll see why high-yielding securities tend to plow steadily ahead in every economic climate... and exactly where we're finding the most bullish opportunities now.

The Most Crucial Investment Decision of All

High-Yield Investing is based on the most crucial wealth-building decision an investor will ever make: how they treat the overlooked stepchild of Wall Street, the lowly dividend.

Although little respected and often ignored, more than 137 years of data point to the inescapable conclusion that owning humdrum dividend-paying stocks... and then reinvesting those dividends... beats all other investment approaches hands down. So if dividend-paying stocks make you yawn, it's time to wake up and smell the cash.

Your Choice: $1.3 Million or $79k?

Over the decades, dividends have contributed about 40% of the total return delivered by the S&P 500. This makes a massive difference over the long haul. A $1,000 investment in the S&P 500 at the start of 1936 would be worth $1,294,296 today with dividends reinvested, but a mere $79,064 without the dividends.

Underestimating the awesome edge income-paying securities give you is the biggest mistake you can make in your investing life.

Higher Yields = Higher Safety, Too

A key reason that dividend-paying investments have clobbered the competition is because they fare so much better during bear markets.

Over the vicious three years of 2000, 2001 and 2002, the stocks in the S&P 500 that paid dividends actually rose 10.4%, while the non-payers sank -33.1%.

There have been plenty of 10-year periods where dividends provided the only return for the S&P 500. Something tells me we're in the middle of one of those stretches right now.

The Last Free Lunch?

I'd never claim that every stock in your portfolio has to be a high yielder -- but dividend-paying investments offer the most compelling risk-reward trade-off you can find.

They also give you a smooth path to wealth instead of heart-stopping peaks and plunges.

Dividend-paying stocks are much less jumpy than their stingier brethren. In fact, they have been only 10% as volatile as the market while producing their market-beating returns. It's one of the few free lunches in investing: You can get better returns and lower risk just by purchasing dividend-paying stocks.

The odds are so kind that it's hard not to come out ahead when you invest this way. I am constantly amazed that more investors don't help themselves.

Our mission at High-Yield Investing is to bring you a full buffet of these wealth-building delicacies. If you want to keep your money out of long-term losers like bank accounts and CDs and put it to work in tireless investments that will never stop making you money, you're in the right place.

Put Some Security Into Your Securities

Every one of the high-yield opportunities we bring you every month offers the two things we cherish most: a long history of honest-to-goodness growth (as opposed to contrived growth engineered by accounting fictions) and a generous record of dividends.

Our picks operate solid businesses with increasing profits and they share these profits with their shareholding owners by paying them generous cash dividends.

It's not the specific level of yield that matters to us -- although it's a great feeling to pocket 10% a year in cash while other investors are watching their stocks sink.

What really counts is that they simply pay them. Dividends are a sign of financial strength, of a real business making real profits.

And owning companies that keep increasing their dividends makes us even happier. The only way to consistently raise dividends is by growing cash flow. And any company that can do that year after year will create you a near-miraculous pile of money, as we'll now see...

Dividends: Your Secret Weapon

By Carla Pasternak, Editor, High-Yield Investing

Dividends are the forgotten heroes that have made countless investors rich. When people talk about the massive gains common stocks have racked up over long holding periods, what they're really talking about is the phenomenal juggernaut effect of reinvested dividends.

Look at the history of Coca-Cola. It went public in 1919 at $40 a share. Today, one of those single $40 shares is worth $253,379. But with its growing dividends reinvested it is worth a stunning $6.9 million. (By the way, that original $40 share is now throwing off $221,163 in dividends a year!)

Bottom line: Dividends matter big time. And increasing them matters even more. When dividends grow unusually fast, you can make staggering profits even if the share price never budges. Your dividend check can eventually grow so large that it surpasses the original price you paid for the stock. The exhilaration of "lapping" your stock that way is a feeling you never forget.

