The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever
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The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, John Kerry, Paul Ryan, John Boehner... maybe even YOUR own Congressman already owns many of these stocks.

Now regular Americans like you and me can pull back the curtain and buy these "Forever" stocks, too. Watch to get the names and tickers of these stocks...

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The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, John Kerry, John Boehner... maybe even YOUR own Congressman already owns many of these stocks.

Now regular Americans like you and me can pull back the curtain and buy these "Forever" stocks, too.

My advice: Buy them, forget about them, and let them make you rich.

Read below to get the names and tickers of these stocks...

Dear Reader,

Around our research office in Austin, Texas, we just call them our "Forever" stocks. We've talked about them so much over the past few months, the nickname is just easier. Everyone here knows exactly what we're talking about.

Put simply, this is the set of stocks so reliable that you can buy today and hold for the rest of your life. They have beaten the market for decades... because they share a few key traits that I'll explain later in this report. When you own them, you no longer need to worry about inflation or deflation... bear markets or recessions... flash-crashes or fiscal cliffs.

For example...

I've got more details on each of these ideas -- including several names and ticker symbols -- a little later in today's report. Just know that this sort of "worry-free" performance is why many of the world's richest investors, politicians, and businessmen have owned shares of these stocks for decades, using them to profit in any sort of market.

Let me show you what I mean...

One of our "Forever" stocks is owned by 23 members of Congress. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-WI) reports that via his wife, he has a stake of up to $500,000 of the stock. And in 2012 (last year that data was available), that stake earned at least $15,000 in dividends from the shares... and maybe as much as $50,000.

You can see for yourself in his latest financial disclosure I had our research team dig up on the Representative, courtesy of OpenSecrets.org:

Michael McCaul (R-TX), the fifth-wealthiest member of Congress also has a stake in this stock worth up to $500,000. Here's the funny thing. When you find a stock that a herd of Congressmen love... you usually find that some of the richest people in the world also invest in it. It's almost like there is a direct link between the two...

In fact, Representative Sensenbrenner and his wife could shake hands with the world's second richest man -- Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim -- at this company's annual meeting. That's because along with a couple dozen members of Congress, Mr. Slim also has a stake in this world-dominating company... owning more than 17,000 shares worth $1.4 million. It's the same story with another "Forever" stock we found. It's owned by dozens of the market's biggest players. Legendary investment firm Fidelity owns 18,470,000 shares worth more than $8 billion. Goldman Sachs owns another 2,300,000 shares.

More than 30 members of Congress also own the stock. That includes Jane Harman -- the third-richest member of Congress, who had an estimated net worth of $326 million in 2010 (the last year of available data). That is to say she was the third-richest member of Congress. Ms. Harman resigned in 2011. At last count, she held over $315,000 in this company's stock. This company also counts Secretary of State and former senator John Kerry (D-MA) as an investor. His stake is worth up to $1.7 million.

John Kennedy III (D-MA) owns up to $550,000 of this one. Even Paul Ryan, the Republican VP candidate in the last election, has a small stake in this stock. But what's most surprising about this select group of 10 stocks we've identified? It's not the fact that millionaire Congressmen... or Wall Street mega-firms like Fidelity and Goldman Sachs... are lining their pockets with the shares. Instead, it's that everyday investors like you, your family, and your friends are able to invest in these exact same companies.

Let me be clear -- these ideas ARE NOT solely reserved for Congressmen, billionaires, or the elite.

In fact, people just like you have been making money from these types of stocks for decades...

George A. from Weatherford, Oklahoma says he's held shares of General Electric for 45 years. During that time, his holdings have turned from $27,000 to $108,000... while also paying him "tons" of dividends.

Arthur R. of Sandy Springs, Georgia tells us he invested in 200 shares of Automatic Data Processing at just $8.00 per share. After holding about five years, and watching his number of shares balloon in a series of splits, he sold at $59.90. His original $1,600 investment turned into $106,000 when Arthur sold.

Tony R. of Reading, Massachusetts bought $2,000 of Esso -- Exxon's predecessor -- more than 50 years ago. "I never purchased any more, I just reinvested dividends. For years it was the only stock I owned."

Tony says that stake topped out at more than $100,000.

