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Your Best Shot At Massive Gains Over the Next 1,000 Trading Days Is To...
Cancel All Subscriptions

...No Later Than Midnight Friday November 30th, 2012

Plus, if you do, we'll give you access to...

  • 36 FREE Special Fast Start Reports That Practically Guarantee Your Financial Success in 2013 and Beyond and...
  • 5 FREE "1,000 Day" Stock Picks

From The Desk of: Lou Betancourt, Publisher, Austin, TX

Dear StreetAuthority Subscriber,

Not many people know this but we are in the midst of a very specific opportunity in the stock market.

A time in which fortunes will be made. And how you position yourself for the next 100 days will have a direct impact on your wealth for the next 1,000 days and beyond.

It's all part of a secret wealth cycle few investors even know exists -- much less how to profit from it on a grand scale.

However, because you are a valued paid subscriber with StreetAuthority, we want to share with you how you can take advantage of this massive profit opportunity beginning today... for FREE.

In fact, in the next few minutes, I'm going to show you how by CANCELLING all your subscriptions by no later than November 30, 2012, you may actually increase your ability to pull once-in-a-generation gains from this little-known wealth cycle.

Plus, I'll show you how to get The Top 5 Stocks we believe will allow you to best take advantage of this explosive wealth cycle.

All sound a bit crazy?

Here's what you need to know...

The "17.6-Year" Wealth Cycle

There's a little-known wealth cycle you can tap into and practically guarantee you never suffer another major drop in the markets again.

Even better, you'll be riding the up-trend while others are suffering through years of a sideways and stagnant market.

Hard to believe? I wouldn't blame you if you thought so. There's plenty of talk out there about trends and market timing. Most of it we ignore.

However, this cycle is simply too big to ignore.

In short, this wealth cycle is so big and so consistent; I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't bring it to your attention -- and show you how to profit from it starting in the next 100 days.

Before I show you how to get the 5 stocks we believe will take advantage of this cycle, I've discovered two charts I think you should know about...

First, is a chart showing the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) over the last 115 years. It shows both the bull and bear markets. As you can see, we are in a long-term secular bear market right now -- and have been since the tech wreck in 2000.

As you can see from the chart above, the bear market cycle lasts 14-20 years. The current cycle is at 12 years.

By looking back at the long term view of the markets, we see this pattern quite clearly...

The market moves up for about 18 years and then moves sideways or down for about 18 years. Some experts also call this a "fat" and "lean" market cycle.

Art Cashin, Director of Floor Operations for UBS Financial Services and CNBC Market Commentator says,

"The feeling on Wall Street is that you go through these 17.6-year cycles, where you have a ‘fat' cycle, where you can pick almost any stock you want and it will go up."

That's what was happening in the 80's and certainly the 90's. But then the cycle turned. As Art explains...

"[In] the [lean cycle],the markets go up and down, but don't make any real progress. An example of that is the period from 1966 to 1982, where you started at about 800 on the Dow, and ended at about 800 on the Dow, having gone to 1,000 several times, having gone to 500 several times."

So what does Mr. Cashin believe this means to you and me?

"So with that as the backdrop, the current 17.6-year cycle says we've got, probably, another 6 years [of lean markets] to go."

In other words, if the average holds true, we're looking at a cycle shift back to "easy money" in stocks around in early 2018.

2018 puts us about 1,000 trading days from today.

This trend explains why it's been so tough to consistently make money in stocks over the last 12 years -- we're fighting a major "lean" cycle trend.

That's the bad news -- especially if you don't even know the cycle exists!

However, I'll show you in a minute how knowing this can actually help us spot winners even though the market is most likely to stay "lean" for the next 5-6 years.

But before I show you the keys to making massive gains from this 17.6-year wealth cycle, let me show you the flip side of the same coin.

The chart below is the Commodities Price Index (CPI) over the same time period as the previous chart...

In this chart, I've highlighted the up-trend.

These are the bull markets in commodities.

I'll show you in the next chart in just a moment how the up-trend in commodities lines up EXACTLY with the down or flat trend in the Dow index.

It's interesting to note, that you'll find even fewer traders and market makers talking about this part of the wealth cycle.

But, this silence about the wealth cycle is actually part of the reason the cycle continues.

Because, when regular equities (paper assets) get too expensive, the smart money goes looking for a new place to get returns. And, they turn to commodities (hard assets).

Then, slowly but surely, the rest of the money begins to follow the trend. The trend accelerates and eventually reverses. All this happens over and over again about every 18 years.

Here's how it looks when you put the paper asset trend and the hard asset wealth cycle numbers together:

Now, I'm NOT suggesting you go out and dump all your stocks and just buy commodities. That would be foolish.

After all, no one I found in my research said you couldn't make money in the "lean" part of the cycle like we're in now. They just said it's more work.

What I am saying, is that by knowing this big picture, we can invest more wisely and with more conviction.

You see, even in "lean" markets, there are sectors that do really well. And even in "fat" markets, you can get burned.

Now, before we go any further, I'm bound by both a legal and moral obligation to tell you that past performance -- even as strong and easily seen as what you've just seen -- is no guarantee of future results.

With that said, let me show you how to take advantage of this 17.6-year wealth cycle...

How The Next 100 Days Can Get You Ready
for the Next 1,000...

(and why you might want to cancel all your subscriptions before
Friday, November 30th, 2012)

The next few minutes of what I'm about to share with you are very important.

If you grasp and apply what I'm about to share with you to all your investing, not only will you survive the next 1,000 trading days, you'll likely never fall for the hype of irrational markets again.

And that means you'll have a much safer... much more comfortable... and more stress free retirement.

With that said, here's a little known fact most financial gurus won't tell you...

There are 3 distinct phases to any market or stock cycle...

And over the next 100 Days, I believe we will be transitioning into Phase 3 of the current wealth cycle. Which makes this the ideal time to make sure your portfolio is positioned to take advantage.

Because, before a cycle can complete it's run higher, it must go through three distinct phases. Knowing these phases exist before they happen, allows you to take advantage -- and to get out before the winnings are wiped off the table.

Here are the three phases...

  • Years 1-6: Speculation Phase - Hard to spot winners. If you guess right HUGE gains available. If you guess wrong huge losses. End of phase confirms new trend. Above average risk. Average return.
  • Years 7-12: Sweet Spot Phase - Trend Sweet Spot. The trend is your friend. Above Average Returns. Below average Risk. (This is where commodities like gold, silver, oil, corn and more have been for the last 6 years.)
  • Years 13-18: Mania Phase - Mania Phase. Easy Money. Above Average Returns. However, high Risk as trend nears end. Especially if you get caught with your hand deep in the cookie jar. Important note: you MUST know when to get out of this phase. The fall happens very quickly and is emotionally charged.

There is a lifetime of wealth to be made in the mania phase of any trend -- as long as you know when to take your money and run.