Why not put yourself in a position to enjoy that feeling yourself someday? Let High-Yield Investing's dividend-heavy wealth building system help you lock in a lifetime stream of growing income. Claim your no-risk trial subscription today!

Steady Wins the Race

Philip Morris (now renamed "Altria"), which most investors dismiss as a stodgy -- even boring -- company, is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

There's nothing fancy about making cheese, coffee and cigarettes. But with its high dividends and years of 15%-20% growth, "Big Mo" has thrown off some of the best long-term returns of any investment of the past two decades.

While $10,000 invested in the S&P 500 in July, 1988 grew into a substantial $43,791 by July, 2010, that same $10,000 put into Philip Morris exploded into $150,267. You can attribute the bulk  of that remarkable 15-fold gain to Philip Morris' 20-year record of high and rising dividends.

And believe it or not, these Philip Morris investors incurred 22% less risk than the market during their 20-year ride. Talk about enjoying the best of both worlds! Like subscribers to High-Yield Investing, these investors gave up nothing on their path to wealth, while enjoying a priceless peace of mind along the way.

To be fair, the Philip Morris/Altria story is a particularly strong example of the miracle of compounded dividends. But it's far from unique. You can find similar results from any number of steady but unspectacular stocks with long-term records of high and rising dividends.

Take Johnson & Johnson for example. Buying 200 shares of J&J in July 1990 would have cost you $13,550. By reinvesting J&J's fat dividends into more stock, by 2010 you would now have 2,364 shares worth $139,618 -- a 10-bagger.

And your shares would be throwing off $5,106 in dividends a year.

Years before it merged with Mobil, Exxon was paying steady dividends. $9,575 would have bought you 200 shares in mid-1988. In 20 years, those 200 have since exploded into 1,445 shares worth $82,466... and your dividend of $2,543 per year gives you a 26.6% yield on your capital.

Capture a 9.0% Yield Backed by the
Federal Government

Even in this worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, one security has offered ultimate safety for investors -- preferred stocks.

Not only do preferreds pay higher yields than common stocks, but their payouts are safer. Preferred shareholders are higher on the pecking order than common shareholders -- which is why they're called "preferred." If a company runs into trouble, it must pay preferred dividends before common stock dividends.

The S&P 500 is down -25.7% over the past three years. A solid economic recovery is still elusive. But the meltdown in the credit markets has resulted in a surprising silver lining: many safe, investment-grade preferred stocks carry rich double-digit dividend yields.

A one-year CD will net you less than 2%. The average corporate bond yield is still only 4.7%. But preferred stocks are yielding 7.2%. One preferred we especially like has a "AAA"-rated portfolio backed by the federal government... and is paying 9.0%.

In a recent issue of High-Yield Investing, we examined this preferred stock. Its business model is sheer genius: It uses low-cost, short-term loans to buy government-secured mortgage-backed securities.

It borrows at a low rate, collects a higher rate and pockets the spread. Simple, but elegant -- and the preferred shares pay a rich 9.0% yield.

Since its 1992 IPO, this preferred stock has made 211 consecutive payments -- come rain or shine.

Want the full story on this security's government-backed holdings and legally obligated monthly dividend payments? Join High-Yield Investing and you'll get all the details right away!

-- Carla Pasternak

Just as you would expect, this "dividend effect" works like a charm in the high-yielding utility arena. Look at Dominion Resources. In July 1990, 200 shares of this old workhorse would have set you back $8,875. Now, 20 years later, you'd have 1,727 shares worth $66,904... and be pocketing $3,160 per year in dividends, to boot.

"Congratulations on a terrific site and newsletter. Thank you for your help and keep up the good work."

- D. Rath
Amman, Jordan

Likewise with Southern Company: 200 shares 20 years ago cost $5,050. Now, you'd have a pile of stock worth $63,817 -- another 10-bagger. And you'd be getting $2,124 in dividends per year (a 42.1% yield on your original investment).

