The $1.925 Trillion "Dividend Vault" Buried Deep Inside the Federal Reserve
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The $1.925 Trillion "Dividend Vault"
Buried Deep Inside the Federal Reserve

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The $1.925 Trillion "Dividend Vault" Buried Deep Inside the Federal Reserve

Dear Reader,

Picture an enormous vault filled with billions of dollars.

Every day, more and more money is shoveled onto the pile.

Never has this much money been piled into the "Dividend Vault."

A few savvy investors are already cashing in on the "Dividend Vault."

Kirk C. from Indiana bought 310 shares of the "Dividend Vault" four years ago and has made "about $6,000 of unrealized gains plus about $2,400 in dividends."

And Neva M. from Sweet Home, Oregon is "currently earning $22,000 per year" from the "Dividend Vault."

By investing in the "Vault" today, you could also begin collecting a steady stream of income that gets bigger every year.

In fact, in a moment I'll give you the names and tickers of several "Dividend Vault" companies with yields up to 10%.

Just know that because of the magnitude of the "Dividend Vault" -- and because of how much money you could receive almost immediately -- it's no surprise that the mainstream press has jumped all over this story.

Time Magazine says, "Corporate America, flush with [Dividend Vaults], is finally sharing a bit more with shareholders. It's about time."

When Robert Zagunis, co-portfolio manager at Jensen Portfolio was asked about the "Dividend Vault," he said "It's really an embarrassment of riches."

And Herbert Lash of Reuters says that the "[Dividend Vault] screams 'buy' for investors."

It's also caught the attention of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and many of today’s top business leaders. They've been collecting regular checks from the "Dividend Vault" for years now.

In fact, Gates received around $107 million from the "Vault" on March 13, 2014.

These investors and many more are making serious money thanks to what started at a select few companies in 2009.

In short, a handful of companies created a "Dividend Vault" with billions of dollars inside it -- one of the largest cash stockpiles on earth.

Why did they create this "Vault"? And how can you access your share?

First the why...

These companies are seeing the same problems you are:

A mounting debt crisis...

Gridlock on Capitol Hill...

A tech boom followed by a tech bust in the early 2000s...

A real estate boom followed by a real estate bust in the late 2000s...

Facing these uncertainties and more, they took action.

For about 12 years now, they've been adding billions to the "Dividend Vault" at a rapid pace. One of them even poured in $22.9 billion in a single quarter in 2011. With that kind of money being added, you can imagine how big the "Dividend Vault" has become.

According to BusinessInsider.com, it has gotten to the point where "Corporate America Has An Epic [Dividend Vault]."

And according to information on an obscure form labeled "Z.1" buried deep inside the Federal Reserve's website, U.S. companies now have a combined "dividend vault" worth $1.9 trillion.

That's more money than the GDP of 183 countries.

It's also enough money to give every retiree a check for $112,264.

Now, I'm not saying that you'll get a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars tomorrow. But in this report I want to tell you all about the "Dividend Vault" that could help you begin collecting thousands... perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars a year for as long as you need or want it.

Here's how to get your cut of…

$39.5 Billion Worth of Payouts in 2014

My name, by the way, is Dave Forest. And I should mention that this isn't the first underreported opportunity we've discovered here at StreetAuthority.

Since opening our doors in 2001, we've reported on a number of "under the radar" investments.

For example...

  • In 2011 we found a small group of "Forever" stocks. Put simply, these are stocks we believe you can buy today and hold for the rest of your life. Dozens of congressmen and billionaire investors have been making a fortune off these stocks for decades. Now, thanks to our research, we've introduced millions of "regular" investors to these elite stocks.

    In the short time since we recommended them, these stocks have returned up to 198% -- more than tripling the market. That's in addition to increasing dividend payouts by as much as 300%.

  • In 2010 we discovered a way for investors to receive a "daily paycheck" from their income investments. Now investors are collecting an average of $1,352 a month in dividend income.

  • At a time when investors were flocking to U.S. Treasuries yielding practically nothing, we found more than 150 little-known companies paying yields of 12% and more.

These opportunities continue to help investors to this day. But as profitable as they are, I believe the "Dividend Vault" could be even better.