We at StreetAuthority believe we are in the final days before a historic run-up in commodities and energy. Quite literally, how you position your portfolio over the next 100 days could practically lock in profits for the last 1,000 trading days of this wealth cycle.

So how do you take advantage of the coming boom without going bust?

Our 5 Best Picks To Get The Most From
The Next 1,000 Trading Days -- For Free...

(If You Act Before Midnight November 30, 2012)

Our records indicate that unlike other StreetAuthority subscribers you only get a few of our research services.

That could be a costly mistake.


Because all of our analysts are finding ways to make their readers huge returns during this current wealth cycle. And they range from safety-first dividend lovers to swing-for-the-fences aggressive-growth investors.

Remember, it's not that you can't make money in the "lean" cycle, it's just that it's harder and requires more research and intense, time-consuming scrutiny of every play.

Fortunately, that's exactly what we do for you everyday...

For instance, our editors dug deep behind the headlines and discovered these winning plays even as the markets continued in their sideways rut:

Recommendation Source Return* Profit on Every $10,000 Invested
Gilead Sciences 100% Letter +864.3% $86,430
Ambev High-Yield International +423.5% $42,350
Brookfield Infrastructure The Daily Paycheck +158.0% $15,800
B&G Foods High-Yield Investing +195.8% $19,580
Skyworks Solutions 100% Letter +82.0% $8,200
Magellan Midstream Partners High-Yield Investing +216.8% $21,680
Compania Cervecerias Unidas High-Yield International +221.8% $22,180
Calumet Specialty Products Exploration & Paydirt +79.9% $7,990
Philip Morris International Top 10 Stocks +40.3% $4,030
AllianceBernstein Global High Income Fund High-Yield International +195.7% $19,570
Total $247,810

* some returns include dividends

These stocks are just a handful of our top performers over the 11 years since StreetAuthority was founded (just 2 years after the current cycle began).

As you can see, we know how to survive -- and even thrive -- in a "lean" stock market cycle.

Of course, not every stock we recommend returns this much. But if you had invested in even just one of these winners you could have easily made back the cost of all our analysts' research combined -- and then some.

But that's all in the past, right?

You want to know what's coming next, Which is exactly why I asked our editors to share their top 5 picks to take advantage of this cycle. And I believe the picks they sent me are nothing short of wealth creation superstars.

Take a look...

1,000 Day Stock #1
The Million Dollar Alternative

When I asked Amy Calistri editor of The Daily Paycheck and Stock of the Month her thoughts on best way to cash in on the cycle and the next 1,000 trading days she told me...

"Most stocks benefit from a vibrant economy. A rising tide lifts all boats.

But global economic conditions over the next few years may be challenging.

The economies of several developed countries are already in recession. The U.S. economy is trudging along at a lackluster pace.

The slowdown among the advanced economies has, in turn, put pressure on the export-based economies of developing countries.

In the next 1,000 days, some companies will continue to do well. But more companies may struggle to meet the market's expectations. This means there may be many more opportunities to profit from shorting weak companies.

And because of this potential scenario, I like the strategy of watching what the best hedge fund managers are doing.

And one in particular has a well-earned reputation for sniffing out weak companies
to bet against.

In 2007 he shorted Lehman Brothers, at a time when few recognized the severity of the investment bank's troubles. He and his investors profited handsomely when Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy a year later.

If you don't have a million dollars, the minimum investment for most hedge funds, there is still a way to profit from this strategy."

Amy believes a well-constructed long-short strategy could outperform over the bumpy road ahead. And by investing in this one stock, investors get the benefit of one of the world's best long-short investors. In a minute, I'll show you how to get access to the ticker symbol and a report on this stock.

But before I do, take a look at...

1,000 Day Stock #2
Booming Income From The Coming Oil and Gas Renaissance

Next, I asked Carla Pasternak editor of High-Yield Investing to give us her thoughts and how to best play the next 1,000 trading days...

"This master limited partnership (MLP) keeps hitting new 52-week highs but still has more upside in the months and years ahead.

Its dividend growth track record, long-range capital expenditure plans, and tight hold over essential energy infrastructure all bode well for continued unit price gains in the next 1,000 trading days and beyond.

This company owns the longest refined petroleum product pipeline system in the United States. Its pipelines and terminals transport, store and distribute gasoline, diesel fuel, and crude oil.

The 9,600-mile system, which can access more than 40% of the nation's refinery volume, connects refineries in the Gulf of Mexico and Midwest to wholesalers and industrial users from Texas to North Dakota."

You can see what Carla's talking about in this chart:

We see no end in sight for this company which is tied closely to the coming natural resource and energy boom of the next 1,000 trading days.

This pick is waiting for you, too. Along with...

1,000 Day Stock #3
The Back-Door Way to Profit from
Warren Buffett's #1 Investment Right Now

Nathan Slaughter, editor of Scarcity & Real Wealth, Exploration & Paydirt and The 100% Letter also threw a stock into the ring he believes will outperform the markets and soar higher through the remainder of this wealth cycle. Nathan tells me...

Nobody knows what will happen over the next 1,000 days -- but under any scenario, even if we fall into financial Armageddon, there is one resource the world will continue to need.

However, that doesn't mean that demand for this resource is completely immune to the global economy.

But there is a business that actually increases in value when times get tough and demand of this unique resource slumps.

And the resource I'm talking about is wood and wood products... including paper.

Consider this...

Suppose activity grinds down. People might stop shopping for clothes -- bad news for Gap. They might stop buying TVs and computers -- tough luck for Best Buy. Businesses might rein in their spending -- not good for equipment vendors.

In every case, inventory could languish on the shelves, even becoming obsolete and worthless in some cases -- meaning costly asset write-downs.

But what happens if demand for forest products slacks off? This company simply defers its harvest until buyers are ready. But the trees don't
collect dust in a warehouse outside Phoenix -- they are allowed to grow taller and taller.

So when those trees are finally chopped down and sold a year or two later, they are worth even more than they would have been initially.

Sure, paper accounting profits might suffer in the interim (as they will anywhere), but a recession will only allow the firm's "assets" to grow and become more intrinsically valuable to stockholders.

The downside is that you don't get to harvest $50 in profits per acre today. Instead, you wait until demand picks up and then you harvest the same acre for $80.

But here's the upside...

We've already been stuck in just such a deferred harvest period in recent years -- and we're just now beginning to emerge from it.

Demand for upstream logs, midstream timber and downstream homes is picking up sharply thanks to a long overdue (and sustained) recovery in the housing market.

In fact, housing is Warren Buffett's #1 investment right now, and this stock is a
back-door way to get in.

So, that's three great picks for the next 1,000 trading days. Picks that could easily be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you and your retirement fund. And all these picks can be sent to you FREE today if you're willing to do one simple thing. More on what that thing is in just a minute.

First, I want to give you two more picks from our editors...

