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Important Updates for Investors

Carla Pasternak's Premiere Issue of High-Yield International Just Released
Income expert Carla Pasternak's debut issue of High-Yield International covers a Taiwanese manufacturer yielding 9.5%... a rare Mexican monopoly yielding 13.4%... and other top-performing investments yielding up to 19.0%.

Government's Biofuel Timetable Could Spell +15,900% Growth
+15,900% growth might seem far-fetched... but it's not. In fact, it is mandated by law. And I've identified the ONLY stock positioned to capture this growth.

The Silver Lining to a Falling Dollar
Despite the U.S. national debt, there is a silver lining for income investors. This massive spending, combined with movement out of U.S. Treasuries, is going to take its toll on the dollar, and international income investors could reap the rewards in the form of higher dividends.

Here's what some of our subscribers have had to say about our premium, fee-paid High-Yield Investing newsletter:

"I have made more money in retirement than I did when I was working. Income from dividend-paying stocks (which I collect every month) is even better than my greatest expectations.  Thanks for your help with High-Yield Investing."
-- William Briglia
Newport News, VA

"I have subscribed to dozens of financial publications over the years, but High-Yield Investing is undoubtedly the finest. Carla Pasternak's thorough presentations and diligent research are priceless. I am extremely pleased to have found High-Yield Investing at long last. Thank you, Carla."
-- Lee Roach
Las Vegas, Nevada

Although I have been using High Yield Investing just a few months, it surpasses any of the competition's investing letters. I can't wait for each edition. It is really giving me some good options for income investing."
-- Martha Murch
Franklin, Maine

"You guys are far and away one of the best in the business - I have been in the business since 1960 in brokerage, trust management, and now as a registered investment advisor (RIA) in Maine. Your coverage has helped me outperform the indexes by a wide margin, especially since I opened shop here in 2002 after running a Trust Department of over $100 million in equities. Keep up the good work - I have been meaning to applaud for some time. Thanks!"
-- Comment from Subscriber Survey

"I continue to find your monthly newsletters and updates very useful, well researched and profitable. I have done very well with some of your recommendations over the last two years."
-- Brenda Ringdahl
Calgary, Alberta -- Canada

"First of all, even though I've been investing for years, since my retirement, I'm a newbie to income investing...and, I LOVE your letter. You write with great clarity, making the subject a "good & informative" read. I look forward to a good income investing education from a great mentor."
-- Richard Gregory
Centerville, Ohio

"As president of an insurance company, your newsletter has been a godsend to our investment team. I especially like the fact that you tell us in advance when issues will be ready, have strict guidelines with your selections, and tell us exactly when to buy and sell. I really enjoy your newsletter. It is my style of investing. Thanks."
-- Dike Ajiri
Chicago, Illinois

"In my somewhat confused mind I imagined that a financial advice service had to cost zillions to be worth anything. I even paid out 5K for the "ultimate service" of a competitor. I look for their reports each month with mild interest, yet feel something akin to excitement when I see your bi-weekly issues sitting in my email. Your High-Yield Investing service must be the best value out there as a reflection of its content, superb commentary and suggestions, and depth of study. Thanks!"
-- Garry Cleverdon
Springfield, Virginia

"I just received the most recent issue of High-Yield Investing, and I wanted to let you know what a superlatively outstanding issue it was! Congratulations!"
-- A. Sheffman
Miami, Florida

"You have a terrific service. I subscribe to a lot of them, but yours is one of the best. Keep it up. I am one guy you will never lose as a subscriber. Thank you."
-- J. Achmakjian
Wellesley, Massachusetts

"Congratulations on a terrific site and newsletter. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work."
-- D. Rath
Amman, Jordan

"I loved Carla Pasternak's recent article on Canadian energy trusts. She puts out a nice newsletter."
-- Roderick Baldwin
San Francisco, California

"I have been extremely pleased with High-Yield Investing. It is a great value for the money. I am retired, no pension other than Social Security, and so I depend on dividends."
-- Bill Husband
Louisville, Kentucky

"I am a subscriber to your High-Yield Investing newsletter and I have greatly enjoyed the subject matter."
-- Harshad Vora
Goleta, California