Another place dividends work wonders is in REITs. If you had put $10,000 into Nationwide Health Properties back in 1988, you'd now have a small fortune of $225,279. And you'd be getting $11,337 in dividends every year -- more than your initial investment!

With dividend growth like that, you can make staggering profits even if the share price never budges.

The Investment Thrill Reserved
for Income Investors Only

As we just saw with Nationwide Health Properties, your dividend check can eventually grow so large that it surpasses the original price you paid for the stock. The exhilaration of "lapping" your stock that way is a feeling you never forget.

But you'll never experience that "dividend high" unless you own stocks that pay them! That's why every single investment you'll find in High-Yield Investing has a yield. And not just any yield, but a bare minimum of 5% before we'll even take a closer look. 

"You have a terrific service. I subscribe to a lot of them, but yours is one of the best. Keep it up. I am one guy you will never lose as a subscriber. Thank you."

- J. Achmakjian
Wellesley, Massachusetts

We're Not Allergic to Capital Gains, Either!

It's a funny thing about the high-payout companies we dig up in High-Yield Investing: hold them long enough and before you know it, you're usually sitting on a nice-sized capital gain as well.

When we featured DryShips for $11.35, it was yielding 7.1%. While the dividend came in like clockwork over the next two years, the share price skyrocketed to over $90, handing us a whopping +711% capital gain.
Likewise with another shipper, Diana Shipping. We featured this one at the same time as DryShips, because its 12.7% yield caught our eye. But the
stock then proceeded to jump +163%, for a triple-our-money total
return of +217%.

Sometimes the dividend itself rises so high and so fast that capital gains are beside the point.
Soon after we started publishing High-Yield Investing we added a stock to our portfolio at $57.41. Within three years it paid us dividends totaling $43.68. So we almost had our stock for free at that point.
We bought an oil royalty trust at the same time at $41.33 per share. It was paying a $3.82 dividend for a yield of 9.2%. Now it's paying $9.70 a share, giving anyone who still holds it a 23.5% yield on their original buy-in price. Mean while, the shares are trading at about $93, for a total return of
Even so-so yielders like most utility stocks can surprise you. Edison International wasn't paying a whole lot when we bought it. But we knew its dividend was reliable. Edison's payout rose +53% and its share price
doubled, giving us a +113% total return.

You get the picture. When you own a steadily growing cash machine, good things tend to happen. You either pocket paycheck-size dividends on a regular basis, or watch your pile of beans grow into a mountain of cash.

Tax Savings, Too

Everyone wants to minimize taxes. We show you municipal bond funds and other investments where every penny of your generous dividend can be TAX-FREE.

These are great investment options if you're in a higher tax bracket. Even if you're not, who doesn't want to shield as much of their income as they can?

One of our favorites yields a nice 8.6% and 80% of your dividend is tax-free. Try to find a muni bond as generous as that!

Keeping Management Honest -- and Getting a Fair Shake

Dividends not only require executives to use capital efficiently, they also send a clear message that management is putting shareholders first and treating them right by paying them the profits they deserve as co-owners of the business.

What's more, a steady stream of dividends indicate that a company is on the up and up and keeps straight books. You can hide a lot of bad news with tricky accounting, but you can't fake dividends.

The Tide Is Turning in Our Favor

The market crash and recession of 2008-09 was a brutal period for dividend lovers. In fact, 2008 was the most brutal year ever for dividend cuts in the S&P 500. 61 companies eliminated a total of $40.6 billion in distributions.

And the pace accelerated in 2009. As the recession ate into profits, some of the biggest corporate names in the country cut their dividends -- or eliminated them altogether -- to save capital.

Even the so-called dividend aristocrats like Bank of America and General Electric -- whose dividends were considered untouchable -- felt the axe.

Now things are looking up again for income investors.

After being squeezed during the recession, corporations are brimming with cash. So companies in a wide range of industries are boosting their payouts at a record rate.

