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In The Pages of This Rare $1,799 Investing Book:

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Does Not Want You to Read It...
So Valuable, It Boosted One Man's Profits by +9,537%...
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Fellow Investor,

One of the world's greatest (and richest) investors is a man who most people have never heard of.

And that is just the way he likes it.

He rarely grants interviews and doesn't want people to know the stocks he buys. He has a website, but it contains no information available to the public. And while he did write a book, he does NOT want you to read it. You'll find out why in a moment...
The knowledge in this book is so valuable, investors are willing to pay thousands to get their hands on it.

In fact, has one copy listed for $1,799 and another for $2,397!

You could fork over the money -- if you want to fight other ravenous investors for one of the few coveted copies. Or, you could read this report and discover...

How the "World's Safest Investor"
Multiplied His Portfolio 95 Times Over
on Boring Stocks... copy listed at $1,799

If you think he accomplished this feat with the same old "buy and hold" strategy, discard that notion right now. What's more, he didn't play investing roulette by gambling on penny stocks or options.

Most people know Warren Buffett... Jim Rogers... and Peter Lynch. We know their stories. We know their style of investing. And we're familiar with their success.

But maybe one investor in a thousand knows the name Seth Klarman.

And that's a shame, because while no one was looking, he generated a +9,537% compounded return on some of the safest (and most boring) stocks around!

And it is very important that you, as a savvy investor learn his story.

This is why I'm writing to you today. I want to share the rare secret he incorporates into his "boring" investing style -- a secret that could boost the value of your portfolio several times over.

Even better, I'll show you how we have already used it to bring a veritable fortune to those we've shared it with.

Once you know this secret, you'll have the same tool that has allowed many investors to generate double, triple and even greater gains.

So, I'd like to ask for your attention as I introduce you to...

The World's Greatest Unknown Investor

Starting in February of 1983, when his fund was established, Seth Klarman has generated a +20% average annual compounded return for 25 years. And during that time, he had only ONE down year!

Talk about consistency!

Now +20% a year may not sound like groundbreaking returns, but consider this. Earning +20% a year over that period of time would generate +9,537% in total gains.

Imagine if you had been along for that record-breaking profit ride. You could've transformed a $20,000 stake into more than $1.9 million!

This is how real money is made.

And to give you an even better idea of Seth Klarman's success, keep in mind that these numbers are AFTER fees and commissions.

That kind of return... with that level of consistency... over such an extended period of time is as rare as lightning striking the same place twice. Except in this case, it kept striking for two and a half decades.

But That's Only Half the Story...

Klarman used no leverage to boost his gains. He rarely sells short. And, he commonly holds as much as 50% of his portfolio in cash.

In the hedge fund world, that's the equivalent of a champion boxer... with only one arm!

And I'm not talking about a small personal portfolio that the average investor could manage from their home office.

Klarman generated his +9,537% compounded return while managing billions.

And, when you are dealing with billions... flexibility is a luxury you are not often afforded. But he found a way to do it. He kept that secret very close to the chest for a very long time...

It's no secret that many money managers seek the spotlight, but Seth Klarman is different in that he is notoriously private.
While he currently has about $17 billion under management, he is tight-lipped about the way he invests and he rarely shares his secrets. Not even with those closest to him.

But once, he did let his guard down in 1991, when his book Margin of Safety was published.

$1,799 For an Obscure Book about Investing?

In his book, Klarman revealed his entire method for selecting stocks.

In fact, he regrets that he revealed so much! That's why his book is out of print -- he's never allowed it to be republished.

The knowledge in the book is so valuable, BusinessWeek reports that it has become "One of the most commonly stolen books in the country"

Investors are willing to pay thousands for it, if they can even get their hands on a copy.

The great news for you is that I am about to reveal one of Seth Klarman's greatest secrets. In fact, this idea is so powerful he devoted an entire chapter to it.

Can You Use It to Your Advantage? $50,360 in Profits Says You Can!

