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Texas Money Manager Admits to Poker Obsession... and Claims It's the Secret Behind Her 80%-Plus Winning Stock Picks

Over the past 5 years, nearly 85% of her stock picks have made money. Here's how a simple poker tactic can help you beat the stock market.

"I sure haven't been disappointed. I've made $26,890."
-- Jeff L., Naples, FL

Amy Calistri is a former IBM engineer, and a self-admitted poker junkie. Poker tournaments are like her second home where she often walks away with a large share of the winnings.

Amy is also one of the best financial analysts in Texas. Amazingly, she hasn't worked a day on Wall Street. Yet, she's outperformed nearly every highly-paid analyst I know of.

Over the past 5 years, she's consistently picked winners almost 85% of the time.

What's interesting is that her secret to stock-picking success is the same one she originally developed for poker.

And anyone who's followed her financial advice can personally vouch for her winning track record -- and often does...

"I have made more than $10,500," says Vera J. a single mom in Park Hill, Oklahoma...

"I sure haven't been disappointed. I've made $26,890," reports Florida forestry worker, Jeff L...

And Idaho resident, Mark M., tells me, "I am currently invested in all the companies and am up on every sold pick, gains such as 65%, 40% and more." 

In fact, I trust her ability to pick stocks so much, I gave her $100,000 of my own money to invest. And she hasn't disappointed me yet.

Not long ago, for instance, she bought 225 shares of Yahoo! for the portfolio she manages for me.

At the time, Yahoo! appointed a new CEO, a former Google executive, and Amy's research pointed to the company's stock taking off. 11 months later, we closed our position for a 79% gain... Another one in a long series of gains she's been making for me.

Since she started going public with her recommendations, she's helped a lot of investors make good money on picks like IAF, CPSI, MRX, VOD, OLN, DEO... and February's pick, MTN.

All told, her portfolio is up +46%.

The secret behind her systematic strategy is ensuring she always gets the upper hand. She recently told me...

"When people hear that I play poker, they envision a reckless gambler. So as an investor, they think I must feed off wild speculative plays. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Any time I put my cash on the line -- at the table or in the market -- I want to know the odds are greatly on my side. And the strategy I developed for poker has worked incredibly well for picking stocks."

But she didn't set out to be a poker junkie. She got an engineering degree at Columbia... and a master at the University of Texas.

She earned a Series 3 certificatio in commodities and futures. She's created investment education courses used by the major investment houses. Her work has been recognized in economics and statistic journals. She's provided financial analysis in commercial litigation. (In fact, her legal team once won a $100 million settlement for a telecom patent holder.)

Fresh out of college, and two weeks into her first job at IBM, she made her first investment
in the market. By the time she was 24, while her friends were still playing beer pong, she made the down payment on her first house with the profits.

Amy is now our veteran researcher here at StreetAuthority. No matter her big-picture outlook for the market, she is full of creative market plays. Often our staff ends up at her desk just to hear her take on the markets or what she's looking at next. In a firm of free-thinking analysts, she's the most independent-minded of the bunch.

What impresses me the most is how she's been able to pick winning stocks no matter the investment environment.

Take December 2009, for instance. At the time, everyone's outlook was bleak. The economy was suffering its greatest setback in decades. With spreading unemployment and an ever growing list of bank failures, it looked like things would only get worse. And it looked like this would be the worst holiday shopping season in generations.

But Amy didn't see it that way. And her research led to the toy manufacturer Hasbro. In spite of everything that was happening, her analysis told her this company would do well through the holiday season and continue to prosper afterward.

Amazingly, her insight proved correct, and she made 46% with the stock in the following months.

With Amy, this isn't the exception to the rule, but a running theme. Her ability to scrutinize what's really going on has not only allowed her to catch a poker player's bluff at the card table... but to also see beyond the confusion in the stock market.

It's a track record going back decades...

A History of Picking Winners Where Nobody Else Saw Them

What's the key to her success? Applying the same risk management she learned at the poker table... to the stock market. After all, when playing against some of the best players in the world, you have to have a fail-safe strategy.

As I said earlier, Amy will only put her money on the table if the odds are greatly in her favor. When it comes to stocks, the only way to tip the odds in your favor is to dig into the research to make sure you know as much -- or more -- than the insiders.

Each month she spends countless hours digging through the inner-workings of the vast investing universe until she finds her single favorite stock for today's market. Fortunately for us, she shares her "stock of the month" with anyone who wants it.

Taking Her One Best Shot

Her "Pick of the Month" is not always a stock -- it can be an ETF, a mutual fund or even a bond. But it's always just one idea that Amy likes best of all.

As I mentioned, she has nearly a 85%win rate over the past 5 years...I can't tell you how many times I've felt like kicking myself because I didn't always follow her winning hand. For example...

I wish I had known her back in May 2007 when she told me to get out of the market and go into Treasuries. That's what she did. Not only did she avoid the market crash -- she made +22% on her Treasuries to boo!