At least 135 of the S&P 500 have either raised their dividend or started paying one so far this year. Coke and Wal-Mart both hiked their payouts this spring. Analog Devices plans to hike its quarterly payout 10%. Best Buy is raising its dividend by 7%. As the economy gathers strength many more companies are likely to follow suit.
"I have made more money in retirement than when I did when I was working.  Income from dividend-paying stocks (which I collect every month) is even better than my greatest expectations.  Thanks for your help with High-Yield Investing."

- William Briglia
Newport News, VA

And that is crucial. According to Ned Davis Research, $10,000 invested in the dividend payers of the S&P 500 index in 1972 would have shot up to $226,600 by the start of 2010. Anyone who invested in the non-dividend paying S&P stocks actually lost -39% over the same period.

So it's clear that dividend-paying stocks have crushed the broad market over the decades. And we expect this trend to continue as investors look to dividends to capture some cash flow in a stingy market.

There's another big-picture factor at work here: The oldest Baby Boomers turned 60 in 2006 and are now entering retirement. This means the leading edge of a generation 76 million strong is now finding itself searching for stable, income-producing investments to replace their regular paychecks. This trend will continue for at least another 20 years as the Boomers continue to progress.

Meanwhile, don't forget that the tax code still favors dividends over regular income. Unlike ordinary income, which is taxed up to a rate of 35%, you lose only 15% of your dividends to the taxman.

Safety Is Everything

To make sure your dividend is SAFE, we put cash flow under an analytical microscope. We dig deep to reveal which yields are treasures and which are traps.

This is vital, because it gives you an early warning if any of your money is in danger. We're fanatical about digging out bad news.

"Thank you so much for your quick, personal response to my questions...it shows me that you really do care about your readers & do 'walk the walk.'"

- Richard Gregory
Centerville, Ohio

In a vicious bear market our stocks don't escape scot-free. But they take on a lot less water than other stocks in a market storm. And the dividends they pay tend to keep going up, up, up... just as they rose by +16.8% during the absolutely brutal period of October 2007 to October 2008.

If you're at a point in life where you simply can't afford the damage a bear market will inflict on your stocks -- or to have your income wiped out by creeping inflation -- you'll appreciate the peace of mind these reliable high-payers offer.

Their income streams are rock-solid, not the phony pumped-up payouts that attract so many misguided "yield junkies" who discover too late that their exorbitant yields are fool's bargains. Buy them now and they'll shower you with rising income and share prices over the long haul.

Everything We Buy Passes Through Our Financial Boot Camp

Any knucklehead can generate a list of high-yielding stocks in about 5 minutes on his or her home computer. That's no way to find quality investments.

By contrast, we put every stock, bond and mutual fund through a unique analytical boot camp before we even think about recommending it to you.

We call it our "Dividend Optimizer." This model identifies securities with key traits of safe and lasting income streams. It then ranks them from best to worst based on our unique scoring system. No one else has this proprietary ranking mechanism.

While the inner workings of our rating system are complex, its results are crystal clear. Your investment life will never be simpler. You supply the start-up capital and High-Yield Investing does the rest.

We'll tell you where to put the money and when and where to  move it around. You won't trade much. Why should we fritter away our money on commissions, taxes and bid/ask spreads? That's plain dumb. After all, the biggest profits are always made by the steady momentum of compounding. We want you to get rich -- not your broker.

That brings us to another point: Brokers rarely push the kind of investments we specialize in. There's just too little in-and-out action for their tastes. Our picks are so reliable... so safe... and pay such high dividends that you can buy ‘em and lock ‘em away for years. You won't want to sell them. And that means zero commission for your broker. So don't expect Wall Street to advertise their great dividends and fantastic long term records to you.

We're In this Together

At High-Yield Investing, all we do is help you profit from dependable cash-in-hand securities that steadily steamroll ahead, compounding their gains into ever-higher total returns. We report to no one but you. If our recommendations don't increase your wealth, we know we will lose your trust and your readership. And we'd deserve to.