I know just how powerful this is, because here at StreetAuthority, we've used the same system to generate a string of winners a mile long.

Take a look at a just a sample of the gains we (and our fortunate readers) have made following this system.

In fact, had you just put $1,000 into each of the recommendations below you would've been rewarded with a payout of more than $50,000. And if you invested in the entire portfolio, your return would be even greater.
Gilead Sciences (GILD)


China iShares (FXI) +275%
MasterCard (MA) +179%
AmBev (ABV) +154%
Weingarten Realty (WRI) +147%
MV Gold Miners (GDX) +125%

Procter & Gamble (PG)

Eaton Vance (EV) +123%
Emerging Mkts (EEM) +117%
PetroChina (PTR) +117%
Magellan Mid. (MMP) +116%
Central E. (CEDC) +115%
Tanger Factory (SKT)


Annaly Mortgage (NLY) +111%
eBay (EBAY)


Energy Income (FEN) +99%
Praxair (PX)  +96%
Expedia (EXPE) +93%


And these are not hypothetical gains. These are verified recommendations based on what I am about to share with you.

And this is just a partial glimpse. The total list of market successes is much, much longer.

We've used Klarman's secret to amass one of the most impressive Wall Street runs you'll ever see. In fact, the gains we have generated with this system have rivaled those of the master himself.

And the best part is that these gains have come with a very low level of risk. Like I mentioned earlier... no options... no leverage... no penny stocks... and no complicated system!

Our success is the result of making sure that ONE THING is in place before we recommend a stock.

I Want Tell You The Secret Of
This Rare Book Absolutely Free... Right Now.



The Key to Making BIG Money in Stocks is to Invest in Companies
that Are about to Receive A Sudden Rush of New Investors...

This seems like common sense doesn't it? Of course! Market demand breeds profits.

But the secret lies in "how" you predict that sudden influx of capital.

It's not just about finding hot sectors... great management... or even great companies for that matter. Take a look at the charts for Microsoft... Pfizer... Intel... Wal-Mart... or General Electric. There is no doubt that these are GREAT companies. And yet, they all trade about where they were 10 years ago -- in some cases much lower.
Great companies can languish in their "greatness" for years, without rewarding you at all. Greatness alone just doesn't drive stock prices...

What does drive stock prices is when a tidal wave of buying hits a stock -- regardless of what's going on in the market or the economy in general.

The price takes off like a bullet...

A Bullet Has Enormous Potential Energy...But It's Worthless Without a Trigger

Pull the trigger on a gun and the bullet will fire from the barrel at more than 1,000 feet per second.

In the investing world, we call these "trigger events" CATALYSTS.

A catalyst creates a chain reaction that has a dynamic (and profitable!) impact on a company's fortunes. Once the catalyst has taken place, the Wall Street sales machine kicks into gear and investors furiously drive up the price.

A catalyst-driven stock is like a coiled spring, ready to explode as soon as the pressure is released.

Timing is critical -- if a stock isn't poised to benefit from a major positive catalyst (or a combination of them), move on! Look for another stock! Investing in a company too early can be as ineffective as investing in the wrong company.

But you don't want to buy a stock that "may" be impacted by a catalyst some day in the future. If you aren't making money in the markets -- you are losing money -- while you are sitting and waiting, your wealth is being eroded by inflation. Plus, the longer you have to wait -- the more that can go wrong with your investment.

No, what you need to find is a play where a catalyst is imminent so you don't lose a day of money-making opportunity.

But that's easier said than done. If it were easy, the world would have no shortage of Seth Klarmans.

In just a moment, I'll show you exactly how I identify these "trigger" stocks. And, more importantly, I'll show you the TOP catalyst stocks to buy right NOW!

But first, let me introduce you to a few more world class investors who owe their wealth to catalyst investing. While their numbers are few (due to the closely guarded nature of this secret)... their success is formidable.

The World's Greatest Investors Buy Stocks with a "Trigger"


Seth Klarman is one of the world's most successful investors. But no matter how great an investment may look,
he won't buy anything without a catalyst to unlock it.