1,000 Day Stock #4
75% of the US Population Could Be Future Customers

Andy Obermueller, editor of Game-Changing Stocks shared one of his favorite picks for the next 1,000 trading days...

"I like this relatively unknown maker of nearly 400 medical devices, centered on diagnostics. Its latest offering is a game-changer in an enormously large but still rapidly growing space, the worldwide diabetes market, and should help power its growth for the next 1,000 days.

They've created a new way to test and measure how well diabetics are controlling their blood-sugar levels, and they are poised to become the new industry standard.

And with nearly 75% of the US Population now classified as overweight, the market is -- unfortunately -- expanding.

Two established industry leaders, one in Europe and one stateside, already have partnered with this company to sell this high-powered lab equipment, which not only generates equipment sales but also brings in orders for highly profitable supplies -- products that carry an enviable 60% profit margin.

Diabetes is either genetic or caused by obesity, and the latter category is rapidly expanding.

A quarter-billion diabetics are alive today, a total that is expected to grow more than 50% by 2025 -- well past our 1,000 trading days mark.

All those patients will need the best test available, and this company already owns that distinction. I believe this debt-free company is poised to outpace the market for the foreseeable future."

Let's face it, people are not going to stop eating junk food and disease is not going away -- no matter what's going on in the economy or markets.

And that brings us to...

1,000 Day Stock #5 A Company Where Smaller
Means Even Bigger Gains

Finally, we heard from StreetAuthority co-founder and editor of Top Ten Stocks, Paul Tracy, who told us...

"I think it's one of the market's most compelling stocks to own... not just for the next 1,000 days, but potentially even longer. There's no doubt you know this company. In fact, one of its products is likely within arm's reach of you right now.

It's one of the most dominant companies on the planet.

In a world that's constantly becoming more connected by electronics, this company is at the forefront of this decades-long trend.

Their next big growth area could be in the medical device world -- a field that is quickly going digital.

But what I think is most appealing is how shareholder-friendly the company is.

The company has bought back stock every single year for the past 20 years straight... totaling $87 billion.

Meanwhile, the company is a dividend machine. Not only has it paid more than 70 consecutive dividends, but it hasn't cut its payments once.

And since 2004 they have raised dividends 463%.

Today you can buy the shares at their lowest valuation in nearly a year and also lock in a 4% yield from one of America's most dominant companies.

Best of all, you could get access to the name and ticker symbol of this company in the next few minutes...

How To Get Your 5 FREE Picks PLUS Every Other Piece of Investment Research We'll Ever Publish -- Without Ever Paying another subscription fee...ever.

At StreetAuthority, we're always looking for ways for you to stay ahead of the biggest market trends. That way, you have the best chance at making money in the sectors that are hot.

But here's the thing, it takes quite a bit of money to pay an editor and researchers to stay on top of any given sector.

So, often we need to launch an entirely new service -- often with a new specialized editor that understands the sector -- in order to give you the best shot at outsized gains.

For instance, recently we've added two new services that are not even available to the public right now. Services that will be in lock step with the coming commodities mania created by the current wealth cycle.

Take a look:

Exploration & Paydirt: Exploration & Paydirt profits from small resource companies that could be tomorrow's giants. Each issue uncovers junior miners and small exploration firms that most investors haven't yet discovered... but that have the potential to soar as their businesses grow.

And in this advisory, Chief Strategist Nathan Slaughter invests right alongside subscribers in a real-money brokerage account funded with $100,000.

But, we do NOT want you to subsribe to this service right now. Instead, we'd like to give it to you -- FREE.

And, we'd also like to give you another brand new service -- FREE...

The 100% Letter: The 100% Letter is dedicated to one thing... doubling investors' money. Since 2003 this exclusive portfolio has done exactly that -- returning 127%.

While not every portfolio holding will double your money, Chief Investment Strategist Nathan Slaughter has proven his knack for finding market-beating investments.

This includes returns of 92.5% for Expedia (Nasdaq: EXPE), 100.8% for Petrohawk Energy, and 161.7% for MasterCard (NYSE: MA). And Nathan is even putting money where his mouth is.

Every holding is actually bought in a real-money brokerage account.

As of this writing, you couldn't get access to these even if you wanted to. We don't even have a letter explaining the services or an enrollment page to take on new subscribers. But a select group of StreetAuthority clients do get them FREE -- automatically -- because they canceled all their StreetAuthority subscriptions. Now, for the first time in nearly a year, you can join them.

By now, you might be wondering, "What's going on here? What's he talking about?"

And that would be fair.

But, there's a reason a select few of our readers have been getting all this information delivered to them week in and week out -- without paying yearly subscription fees.

It's because...

Membership Has Its Privileges

You see, they canceled their subscriptions so that they could become Street Authority members.

Why is that important?

Because, it means they no longer have to pay for anything we publish -- no subscription fees and no renewal fees -- just their small annual membership dues.

Members get all our research automatically, with no expiration date. Plus they get every new publication we ever offer in the future at no extra charge -- ever. (More on that in a minute.)

Membership Enrollment Will NEVER
Be More Affordable Than it is Right Now

(In fact, the membership fee will double at midnight November 30th 2012)

We call this elite coalition of investors our Lifetime Wealth Alliance.

You can join this elite investment club for the next few days. I urge you to consider this opportunity now... because it's only open through November 30th.

Lifetime Wealth Alliance covers every angle of every opportunity during this current wealth cycle.

You'll be getting profit opportunities ranging from fast-growing energy stocks... to a "daily paycheck" program that can easily bring you hundreds of dollars a day... to opportunistic picks for today's market... to foreign opportunities yielding so much they look like typos... to game-changing plays that could produce 1,000%+ gains.

Of all the benefits our Lifetime Wealth Alliance confers, one towers above the rest: ALLIANCE members get every issue of every investment advisory we publish -- plus all future publications -- for as long as we publish them.
All this without ever paying another subscription fee -- ever.

This means you can lock in all our advisory services for the rest of your life -- for less than what you would pay now for a single year.

I'll give you the details below, but here's a quick look at what you'll get:

  • A lifetime subscription to all of our investing advisories.
  • All of our special reports and other investment research.
  • All of the new services and research that we release in the future.
  • The right to pass this never-ending wealth-building legacy on to your heirs.

And beginning immediately, you'll also get password protected access to every research service we currently offer. (I'll go over each of our current list of investment services in a minute.)

But here's the bottom line...

Add up all the services on a subscription basis and the cost is $5,509 per year... $16,527 for three years... $27,545 for five years and $33,054 to get you through the rest of the current wealth cycle -- even if we never added another service.

But, as part of a Last Chance Membership Drive, you won't pay anywhere near $33,054 to take full advantage of the last 1,000 trading days of this 17.6-year wealth cycle.

However, before I show you how much you are going to save today, let me introduce you to...