Now, I'm not here to tell you about General Electric or Exxon. They've treated long-term investors very well, but I don't want to hold them forever now. I've found a new breed of stocks I think are much better "Forever" candidates.

My name is Dave Forest. I'm an analyst atStreetAuthority, one of the country's fastest-growing financial research firms.

I work closely with Paul Tracy, who started StreetAuthority more than a decade ago -- literally from his kitchen table. It's funny to think about now, but I can tell you back then he tried to keep our humble start a secret.

But then a funny thing happened...

People began to see we knew what we were talking about at StreetAuthority. We were making investors money.

Gradually more investors learned about us. Then our analysis started to appear on AOL, TheStreet.com, Nasdaq.com, and Yahoo Finance. That brought more readers.

Over the years, our business has grown like a weed. We now employ more than 50 people, and we have analysts and researchers from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Today, we publish our research to over 2 million readers in 175 countries.

But I think the research we've done on our "10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever" might be our most important to date...

I'll get into more details on our 10 "Forever" stocks -- including some specific names and ticker symbols -- later on in today's report.

But first, I want to tell you something that a broker never would. It makes it clear that holding a stock forever may be the smartest investing decision you'll ever make...

The Priceless Stock Market Wisdom You'll Never Get From Your Broker

Your broker would never suggest holding a stock forever. He'd go broke! The more you trade in and out of stocks, the more money he makes. I personally use E*Trade. They are always trying to sell me on using their latest and greatest trading tools. They'd never recommend that I buy a stock and simply hold it... letting the shares pay me year after year. They want commissions.

I don't mean to single out E*Trade. Scottrade, TDAmeritrade, nearly every brokerage house... they all push for you buy and sell frequently.

Now, I'm not knocking trading. I've seen plenty of people make money that way. But it's not for me. And if you're reading this research, I bet it's not for you either. Here's the good news...

You don't have to trade every day... or every week... or even every yearto beat the market. In fact, your success actually increases the fewer trades you make and the longer you hold.

I'll give you the specifics in a minute, but for now just keep in mind that investors in the S&P 500 have NEVER suffered a loss in a 20-year period. They have always ended up ahead of the game providing they held onto their stocks.

Of course, we all know you can't say the same for holding stocks for a year or two. When you hold stocks for a short period of time, your odds of losing money go way up.

And you can lose a boatload of money in a hurry...

In fact, the S&P 500 once dropped -44.8% in a single year. But overall the 20-year stretches we've examined since 1950 (and there have been hundreds of these rolling periods), stocks have always moved higher. No wonder Warren Buffett says his favorite holding period "forever."

I love the sound of that. In fact... I'm convinced that the simplest way to turn any amount of money into a windfall is to find a stock you want to hold forever, invest, and then forget about it.

But it's not just me.

Listen to the story of Grace Groner.

Grace lived nearly her entire life in Lake Forest, Illinois, about 45 minutes north of Chicago. After she graduated from Lake Forest College in 1931, Grace was hired as a secretary at Abbott Laboratories, where she worked for more than four decades.

Grace never earned an impressive salary as a secretary. She never drove a fancy car. According to the Los Angeles Times, she got her clothes from garage sales. She lived in a one-bedroom house that was willed to her when a friend passed.

But in 1935, a few years after she started her job at Abbott Labs, she bought three shares of the company's stock for about $60 per share. Her total investment was under $200.

As I bet you can guess, Grace never sold those shares. Through dividends, share splits, and dividend reinvestment, when she died in 2010, her three share purchase was worth $7 million. She left it all to her alma mater.

Anne Scheiber did almost the exact same thing. She started with $5,000 in 1944, buying shares of market leaders like Schering-Plough, Coca-Cola, and Bristol-Myers. According to those close to her, Anne hated to sell because she couldn't stand paying commissions.

When she died in 1996, her $5,000 initial investment had turned into $22 million.

Now, I don't expect you to turn $5,000 into $22 million. These are special cases. But right now, everyday investors like you are buying into "Forever" stocks, holding for the long-term, and making small fortunes of their own...

Robert R. of The Villages, Florida says he bought 1,000 shares of Exxon in 1973... Today he owns 16,000 shares. His favorite thing about investing in "Forever" stocks? "You don't have to worry about constantly trying to beat the market," says Robert.