In December 2008 she urged me to get into shipping stocks because she was sure a rebound was coming in that devastated industry.

Of all the industries hurt by the credit crisis, none had been more viciously mauled than the shippers. Not even basket case financial stocks had suffered as much as the -94% plunge in the Baltic Dry Index, a proxy for shipping stocks.

The way Amy put it, unless the world suddenly stopped eating and building, trade would continue, and normalcy would return to this critical industry. And when it did, she predicted a monster rebound in shipping stocks.

She flatly stated that the Baltic Dry Index had hit its bottom. On that day the index was at 774. Just one year later, it closed at 4107 -- up +430%.

And then in December 2012, she pointed out that Starbucks was on a roll and its stock would go much higher.

I wasn't sure why. In the U.S. most companies were losing profits. We were facing a fiscal cliff with tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to go into effect by year's end.

While in Asia -- a large portion of Starbucks' market -- nearly all other American stores there were losing money due to the sluggish Asian economies.

But Amy was right once again. And the Starbucks stock she bought for my portfolio has already gone up more than 30% and we're still holding on for more possible gains.

Introducing StreetAuthority's Stock of the Month...
Investing Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This

Stock of the Month is radically different from most newsletters. It is as simple as investing gets -- just one pick per month. Amy will send you her best investment idea every month -- just like she's been doing for the past few years.

Her "Stock of the Month" might occasionally be an ETF, a mutual fund or even a bond. But it's always just one idea -- no exceptions.

I like that idea. Nothing focuses the mind like knowing that you only have one shot at the prize... and that there are no "do-overs." Give an archer 10 shots at a target and his first few will probably be warmups. Give him one shot -- and you get his absolute best effort.

At just one pick a month, this has to be the world's most exclusive portfolio. Amy also gives you stop losses and target prices for her picks -- so you know when to take your profits and when to get out if things don't work out.

How Is She Doing So Far? 55 Trades, 46 Winners

Of Amy's 55 closed trades, 46 have been winners and 34 of those have double-digits gains.

Here's the entire list so you can see exactly what she's accomplished so far...

This isn't one of those services that gives you five portfolios with 20 stocks in each one. You might as well just buy a mutual fund and let somebody else deal with the headaches.

Stock of the Month will not only make your investing life less complicated, but something else will happen too: When you're only making one buy a month, there's no reason you can't buy every recommendation and make the same profits Amy does.

I've Put $100,000 Into These Picks

Most newsletters have a hypothetical portfolio. Not Stock of the Month. Our portfolio is the real thing.

Amy actually buys and sells each month's pick in a real brokerage account. I've given her $100,000 to put into a real account at E*Trade. Now that account is worth $144,625.

Every month Amy will send you a new recommendation. 48 hours later, she'll actually buy it in our E*Trade account. We'll provide a link to our monthly statement in every issue of Stock of the Month. You'll see exactly how well we're doing -- after commissions -- with zero BS.

Wall Street is packed with so-called analysts who tell you all day which stocks to buy. Not many have the courage to put their money where their mouths are.

By contrast, StreetAuthority invests alongside its customers. You'll not only mirror our performance, you might well beat it. Because we'll always wait until 48 hours after Amy recommends a trade before we buy it for our own portfolio. With a 48-hour advance warning, you can beat us to the punch.

What's more, with only 12 stocks, Amy can watch over each one like a hawk.

When the portfolio is fully loaded with 12 stocks and Amy wants to add another, she will kick out the weakest link using the ''pigs at the trough'' strategy. When a hungry pig approaches a crowded feeding bin, it has to shove aside a weaker one to get in. She'll use this same survival-of-the-fittest approach to replace good stocks with even better ones.

No matter what, if Amy thinks a stock has run its course, she'll remove it. You'll receive alerts whenever Amy decides to buy or sell a stock -- even if it's between issues.

Your Invitation to the Most Selective Stock Picks in the World

If you'd like to invest alongside Amy in her single favorite idea each month, I invite you to take a no-risk look at Stock of the Month today. Here's everything you'll get with your subscription...

Amy's Pick of the Month -- Amy's in-depth profile of her favorite investing idea right now. Like the Yahoo! stock she recommended that went up 79% in eleven months.

Twelve issues of Stock of the Month Newsletter -- Each monthly issue is loaded with fresh new investing ideas as well as updated advice on Amy's previous picks.

Subscribers-Only Web Site -- Including easy access to current and past issues, news flashes, portfolios, and a host of invaluable educational materials.

Instant Alerts when Breaking News Hits -- On top of your monthly issues, Amy also alerts you to any important breaking news. The market doesn't pay attention to her publication schedule, so she needs to make sure you have her up-to-the-minute advice when conditions change fast.

Amy's "Top 12" Portfolio -- These are her 12 favorite investments for your money right now.

Now that the portfolio is loaded with 12 picks, she'll kick out the weakest link and add a stronger replacement.

Here's what Amy's subscribers have to say about her expertise...