Your Million-Dollar Research Team

StreetAuthority isn't like any other investment publisher.

We don't have offices on Wall Street. Our headquarters are in Austin, Texas... and our analysts work in places like Shreveport, Louisiana... Huntington, West Virginia... and Alberta, Canada.

Operating this way makes it easier to generate investing ideas that buck conventional Wall Street thinking.

Unlike so many Wall Street analysts, we have no business relationship or "side deals" with the companies we cover... no hidden agendas. Our entire business is built on making money for our readers--and they only stay with us if they profit.

Judging by our record number of subscribers, they're profiting plenty.

After starting from nothing in 2001, we now provide independent financial research to 2.1 million investors in 175 countries.

Our record is out there in the public eye for anyone to see. Ever since 2003, we have publicly released our 10 favorite investment ideas at the start of every year. (Another piece of important research Lifetime Wealth Alliance members receive free.)

An annual exercise like this is one of the toughest tests in investing. You have to place your bets and stick with them... no matter what happens to the stock or economy during the year.

Results? Our picks have almost tripled the S&P 500.

We've never had a year without a big winner (yes, that includes 2008). Here is a look at a pick from each year, with how much it gained during the year.

2003 Chelsea Property Group (CPG) +72.7%
2004 Mills Corp. (MLS) +50.3%
2005 Whole Foods (WFMI) +63.3%
2006 Carmax (KMX) +77.9%
2007 CME Group (CME) +35.8%
2008 Panera (PNRA) +45.8%
2009 CPFL Energia (CPL) +67.7%
2010 Silver Wheaton (SLW) +136.5%
2011 HealthStream Inc. (Nasdaq: HSTM) +129.5%

StreetAuthority spends over a million dollars a year on market intelligence, and Lifetime Wealth Alliance members have full access to all of it.

This research pays off for our subscribers, as you can see above -- and even more so for members as you're about to see.

Because, if you join Lifetime Wealth Alliance today you'll get wealth-building advisories we publish now and in the future -- forever.

In fact, starting today you could be getting...

Seven FREE Subscriptions...
...And 36 FREE Fast Start Reports

Free Subscription #1:

The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever

Warren Buffett, Goldman Sachs, John Kerry... maybe even YOUR own Congressman already own many of these stocks.

Now regular Americans can pull back the curtain and buy these "forever" ideas. Our advice: Buy them, forget about them, and hold them forever.

In Top 10 Stocks, StreetAuthority's Chief Investment Officer Paul Tracy scours all of StreetAuthority's publications for his one favorite recommendation to bring readers each month.

Over the years, Paul has bought and sold literally millions of dollars worth of stocks. But he realized it's the few investments you simply buy and hold forever that make the biggest difference to your long-term wealth.

When you own the right stocks, you no longer need to worry about things like inflation or deflation... bear markets or recessions... flash-crashes or rising interest rates.

For example...

  • One of the stocks we've found has turned every $20 invested in 1972 into $34,000 today. Just $725 invested back then would be worth more than $1 million. And that's even after the '87 crash, the "Dot-com" bubble, and the Great Recession.
  • Another has outperformed "regular" stocks nearly 10-to-1 in its lifetime. It's returned 11% PER YEAR since its inception in 2004... along with dividend growth during that time of 40%. In total, investors have received 103 consecutive dividends from this investment.
  • In the past three years, another "Forever" stock has raised its dividend over 46%... and by the end of last year, the company had repurchased more than 380 million shares. This company plans $6 BILLION more in share repurchases this year, which should support the share price in just about any market.

This sort of "worry-free" performance is exactly the reason many of the world's richest investors, politicians, and businessmen have owned shares of these stocks for decades.

These are also the type of "lean" market stocks that can beat even the 17.6-Year wealth cycle.

In fact, one of our "Forever" stocks is owned by a staggering 22 members of Congress. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-WI) reports that via his wife, he has a stake of up to $500,000 of the stock.

You see, the rich and connected know that you don't have to trade every day... or even every year to beat the market. In fact, your success actually increases the fewer trades you make and the longer you hold.

A recent study by mega-investment firm Oppenheimer showed that the S&P 500 has never suffered a loss in a 20-year period. Their study went all the way back to 1950. No wonder Warren Buffett has always said his favorite holding period is "forever."

This is how we try to invest in Top 10 Stocks. Because if you're invested in the right stocks, you can beat the market with less volatility than you ever thought.

Keep in mind that Paul actually buys every one of his monthly ideas in his Top 10 Stocks $100,000 real-money portfolio. That way you can track his results in real time.

Join Lifetime Wealth Alliance today and claim our FREE REPORT: The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever, with full details and profiles of all 10 stocks. You'll also get...

Five Additional Special Reports FREE With Top 10 Stocks

The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever The Worlds 12 Greatest Businesses Two Stocks with 10%-Plus Dividend Yields The Most Undervalued Stocks in America Two Stocks with 500% Growth Potential

Free Subscription #2:

In a world of paper money and ballooning government debt, Scarcity & Real Wealth is a godsend for investors desperate for real, tangible value.

Nathan Slaughter's unique service brings you the rarest and most valuable assets on the planet -- gold, commodities, energy, and other natural resources.

These are the picks and plays most likely to benefit from a massive surge in the last 1,000 trading days of the current 17.6-year wealth cycle.

These critical inputs are in short supply, yet worldwide demand is exploding.

Demand keeps going up, and supplies keep shrinking, leading to steady price increases for these expiring resources.

Gold, silver, industrial metals, water, grains, biofuels, and timber have all shown dramatic price increases in the past few years.

Metal prices are so high that thieves are plundering copper from railways to sell in the black market. Metal theft is Britain's fastest-growing crime. Cast iron manhole covers are going missing, along with catalytic converters from cars for their platinum.

In both Germany and Russia entire bridges have been stolen. In 2010, traffic ground to a halt in Melbourne after all railway crossings closed automatically due to theft of wiring.

But you don't need to break the law to make money in this field. You can just buy a few stocks. You'll never see a more investor-friendly playing field than the one you get in natural resource stocks.

The companies you'll find in Scarcity & Real Wealth are selling products the world is starving for. The world needs ever-increasing amounts of these raw materials to fuel its progress. Companies that can deliver the raw goods the world so desperately needs will enjoy constantly rising revenues -- and their stock prices will go along for the ride.

With so many forces converging to drive commodities higher, this is an almost effortless way to invest. What's more, the stocks Nathan is buying in Scarcity & Real Wealth are leveraged to the price of the raw materials in such a way that they can rise two, three, even four times as high as the commodities themselves.

This is a perfect complement to the current 17.6-year wealth cycle where commodities continue to rise at a faster and faster pace.

The masthead price of Scarcity & Real Wealth is $99 per year. Join Lifetime Wealth Alliance today and you'll get it free, along with...