George A. from Seattle, Washington has a similar story. George says he bought $2,000 of Apple and $2,000 of Amazon back in October 2000.About 10 years later, he says his Apple shares were worth $60,100 and the Amazon shares were worth $11,600.

William M. is an investor in Boynton Beach, Florida who says he's held over 60 stocks for more than 35 years. He bought just 5 shares of AT&T in 1950.

When we last heard from him, he said thanks to splits, spin-offs, and dividends, he owned 4,000-plus shares of the stock! That's worth well over $100,000 at current prices. William also told us he's been retired 27 years, is a member of two private country clubs, and has homes in both Florida and Massachusetts.

But my favorite story is from Edwin C. of San Diego. I'll let him tell you himself...

"I started out investing on a monthly basis in Exxon and Duke Energy, and then in the Oakmark Equity and Income Fund. I never sold any positions. Today, 10 years later I have $109,000 in Oakmark and $50,000 each in Exxon and Duke. When I get my annual pay raise, I increase my automatic monthly investment by 50% of the raise. Pay yourself first! I am a multimillionaire with no college education, just a 20-year Navy career behind me."

But why? How is it that holding a stock "Forever" seems time and time again to make the biggest difference in your overall success?

My research staff uncovered two big reasons...

"Forever" Advantage #1: The Best Way We've Found to Make Triple-Digit Gains (Your Odds Get 60x Better)

If you want to see the best reason why investing "Forever" is the smartest way to let the market make you rich, the table below gives you a big hint...

I ran a simple stock screen on my research team's Bloomberg terminal. I wanted to find all the stocks in the United States that have returned more than 500% in the past year. To make sure we were dealing with solid companies, I only included companies with positive earnings. And to weed out the fly-by-night penny stocks, I had to kick out anything with a tiny market cap under $100 million.

You can see the results for yourself. Just 3 stocks survived the cut -- out of 6,462 traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Talk about looking for a needle in a haystack! What's more, I bet you've never even heard of these stocks... much less own any of them. I sure hadn't.

Now here's the interesting part. I ran the exact same screen again... only I changed the time period to the past 10 years. The results are night and day.

Over the past 10 years, 181 stocks returned more than 500%. That's almost 60 times as many as the past year! Lesson: if you can hold on for a decade, you're 60 times as likely to hit it big.

That's because the market's greatest stocks take years to reach their full potential.

They won't do it in one year... or even two or three years. But give them enough time for their business plans to bear fruit, and you will see your gains steadily compound into the sort of wealth that can change your life.

Take a well-known case -- shares of Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL). Apple has been one of the market's best performers for years. But even in the stock's best one-year period, investors made 289%.

I wouldn't sneeze at a 289% gain, but anyone who bought for a year sold themselves way short.

You can see from my chart that Apple wasn't done after six months or a year...

Since 2003, Apple has gained 7,838%. That's an average annual gain of 47%... and enough to turn every $10,000 invested into more than $780,000.

Owning a stock like Apple for a short period is like ordering a 7-course meal and only sticking around for the appetizer. Sure you get a taste... but wouldn't you rather have the whole meal?

And today, I'm seeing a similar setup to what has happened with Apple...

This "Forever" stock is the one owned by Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, and two dozen Congressmen. Like Apple, this stock has long been a darling of Wall Street. Since it first went public in 2004, it's returned 1,090%.

Like Apple, when this company first surfaced, it appeared to be a one-trick pony, offering one main service. But in the past year, this company has shown itself to be a force that could change the world. Its cutting-edge technology is already spreading into several industries -- which may be why CNBC's Jon Steinberg described the company as "the conglomerate of the future." While shares have gone up quadruple digits since the company launched just a decade ago... they still aren't anywhere near where they could -- or should -- be trading at.

This company makes a product you probably use every day. Heck, in my line of work, I use it dozens of times a day.

It owns a dominant 65% of its primary market... and more than a billion of people rely on this company.

That sort of dominance has done wonders for business, although you wouldn't know it by looking at the stock, which I think is extremely undervalued right now. There's nothing wrong with its profit and loss statement, that's for sure. In fact, only 17 companies in the world earn more profit per year than this "Forever" stock.