We accept no advertising in our pages. Nobody owns us. And we track all of our recommendations, so you always know how much money we're making for you.

We have one purpose and one purpose only -- safely making you wealthy. Without a lot of nail biting and never more than a thimbleful of risk.

On the contrary, when you try High-Yield Investing, the risk is all ours. (Try getting your broker to take a risk.) You don't risk a penny with our 100% money-back guarantee.

Why do we offer such a generous guarantee? Because virtually no one uses it!  They're too happy beating the tar out of the market.

We currently have 24 names in our recommended portfolios, and all of them are in the black, with profits as high as +87.7%. With investors all around us swimming in a sea of red ink, that is a priceless feeling.

In 2009 our conservative "Dividend Optimizer" portfolio returned +27.8% and our more aggressive "10% Plus Portfolio" did even better, returning +42.6% (according to Hulbert Financial Digest). Not bad considering the S&P 500 returned +26.6% last year.

Your Two Portfolios

#1) "Dividend Optimizer" Portfolio -- We use our "Dividend Optimizer" model to find stable, growing companies yielding at least 5%. We want these stocks, bonds, funds and other securities to have long track records and strong future prospects. These are investment ideas that you can count on to deliver above-average income year-in and year-out. These stocks are true mattress stuffers -- the kind you can buy and forget about. We wouldn't be surprised if they throw off dividends and capital gains of 100% in the next three to five years.

#2) "10%-Plus" Portfolio -- Here's where you'll find some of the highest-yielding investment ideas on the planet. Nothing enters this portfolio unless it pays an annual income stream of 10% or greater. (Of course the price usually rises after we buy it, pushing down the yield -- but that is a nice problem to have.)

You'll get the full details on every one of the gems our system turns up when you join our service. But first, let's look at one of our very favorite stocks right now...

Our Favorite Cash Cow As We Go to Press

This dividend machine has surged +125% in the past five years, and it's still a strong buy.

For starters, this Alaska oil-field play features a CD- crushing 10.5% yield, thanks to a dividend that has risen fivefold over the past decade.

More important, however, is what's driving that dividend growth: powerful profit growth. This low-cost, strongly financed and aggressively managed outfit is a perfect example of the type of lean growth machines we want to own.

We recommended this stock because we were impressed by its dividend record. Despite volatile oil prices, it has paid quarterly dividends for more than 20 years.

As long as strong demand and tight supply keep energy prices high, this trust will be swimming in cash.

Traded on the NYSE, it has surged more than 42 to 1 since the year 2000. Tell that to anyone who says income investing is for widows and orphans.

This is exactly the sort of low risk/high-reward plays we describe in great detail in Cash Cows: Great Companies With 10%+ Dividend Yields. For your free copy of this special report, simply go here to subscribe today.

The stocks you'll find in our free Cash Cows report are not only among the most generous stocks you can buy, but they're some of the safest, too. You can buy them, forget about them for years and let them steadily make you wealthy. They yield up to 11.7% in cold cash... and they're wallowing in liquidity, which means your fat dividends are secure.

"High-Yield Investing is the fix I need to augment my retirement income. In the search for yield, Carla Pasternak is amazing and resourceful."

- Dr. Stephen Silverhardt
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Join the Quiet Fortune Builders with High-Yield Investing

If anything we've said so far makes sense to you... if you think that we're even half right about the extraordinary profits and peace of mind that cash-in-hand securities will bring their owners in the coming years, then we'd like to send you the most comprehensive source of information you can get -- our High-Yield Investing advisory letter.

High-Yield Investing is the only periodical devoted to helping you  make money in every category of income investing. Nowhere will you find a more thorough ranking of your income investment options than in this monthly investment bulletin.

You'll be joining a growing brotherhood of like-minded income lovers who share our love for reliable investment ideas delivering above-average income and strong capital gains.