The amount of money being held is truly historic. But more importantly, several companies are beginning to open their "Vaults" right now.

One of these companies just unloaded $2.7 billion on November 14. Another dished out $909 million to shareholders on December 18th.

And based on our analysis, we can predict with a great degree of certainty that the "Dividend Vault" will likely make the following cash payments in 2014...

To get your share of the next payment, all you have to do is get your name on the "Dividend Vault" payment list. I'll show you exactly how to do this in just a minute.

Best of all, given the enormous size of the vault, as well as the fact that new money is being added to it all the time, these payments should continue for many, many years beyond 2014.

What the "Dividend Vault"
Could Mean For You

As a partial owner of the "Dividend Vault," you won't get a check for a billion dollars each month. And it probably won't make you rich overnight.

But if you act now, you could not only grab your share of the $39.5 billion in payments we've projected for 2014, but you could also lock in a growing stream of income for the next 5... 10... even 20 years or more.

Here's how this unusual opportunity works...

As an investor, the future payments you'll get from the "Dividend Vault" will depend on the percentage of the vault you own.

That makes perfect sense. As we all know, it takes money to make money. So the more you invest, the greater your checks should be.

But because the "Dividend Vault" is so big and the monthly payments are so large, the beauty is that even a TINY stake in the vault could help you reap a windfall of income in the coming months and years.

For example, investors who own just a 0.0000001 stake -- that's literally one ten-millionth -- of the "Dividend Vault" could receive checks totaling $3,950 this year.

And again... if you invest more, then your payments could be even larger. With just two ten-millionths of a percent interest in the "Dividend Vault," you could receive nearly $8,000 this year.

The next payments will be mailed out in the coming weeks. Act now, and you're all but certain to get your chunk of the billions scheduled to be paid out.

And looking further ahead, we're confident the vault will continue to make payments for decades. Remember, it's holding $1.9 trillion. Even after all $39.5 billion is paid out this year, that still leaves $1.84 trillion left in the vault for future payments in 2015 and beyond.

What's more, when you consider that billions are being added to the vault every month, it could end up being even bigger in 2015 than it is today.

So if you invest now, your income stream could actually end up being BIGGER next year than this year. That's helpful no matter what stage of life you're in… retired, working, or fresh out of college.

Regular folks who've invested in the "Dividend Vault" have already made a tremendous amount of money with as little as a few thousand dollars.

  • George A. from Weatherford, Oklahoma, held shares of a "Dividend Vault" company for 45 years. During that time, his holdings have turned from $27,000 to $108,000... while also paying him "tons" of dividends.
  • Tony R. of Reading, Massachusetts, bought $2,000 of another "Dividend Vault" company and held it for more than 50 years. "I never purchased any more, I just reinvested dividends. For years, it was the only stock I owned."

    Tony says that stake topped out at more than $100,000.

Too often in the investment world, insiders get the lion's share of the money, and regular investors only get the leftovers. But today, you could get in right as the next batch of cash is beginning to be paid out.

To get you started, I've identified 13 companies -- out of the hundreds contributing to the massive $1.9 trillion "Dividend Vault" -- that are best positioned to pay out massive amounts and possibly see large capital gains.

For years these companies were simply stuffing more money in their vaults. Now they've opened them up and are paying out enormous sums to shareholders.

But what's important to remember is that they aren't just paying out conventional dividends.

In fact, after looking at these companies' financial reports, my team and I discovered that they are primarily opening their "vaults" in three unique ways -- some of which you may not be familiar with.

Let me tell you about the first way...

Vault Combination Part One - An Unusual Dividend That Gives You 45% Yield From a Stock Yielding 3%

Did you know that Warren Buffett gets a 50% dividend yield on his shares of Coca-Cola?

It seems impossible. If you or I were to buy shares today, we'd earn a yield around 3%.

How does Buffett do it? He uses a simple investment trick that many successful investors use… a trick you could use today to potentially earn yields as high as 85% in just a few years.

Let me show you how it works...

When most investors want a big dividend check, they focus solely on the stock's current yield. They think bigger equals better.

To some extent they're right. Clearly, a higher dividend puts more cash in your pocket.