To put it simply, this business is a cash machine.

Maybe that's how it has built up more than $59 billion in cash on its books... which equals a staggering $86 per share -- or 15% of its share price. I've never seen anything like it.

But despite these statistics, shares are trading at half their 2009 valuations -- even though profits have increased 98% since then. If that screams buying opportunity to you... you're not alone.

I'll give you the name of this company a little later. But first, I want to show you one more reason why owning a stock forever may be the smartest investment move you've ever made...

"Forever" Advantage #2: Investing this Way Is Much Safer

This one is undeniable: Owning stocks forever reduces your risk of losing money. Of course, it doesn't guarantee you'll make money. Not even a CD will give you a guaranteed profit these days, after inflation takes its cut. But what I can guarantee you is that the longer you hold, the more likely you are to come out ahead.

I'm not blowing smoke here. Decades of data back it up.

In fact, when I started preparing this research report, the first thing I did was go through the annual results of the S&P 500, going all the way back to 1950. That's 62 years of data.

You can see what I found in my chart...

On a rolling annual basis, the S&P 500 has dropped 16 times over a 1-year period since 1950... but zero times in any 20-year period.

This trend is clear as day. The longer you hold an investment, the better your chances of making money. And there's no longer holding period than forever.

But I'd bet you already knew holding for the long-term is smart. Many of the market's brightest minds -- including Warren Buffett -- have heralded the powers of long-term investing.

Know why I think this approach works so well? Because it's so hard! The fact is, it's tough to do anything for a long time -- even when you're doing "nothing" by simply leaving a stock alone. Holding through thick and thin means that you'll experience bear markets, recessions, and the occasional panic. I'm sorry to say there's no way to avoid these facts of investing life when you buy a forever stock.

Fortunately, as with so many endeavors in life, the harder you work the sweeter the reward. If you take away one thing from this bulletin today, I hope it's this: if you do it right, you don't need nerves of steel to hold for the long term... if you're in the right stocks.

Hear me out...

I've run the numbers on my 10 "Forever" stocks during the nasty bear market from October 9, 2007 until March 9, 2009 -- when the S&P 500 dropped a nauseating 56.8%. In a crash that vicious and widespread, you'd think everyone got crushed, right?


If you had owned our 10 "Forever" stocks during that nasty bear market, you would have had a much better experience than the average investor. Only 2 stocks of the 10 fell more than the S&P 500 during the bear market. And since the bull market returned, those stocks have come back with a vengeance... doubling or tripling the S&P 500 in the following year.

As for the other 8 picks? Well three of them weren't listed until after the bear market, so I left them out of our calculations to be fair. The rest fell an average of 25% lessthan the broader market.

And the vast majority of these picks beat the S&P 500 on the way back up. So not only has this select group of stocks held up better in down markets... they've also whipped the S&P 500 in bull markets.

See for yourself...

It's like having your cake and eating it too.

Now, I'll be honest. There's a major caveat. You can't just buy any stock, hold it forever, and expect to come out ahead. The market is littered with Enrons, Worldcoms, even General Motors. Holding forever didn't matter a lick with them.

That's why my staff and I have put so much time, effort, and money into completing our list of 10 "Forever" stocks. This project took about six months, and it wasn't cheap. By my back-of-the-napkin calculation, the total cost of gathering, analyzing and distributing this data comes to about $1.3 million.

But that's a bargain if it can give thousands of investors a lifetime of protection and profits going forward. You see, the performance of these 10 special stocks in the bear market wasn't a fluke. It's one of the main reasons why I selected them in the first place. What's more, this handful of stocks show strong signs they could continue to make investors wealthy for years to come.

When you invest in companies like the dominant monopoly with a 4.9% dividendyield that I'll tell you about in a moment, you can sleep well at night knowing that your money has a great chance of growing year-in and year-out for decades to come.

If you want to read all our research on this select group of "Forever" stocks, I've put everything together in a research report titled The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever.

Even better, I want to give you unrestricted access to this report right now. Keep reading to learn how to claim your copy...

Just Released: The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever

I discovered long ago that you don't need a room full of supercomputers to make money in stocks. All you need to do is buy a handful of "Forever" stocks. Of course the buying part is easy. The hard part is finding these rare gems in the first place.