It's such an important part of his formula he dedicated an entire chapter of his book to the subject of catalysts. But he's not the only world-class investor who insists on a "trigger" before he buys...

Ken Heebner manages the CGM Focus Fund, the number one large-cap mutual fund in almost every time period tracked by Morningstar. Between 1997 and 2007, the +26% annual return of the Focus Fund beat all U.S. stock funds.

That's enough to turn $5,000 into a $50,428 windfall.

So how does Ken Heebner do it?

According to an article in Investor's Business Daily, "His outperformance was due largely to bloodhound-like tenacity in sniffing out a stock's catalyst."

And then there is Mario Gabelli -- another legend who insists on finding catalysts. In fact, Columbia Business School credits Gabelli with coining the term, as it relates to investing. It's so important to his success that he trademarked his "Private Market Value plus a Catalyst" formula.

Gabelli's firm has $29 billion under management. And at one time, his flagship fund went 15 years in a row without a single down year!

Do you see how powerful this strategy can be?

No matter what the specific investing strategy, the most successful investors know how powerfully catalysts can boost returns.

This is not just a better way to invest...
it is darn near the only way to invest!

Why? Because It Works...

During the past eight years, we at StreetAuthority have developed a system for reliably and accurately identifying stocks that are about to receive a rush of new interest... and a flood of investment dollars. In other words, we've become experts at identifying catalysts.

During that time, we have used this powerful system to generate a returns like +479%... +228%... +275%... +215%... +179%... We've done it by seeking out -- and finding -- the catalysts that propelled these stocks.

Now, I think I've made it clear "catalyst investing" offers the best way to find winning stocks in any market. But what are some of the triggers we are looking for when seeking out catalysts?

Keep reading and I will show you exactly how we do it and give you specific examples of what we look for. You're going to get a look at the inner workings of this powerful strategy.

You're going to see beyond a shadow of a doubt that this works.

What's more, I will also share with you our top recommendations for relatively safe stocks that are poised for explosive breakouts in the weeks and months ahead...

"Trigger Stocks" Can Put Huge Gains in Your Account

Want to know just how profitable this can be?

Let me give you a few examples...

Have you ever heard of the company InterDigital (Nasdaq: IDCC)? Not many people have.

InterDigital was a tiny patent holder in the wireless phone arena in the 90's. Because nobody had ever heard of the company, its stock traded in a very narrow range for years.

That changed on November 17, 1999.

That was the day industry giant Qualcomm(Nasdaq: QCOM)  filed a report with the SEC disclosing that it had licensed an essential patent from InterDigital. Investors soon realized that InterDigital would get royalties on every cell phone built to the new industry standard.

Talk about a catalyst! This announcement sent the stock soaring from around $6 to more than $80... triggering gains of more than +1,233% for InterDigital shareholders!

Politics Can Make a Great Catalyst...

We have no shortage of political maneuvering in the United States. But global politics can greatly affect your portfolio as well.

Take Russian wireless firm VimpelCom (NYSE: VIP). It now trades on the New York Stock Exchange, and it's a stock that Ken Heebner invested in. He's one of those "catalyst" investors I told you about earlier.

When Heebner bought the stock, most investors were very cautious about Russia's controlled business environment. They knew that Vladimir Putin could make things difficult with just one decision.

But Heebner is like a bloodhound for catalysts. In his research, he discovered that the oligarch who ran VimpelCom was in good favor with the Russian leader. That gave it a leg up on the competition and ensured a path of continued growth.

Sure enough, the stock rose +175% in one year while it was a top five holding of Heebner's Focus Fund.

The Biggest Catalyst Winner of Them All?

One of the biggest catalysts of all can be when a company launches a new product.

Take one look at Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) to see how powerful this can be. Less than 10 years ago, it appeared that Apple was on its way to becoming just another marginal computer company -- with a user base of students and designers.

