Shanghai "Spending Spree" About to Hit a Tipping Point
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Shanghai "Spending Spree" About to Hit a Tipping Point

...And Could Send These 2 Stocks Soaring Over 218% In the Next 12 Months

Shanghai "Spending Spree" About to Hit a Tipping Point

...And Could Send These 2 Stocks Soaring Over 218% In the Next 12 Months

"We witnessed astonishing increases in demand for gold -- 32% in 2013"
-- Bloomberg

"Chinese demand for gold bars, coins and jewelry record levels in 2013."
-- The Wall Street Journal

Hi, My name's Dave Forest. And I'm the Senior Resource Analyst at StreetAuthority, an investment research firm.

I spend about 3 months a year in faraway places, looking for exciting new investment opportunities.

And during a recent trip to Asia, I received one of the most startling tips I've ever heard.

I met up with a long-time colleague of mine named Andrew, who runs an investment firm in Singapore. This is a man who's made millions of dollars trading gold and other commodities.

He told me that right now:

Speculation is running rampant in Asia over what China's next move in the gold market will be.

He said Chinese officials want to quietly build the world's largest national reserves of bullion... and then drop a bomb on the markets with a surprise announcement of their pumped up holdings.

And he thinks this announcement could come within the next 12 months.

When I heard this I was shocked.

Sudden word of a buyer like China having tied up so much supply would almost certainly be a hair trigger for gold prices moving up -- and send share prices of gold producers through the roof.

I immediately started looking into it... and it was true.

Over the past 12 months the Chinese government has been stockpiling gold at an unprecedented rate. Unprecedented quantities are being bought and sold through markets in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Some of this buying is being reported... but A LOT of it is not. The Chinese government is notoriously tight-lipped regarding their finances.

As currency expert and bestselling author, James Rickards, explains:

If you're China, the last thing you want to do is be transparent about your gold purchases, because it will drive the price up.

Because of this secrecy, few know that China (already by far the world's largest gold producer) has surpassed India as the world's largest gold importer for the first time in recent history.

My research made me more convinced than ever that the time to get in is now...before gold prices skyrocket.

So during my trip I did what I do best -- boots on the ground research.

And here's what I discovered...

  • One of the firms I found already owns three of the top gold resources on the planet ...AND pays a 5% dividend. Should gold return to the same prices we saw just 3 years ago, shares could easily soar over 218%.
  • Another is selling for the best price in over a decade. This firm could easily gain 97% over the next 12 months...while paying a dividend yield over 3%.

I'll share the details on each one of these opportunities with you.

But first, I need to tell you exactly what's happening in the gold market, so you can be prepared for what's coming...

If China's gold consumption continues at this record-setting pace, China will soon own the largest gold stockpile in the world.

When you look at the numbers, not only is this possible... it almost seems inevitable...

According to the World Gold Council:

China's annual demand for gold could jump around 20 percent by 2017 as more of its increasingly wealthy population seek new ways to make money.

The World Gold Council report estimates that demand for gold bars and coins ALONE could reach 500 tons by 2017 -- a rise of nearly 25% above the record level set last year.

Since the beginning of 2014, Gold has gained an incredible 13%, rising as high as $1,380 per ounce -- in just 3 months. But as I'll show you in this report, this could be just the beginning.

After talking with my "man on the ground" in Asia, and looking at every possible angle, I'm more convinced than ever that the time to get in is now... before gold prices skyrocket up to and beyond $1,900 per ounce.

The full impact of China's unprecedented spending spree has not yet taken hold on global markets.

But when it does... look out.

If you thought the $1,900 per ounce price we saw in 2011 was high, let me tell you... the current uptrend we're seeing in gold prices is just the first trickle of water through the dam.

As demand reaches a fever pitch, the dam will explode, and gold markets will be flooded with billions of dollars.

Within the next two years you'll be looking back on $1,900 per ounce as "the time when gold was cheap."

China Is Cornering the Gold Market

As I mentioned, China is already the world's largest gold producer, mining over 400 tons of gold a year... about 240 tons more than the world's second largest producer -- Australia.

And China's laws dictate that ALL of the gold produced in the country MUST be sold to the Chinese government.

Not a single ounce is permitted to legally cross the border.