You'll know you've found a "Forever" stock when you find a company doing three vital things:

1) paying its investors a fat dividend...

2) digging a deep moat around its business to fend off competitors, and...

3) buying back massive amounts of its own stock, driving up the value of the rest of the shares.

One of my own personal "Forever" stock favorites is Colgate-Palmolive (NYSE: CL). I've recommended it for quite some time now and it has made me plenty of money.

Colgate meets all three "Forever" stock criteria: With a stable of iconic brands like Colgate toothpaste, Irish Spring soap, AJAX commercial cleaner and more, Colgate is a household name, with a deep moat against would be competitors.

The company has paid a dividend every quarter since 1977 and has raised its payout at least once per year. Meanwhile, Colgate has repurchased 186 million of its outstanding shares over the past decade... and the stock is up 227%.

Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) is another great business that qualifies as a forever stock. Years ago, I saw the explosion in demand for agricultural commodities from fast growing markets like China, and recommended Deere because of its sheer market dominance in its global industry Not only does the company one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment in the world, the firm dominates the North American equipment market, with a market share above 66%.

Since 2004, Deere has raised its dividend more than 264% and has repurchased more than $1.1 billion worth of its own shares, boosting share values. The stock has soared over 200% in the past decade, rising from about $30 (split-adjusted) to more than $90 a share.

I have always tried to buy businesses that are so good that I wouldn't have to worry about their stocks. That way, I could hold them as long as I wanted before I cashed out. I assumed other sensible investors thought the same way. But as the market crashed in 2008 and on into 2009, I noticed something disturbing. Thousands... even millions of investors started dumping what I knew were good long-haul investments.

By the time the S&P 500 hit bottom on March 9, 2009 investors sat in shock -- numb, with their portfolios cut in half by the 56.8% drop in the overall market. Some of my colleagues even vowed to never invest again. But at StreetAuthority we saw something completely different. We saw a historic buying opportunity. We didn't wait. So we backed up the truck and scooped up the most undervalued stocks we could find. StreetAuthority founder Paul Tracy bought tens of thousands of dollars of stocks for himself and he urged our subscribers to do the same.

Over the next 12 months, stocks would rebound over 60%, sending those shares soaring. Looking back on that jarring experience, we noticed that when the going got rough, investors dumped some of the most dominant companies on the planet -- the exact type of stocks they should hold forever.

This turned out to be exactly the WRONG thing to do. So the StreetAuthority team got together and started work on a master list of stocks that investors could hold forever. They could simply buy the shares and forget about them. They wouldn't have to worry about what the market is doing... or interest rates... or GDP... or inflation.
They wouldn't have to worry whether Washington ever gets its act together on the debt and deficit. Basically, we wanted to show investors that investing doesn't have to be complicated. And you don't have to watch the stock market every day to make money.

Companies like that can make you money no matter what. Once you find them, the rest is simple -- just buy their shares and forget about them.

Now that we've completed our list of "forever" stocks I'd like to share them with you in... The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever.

To claim your copy, with full details and profiles of all 10 "Forever" picks, I only ask that you try a trial subscription to my monthly advisory -- Top 10 Stocks.

But before you even think about that, let me tell you a bit more about this select group of companies...

"Forever Stock" #1: The "Rockefeller" Stock I Want to Buy and Hold Forever

He is the richest person in the history.

Warren Buffett? At his peak, Buffett's wealth is less than one-fifth this man's fortune.

Bill Gates doesn't even come close. Neither does Walmart founder Sam Walton or telecom magnate -- and one of the richest men in the world -- Carlos Slim.

The oil tycoon was not only the richest man in history... he had more money than Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Carlos Slim combined. None of these poor guys can hold a candle to the $336 billion fortune (adjusted for inflation) amassed by John D. Rockefeller.

But when I tell you I've found my "Rockefeller" investment, I'm not saying it because I think it will make us billionaires -- although I wouldn't complain if it did.

No, I call it my "Rockefeller" investment because of what this company invests in.

This "Forever" stock owns a rare breed of assets that are nearly impossible for small investors like you and me to purchase directly. Typically only industrial titans like Rockefeller can buy them.