But you also need to consider a company's dividend growth. This can quickly turn a lower-yielding stock into a big income producer.

Savvy investors know this and use it to their advantage. When Buffett bought shares of Coca-Cola in 1988, it yielded a modest 4%. But since then, the company has grown its dividend every year, to the point where it's giving Buffett a 50% yield on his original investment today.

Fortunately, thanks to the "Dividend Vault" you could start getting insanely high yields, too.

In fact, you could get nearly the same yield as Buffett has enjoyed with Coca-Cola… and in a lot shorter time, too.

You see, with billions and billions in cash, my 13 favorite "Dividend Vault" companies are some of the biggest dividend growers on the market.

Take "Dividend Vault" Stock #1, for example. It has one of the biggest "vaults" in corporate history -- $48 billion (by comparison, Coca-Cola's "vault" is $20 billion). Rather than let that money just sit there, this company started paying a dividend in March of 2011.

But here's the kicker...

Since then this company has already raised its dividend 133%. That means a $1,000 annual dividend check has turned into $2,330 in less than two years.

And given that the company still has $48 billion left in its "Dividend Vault," it could easily continue to hike its dividend going forward.

Look at what would happen if it grew its dividend at the same pace for just 5 years...

Can you imagine getting a 45% dividend yield? That would mean a $10,000 investment today would pay out $4,500 in dividends alone every year.

Now, there's no guarantee this company will keep up this crazy pace of dividend growth.

But just think… even if the company increased its dividend half that much, you'd still be earning a 22% yield on your original investment in five years. And this is from one of the safest companies on the planet (remember, it has a $45 billion "Dividend Vault").

Whatever the exact dividend yield ends up being, with $48 billion in cash, "Dividend Vault" Stock #1 could grow its dividend for as long as Coca-Cola has -- 50 years. And you have the rare chance to get in on these payouts from the very beginning.

I'll give you this company's name in a minute. But before I go any further, I need to tell you about the second way these elite companies are paying their shareholders.

It's just as lucrative as the first...

Vault Combination Part Two -- "Tax-Free Dividends"

As I just showed you, many "Dividend Vault" companies are paying investors bigger and bigger dividends. That income stream could be yours to spend how you see fit. To go on a luxury vacation, to pay your monthly bills, to reinvest, etc.

But that's not the only thing these companies are doing with their cash. They are also giving out what I like to call "Tax-Free Dividends."

Many top companies issue these "dividends." They are a favorite of Warren Buffett and many other billionaire investors.

They work like traditional dividends, but with one major difference -- they are tax-free.

There's a good chance you've received one of these "tax-free dividends" before and didn't even realize it. That's because companies don't "issue" them in the traditional way. They do so by buying back shares of their own stock.

You see, when a company buys back its own stock, it's similar to paying you a tax-free dividend. A buyback makes every share you own worth a larger piece of the company pie, but you don't have to pay taxes on your new portion of ownership.

On top of that, studies have shown that the share price usually rises afterwards.

One study by U.K.-investment group Shore Capital found that stocks with the biggest buybacks returned nearly four times more than the market over the past decade.

To add to that, there's a fund that invests only in companies that buy back more than 5% of their shares. It's called the PowerShares Buyback Achievers Portfolio.

Even with the market having one of its best years
ever in 2013, it paled in comparison to this fund.

That's why I'm so excited about "Dividend Vault" Stock #2.

Since going public in 2008, this company has repurchased 438 million shares (more than 26% of all shares outstanding, worth $26 billion).

Not surprisingly, it's beaten the market year after year.

Since it began trading, shares have returned more than twice the S&P.

And this company isn't even close to slowing down. It continues to dominate a global market... and it recently announced that it plans to repurchase approximately $14 billion of stock over the next two years.

This is exactly the type of company that could reward you for decades.

Even better, the share price has gone through a rare dip in the past few months. So if you act quickly, you have the chance to get in at a bargain price.

I'll bring you more details in a moment. But first, here's the third way "Dividend Vault" companies are paying out their cash...