So China already has a HUGE advantage when it comes to stockpiling the world's limited gold resources.

Although the government in Beijing won't talk about it... records of purchases using the gold market in Hong Kong show that the Chinese purchased roughly 1,500 metric tons of gold last year.

This number set a new record... beating out the roughly 800 tons purchased in 2012. And this in turn was more than double the Chinese government's gold purchases in 2011.

So despite Beijing's desire to keep these record purchases a secret, the fact is that these purchases are far too large to go unnoticed. There is simply no way to hide what they're doing. Yet, so far, most investors are still in the dark about this secret.

The chart below shows Chinese gold imports over the past 6 years and the massive increase over the last 3 years.

And like I said before... this is just the beginning. The next chart shows estimates of China's future gold reserves based on a 2012 study by economist Zhang Bingnan.

And while China's current demand for gold is certainly unprecedented... the precious metals markets have seen similar events in the past.

Cornering the Market for Gold

After the Civil War, the U.S. government issued a large amount of public debt to rebuild the country. And it backed this debt with gold.

So in 1869 a group of speculators led by James Fisk and Jay Gould sought to profit from this situation by cornering the gold market.

Jay Gould tried to corner the gold market

In the late summer of 1869, Gould began buying large amounts of gold. This caused prices to rise and stocks to plummet.

At the very peak, gold traded at 162 dollars per ounce... a record high not
surpassed during the next 100 years.

Jay Gould and his small group of speculators were successful in temporarily gaining control over the gold market...

Cornering the Market for Silver

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, brothers Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt attempted to corner the world silver markets. At one point they owned the rights to more than half of the world's deliverable silver.

During the Hunts' accumulation of the precious metal, silver prices rose from $11 an ounce in September 1979 to nearly $50 an ounce in January 1980.

In the last nine months of 1979, the brothers profited by an estimated $2 billion to $4 billion, with estimated silver holdings of 100 million troy ounces.

And the Hunt brothers were successful in temporarily gaining control over the silver market...

It's happened before and it's happening again...

But this time it's not just a few individuals trying to corner the market for gold.

This time it's an entire nation, backed by the full wealth and strength of the Chinese government.

Business Insider recently wrote:

China's undeclared official gold reserve purchases remains an elephant in the room in the gold market with very little coverage of or analysis of the People's Bank of China's quiet and untransparent accumulation of gold.

A financial analyst and former head trader at the Royal Bank of Scotland recently issued an urgent warning to his co-workers.

In his written communique, he warned that China's current gambit to dominate and accumulate the remaining supplies of gold will send prices into "turmoil."

Last year the U.S. Mint added a 40% premium to sales of 1/10 ounce gold coins when it reopened the physical market.

And J.P. Morgan Chase bank, which works hand in hand with COMEX, (a division of the New York Mercantile Exchange), is quickly running out of their supply of gold... so much so that the ability of COMEX to continue functioning is now in jeopardy.

The bottom-line is this -- physical gold is disappearing fast. And the world's largest producer AND importer of gold is China.

Before I show you the 2 gold opportunities I discovered on my trip--two firms that could easily see gains of 218% or more before the end of the year -- allow me to tell you a little about myself. I've been a geologist for the past 15 years with a focus on resource exploration.

I cut my teeth on a number of mining company ventures and consultancies, including a position as chief operating officer for Condoto Platinum, an Australian company with operations in Colombia.

Later I served as the director of a natural resources advisory firm called Notela Resource Advisors. And after that, I managed the commodities research division at Casey Research.

Today I have the distinct pleasure of writing to you as the Chief Investment Strategist for StreetAuthority's Scarcity & Real Wealth where, month after month, I help people like you make incredible sums of money from one of the most exciting and lucrative investment sectors on the planet.

As you probably know, in gold mining -- when we hit... we hit BIG.

Take Ivanhoe Mines, for example...

Ivanhoe owns three of the most valuable mining projects in the world -- in-ground deposits that are worth multiple times the $700 million market cap the company sported at its bottom.

I was able to spot trading patterns that made it clear that the stock's weakness came not from the company or its business plan but from a few desperate sellers who -- for reasons that had nothing to do with Ivanhoe -- needed to dump shares at any price to raise cash.