Five Additional Special Reports FREE With Scarcity & Real Weath

The 9 Best Stocks to Own for the Next Decade The Most Promising Rare Earth Metals for Investors The Best Commodity Play for 2013 and Beyond...and its Not Gold or Oil The Three Best Energy Stocks to Hold Forever The 3 Best Stocks to Own if Oil Hits $150

Free Subscription #3:

Investments that Change the World

Andy Obermueller's Game-Changing Stocks is entirely devoted to one goal: finding the next big life-changing investing idea.

In each issue Andy introduces you to a new technology, concept or industry that could change the world and make you a millionaire in the process.

If you get in on the ground floor of a promising new trend or technology, the profits that can follow can alter your life forever. Look at any list of big stock winners and you'll see that they are almost all game-changers.

10 years ago people would have laughed at you for saying that we would soon be walking around with mini-computers tethered to us.

Now millions of people won't step out the door without their beloved BlackBerry, iPhone or other hand-held device.

If you had put $10,000 into Research in Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM), the maker of Blackberry smartphones, at its IPO, you would have been sitting on $766,650 in less than eight years.

Of course, you also needed to know when to get out and move on to the next big thing. Andy keeps you informed and out front.

And smartphones are just one of the dozens of life-changing investment trends that you could have ridden to riches in the past decade.

But if you want in on the next big winner, you have to know where to look first.

If you buy the same investments as everyone else, you're going to have the same performance as other people -- which is always mediocre. This is why Andy Obermueller's Game-Changing Stocks is definitely contrarian.

When everyone else was talking about oil, Andy was talking about an unusual alternative energy source that could replace the oil in your gas tank -- and his top recommendation went on to book gains of more than 300%.

And when most investors were losing money in recession-battered mainstream stocks, Andy was booking gains of 73% in booming little-known niches like satellite imaging.

The ordinary media doesn't cover this beat. They'll tell you all about a discovery once it comes out -- but they don't look ahead to see where the next one is coming from.

Andy spends almost every waking hour looking for game-changing companies just like these.

Join Lifetime Wealth Alliance today and you'll get Game-Changing Stocks -- which comes out not once, but twice a month -- at no charge. You'll also get...

Five Additional Special Reports FREE With Game-Changing Stocks

Your Backdoor into the Private Stock Market Where Mitt Romney Made $200 Million 9 Extraordinary Small Caps That Could Provide Outsized Returns The 3 Best BDCs to Buy Now The Three Best Energy Stocks to Hold Forever Everything You Need to Know About BDCs

Free Subscription #4:

Why We Buy Every Stock This Analyst Recommends...

Her gutsy moves have made her +620% on a single stock. We believe in her so much we gave her $100,000 of our own money to invest. So far, we've made out like bandits. She has sold 35 stocks for profits with an average gain of +17.8%.

Three years ago we decided to try a little experiment.

In an investment world littered with ETFs, MLPs, CDOs, TIPs, IDSs and all manner of complex derivatives, we decided to "go stone age" and start an investing service so simple that a sixth-grader could use it.

We thought the time was right for a basic meat-and-potatoes stock-picking service. So we tapped Amy Calistri and gave her a simple assignment: "Give us your single best pick each month and we'll send it to our readers."

How Did Our Experiment Work Out? Just ask Amy's readers. We've been swamped with calls, emails and letters from investors thanking Amy for the money she's made them.

J. Reisman tells us that he bought nine of Amy's picks and is now showing a $46,002 profit. Here's a guy who's made almost $50,000 by spending 10 minutes a month following Amy's simple buy and sell advice.

Another reader tells us that he invested in eight Stock of the Month picks for a $43,670 payday.

We could go on and on with all the success stories we're hearing. But let's just go right to Amy's official track record. Here are all of her completed Stock of the Month trades to show you exactly what she's accomplished...

Security Months Held* Total Return Annualized Return
Aberdeen Asia-Pac. (FAX) 14 15.60% 14.70%
Aberdeen Australia Fund (IAF) 3 22.10% 98.40%
AS Active Bear (HDGE) 4 -11.40% -35.20%
Automatic Data Proc. (ADP) 17 26.40% 17.80%
CNH Global (CNH) 0.5 18.20% 510.40%
Computer Prog. & Sys. (CPSI) 9 43.20% 58.90%
Diageo (DEO) 14 34.20% 29.90%
Discovery (DISCA) 23 29.10% 17.10%
Global X Colombia 20 (GXG) 14 1.00% 0.80%
Hasbro (HAS) 13 45.90% 40.80%
Hormel (HRL) 5 8.90% 21.50%
Int. Business Machines (IBM) 22 49.60% 27.00%
Intuit (INTU) 6 14.80% 29.60%
iShares Chile Index (ECH) 12 24.40% 24.60%
Kimberly-Clark (KMB) 8 9.30% 13.70%
Medicis Pharm. (MRX) 8 37.60% 55.80%
MTS Systers (MTSC) 8 29.30% 43.50%
NA Global Eq. & Conv. (NGZ) 12 14.50% 14.60%
Olin Corp. (OLN) 11 58.00% 61.60%
OPNET (OPNT) 11 -34.40% -43.20%
Parker Hannifin (PH) 11 3.80% 4.80%
POSCO (PKX) 10 -31.20% -40.50%
PS Global Ag (PAGG) 9 -.10% -.10%
Sally Beauty Supply (SBH) 11 58.00% 66.90%
Short 20+Treasury (TBF) 15 -20.60% -21.40%
The Merger Fund (MERFX) 12 2.40% 2.60%
Tiffany & Co (TIF) 5 15.30% 44.30%
Visa (V) 6 16.80% 33.50%
Vodafone (VOD) 11 29.30% 32.80%
WMS Ind. (WMS) 8 2.80% 4.70%
Zhongpin (HOGS) 4 26.90% 65.40%
PowerShares Water Port (PIO) 41 49.60% 14.60%
Averages 11 18.42% 37.81%

*Rounded to the nearest month.
Returns included capital gains and dividends, but not reinvested dividends

We Put $100,000 Into Amy's Picks

At StreetAuthority we put our money where our mouth is. Every month Amy sends her readers a new recommendation. 48 hours later, she actually buys it in an account at E*Trade-- using $100,000 of StreetAuthority's cash.

We link to our monthly statement in every issue of Stock of the Month. You'll see exactly how well we're doing -- with zero BS.

Investing doesn't get any easier than this. Stock of the Month is radically different from most newsletters. It is as simple as investing gets -- just one pick per month, Amy's very best investment idea.

We think you'll like the simplicity of it all. Nothing focuses the mind like knowing that you only have one shot at the prize... and that there are no "do-overs." Give an archer 10 shots at a target and his first few will probably be warm-ups. Give him one shot -- and you get his absolute best effort.