Vault Combination Part #3 -- The Companies that Pay Nine Years of Dividends in One Day

December 2, 2004 was a pretty good day for Steve Ballmer. On that day, the 49-year-old CEO of Microsoft received a dividend check worth $1.2 billion.

Bill Gates, co-founder and Chairman of Microsoft at the time also got a big check. He collected more money in dividends than most people could earn in a thousand lifetimes -- nearly $3.4 billion.

If you think these two men received these checks because they were Microsoft executives who owned a lot of company stock, you're right... but only partially.

There's another reason they got this massive payday... a reason that could bring you thousands of dollars in 2013.

See, most dividend-paying stocks pay quarterly. Occasionally, you'll find a stock that pays monthly. To most investors, that's as good as income investing gets.

But what the majority of investors don't realize is this:

It's possible for you to collect 9 years of quarterly dividend payments (or more) in just one day.

Over the years, thousands of everyday investors have experienced this. When Gates and Ballmer were receiving billions that late fall day, thousands of everyday investors across the country also got checks for $1,000... $2,000... possibly even $50,000 or more.

They received these large payouts because Microsoft issued what is called a "special dividend."

Here's how these dividends work...

Imagine buying 1,000 shares in a company and getting paid $0.08 a share every quarter. This is fairly common. After a quarter, you'd have $80, and after a year, $320. That's a nice sum... but it's nothing to get too excited about.

Now, imagine that one of those quarterly payments wasn't $0.08... but instead you received an incredible $3.00 per share. That one payment alone would be worth $3,000.

To put that in perspective, it would take 38 quarterly dividends… or more than nine years… to earn the same amount of income at the typical rate.

Back in 2004, Microsoft had amassed $56 billion in cash.

In addition to continuing to pay its regular $0.08 dividend to shareholders,
the company issued a one-time payout of $3.00 to every shareholder.

Ballmer, Gates, and numerous everyday investors made a fortune overnight.

Now, the questions is…

Since you can't go back in time and get in on that payment, can you cash in on a similar special dividend today?

Your options are very limited. To pay a big special dividend, a company needs a massive pile of cash.

That's where the "Dividend Vault" comes in. With billions of cash at their disposal, I believe these 13 companies give you the best chance at landing a massive one-time payment.

Stock #8 paid a $1.36 per share "special dividend" in 2004 (no...it's not Microsoft). And I wouldn't be surprised to see it make another big payment in 2014. After all, the company has more cash now than it did back then.

Meanwhile, stock #3 paid a "special dividend" of $2.33 per share in 1997...

Stock #5 has paid an amazing 9 special dividends since 2011, and has tripled the size of its regular dividend over the same time period.

Of course nothing is guaranteed, but if it continues at this rate, you could collect 4 special dividends in 2014 from this company alone.

I could go on and on about special dividends, but let's first take a closer look at the 13 stocks that could pay you piles of money for decades, including several names and ticker symbols...

"Dividend Vault" Stock #1 -- This Company Could Pay a 40% Dividend Yield

This well-known tech giant is one of the world's largest Internet equipment providers. Chances are you're using one of its products right now. It has a 67% market share, and it dominates its field.

It's also involved in a high-margin business, which means it generates massive amounts of cash every quarter.

In fact, during one of the most difficult business climates ever, Stock #1 has generated net income of up to $9.9 billion a year and has bought back more than 783 million shares of stock since 2008 alone.

That kind of dominance has drawn the attention of the world's top investors.
Donald Yacktman runs a $9 billion mutual fund that has beaten 99% of its peers over the last 15 years. Through the Yacktman Asset Management Company, the billionaire started adding shares of this stock in late 2010.

Since then he's added to his position 9 times, including a recent purchase of an additional 12.1 million shares -- one of his largest purchases.

Jeff Auxier, an elite fund manager known for crushing the market over the 2000s, essentially "tripled-down" on this company's stock a few months back. He added to his position by a whopping 312% -- going from 11,000 shares to 48,000.

It's easy to see why these billionaires are so high on this company -- Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO). As of today, it has accumulated $48 billion in cash.

That's enough money to pay every shareholder a 40% special dividend right now.

For decades Cisco was vaulting away most of this cash. But not anymore.

