The One Trick to Amassing the Highest-Possible Gains from the Most Lucrative Sector in the Market
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The One Trick to Amassing the Highest-Possible Gains from the Most Lucrative Sector in the Market

It's not what you think... But it is why you need to buy these 3 Junior Resource Picks Now

This one simple strategy is the key to generating solid, reliable profits from the "unreliable" world of natural resource investing...

Dear Reader,

From trying to predict the output of a new well to keeping a tab on minerals prices, natural resource investing is a sector that's full of variables.

For years, unsuspecting investors have stumbled into unnecessary risk by following the herd mentality typical of resource investing. As a result, the sector holds a reputation of being unpredictable and full of risk.

And that's sad, because there's really no sector with a more favorable future than natural resources. There's an endless demand -- past, present, and future -- that makes natural resources the perfect place to find retirement-making winners.

I've found one simple, yet incredibly effective, trick for ferreting out the best junior resource companies to invest in. It's a trick that cuts through the "unpredictable risk" factors and cherry-picks the truly solid companies in the sector. Believe it or not, it's as simple as...

Finding reasons to "hate" these companies

That seems backwards, doesn't it?

Why would you want to put your money in the hands of a company you "hate"?

This "hatred" is actually a very important part of the investment process, and time and time again, it's been a proven, yet extremely simple, predictor of where the highest gains gravitate.

You see, natural resource investing is very much driven by the "herd mentality". This is a sector particularly susceptible to large swings in investor sentiment.

What does that mean? It means you can find companies that have all the key markers of a great pick -- like well-performing assets, savvy management teams, and promising business strategies -- but are completely undervalued because there's an irrational, emotional reason for the market to dislike or ignore them.

In a moment, I'll show you three I've found that are ridiculously undervalued, which is a promising signal for finding big resource profits. But first, why should you listen to me?

An Established History of Cherry-Picking the Best Natural Resource Companies

My name is Dave Forest. I'm the Chief Stock Market Strategist for Junior Resource Advisor.

As a trained geologist, I've traveled all over the world keeping a close eye on major natural resource projects - from Russia to Madagascar.

With a degree in geology from the University of Alberta, I've been involved with numerous resource ventures.

I am the Chief Operating Officer for Condoto Platinum (CPD.AX), an Australian industry leader with operations in Colombia. For 4 years, I was the director of Notela Resource Advisors, a natural resource advisory firm which created companies like Sunward Resources, which received $80 million in funding from investors like John Paulson and Tom Kaplan.

And recently, I served as manager of the energy resource division at Casey Research.

This boots-on-the-ground experience has given me the advantage in finding the big winners in natural resources. More than any other sector, first-hand knowledge has always been the difference maker.

In June 2005, I recommended Valkyries Petroleum. Less than a year later, it was bought out by Lundin Petroleum for a 186% gain.

In March 2006, I picked JNR Resources, pocketing a 352% gain in about a year.

In November of that same year, my Pitchstone Exploration pick booked a 95% gain in just six months.

I don't tell you this to brag, but to confide in you that finding the inside story is what enables you, as an investor, to profit from natural resources. And I'm thrilled to bring this inside perspective to investors like you with Junior Resource Advisor.

And to start, I want to make one thing clear...

If you only own 3 natural resource companies, these should be the ones

As the editor of Junior Resource Advisor, I focus on uncovering and analyzing the best small resource companies across the mining and energy industries.

My latest research has uncovered 3 resource companies that are poised for major growth -- and profits -- this year, despite low market sentiment.

On first glance, investors are not going anywhere near Stock #1. In fact, the stock has dropped as much as 50% so far this year.

But dig a little deeper and you'll find one of the best-performing precious metals stocks on the market today. This is a company that is generating over $1.8 billion in annualized cash inflows. This cash flow means the company is currently trading at a 4.2x multiple.

I'm expecting Stock #1 to generate a 15% yearly return on investment. This is one of the best values I've seen in the gold space in a very long time.

I reveal this company in my special report, The 3 Best Junior Resource Picks for Your Portfolio. And that's not all:

  • Stock #2 is being largely ignored by the market thanks to its location. But in the last seven years straight, they have created $1.70 in reserve value for every dollar they have spent in drilling, development, and acquisitions. This stat means this is a company that is incredibly well-managed and knows how to turn a profit -- all great signs for an investor.
  • Stock #3 has built a proven management team with a success rate unmatched by its competitors. They are also sitting on one of the world's largest copper projects. Recent pressure on the stock sunk the share price, but I have evidence showing this is an undervaluation that won't last too much longer.

Because these companies are so small, I can't reveal them here. But in The 3 Best Junior Resource Picks for Your Portfolio, I'll give you everything you need to know and why I am picking these companies right now to hold throughout 2013.

I don't want you wasting any more time before you pick up these stocks, so if you...

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And they might be worth every penny of that, because success in natural resources demands in-depth knowledge of the sector -- the who, what, where, when, and why.

But I'm not interested in squeezing money out of you. I love this sector, and I think it's a real shame that many individual investors shy away from investing in -- and profiting from -- natural resources thanks to an overinflated sense of risk.

So I won't charge you $20,000... or $10,000... or even $5,000...

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Simple as that.

The key to investing in these three stocks is grabbing them while they are so undervalued.

The longer you wait, the lower your chances are of scoring an incredible deal on three companies poised for success.

Grab your copy of my free report and add these picks to your portfolio before it's too late.

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To Your Investment Success,

Dave Forest
Chief Stock Market Strategist Junior Resource Advisor

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