Five Additional Special Reports FREE With Stock of the Month

Your Backdoor into the Private Stock Market Where Mitt Romney Made $200 Million 9 Extraordinary Small Caps That Could Provide Outsized Returns The 3 Best BDCs to Buy Now The Three Best Energy Stocks to Hold Forever Everything You Need to Know About BDCs
The cost for StreetAuthority's Stock of the Month is $99. It's yours every year -- forever as a Lifetime Wealth Alliance member. Along with...

Free Subscription #5

What Can the Country's Most Popular Income Investor Do for YOU?
(She Made +31.8% for Her Readers Last Year)

In a skittish stock market, a reliable 10% dividend is a blessing. No wonder High-Yield Investing subscribers are in investment heaven.
"I just received High-Yield Investing, and I wanted to let you know what a superlatively outstanding issue it was! Words almost fail me... but let me try a few, such as outstanding, superlative, incomparable, invaluable, best of breed. Your work is greatly appreciated."
-- Abe Sheffman, Miami, Florida

"Your coverage has helped me outperform the indexes by a wide margin, especially since I opened shop here in 2002 after running a Trust Department of over $100 million in equities. Keep up the good work. Thanks!"
-- Comment from a Subscriber Survey

"High-Yield Investing is the fix I need to augment my retirement income. In the search for yield, Carla Pasternak is amazing and resourceful."
-- Dr. Stephen Silverhardt, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

"Thank you so much for your quick, personal response to my questions... it shows me that you really do care about your readers & do 'walk the walk.'"
-- Richard Gregory, Centerville, Ohio

"I have made more money in retirement than I did when I was working. Income from dividend paying stocks (which I collect every month) is even better than my greatest expectations. Thanks for your help with High-Yield Investing."
-- William Briglia, Newport News, VA

Carla Pasternak's High-Yield Investing is the country's most popular income-investing advisory. Her 36,000 subscribers delight in racking up profits by focusing on companies that put shareholders first -- by sharing their profits in the form of steadily increasing cash dividends.

If you want a reliable stream of cash here's where you'll find it.

Carla's recommendations are yielding 7.1% on average, with total returns reaching up to +212.2%. With so many other investors swimming in a sea of red ink, that is a priceless feeling.

Her "10%+ Portfolio" is up +38.8%... and her "Dividend Optimizer" portfolio is up +41.4%. Not bad considering she's owned most of these stocks for only a year or two.

In 2011 Carla's recommendations returned +31.8%, compared to the S&P 500 which returned nothing.

Carla is tireless at digging up all sorts of high-payout securities. She's found stocks yielding 19.8%... bonds yielding 15.6%... REITs yielding 17.3%... along with high-yielding trusts, partnerships, ETFs, mutual funds, preferred stocks and convertible preferreds.

If pulling down annual yields of 8%, 10%, 15% and even more per year sounds good to you -- before capital gains -- this is a great opportunity to see Carla's work for yourself as a Lifetime Wealth Alliance member.

Win the Race Before You Start

Carla has an entire portfolio of stocks yielding 7-10%.

One of her picks is something you don't run into every day: a 9% yielder in the offshore drilling business.

We added this pick to our portfolio in 2011 at $34.08. Its price has since jumped 16% and together with its steady dividend payment, has given us a total return of +35.1%.

Capture a 14.3% Yield Backed by the Federal Government

This company is a real cash machine: It borrows money at super-low short-term rates and buys mortgages guaranteed by a U.S. government agency. It borrows cheap, collects a bit higher and pockets the spread. Simple, but elegant -- and the shares pay a rich 14.3% yield.

Carla picked this REIT as her "High-Yield Security of the Month" in March 2009. Since then, it has racked up a total return of +172%. Want the full story on this cash machine and its 14.3% yield? Join Lifetime Wealth Alliance and you'll get all the details right away!

Seven Additional Special Reports FREE With High-Yield Investing

Your Backdoor into the Private Stock Market Where Mitt Romney Made $200 Million 9 Extraordinary Small Caps That Could Provide Outsized Returns The 3 Best BDCs to Buy Now The Three Best Energy Stocks to Hold Forever
Everything You Need to Know About BDCs Everything You Need to Know About BDCs Everything You Need to Know About BDCs

High-Yield Investing comes your way once a month with a regular mid-month update between issues. And Carla also sends you Flash Alerts to guide you whenever market conditions warrant it.

More than 36,000 satisfied and relaxed investors pay up to $129 a year to receive Carla's 12-page advisory each month. It will come to you automatically as a member of the Lifetime Wealth Alliance.

But that's still not all. Because you also get...

Free Subscription #6

Can You Really Collect a $100 Check Every Day For Life?

Imagine having 930 checks showing up in your brokerage account or mailbox over the last few years. Checks totaling $37,040. (Some readers have done even better.)

This is fast becoming one of our most popular services. Consider what these readers had to say...

"Amy, Thank you for your honesty and integrity. I really appreciate the updates. I also wanted to mention that your alerts are great. I bought FAX on the cheap. Keep up the good work. I work full time and really appreciate your research and advice."
-- Tom

And Martin told us...

"Amy, I think you're terrific. Having signed on as an original 'charter subscriber', I have followed each of your recommendations to the "t" and, during this volatile, scary market, it's been very comforting to see those dividends continuing to pour in. I look forward to the future with great anticipation knowing that you are there at my side."

Now It's Your Turn to Collect a Daily Paycheck

Anyone can invest in Amy Calistri's daily paycheck program here at StreetAuthority. It's super simple and you could start by logging into your brokerage account or calling your broker.

Amy has made this project as easy to use as her popular Stock of the Month program.

In fact, we're betting big on this program ourselves. We believe in it so much that we gave Amy $200,000 of StreetAuthority's cash to invest with. We'd rather have the money compounding in these high-paying yield machines than earning next to nothing in the bank.

The portfolio you'll see in The Daily Paycheck is for real. Amy actually buys our favorite high-yield picks in an account at E*Trade. You'll see our monthly statement in every issue of The Daily Paycheck.

So far the results have been impressive. Amy built the portfolio from nothing and is now collecting over $1,300 a month in dividends. And her paychecks keep on growing!

Amy always gives you 48 hours notice before she makes any trade. So you'll not only mirror her performance, you might even do better because you can beat her to the punch.

Your Daily Stroll for Dollars

Imagine your life once you've taken the few simple steps it takes to get a paycheck every day. Every day you stroll to your mailbox and find a check for $75, $98, $115, $224... your choice.

It's about the easiest way to invest you can imagine. And the checks get bigger and bigger as time passes. The cost for The Daily Paycheck is $397 per year... but you can get it at no extra charge forever by joining the Lifetime Wealth Alliance.

Plus, you'll get...

Six Additional Special Reports FREE With Daily Paycheck

Your Backdoor into the Private Stock Market Where Mitt Romney Made $200 Million 9 Extraordinary Small Caps That Could Provide Outsized Returns The 3 Best BDCs to Buy Now The Three Best Energy Stocks to Hold Forever
Everything You Need to Know About BDCs Everything You Need to Know About BDCs

These 6 reports are exactly what you need to jumpstart your Daily Paycheck portfolio and get your checks rolling in.