In 2011 the company announced its first ever dividend payment. And since then, it's already raised its dividend three times for a total increase of 183%. That's enough to turn a $1,000 dividend stream into $2,830.

But as I said, even after more than doubling its payout, the company still has $48 billion sitting in its "Dividend Vault." As this vault grows, I think Cisco's payouts will continue to increase for years.

One more thing on Cisco…

CEO John Chambers says the company's going "all in" on what's being called the "Internet of Things." This is where tiny computers will be put in everything from toasters to inhalers to toothbrushes.

He expects this growing industry to generate $14 trillion in new wealth by 2018, and maybe even as much as $19 trillion.

And he's not the only one. Independent research firm McKinsey reported last year that it expects similarly large numbers.

Whatever the exact dollar figure, it could end up being a lot of money.

And with its market dominance, Cisco and its shareholders should be in the perfect position to reap a large part of that new wealth.

"Dividend Vault" Stock #2 -- The Most Shareholder-Friendly Company on Earth

I touched on this stock a little earlier. It is one of the most shareholder-friendly companies on Earth. I understand not everyone likes investing in cigarette manufacturers. That's fine. However, Philip Morris International (NYSE: PM) is one of the most dependable stocks on the planet.

Since spinning-off from Altria (NYSE: MO) in 2008, Philip Morris has quickly amassed a multibillion dollar "Dividend Vault." And it's used a combination of dividend increases and buybacks to give that cash pile to shareholders.

In just 6 years, the company has raised its dividend 104% and bought back 438 million shares of stock. Its shares have also returned roughly 100% since 2008, beating the market by more than double.

Those returns are exactly why I like this stock for the future... but they're far from the only reason.

Overseas markets offer growth opportunities in the cigarette industry because of their growing populations and looser restrictions on tobacco marketing. There will be an estimated 1.4 billion smokers globally by 2020, up from 1.3 billion today, even if the percentage of the population that smokes declines 1% annually.

Combine that dependable business with buybacks and soaring dividends, and you've got a stock that is likely to outperform.

The rest of my 13 favorite "Dividend Vault" companies each have their own impressive story to tell...

"Dividend Vault" Stock #3: Back in 2007, a 46-year-old CEO in New York got a call from Steve Jobs. Jobs asked the impossible: Can your company create a brand-new product, mass-produce it in enormous quantities... and can you do it in 6 months?

The CEO didn't blink. Yes, absolutely.

Five years later, the product his company created is now used in more than 1 billion devices worldwide and counting.

This product is ultra-thin and highly sensitive (important for touch-screen applications), yet it's extremely strong and almost impervious to normal wear and tear.

Just about every major manufacturer finds that rare combination of attributes highly attractive. If you own a phone, laptop or tablet, then you've likely come in contact with this specialty product. You'll find it on more than 33 brands spanning 900 models worldwide.

Thanks to the popularity of this product, "Dividend Vault" Stock #3 has quietly amassed a $5 billion "Dividend Vault." This is especially large considering the entire company is valued at around $26 billion.

Because of its enormous cash pile, the company has managed to raise its dividend 100% since 2011. And it should have no trouble supporting more dividend growth going forward.

"Dividend Vault" Stock #6 is a global powerhouse with a $6 billion "Vault."

Although the company was founded in 1966, investors couldn't buy a stake until about five years ago.

Since it's gone public, the company has increased its dividend 280% and returned triple-digits to shareholders. Maybe that's what attracted the world's greatest investor -- Warren Buffett -- and his investment team. Through his giant investment firm he currently owns 1.5 million shares.

Now this company is making a big splash in China... and buying back billions in stock.

"Dividend Vault" Stock #9 After several years of record earnings and rapid growth, this stock is now holding $40 billion in cash. And if you count the money it holds in long-term investments as "cash" as many analysts do, then the company's "Dividend Vault" equals a mind-boggling $146 billion.

For years, management swore it would never pay a dividend. But as its pile of money grew -- and as it keeps growing every day -- the company had practically no choice but to start giving money back to shareholders.

And that's exactly what it's doing. In August 2012 it started paying a dividend for the first time in 17 years (which it quickly raised by 15%).