Steve Jobs had returned to the company just a few years prior (a huge catalyst in itself). And Apple had been developing several new products. On October 23, 2001, Apple introduced one of these products -- a portable media player that could hold enormous amounts of data.

Of course, we now know this device as the iPod -- a product that has added tens of billions of dollars to Apple's market cap and catapulted the stock from around $7 in 2003 to more than $250 today.

That's a gain of +3,471%... and one of the most storied stock runs in history.

At this point, you may find the process of  interpreting what qualifies as a catalyst to be a bit overwhelming. That's understandable. As you can see, catalysts don't fit into a tidy box. They come in all shapes and sizes and they can be as different as the companies that benefit from them.

The good news is that you don't need to become an expert yourself. That's where we come in - we've got the expertise you need, right here at StreetAuthority.

You see, the real secret to benefitting from powerful catalysts is to have a trained eye guiding you. And with that, please allow me to introduce myself...

What Do I Know About Catalysts Anyway?

My name is Nathan Slaughter, and I'm the Chief Investment Strategist for the StreetAuthority Market Advisor letter -- the only service in the world that is dedicated to catalyst investing.

My previous experience includes a long tenure at AXA/Equitable Advisors and as well as a position with Morgan Keegan. But my best credential is my track record here at StreetAuthority, which I'll tell you about in a moment.

You see, besides my beautiful wife and four kids, my true passion and calling is to share my research and recommendations with people just like you. My goal is to help YOU build wealth safely in today's turbulent markets.

Over the years I have developed a long track record of finding profitable investments no matter where they hide.

And I don't know of any better way to do that than with stocks that are due to benefit from a powerful positive catalyst. You see, it doesn't matter what's happening in the market or the economy...

When a major catalyst hits a stock, the price goes up... And fast!

That's why I never recommend a stock unless it has at least one (and usually several) powerful catalysts supporting it. So, if you want to know which stocks have the strongest catalysts on the market today, there's no other place to look than StreetAuthority Market Advisor.

Let Me Show You How We Pinpoint Stocks with
The Most Powerful Catalysts Behind Them

When I begin my research, of course I look for companies with solid fundamentals... great management... attractive valuations... growing earnings... strong competitive advantages... above-average dividends...

I pride myself on rigorous and methodical research and the numbers come easily to me. I have even been called a "math and statistics geek" before. I don't mind this one bit... it has made me and my readers who invest alongside me a lot of money.

But really, these are the same things that most investors look for. Where is the edge in that? What makes me and my system so special?

In Market Advisor, I take it several steps further.

First, my research team and I narrow our pool of stocks down to about a dozen of the strongest. Then we narrow the field down even more by looking for those that have powerful positive catalysts in the near future.

Finally, to help us quantify these advantages, we have developed a proprietary Catalyst Rating System, which you'll see below. This is what I use to quantify the real strength behind a stock.

You see, not all catalysts are created equal. That's why our system awards each stock from one to five stars, based on the number and strength of the catalysts supporting it.

An all-cash takeover offer will do a lot more for a stock than an analyst upgrade. And a stock with three catalysts will almost always outperform a stock with just one.

My top 5-star rating is reserved exclusively for stocks with the strongest combination of catalysts I can find. These gems are rare, but when they turn up, you can expect big things. In fact, most of the triple-digit gains we have achieved have been the result of 5-star stocks.

Here's a look at our proprietary rating system...

Five Stars --> These stocks are benefiting from the strongest catalysts available in today's market. We expect them to deliver triple-digit percentage gains over the next year or two.

Four Stars --> These companies are poised to profit from positive news events, trends, or other catalysts. We expect them to handily outperform the broader market over the next year or two.
Three Stars --> These stocks are benefiting from one or more positive catalysts. Although these catalysts aren't strong enough to lead to dramatic share price outperformance, we expect these stocks to slightly outperform the broader market. 
Two Stars --> These stocks have one or more identifiable catalysts, but these catalysts are relatively weak and are unlikely to provide a major boost to the shares. We expect these stocks to underperform the market over the next year or two.
One Star --> There are little or no identifiable reasons for these securities to increase in price in the coming year or two. Due to a lack of positive catalysts, these stocks are "dead money" at current levels.