What Subscribers are Saying About Stock of the Month

"I am very pleased. I have invested along with you on many of your suggestions and made money. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your Stock of the Month."
-- Dorothy H., St. Petersburg, Florida

"I am up as much as 35%." -- Anthony R., Reading, MA

"I do love and wait with great anticipation for your newsletters. I have been a subscriber for more than 1 1/2 years and this has really improved our family income!"
-- Elisabeth B., Montevideo, Uruguay

"I'm thrilled with Amy Calistri's 'Stock of the Month' recommendation -- the content, the quality, the research, the thoroughness, the logic, the explanation. This is EXACTLY what I am looking for when I pay good money for advice." -- R.G., Spring Grove, PA

So how can you try Amy's service?

Free with Your Subscription!
Special Report on Amy's Secret from the Poker Table

Simply sign up today and I'll send you a username and password to access Amy's members-only website. You'll get immediate access to Amy's members-only investment report called...

Investment Report #1: Five Crucial Investment Lessons I Learned at the Poker Table

In this report Amy brings you five ways to maximize your profits and cut losses that she picked up from her years of playing high-stakes poker in Las Vegas... and she shows you how they work in real life with actual trades from her Stock of the Month portfolio. It also reveals the names and ticker symbols of two stocks that EVERY serious investor should own right now.

In addition, you'll also get...

Investment Report #2: Two Unique Funds That Almost Never Go Down

We all watched in anguish as the S&P 500 dropped -40% from October 2008 to March 2009. Even the most diversified portfolios weren't immune. But two unique equity funds held their ground. And this was no fluke. These two funds employ a strategy that ignores market conditions and appreciates even in the worst of times.

Investment Report #3: Three Popular Investments to Avoid Right Now

In her research, Amy comes across many mediocre investments. But what troubles her most, is when she sees highly popular stocks -- which many people own -- end up in her "must avoid" list.

Recently, she came across three such companies being touted as great investments on other financial websites and on television.

This report names these investments and gives you the full reasons why you should avoid them at all cost.

The Simple Stock-Picking Solution for Just $39.95

To get started now, let me know that you're interested, and in the next few minutes I'll give you online access to Stock of the Month and all of the opportunities I've just mentioned

Stock of the Month costs $99 for one full year... about as much as a dinner for two at a good restaurant.

And if you try Amy's service right now through this offer, I'll give you 70% OFF.

That's just $39 for one full year of Amy's financial research.

Why so cheap?

Because the only way we stay in business is by providing great research that encourages you to stick around for years to come.

Of course, you've got to TRY IT FIRST to see if you like it. Another reason we make it so inexpensive...and allow you to take a 60-day look, completely free of risk.

That means you can take the next 60 days to decide if Stock of the Month is right for you. If not -- no problem. Just let me know and we'll give you a full refund

But if you already understand the value of the information I'm offering you, you may want to consider our best subscription offer...

Get over a year's worth of Amy's research, FREE

I can let you lock in the introductory rate for an additional year. In essence, giving you over a year's worth of Stock of the Month when you sign up for two years.

Not only that, but you'll also receive the details of what may be one of the most lucrative investment opportunities available today...

Investment Report #4: A Secret Way to Invest in Companies Like Google BEFORE They Go Public

Many people become overnight millionaires by investing in companies before the stock goes public.

Unfortunately, such deals are usually only open to company employees or well-connected investors.

Like last year, when Twitter went public. Prior to the public offering, employees and insiders were able to buy up the stock at $26 a share... a third of the price after it went public.

Some of the lucky people made a fortune. According to Forbes, 1,600 people became millionaires by getting into the stock before it was listed.

It's the same whenever a successful company lists its shares on the stock market. When Google went public in 2004, one 30-year-old mid-level worker made $1.5 million overnight and quit her job right after.

Opportunities like this just aren't usually available to the average investor. But Amy has found a clever way ordinary investors can participate in them as well.

She's put the full details in a report called; A Secret Way to Invest in Companies Like Google BEFORE They Go Public. This report is yours FREE, when you try Amy's service with a two year subscription.

Normally, to receive Stock of the Month for two years would cost you $179. But today, you can try it for just $79... essentially getting over one full year's worth of Amy's service FREE.

Of course, no matter which level of Stock of the Month subscription you try, you risk absolutely nothing because you can get a full, 60-day, 100% money-back refund either way

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Tampa resident, Bruce H., who says, "I have been buying stocks based on your recommendation since December 2011. As of today my 'Amy portfolio' is up 20.9%."

"I get about $4,200 per month from our investments," says Curtis S. in Vancouver, Washington.

And Mark M. in Meridian, Idaho tells me, "I am currently invested in all the companies and am up on every sold pick, gains such as 65%, 40% and more."

So what do you say? If you're ready to try the simplest and easiest way to invest you'll ever find... take me up on this no-lose offer today.

Let me be the first to welcome you to Stock of the Month... and let's make some money together! I've got $100,000 on the line here... and I want it to be $200,000 by this time next year!

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Lou Betancourt

Lou Betancourt
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