Most people know Rockefeller became rich via his company, Standard Oil. But when you look closely at exactly WHY Rockefeller got rich, you realize Standard Oil didn't turn Rockefeller into a billionaire simply because it was in the oil business.

No. Standard Oil made Rockefeller the richest man in history because the company held a monopoly in its market... while also paying a fat dividend on the shares he held.

And now, I've found an investment -- Brookfield Infrastructure (NYSE: BIP) -- that lets you own stakes in dozens of infrastructure monopolies across the entire world, and in addition to capital gains, it pays investors a 4.9% dividend each year to own it. Thanks to its Standard Oil-style business model, this company is raking in practically guaranteed revenues from one of the most compelling portfolios I've ever seen.

The partnership owns ports all over Europe... toll roads in South America... railroads in Australia... and thousands of miles of electric power lines in the United States and Canada. These assets are just about impossible to compete with. No one is going to build another electric grid or a new port next to one already in place.

I can only think of one, maybe two, other places where you can invest in a stable group of monopolistic holdings this broad from all over the planet.

But any "Rockefeller" idea would be incomplete if it ignored dividends. After all, it was Rockefeller who once quipped "Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It's to see my dividends coming in."

Right now BIP pays $0.48 per unit each quarter. That's a 75% increase since 2010and gives the units a yield of 4.9%.

But I think that distribution is going to rise in the years ahead. Brookfield states its aim is to raise its distributions 3%-7% a year, while also aiming to return 60%-70% of its income to investors in the form of dividends.

How many other outfits explicitly tell you that their major goal is to increase distributions... and to do so faster than inflation? That's just a peek at one of the remarkable locked-in profit plays you'll see in The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever.

And I still have 9 more to give you...

"Forever" Stock #2: The "Market Darling" With $86 Per Share of Cash

I mentioned a few of the details about this stock earlier in today's report.

It's the one owned by Goldman Sachs. They own $2.6 billion of the stock alone.

More than 30 U.S. Congressmen also own shares.

I'm talking about Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) -- one of the most dominant companies on the planet -- and one that I want to own forever... especially at these prices.

And guess what... this stock is also being praised by Charlie Munger -- Warren Buffett's second in command.

"Google has a huge new moat," Munger said. "In fact I've probably never seen such a wide moat. Their moat is filled with sharks."

Munger is famous for loving companies with wide "economic moats" -- advantages that keep competitors from gaining territory against a business.

And Google has plenty of those...

It's the most dominant company on the entire Internet. Depending on whom you cite, it owns no less than a 65% of the online search market, and possibly upwards of 90%.

Moreover, it offers email... online documents... mapping tools... and dozens of other free utilities -- all in an effort to get its advertising platform in front of more eyeballs.

Its web advertising platform controls nearly 40% of the market (and growing)... about triple its nearest rival. And online advertising is still in its infancy. It's expected to jump 15% this year.

That's just the beginning. Google has managed to build a functioning driverless car -- a whole fleet of them. They've driven themselves hundreds of thousands of miles with a perfect safety record in all sorts of settings, including heavy city traffic and poor road conditions. A four-way stop? Parallel parking? No problem.

Google's also introduced new web-based software that compiles life-saving data for cancer researchers and surgeons that will improve treatment and reduce costs. The tech-savvy company has even entered the field of robotics, with robots that can walk, run and even think on their own.

This near monopoly of a company has built up a cash stockpile of $59 billion... or $86 PER SHARE. That means Google could afford to pay every investor a dividend of nearly $86 per share and still not skip a beat.

Despite these statistics, shares are trading at half their 2009 valuations -- even though profits have increased 98% since then!

Sometimes the market just doesn't make sense. But I think the solution is pretty simple in this case. Buy the shares now... and hold them forever.

In fact, I think that's the right plan for the rest of our 10 "Forever" stocks...

Here's the Best Way For YOU to Start Making Money With These 10 Forever" Ideas

I've bought and sold millions of dollars of stocks over the years, but I wish I had realized one thing sooner -- it's the few investments you simply buy and hold forever that make the biggest difference to your long-term wealth..

That's why we put together The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever. I send it to every reader of my Top 10 Stocks advisory because it gives them an instant portfolio that requires no supervision... and that is virtually guaranteed to appreciate.