This Catalyst Rating System is the driving force behind all of our investment decisions.

And the only place you'll find it is in StreetAuthority Market Advisor.

We provide complete details on the catalysts that will affect every stock we recommend. And if there are no major catalysts, we simply won't recommend it.

StreetAuthority Market Advisor is the only newsletter that delivers a clear, concise description of the key catalysts supporting each investment recommendation we make.

Check Out These Catalyst-Driven Gains of +78%... +178%... and +270%

I have already shared with you nearly two dozen double and triple-digit winners that our system has produced in recent years. And that doesn't even count the dozens and dozens of others we have booked.

Now, let me show you a few examples of how catalysts have powered the stocks in our portfolio...

One of the most powerful catalysts can be a surprise takeover announcement. That's just what happened with our position in Wrigley. We added shares of the chewing gum giant to our portfolio near the bottom and were already sitting on gains of +50% when Mars tendered an offer for the company.

Overnight, the shares jumped +23% and we ended up with a gain of0 +78% from our initial entry point.

Or consider MasterCard. We liked the fact that the company has such a strong competitive advantage. It would take billions of dollars and decades to re-create the global payment network that MasterCard has built. That's a good reason to like MasterCard, but it's not a catalyst.

The catalysts we pointed out were the seemingly unstoppable trend toward a "cashless" society and the explosion of credit card use in emerging economies. We gave the stock our strongest 5-star rating. At the time, we wrote:

Sure enough, the catalysts we identified propelled the stock up the charts... and resulted in a tidy +178% winner in our portfolio!

Central European Distribution was another big winner for us. Not many people have heard of this Polish liquor, beer and wine maker. But it doesn't matter. The profits spend the same. And what profits they were.

In this case, we identified the catalysts of an expanding sales footprint, weak competition that would pose no threat to growth, and Poland's entry to the broader E.U. market. Fast forward: Just as we predicted, Central Europe is thriving...

And StreetAuthority Market Advisor readers had an opportunity to book returns of +270% from our initial recommendation price!

All three of these stocks earned our very highest Catalyst Rating when they were originally recommended -- 5 Stars! These are the kind of results you can expect from our 5-Star Catalyst Stocks.

And that's a good thing because...

I'm About to Reveal Our Newest 5-Star, Stocks to YOU...

(And Tell You How to Get the Details Absolutely FREE!)

By now, you understand just how powerful and important catalysts are. With a series of catalysts driving a stock, shares can soar.

And that's exactly what I expect to happen for the stocks I'm about to reveal. I'm not talking about five or 10 years from today, either...

I mean now!

My research team and I have painstakingly scoured the market to identify these stocks. We have sifted through thousands of securities, rejecting almost all of them... and leaving just four.

We call these The World's Greatest Catalyst Stocks and of course, each one has earned a coveted 5-Star rating. At a minimum, I expect these stocks to double.

I would like to give you our full report -- absolutely free. But first, let me show you just what you can expect...

 World's Greatest Catalyst Stock #1

I have no idea which companies are going to win the cell phone and carrier wars. And I prefer not to guess. If there are 10 different lemonade stands, I'll invest in the lemon supplier.

And that describes this company perfectly. It operates the critical infrastructure to support wireless communications networks. In fact, this company controls 27,000 network towers around the world. And with the explosion in the number of smart phones, iPads and other wireless devices, their services are in high demand.

The upcoming rollout of WiMax and 4G wireless networks will be a major catalyst for this company. And they're also expanding rapidly via acquisitions in emerging markets -- especially India, where there are expected to be one BILLION wireless customers in three years!

The company's towers provide it with contractually guaranteed income and built-in price escalation charges -- an important defense against inflation. And they entered this year with a revenue backlog of $9 billion. That's quite a head start and proves there is no recession in this sector!