I called a buy at $1.56 in September 2013. Less than five weeks later, the stock rebounded -- hitting my target of $2.30, for a 47% gain.

Now, investing profitably in this sector takes more than a keen eye and a level head. It requires boots-on-the-ground... onsite investigations... the kind of insights you can't get from sitting behind a computer monitor thousands of miles away from the actual mines.

To win big in the mining business, you need the kind of behind the scenes information you can only get visiting faraway places and shaking hands with the real players--the mining executives and project managers who are making key decisions on a daily basis.

This business has taken me to the remote villages of Myanmar, where I hiked ten hours a day for four days straight to examine an exploration opportunity with my own eyes.

My research has taken me from the jungles of western Columbia... all over Russia... Canada's remote Yukon... the most geographically restrictive areas of South Africa... Madagascar... and more.

I can learn more over a two-hour dinner or while conversing with insiders on a hotel pool deck than most analysts will ever uncover with just a computer and a few quarterly earnings reports.

For example, in 2005, a passing conversation turned into an invitation to visit southern Russia.

A tiny Canadian firm called Valkyries Petroleum was launching an offshore oil project in the Caspian Sea.

Most folks thought venturing into Russia with an oil project was insane... and, make no mistake, I was one of them... at least initially.

Competing against ruthless oligarchs and navigating the labyrinthine governmental regime were just two among a long list of reasons to hate Valkyries Petroleum.

But my visit revealed a completely different picture.

Valkyries had in fact aligned with powerful locals who knew how to get things done in Russia. It became clear the project would move forward--and the prize could be a billion-barrel oil discovery.

Just 11 and a half months later, the company was scooped up by Lundin Petroleum for $12.00 a share.

Most analysts were stunned. But not me... and not my readers...

I called a buy on Valkyries at $4.20 and my readers enjoyed 186% profits in less than 12 months

But very few people truly understand the exploration sector the way I do. Anything less than an in-depth, in person, feet-on-the-ground investigation is just not going to cut it.

You need to know the people involved -- where they've been, what they've done and how much success they've had in the past.

It's important to know the commodities market backward and forward -- what's going on right now, what's happened in the past, what the future holds and why.

It's more true in this sector than any other... an informed investor is a successful investor.
Copper, gold, silver--hard resources will never go away. It has to be found, it has to be mined and it typically has to be processed in some way or another.

There are a number of reasons I believe the business of mining and processing gold is going to be a great (and possibly the only) place to be over the next 12 months:

First and foremost, gold miners can do something no other kind of company can do: store the wealth that they create through their labor.

These firms already hold huge stockpiles of gold bars -- yet most investors don't think of gold miners as producers of money.

There's a simple reason for that. Currently, most miners quickly swap their refined gold for paper money, usually in the form of dollars.

This creates an impression that gold miners are just like any other manufacturers: making a product that gets sold, creating a revenue stream that is the real asset of the business.

But such a simplified view doesn't hold true when the product is gold.

What gold miners actually do is not selling but trading. They exchange one form of money -- the one they create out of the ground -- for printed currency.

They do this because it's what their investors want. Stock buyers are accustomed to measuring the performance of their holdings by looking at cash flow statements.

Under current accounting rules, the only way for gold producers to show cash flow is to trade their gold for a different form of money, one that's recognized as income. By exchanging gold for dollars, they create the financial form most pleasing to the eye of today's investors.

Imagine if a miner decided to stop exchanging its gold for dollars, letting the stacks of bullion in the company's vaults simply grow larger and larger.

The effect in terms of value accrued to the company would be exactly the same as if the firm were piling up dollars inside a bank account -- but without the checking fees.

What's the key value difference between gold and other products? Or you might ask, why has gold been the most reliable stores of value in the history of civilization? Two big reasons:

First, gold has lasting value.

Most products are poor stores of value because they have a shelf life. Food spoils. Metals like copper and iron corrode. Even items like razor blades or television sets don't hold value well -- they might maintain their functionality, but they become dated and thus worth less as newer, better models are released or changing technologies make the product obsolete.

Just imagine if you tried to hoard Betamax players and Tab cola to store your wealth during the crisis of the early 1980s.

Products get made based on current demand in the market. They are designed to be sold immediately while optimally tailored to what buyers want.