What's more, not long ago the company committed to spend a minimum of $45 billion in dividends and share buybacks by 2015.

"Dividend Vault" Stock #13 gives investors the best of both worlds. Not only does it yield double-digits... it's growing its dividend, too. It pays 10%, and since 2011 its boosted that payout 131% -- providing investors with a large and ever-increasing income stream.

A big reason for this success is the company's unique and highly-profitable business model.

You see, normally only the top 6% of investors get to invest in high-growth start-ups like Google before they go public. I'm talking about rich folks like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. He made around $2 billion from a $250,000 investment in Google before it went public.

However, this company gives everyday investors a rare chance to participate in fast-growing private companies alongside big shots like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and others. And all you need is a few hundred dollars.

Also, in a unique twist, this company is legally required to pay 90% of profits to shareholders in the form of dividends.

That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these 13 companies.

As I said earlier, we expect them to give out $39.5 billion or more to investors throughout 2014.

They make their disbursements every few weeks, and even tiny ownership stake in the "Dividend Vault" could deliver thousands of dollars into your bank account in 2014.

To get your cut of the next chunk, all you have to is add your name to the payout list.

By law, you have to do so in advance of the payout. You can't just invest the day before and expect to get paid.

So the longer you wait, the more money slips through your fingers.

All signs suggest that as long as you invest now, you should have no problem getting your full share.

To help you get started, we've created a brand new report called The Dividend Vault Payout List: How to Get Your Cut of $39.5 Billion.

This report will give you the names and tickers of the 13 companies I've mentioned today, and tell you how to take advantage of all their "Vault" payouts.

Even better, since this opportunity is time-sensitive, I want to give you unrestricted access to this report right now. Here's how to claim your copy...

It's Time for You to Start Making Money with These 13 Stocks

As I told you earlier, my name is Dave Forest. I'm a 10-year industry veteran who's travelled the four corners of the globe searching for the best investments.

My passport has stamps from England, India, Russia, Brazil, China, Madagascar, and dozens more. I've also visited nearly all 50 states, and every corner of Canada.

These trips can cost $10,000 or even $20,000 and take several weeks. But they're completely worth it. I travel with some of the top experts alive today and meet with dozens of companies first-hand to bring investors information they won't get from an analyst who only sits behind a desk.

Today, I share my findings in one of StreetAuthority's most popular advisories, Top 10 Stocks.

Top 10 Stocks offers the perfect combination of safety and growth potential.
Each month I focus on a company that dominates its market, pays increasing dividends, and buys back billions of dollars in stock.

These are the companies that could help investors retire comfortably without the usual risks.

During my research and travels my team and I recently uncovered the "Dividend Vault."

As we dug into this rare opportunity, it quickly became clear that the 13 top companies behind it are some of the best ways you could earn a growing income stream with the potential for tremendous capital gains.

If you'd like all the details on these 13 stocks, I invite you to try a subscription to Top 10 Stocks. When you do, I'll send you a free copy of our latest report -- The Dividend Vault Payout List: How to Get Your Cut of $39.5 Billion.

Over the years, thousands of readers have written to tell us how Top 10 Stocks' research and no-nonsense approach works for them...

"I have been (and still am) a subscriber to other advisories and you are clearly the best. Simple, honest, clear and with a long-term focus, which is so badly needed these days."
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What a revelation! Because of your research, I have an income of $30,000 a year -- and this is just from 1/3 of my investment portfolio. Without you, I never would have been able to produce this amount of income. Words cannot express how you have impacted my life."
-- Lloyd. F, Missouri

Now, there's no guarantee Top 10 Stocks will be the right publication for you. So here's what I'd like to do.

Try Top 10 Stocks for the next 30 days, read The Dividend Vault Payout List: How to Get Your Cut of $39.5 Billion, which is included in your subscription, and then decide if our research is what you're looking for.