One more thing -- it's important: We invest in quality investment ideas that sport annual yields ranging from 5% up into the double-digits -- NOT in high-yield junk.

And when I say "investment ideas," I mean not only stocks, but also bonds, mutual funds, preferred stocks, ETFs, MLPs, closed-end funds, exchange-traded bonds, etc. We cover every class of income investment in High-Yield Investing.

You'll find a few asset classes so exotic that you probably never knew they existed.

Take the "oddball" security we featured in a recent issue.

Only three of these securities exist in the entire world: one in the U.S. and two in Canada.

Although just three IDS's are available today, they have surged an average of +44% in the past year.

But share price gains are not their only attraction. These income deposit securities also carry monster yields of up to 12.8%. That's six times the 2.0% yield of the S&P 500.

We've just released a report on these three extraordinary high-yielding securities that you can get free as a new subscriber.

"I just received High-Yield Investing, and I wanted to let you know what a superlatively outstanding issue it was! Words almost fail me... but let me try a few, such as outstanding, superlative, incomparable, invaluable, best of breed. Your work is greatly appreciated."

-- Abe Sheffman
Miami, Florida

Start Your Own Cash Machine Today!

With the S&P 500 yielding 2.0% and CDs paying even less, you will never get the income you need to live and retire comfortably from the mainstream asset pools most investors swim in. Especially with inflation chopping your return off at the knees.

By contrast, we have an entire portfolio of investment ideas that have to offer an annual cash income above 10% a year before we even consider them. And that's before we even talk about capital gains.

So what do you say? Are you ready to put a little capital in Wall Street's overlooked millionaire makers?

I'll make it easy for you to get started. First, I'll send you the free Special Report I mentioned earlier called Cash Cows: Great Companies with 10%+ Dividend Yields that describes in full detail the mouthwatering opportunities I've mentioned in this article.

My new report shows you how you can get safe yields of up to 11.7% right now... and possibly double or triple your money within two years.

I'll send you this breakthrough report FREE when you take a trial look at the service that brings these tireless wealth-builders to your door every month: High-Yield Investing.

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Earn Double-Digit Yields
From the Rarest Securities on Earth

These securities are so rare, people can't agree on what to call them -- "income deposit securities", "enhanced income securities" or "income participating securities." Whatever name you prefer, you won't find a more appealing mix of yield and growth than these hybrid securities give you.
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Meet the Editor of High-Yield Investing

Carla Pasternak draws on a deep range of financial experience to make profitable calls for safety-first income investors.

This Brooklyn-born Calgary resident has earned a wall full of advanced degrees, but her most important investment lesson in life came to her as a little girl.

For her 10th birthday, her grandfather decided she was old enough to learn about the stock market. He bought her 10 shares of AT&T to mark her 10 years of life on earth. A year later, she sold the shares for a nice profit and bought her first bicycle. She realized early on that the right investment could change your life.

An Obsession with Safety

Carla's grandparents amassed a portfolio that is still part of her life. Her mother inherited it, and Carla now manages it. Her mother lives off the income of this family heritage, so when Carla tells her subscribers that she's found a stock safe enough for her retired mother, she means it. She puts painstaking research into every investment idea because it's her own mother's money on the line.

Before joining StreetAuthority, Carla wrote annual reports for public companies. Carla earned her income investing stripes after years of poring over notes to financial statements and teasing out where the money came to pay dividends. She worked face-to-face with the CEOs of many junior oil and gas startups that have grown into major energy producers.

Carla has also taught college business courses in her adopted hometown of Calgary. But her professor days are over, at least for now. "I've decided to give up teaching, because my newsletters are occupying so much of my time and energy. I figure I'm teaching subscribers how to find safe high-yielding companies that are strong enough to deliver capital gains, too, so I'm still teaching in a way."

Judging by the record 31,000+ subscribers who take her "classes" in High-Yield Investing -- and faithfully "re-enroll" with their renewals -- their teacher has a knack for the job.

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