The report is a great starting point for any investor who wants to see what "Forever" stocks can do for them. Most people like the report so much that they become "Forever" investors themselves. When they start getting a new "Forever" stock every month in Top 10 Stocks and see how well our system works, most of them wonder why they didn't start investing this way years before.

Why don't you let me send you the next issue of Top 10 Stocks? I think you'll find it's an unusually helpful advisory...

For starters, Top 10 Stocks is much than the work of just one analyst. That's because I spend my days working side by side with some of the smartest investment minds in the country -- the analysts who run StreetAuthority's eight specialized investment advisories. I have a bird's eye view of all their portfolios. And I can see all their research before it is released.

Being surrounded by so much investment brainpower gives me an edge most investors don't have... and I'd be stupid not to take advantage of it. So every month I dig through all eight advisories looking for "Forever" stocks. Whenever I find a worthy candidate, I present it in Top 10 Stocks.

My top pick one month might be a Canadian trust yielding 13%... and the next month it might be an overlooked asset play that is so cheap it's selling for its cash in the bank. But it's always a company so strong, so entrenched and so shareholder-friendly that you should be able to hold it forever.

We started Top 10 Stocks less than two years ago and it's already StreetAuthority's most popular service. My readers tell me they like this simple approach to investing. I guess you could call Top 10 Stocks a best-of-the-best, "all-star" publication. Whatever you call it, subscribers seem to enjoy it...

"I like the concentrated portfolio and not being inundated with too many "great" ideas, just the ONE best per month and the overall 10 best to be kept in a portfolio."
-- Haviva G., Atlanta, Georgia

"The cream of the crop all in one! What's not to like?"
-- Tony P., Toronto, Ontario

"Don't change anything, you may break it. I think you are the best."
-- Bahij M., Newton, Pennsylvania

"I invested $10,000 each in two of your recommendations. I'm up $2,200 on one and up $1,000 on another."
—Jim M., Hobe Sound, Florida

"The amount of dividend payouts and gains pays for [Top 10 Stocks] very quickly. Totally worth it."
—Christopher P., League City, Texas

Here's What I Propose...

Now, there's no guarantee Top 10 Stocks will be the right publication for you. So here's what I suggest...

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Congress' Dirty Secret You Can Use to Your Advantage

I've talked a lot about the Congressmen who own some of our 10 "Forever" stocks... but you're still probably wondering... "Does it really matter if Congress owns shares or not?"

In a perfect world, it wouldn't. But in the real world of haves and have-nots, of insiders and outsiders... it turns out to matter a great deal. After all, only lawmakers have the full inside scoop on upcoming laws and regulations that help some businesses and devastate others. This inside information translates into a serious investing advantage.

In a study cited by Barron's, members of the House of Representatives beat investors like you and me by 6.8 percentage points a year. That's a HUGE margin. Say you invest $10,000 in the market at a 10% return. You'd have $25,937 in 10 years. But with their additional 6.8%, a House member would have $47,253 -- almost twice as much. No wonder 249 of the 535 members of Congress are millionaires. That's 47%! Only 5% of "regular" American households are worth more than $1 million.

As much as the whole situation stinks, it looks like Barron's is right when it says the "Holy Grail of investing has been found: get elected to U.S. Congress."

You may not like the fact that politicians have this unfair edge. I know I don't. But is it any wonder that the first place I went looking for my 10 "Forever" stocks was in Congress' own portfolios?

When you have a privileged class of investors whose insider access clues them into which stocks will go up fastest -- you would be a fool not to pay attention. Fortunately for researchers like me, a new law requires all members of Congress to publicly disclose information on their new stock buys within 45 days. (They previously had to disclose this information only once a year.) This lets us see more clearly than ever exactly what our "representatives" are buying.

I've gone through the latest filing of the Office of Public Records of the Secretary of the Senate. I put my findings in a special research report: Congress' Dirty Secret: The Most Popular Stocks Owned by Your Representatives.

In this report, I profile the six most popular stocks in Congress... and even show you how simple it is to dig up the details on what your local Congressman holds. You should try it... you'll find some fascinating stuff in these guys' portfolios.

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Dave Forest
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