Start your 30 days now and you'll receive:

Report #1: The Dividend Vault Payout List: How to Get Your Cut of $39.5 Billion -- You'll have full access to the names and profiles of the 13 stocks that could pay you regularly for decades. These stocks are just now starting to pay out what's sure to be billions of dollars in 2014. All you have to do is own a tiny percentage to start cashing checks almost immediately. Remember, act quickly to receive the most income.
Report #2: The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever -- There's only one set of stocks you can buy today and hold for the rest of your life. We call them "Forever" stocks. This report includes complete, detailed profiles of the 10 stocks my research team and we have designated with the exclusive "Forever" tag. Buy them, forget about them, and never sell them.

Once a month you'll also receive my latest issue of Top 10 Stocks. Each issue features an in-depth profile of my top pick of the month, a full market analysis, and what I'm discovering in my world travels.

I actually purchase my top picks in my Top 10 Stocks $100,000 real-money portfolio. That means you'll easily be able to see how I'm doing, and know when I think it's time to sell a holding. And you'll also know that my interests are aligned right alongside yours -- just like a company executive buying shares of his or her own stock.

For the next 30 days, you can take the time you need to decide if our Top 10 Stocks research is what you're looking for. If not, simply contact our customer service team for a 100% refund. You'll keep all of the reports and issues I sent you free of charge as a thank-you for trying out our service.

I'll tell you how to get started, but first, I want to show you a fascinating bit of research I've been working on...

SEC-Sanctioned Preferential Treatment Could Help This Stock Double Its Dividend and Share Price

One of my areas of expertise is energy. I have a geology degree from the University of Alberta, and I've been involved in a number of oil company ventures.

Thanks to this background, I've been able to find some life-changing winners. Gains as big as 175%... 352%... even 1525%.

But more importantly, I've been able to learn about some unique opportunities that aren't on a lot of people's radar.

For example, for years now I've known about a small group of energy-related companies that have what could almost be considered an unfair advantage.

They were formed in such a way that they get major financial backing from a parent company… and are thus oftentimes able to grow much faster than other public companies -- and increase their dividends quicker, too.

This is how it works…

Because of an obscure law called H.R. 3838, these companies are allowed to participate in special "drop down" deals with a large, powerful "parent" company.

In other words, through a completely legal and SEC-sanctioned action, they are able to acquire valuable property and assets from a parent at bargain prices.

For instance, one of these companies received a "drop down" deal from its parent in the depths of the 2008 recession. Thanks to this boost, it didn't miss a beat during the financial collapse, and continues to beat the market today.

Another of these elite firms received 13 special "drop down" deals over a six year period worth over $1 billion. As a result, it beat the market by a nearly 4-to-1 margin over the past 5 years.

No wonder financial columnist Malcolm Berko says, "I like [these stocks] and have been recommending them for 15 years."

Financial analyst Aaron Levitt adds that these drop down deals "can be a thing of beauty for shareholders."

And Charles Colson, CEO of Horizon Investments Services says "[these stocks] have been giving investors handsome returns, and the fun isn't over yet."

If you're looking for market-beating gains, I urge you to learn all you can about these unique stocks. Especially because now could be the perfect time to get in…

See, about a year ago, my team and I discovered that another one of these companies had recently gone public.

It IPO'd to almost zero fanfare. Its trading volumes were light. It was getting about 1/20th the action a stock like Google gets.

We bought it, and we're sure glad we did. It's crushed the market, returning 81% since its 2012 IPO -- more than double the market.

Even better though, it's still a buy today… and few people have ever heard of it.

Fewer still recognize that because of this stock's wealthy parent, it could deliver 15% to 20% annual dividend increases for at least the next five years.

In fact, I believe this company will boost its distributions faster than any other stock in its class, doubling its annual payout within five years. And at the same time, I believe the stock could double in price as well.

Once again, this is all thanks to its rich, powerful parent company. The "parent" has already sold it millions of dollars of assets at bargain prices, along with a guarantee that these assets will produce regular cash flow.

On top of that, the parent company still owns a slew of additional assets it could sell to this company, which could help it grow for years.

This is a rare opportunity. And if history is any guide, this company could hand you a growing stream of cash AND market-beating capital gains.

Of course, I have a lot more to say about this company. You'll find all the details in a special report I've put together. It's called, The SEC-Approved Unfair Advantage That's Making Investors Rich.

In this report, you'll get this company's name and ticker symbol, full analysis, and all the details of its unfair advantage.

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