World's Greatest Catalyst Stock #2

This company is one of the leaders in the $80 billion generic drug market. And what a HUGE market this is about to be. Health care reform alone could add 30 million new patients to the prescription drug market. And with an aging population, continued growth is ensured for years to come!

With more and more medicines coming off patent, experts believe the generic drug market could surpass $150 billion in the next five years! The company is also about to benefit from $60 billion dollars worth of branded biotech drugs that will lose patent protection in the next five years.

With more than 409 different medicines in their portfolio, this company is more than double the size of their nearest rival. They also control double the U.S. market share of their nearest rival. And they continue to make acquisitions to expand their product lines and widen their geographical footprint.

World's Greatest Catalyst Stock #3

This relatively unknown company makes sophisticated computer chips. And they are directly in line to benefit from two MAJOR catalysts. The first is the huge wave of new smart phones, portable media players, and even low-end cell phones that are popular in emerging markets. This company makes chips for all of them -- including the ubiquitous iPhone.

But they are also one of the leading suppliers for the components used in the coming wave of "smart" utility meters. Experts believe 150 million of these will be installed in the next five years -- leading to $2 billion in annual chip sales that don't exist today. This company is right in the thick of things as an emerging leader in this new field!

Even in the grip of a deep recession, sales, profits and cash flows recently set new company records -- a clear sign of strength and future potential.

World's Greatest Catalyst Stock #4

This company is one of the leaders in the payroll processing, document administration and record-keeping industry. And with unemployment levels near their highest in many years, you wouldn't think they would be thriving. But that's exactly what's happening as more and more companies outsource these time-consuming functions.

While the CEO summed up the current business climate as "one of the most challenging" in the company's history, they still managed to post profits of $533 million and maintain operating margins near 40% last year. If a company can do that under the worst-case scenario, you know it's built to last!

The company is also expected to benefit greatly from rising interest rates. Just like Berkshire Hathaway is free to invest their insurance float, this gets to invest the money it collects from employers before it is paid out to employees on payday. As rates rise, the interest this company earns could easily double!

It's hard to even calculate the value of this report -- The World's Greatest Catalyst Stocks. After all, these companies could potentially multiply your investment dollars several times over.

I can tell you that we have sold reports just like this for more than $250 each before.


But Don't Take it From Me...
Here's what a Few of Our Subscribers Have to Say about the Money
They're Making...

If all I had to send you when you sign up for Market Advisor is the report featuring our four newest 5-Star Catalyst Stocks, it would still be a tremendous value.

But that's not nearly all you will receive when you choose to subscribe...

I've also Prepared Four More Urgent Opportunity Reports Especially For You...
And They Are All
Yours Free!

The markets can be tough these days. But there are some unbelievably safe and profitable stocks to buy -- if you know where to look.

To help you take advantage of several opportunities we see in the market, my research staff and I have prepared four additional reports for you, including:


Go Green: Profit from the Eco-Revolution
There are not going to be any winners when it comes to the oil spill in the Gulf. What we are witnessing is a catastrophe. And we won't know the full effects for years to come. But there is one thing we do know... this will be a MAJOR tipping point toward cleaner, renewable sources of power.

And we're going to need a LOT more power. It has been estimated that the world's population will reach nine billion within the next few decades. That will cause energy consumption to double -- at least! In this report, we reveal one investment that provides exposure to companies leveraged to the wind power industry. We also show you a way to buy more than two dozen alternative-energy companies with just two stocks! ($99 Value)


Precious Metals: The Safe Haven Triple Play

With the printing presses running overtime, a weaker dollar and runaway inflation are almost certainly on the horizon.  And unless you have been vacationing on a desert island recently, you know the price of gold just set a new all-time record and silver is near new highs. With countries threatening default on debt, trillion dollar bailouts, and geopolitical tensions running hot, you can be sure there are more gains to come in precious metals. In this report we share three of our favorite ways to get exposure to gold, silver and platinum.  ($99 Value)