Gold, on the other hand, is what people seek when they don't know what they want. When they need to safeguard their accumulated wealth until a need arises to spend it.

Monetary gold doesn't need to be changed or updated -- and so it doesn't lose intrinsic value the way products do.

Second, gold is portable and easily stored.

The concentration of gold in the Earth's crust is over 20,000 times lower than a metal like copper and 26.5 million times lower than aluminum. That's why those metals sell at a handful of dimes per pound while the same amount of gold today is worth $19,000.

Gold's rarity allows it to pack millions of dollars of value into something the size of a suitcase. In fact, gold is even easier to carry around than an equivalent amount of stacked dollar bills.

Both of these qualities -- lasting value and easy storage -- make gold the only product that can be reliably stockpiled to store wealth.

When You Invest In Gold Companies,You Own the Printing Press

Gold producers are among the only companies not affected by economic recession or depression caused by a lack of available money.

When cash gets scarce, traditional companies that make products or sell services are severely impacted. There just won't be as much cash buying coffee, cranes, or consulting services.

The only thing that's likely to see rising demand during financial turmoil is cash. Few people, companies or institutions have it. And everyone is looking for it.

During a crisis most companies have no choice but to scale back production. When demand for their products drops, they simply make and sell less.

But because gold holds value, gold miners can go on producing -- keeping their profits steady.

During the 2008 crisis, for example, gold held its value better than almost everything else. From its pre-crash peak of just over $1,000 per ounce, gold fell less than 30% in the crash.

As the following chart below shows, gold was superior to other investments, which plunged 50% to 80%.

Most of gold's decline came not from a loss of intrinsic value but rather temporary price distortion caused by panic selling by speculators. Once this knee-jerk selling was finished, it took just nine months for gold to regain its pre-crash high. By September 2009, it was back above $1,000.

By contrast, it took copper 24 months to crawl back to its pre-crash high. The Dow took an even longer 48 months to recover.

And assets such as crude oil and emerging-markets shares still haven't regained all the losses they suffered.

For all these reasons, gold producers are literally manufacturing one of the most valuable assets on the planet -- money.

By owning these companies, you're in a position to do something no one else can do -- create cash when it's most in demand.

Imagine if you were the Federal Reserve and could print money as you liked, using it to buy bargain-basement assets during a crisis or lend to desperate borrowers, willing to pay almost any amount of interest to shore up their crumbling balance sheets.

When you invest in gold companies, you own the printing press. You control your monetary destiny at a time when most people will be left helpless to watch their wealth swept away in a torrent of default.

And today you can buy gold producers at some of the lowest valuations I've ever seen.

Today we've got a "perfect storm" brewing in gold markets.
I've identified the mining companies best positioned to benefit the most from the increase demand for gold triggered by the coming Shanghai 'Spending Spree'...

Gold Stock #1 This Gold Miner Could Soar 218%... While Paying a 5% Yield

One of the best gold firms currently on the market is Gold Stock #1.

Once the "Shanghai 'Spending Spree'" takes hold... and investors around the world finally wake up to the fact that the majority of the world's gold is no longer for sale... prices will skyrocket. And when this happens, this gold miner could see shares soar over 218%.

You see, that's how much higher share prices were just three years ago... when gold was trading at $1,740 per ounce. Should gold surpass $1,900 per ounce... and I believe it will within the next 12 months...this firm's gains could be even bigger.

The company made nearly $1.2 billion through the first six months of 2013. And that's after paying for operating expenses, general and administrative expenses, interest on debt, and taxes.

That's a strong performance. And at today's share price, you can buy this firm at an 8.1 multiple to its cash reserves.

It's quite simply one of the best deals I've ever seen in the gold space.

Gold Stock #1 is also one of the few firms making enough money to cover its capital costs. During the past year, the company spent $1.1 billion on capital costs at its mines around the world. Even if this spending pace keeps up for the rest of the year, the firm can cover these expenses from cash flow -- without dipping into its cash reserves or taking on more debt.

Few gold producers today can say the same. Barrick Gold, for example, will be about $1.5 billion short of covering its capital spending this year, based on outlays during the first half of last year.

This financial strength means Gold Stock #1 should be able to control its own destiny over the next several months, avoiding the bad deals and distressed debt sales that cash-strapped firms may be forced into to survive.