Free Subscription #7

Forget Treasuries -- Buy These 12% Yielders Instead

We've found more than 130 "other" companies paying 12%-plus yields... and thousands more paying above 6%. But most U.S. investors have no idea that these securities even exist.

Meanwhile, many of the world's wealthiest investors -- including Warren Buffett -- have been quietly cashing in on them for decades. Here's how you can join them...

It's a cash-flow desert here in America for anyone who needs to bank a comfortable income off their portfolio.

Interest rates are near zero. Savings accounts pay next to nothing. 10-Year Treasuries pay under 2%.

The average yield for all stocks in the S&P 500 is less than 2.0%.

While you can find the occasional high-yielding stock, odds are that anything paying above say, 12%, is a basket case.

After weeding out the companies that don't even turn a profit, we found only 22 U.S. common stocks paying yields of more than 12%.

Just 22 survivors. But guess what?

There are actually more than one hundred 12% yields out there... but few investors know where to find them.

That's because the vast majority of the world's highest yields aren't being paid out by U.S. companies...

Right now, 130 companies are yielding more than 12% -- they just aren't based here. Fact is, any investor who doesn't look overseas is essentially giving up on 86% of the world's highest yields before they even start.

Take a look at some of what we've uncovered...

  • A Norwegian offshore drilling company with a global fleet of rigs that can drill just about anywhere in the world. Based on its last four dividends, the shares have paid out $3.36 each, giving the stock a yield of 8.5% at recent prices. Since 2006, the shares have soared from less than $10 to over $30.
  • Warren Buffett bought his first stake in one of our favorite international high yielders back in 2006. Today he owns more than 4 million shares that pay 4% annually. The annual dividend of $1.76 per share nets Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) more than $7 million per year... and the shares trade right here on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • One fund we found, focused solely on a single country, pays more than 10% annually. The boom for commodities -- namely copper -- has been a gift to the country, helping this fund pay massive dividends to its shareholders.

Most U.S. investors don't even know that these high-yield stocks exist. But we're convinced once this story gets out, just about every serious income investor will want to start taking advantage of these yields.

In fact, thousands of investors just like you already are...

For instance, Jerry L. from Toronto says one of the best investments he ever made was putting $7,000 into one of these investments -- Canada's largest real estate investment trust.

Today shares of the trust yield 5%, and Jerry tells us his stake is worth more than $45,000... even after he sold a third of his holdings back in 2006.

And Alice M. from Alliance, Ohio told us she bought a foreign energy stock that's paid her a great dividend for seven years, "on the order of 7%" each year."

You can follow exactly in their footsteps in High-Yield International. The simple fact is that when you start looking abroad, high yielders are practically a dime a dozen.

We're talking about some pretty amazing capital gains, too. That's because despite the US media's depiction of failing foreign markets, there are still incredible yields and growth to be captured.
Look around the world and you'll see economies growing 5%, 7%, even 9% a year. We'll be lucky to post 3% growth here in the United States. No wonder corporate profits and dividends are growing faster overseas.

Add in the fact that these currencies are appreciating against the dollar and capital gains are almost a given -- even if share prices in the home country never budge.

Want proof? Just look at the High-Yield International portfolio: 92% of our picks are up -- and posting gains reaching 423%.

You'll find plenty of these workhorses in every issue. The 26 names in our "Reliable Income Portfolio are up an average of 89% and yield 5.1%.

In our "Ultra-High-Yield Portfolio," we're sitting on an average total return of 46% and are getting an average yield of 9.0%.

And that yield actually understates what our subscribers are receiving... because they bought in at lower prices when yields were even higher

High-Yield International comes your way once a month with a regular mid-month update between issues. And we also send you Flash Alerts whenever market conditions warrant it.

A one-year subscription to High-Yield International costs $794. Lifetime Wealth Alliance members receive it forever automatically.

You Also Get Three Fast Start Reports...

Your Backdoor into the Private Stock Market Where Mitt Romney Made $200 Million 9 Extraordinary Small Caps That Could Provide Outsized Returns The 3 Best BDCs to Buy Now

So, that's Seven Free Subscriptions worth thousands of dollars per year waiting for you as a new Lifetime Wealth Alliance Member. Each one poised and focused on helping you make the most out of the next 1,000 trading days left in this 17.6-year wealth cycle. Plus, as soon as you decide membership is right for you (it's not for everyone) you'll also have access to the library of more than 36 Fast Start BONUS Reports such as:

  • Coming Soon: The Top 10 Stocks for 2013 -- We think this select group of just 10 stocks has the best chance of beating the broader market during 2013. In the next few weeks you will receive this report with all of the details on our top picks for the coming year.
  • 10 Retirement Income Savings Stocks That Can Give You the Second Income You're Looking for -- Who couldn't use a second retirement income these days -- one that could pay you an extra $25,000, $45,000, even as much as $55,000 every year? The 10 stocks in this report could give you that second income, and with less risk than the market.
  • 3 Life-Changing Investment Trends -- Andy's identified three trends that are changing our daily lives... yet nearly go unspoken. What's more, he founds what could be the best ways to invest in each of these game-changing trends. Get all the details in this report.
  • Dividend Blacklist: High Yields You Should NEVER Buy -- Just because a stock sports a high yield doesn't mean you should rush out and buy it. There are a number of warning signs that can alert you to possible trouble. Here, I've identified several income investments -- including some of the highest-yielding dividend payers on the S&P 500 -- I think you should steer clear of.
  • Amy's Favorite Monthly Dividend Payers -- You don't have to give up yield in order to be paid monthly. Amy's found some monthly dividend-payers yielding up to 12%. She's pored over her holdings and pinned down four of her favorite monthly dividend payers. If you're looking for regular dividend 12 times a year, get this report.

But as I mentioned earlier, we have seven services available to the public right now...

...And Counting...

You see, we are always looking for new editors and new markets sectors that might give you an even greater edge in this current wealth cycle and beyond.
It's why we are planning to roll out several new services in 2013.

But before we do, you'll get immediate access to these two services currently not offered to the public:

  • FREE Subscription #8 -- Exploration & Paydirt: Exploration & Paydirt profits from small resource companies that could be tomorrow's giants. Each issue uncovers junior miners and small exploration firms that most investors haven't yet discovered... but that have the potential to soar as their businesses grow. In this advisory, Chief Strategist Nathan Slaughter invests right alongside subscribers in a real-money brokerage account funded with $100,000. Yearly Subscription Price: $1,297
  • FREE Subscription #9 -- The 100% Letter: The 100% Letter is dedicated to one thing... doubling investors' money. Since 2003 this exclusive portfolio has done exactly that -- returning 127%.