The World's Greatest Catalyst Stocks - What the Market's Biggest Winners Have in Common

In this report, I tell you about some of the strongest catalysts in the market today. You'll also learn how we identify the hottest catalyst stocks. We reveal our most important tips. Oh yeah... and we'll also share three new catalyst-driven stocks you can buy today! ($99 Value)

New Subscriber Bonus: The Fast-Track to Triple-Digit Gains

Triple-digit gains don't grow on trees, but they're out there. I count 2,182 stocks and ADRs that delivered gains of +100% or more in 2009. And while that was during a runaway bull market, there were nearly 200 stocks that doubled during the great bear selloff of 2008.

For this report, I collaborated with my colleague Andy Obermueller, an insatiable researcher who reads more in a day than some do in a year. That's how he uncovers game changing companies that even the "smart money" is unaware of -- including the +290% profit he recently closed in just 60 days on an oil exploration company!

This report features three emerging technology companies that have the potential to put triple digit returns in your portfolio faster than you can say "catalyst". In fact, one of them, benefits from one of the biggest catalysts of all... the global shortage of fresh water!  ($99 Value)

Given the value of the recommendations in these reports and the depth of the research, we could easily charge the full value for this information. And that would be a bargain, considering what you could make in the coming months and years.

But we're not going to charge $400 for these reports. We're not even charging $250.

You'll be able to get every single one of them -- ABSOLUTELY FREE -- as a subscriber to StreetAuthority Market Advisor. And you will receive them instantly... no waiting!

I'm sure you're wondering how much your membership will cost.

Are you ready for this?

Here is the Greatest Catalyst of All for Your Portfolio:

StreetAuthority Market Advisor is Yours for Only $1!

I want you to incorporate catalyst investing into your portfolio. And there are a few ways you could go about it.

If you have the money and you can get him to take it, you could try to get Seth Klarman to manage your money. However, we all know how unlikely this is.

Of course, even then you would have still have to pay "2 and 20" for the privilege. That's 2% off the top... and 20% of the profits... EVERY YEAR!

Or you could pay me $1.

That's right. Just $1.

That is how confident I am in my groundbreaking, Market Advisor newsletter. I don't want price to be the barrier that stands between you and your justly deserved Wall Street rewards.

So here's the deal...

When you sign up for MarketAdvisor between now and May 31st  at 11:59 PM EST, you'll be able to try Market Advisor for 30-days trial for only $1.

This is Not a Provisional Trial Where Certain Privileges Are Off Limits...
You Get Everything

Everything we have to offer is yours, including...


The StreetAuthority Market Advisor Newsletter
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Mid-month Market Advisor Update -- Between each issue, we summarize the market's activity and tell you how it affects your holdings. In a choppy market, this mid-month update is a great way to find out about new opportunities that pop up unpredictably.
  Frequent Flash Alerts -- On top of your monthly issues and mid-month updates, we will also send you ''Instant Alerts'' with important breaking news. The market doesn't pay attention to our publication schedule so we need to make sure you have our up-to-the-minute advice when conditions change fast.
Subscribers-Only Website Content
-- As we come out with new timely research reports, you'll always have access to your archive of reports online. You will also have complete access to our premium web site content, including a host of valuable educational materials including our latest online course dedicated to providing more insight into Catalyst Investing.
Access to Four Model Portfolios
-- Finally, you will also gain immediate access to four model portfolios including our Yield Maximizer portfolio, our Growth portfolio, our Half-Priced Stocks portfolio and our Beat the S&P portfolio which has outperformed the S&P by a margin of 4-to-1 since 2003! No matter what your investing style, you're certain to find plenty of profitable ideas here.

All in all, your membership package is conservatively worth more than $1,500. And that doesn't include the tens of thousands of dollars in potential profits you could add to your portfolio by investing in the recommendations I'll send you.

And for all of that... all you need to put in today is $1. You can find that kind of money between the cushions of your couch.

But don't let the low price fool you. This could be the first step towards the most prolific profit ride you'll ever experience.

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