This firm already owns two of the world's largest gold mines

Make no mistake... this is not some risky upstart that has yet to prove itself viable. This firm already owns highly profitable, long-lived core assets. Its mines have been reliably making money for decades.

You can see this in the company's cash flow statements. Of the $1.2 billion in operating profits the company made during the second quarter of this year, two-thirds came from two mining centers in Nevada and Peru.

Having proven core operations gives the company the certainty it needs to survive and prosper. The last thing you want during a period of lower metals prices is surprise cost overruns or production cuts -- the kinds of things that often happen as newer, less established mines ramp up.

Few gold miners are fortunate enough to hold one decades-proven asset, let alone two, especially on the scale of this firms holdings -- both of which rank in the top five largest gold mining centers in the world by output.

Today is a fantastic time to invest in this firm. In fact, the share prices are the lowest we've seen in a decade. While there is always risk in investing... getting in at such a cheap price greatly reduces downside risk while maximizing upside potential.

And last but not least -- this firm currently pays a 5% dividend -- a rich yield almost unheard of in this industry.

Gold Stock #2 The Best Value I've Seen in Over a Decade

As discussed above, the gold sector is one of the best investments you can make in commodities today. In fact, gold might be one of the best investments period.

There are a few factors that make Gold Stock #2 an especially strong opportunity.

First, this firm is a low-cost producer. The company's all-in sustaining cost to produce an ounce of gold across its large production base in the United States, South America, Africa and Russia was $1,072 in the most recent quarter.

That ranks among the top three firms in the gold space in terms of costs.

These lower costs mean the company is still making good profits, even when gold prices dip. In the most recent quarter, the company generated cash of $461 million. Even after paying off capital expenditures, this left a solid $127 million available cash left over.

That is a stunning performance relative to other firms.

In fact, my analysis shows that this company is one of the only gold producers generating positive cash after capital expenses are taken into account.

All of this means the company will prosper in the current environment of rising gold prices.

(And even if gold fell 30% from today's prices -- this firm would still be in the black. Now... THAT's amazing).

You're also taking on very little risk with Gold Stock #2 at today's fire-sale prices. As I write this company is trading for the best price in over a dozen years.

To top it all off, the firm is in a strong financial position. This miner has $1.2 billion in cash. And its debt-to-equity ratio of just 0.3 is lower than its peers.

High-margin operations, a low share price, and a strong net cash reserve make this one of the best ways to play the gold space today.

So... before I continue, I'd like to send you a FREE report right now with the names and ticker symbols of the two gold stocks I just mentioned... plus two more.

In just a second I'll tell you how... but first I want you to remember this:

Regardless of a commodity's spot price, successful exploration can lead to a profit... because there will always be a buyer.
In 1996, gold was approaching historic lows in the high $300s... investors were dropping gold interests like moldy fruit.

But when a tiny, four-year-old Vancouver company called Arequipa Resources discovered potentially rich gold deposits in Peru, Barrick Gold Corporation, North America's biggest gold producer, jumped on it.

Shares of Arequipa Resources rarely broke $2, but this $8 million buyout sent shares screaming up to $27.

And the lucky folks who saw this
coming enjoyed a 1,250% return.

In 1995, Diamond Fields Resources, a junior exploration company out of Vancouver, enjoyed a similar success story.

It paid a couple of prospectors to explore the other end of Canada, in the cold wastes of Labrador, where they found what would potentially be the richest, lowest-cost nickel deposit in the world.

At the time, nickel was experiencing a historic low of around $8 per pound (eight years earlier, in 1987 it was near $20... and 11 years later in 2006 it broke $50).

Time and again we see how the exploration sector delivers stratospheric returns... and we have a similar set-up in gold today.

My Latest Report --"The Best Gold Stocks to Profit from the Shanghai 'Spending Spree'"

China's recent "stealth" buying, combined with rising gold prices, is about to send demand for gold through the roof.

Yet... we still have the chance to buy gold stocks at some of the lowest valuations we've seen in the last 12 years.

My friends... as far as investing goes... it just doesn't get much better.

And that's why I've put all my latest research into a brand new report entitled, "The Best Gold Stocks to Profit from the Shanghai 'Spending Spree'."

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