    While not every portfolio holding will double your money, Chief Investment Strategist Nathan Slaughter has proven his knack for finding market-beating investments. This includes returns of 92.5% for Expedia (Nasdaq: EXPE), 100.8% for Petrohawk Energy, and 161.7% for MasterCard (NYSE: MA). And Nathan is even putting money where his mouth is. Every holding is actually bought in a real-money brokerage account. Yearly Subscription Price: $1,497

And as soon as we make it available, you'll be first in line to start profiting from:

  • Top 10 Trader: A trading service we'll be launching in 2013, Top 10 Trader focuses on the same sort of "Forever" investments that have made Top 10 Stocks one of our most popular newsletters. But Top 10 Trader will use advanced investment techniques to shorten your investment period while also increasing your profits. Expected Yearly Subscription: $999

Add it all up and that amounts to $5,509 worth of top-flight investment research every year -- and that's if we never added another product or never raised prices.

And you can bet, there will be other great services to follow.

In the coming year you'll also receive several courses from our experts on a variety of investing topics -- from growth, to income, to trading. These courses will show you the secrets the pros use to find the perfect investment. The knowledge you'll gain could be the difference between being a good investor and a great one.

Here's the bottom line:

Each week, we discuss new ways to help you get all you can from the markets -- regardless of the cycle we're in.

A Membership So Valuable, They'll Fight Over It When You're Gone...

A lifetime subscription to all our premium investment services may sound great, but what if 10 years down the road you'd rather be playing golf than following the stock market?

We've got a solution: Just pass on your Lifetime Wealth Alliance membership to someone else -- maybe to one of your children or grandchildren. You'll be giving a loved one an endless stream of wealth-building help for the rest of their lives.

Every year, the fortunate recipient will be receiving at least $5,509 worth of investment advice available nowhere else at any price.

So no matter where we are in the coming wealth cycles, you and your family will have the best information on the planet.

What Would You Pay for a Lifetime of
Exclusive Investment Insights?

Benefits of Membership

Your Lifetime Wealth Alliance membership gives you all these investment-advisory services:
  • High-Yield Investing, Editor Carla Pasternak
  • High-Yield International, Editor Paul Tracy
  • StreetAuthority's Stock of the Month, Editor Amy Calistri
  • Game-Changing Stocks, Editor Andy Obermueller
  • The Daily Paycheck, Editor Amy Calistri
  • Scarcity & Real Wealth, Editor Nathan Slaughter
  • StreetAuthority's Top 10 Stocks, Editor Paul Tracy
  • The 100% Letter, Editor Nathan Slaughter
  • Exploration & Paydirt, Editor Nathan Slaugther
  • Lifetime subscription to all future StreetAuthority products and services
  • Legacy Program to pass on your Lifetime Wealth Alliance membership
  • Lifetime free copies of every research report we release

The value of everything we're giving you in the Lifetime Wealth Alliance is $5,509 for the first year.

You'd pay that -- or more -- the next year, and so on.

So, here's the deal...

Anyone who doesn't currently have at least one subscription with StreetAuthority must pay $3,995 to join the Lifetime Wealth Alliance.

And beginning November 30, that price will jump to $7,995.

But as an existing subscriber, you can accept this membership invitation for just $2,495 -- IF YOU ACT BEFORE NOVEMBER 30.

That's because I'm asking you to "cancel" your existing subscription(s) and switch to membership status. So we want to refund you the balance of your subscription(s).

Instead of digging through our records and calculating a different refund for each new member, we've decided to simply issue a flat $1,500 credit to all current subscribers.

This is higher than any possible refund we currently have on our books.

Obviously, only current StreetAuthority subscribers can get this $1,500 discount.

Bottom line: For only $2,495 you will have unprecedented access to everything we publish for as long as we publish it.

That's all you'll ever pay, except for an annual maintenance fee of $99, conveniently charged to your credit card to cover inflation and the incremental costs of additional staff and research we'll add to make Lifetime Wealth Alliance even more comprehensive in coming years.

Limited Membership Spots Available -- Only 1% Of All Subscribers Will Be Allowed Membership

Processing new lifetime members creates a lot of back-office work, so we accept new members only twice a year. And we limit each enrollment period to just One Percent of all paid subscribers. (And this is the last time we will ever offer membership at just $2,495.

Once our new membership spots are filled, the Lifetime Wealth Alliance will be closed forever at this price. Each web order or call to our customer service team will be time stamped. Once we hit the one percent mark, we'll close the doors.

This is your last chance to join this exclusive investor society at this price. That's not some marketing ploy or gimmick, it's the facts of the business we're in.

We simply can't continue to offer memberships and subscriptions at these levels with the cost of research climbing daily. Between editors' salaries, travel expenses, expensive computer programs, web hosting, and dozens of other, very real business expenses, we're forced to raise both our subscription and our membership prices across the board beginning December 1, 2012.

But once you're in as a member, you're in.

So, in order to lock in your $2,495 Lifetime Wealth Alliance Membership, you'll need to act no later than midnight November 30, 2012, or before the one percent spots are filled, whichever come first.

One final point: Please keep in mind that most of our services are delivered online. So you need Internet access to use them. You'll get your issues the instant they're ready, and never have to wait for the mailman. (Of course, if you're a print subscriber to High-Yield Investing you'll continue to receive your printed issues in the mail, as always.)

Your Can't-Lose Guarantee: Try Lifetime Wealth Alliance for 60 Days

Since the Lifetime Wealth Alliance membership is the most exclusive level of service we've ever offered, we're pairing it with an equally exclusive guarantee:

We'll give you 60 days to use every single service we offer.

So go ahead. Take the next two months to see how Lifetime Wealth Alliance works for you -- from explosive stocks with 10-bagger potential... to a "daily paycheck" program that can bring you $200 a day... to foreign stocks yielding so much they look like typos... and much, much more.

If at anytime during this trial period you decide that the Lifetime Wealth Alliance is not for you, just let us know and we'll rush you a refund of what you paid, less a 10% processing fee for administrative expenses.

Go Here to Try Lifetime Wealth Alliance Today.

Or Call Your Sales  Account Manager, Emma Anderson, at 1-888-308-6247 to order now.


Lou Betancourt

Lou Betancourt
StreetAuthority Lifetime Wealth Alliance

P.S. Remember, you can join with zero obligation for two months. I promise you satisfaction or your money back. You'll get all 9 advisory services, and every other privilege accorded to lifetime members. To get started using Lifetime Wealth Alliance simply click this link.

P.P.S. Remember, you get our 5 Top Picks for the Next 1,000 Trading Days and the 36 Fast Start Bonus Reports FREE. And, you get to keep the report even if you decide the Lifetime Wealth Alliance is not for you.

Still Have questions or just want to talk to someone live? Call your member liaison, Emma Anderson, at 1-888-308-6247.

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