"I'm impressed by the performance of Carla Pasternak's past choices for her REIT portfolio, and I can only guess that her recent picks will do well, too."
-- Richard
Chicago, Illinois

"Carla Pasternak's March article at StreetAuthority.com was one of the best I have read. I have done well with some of her investment ideas, but I must comment that Carla's recent note regarding social responsibility was THE MOST RESPONSIBLE such statement I have read. The note was respectful and well done. Thank you for your integrity. I am impressed."
-- D. Reeve

"I love Carla Pasternak's income articles. They're just what I want -- provide me with ideas and let me decide."
-- Mark Novak

"Carla Pasternak's writing is simple to understand, sufficiently detailed, and includes cited resources. It is concise and written in good English! How nice to find literacy is still around! 
-- Ann Schaefer
Aurora, Illinois

"Thank you so much for your quick, personal response to my questions... it shows me that you really do care about your readers & do "walk the walk"."
-- Richard Gregory
Centerville, Ohio

"I love your High-Yield Investing info and have been following it since November 2004."
-- Milton Goldberg
Encino, California

"I am a subscriber to your High-Yield Investing newsletter and I am really enjoying it! Thanks for your detailed market review and profiles of different individual income investment ideas. I am just starting to invest seriously and your newsletter has been a good starting point for me."
-- Bradford Mabry
Hixson, Tennessee

"Words almost fail me to describe Carla Pasternak's High-Yield Investing service.... but let me try a few, such as outstanding, superlative, incomparable, invaluable, best of breed. Your work is greatly appreciated."
-- A. Sheffman
Miami, Florida

"High-Yield Investing is the fix I need to augment my retirement income. In the search for yield, Carla Pasternak is amazing and resourceful."
-- Dr. Stephen Silverhardt
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

"It is amazing how your High-Yield Investing newsletters are so in sync with my investment objectives. I own many of your current and previous suggestions. It looks like you have presented several additional opportunities in your most recent issue. Keep up the good work and keep them coming."
-- George Smith
Sarasota, Florida

"High-Yield Investing is the best newsletter I subscribe to. Carla amazes me with the breadth of her coverage and her hard work in getting to the truth."
-- Roderick Baldwin
San Francisco, California

"Since I'm retired, it's most important to me to generate sufficient yields on my investments. Your High-Yield Investing newsletter is a "gem" and has given me many terrific ideas to help supplement my income. Thanks, and keep up the great work."
-- Marty Kastriner
Lido Beach, NY

"I can't thank you folks enough for your quick responses and great suggestions. I'm learning a lot from your advice, so hopefully I'll be able to make a little money in the future. I've been more or less traveling blind and some of my past ventures have been less than desirable to say the least. You are certainly more helpful than my broker! I really appreciate it. Thanks again."
-- David Switzer
Pensacola, FL

"Having read hundreds of financial newsletters on an ongoing basis for over 23 years, I can tell you that StreetAuthority's services are among the very best in the business. I am continually amazed at the broad range of in-depth and consistently excellent research that you offer to your readers. Keep up the good work!"
-- Steven Halpern
Editor, TheStockAdvisors

"Your High-Yield Investing newsletter is terrific. Keep up the great work."
-- John Kemp
New Lothrop, Michigan

"I just subscribed to your High-Yield Investing newsletter, and so far I really like it. I spend hours looking on the web for high-yield investments and your letter narrows it down nicely."
-- Roger Duncan
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I am a new subscriber to your High-Yield Investing newsletter and am loving it."
-- Angelo Fernandes
Chantilly, Virginia

"After reading a couple of sample issues of your High-Yield Investing newsletter, I have found the content to be extremely informative and helpful to me in my own investing -- my goal is income investing for my retirement."
-- Ronald Kenyon
Paris, France

"Thanks for all of your investment advice -- I have made thousands this year from the ridiculously low price of your newsletter. Keep up the good work. I am enjoying those dividends!"
-- Stan Ackerman
Ranch Pls Vrds, California

"Thank you so much for taking time to answer my email. I have been an individual investor for years, but now that I am retired I have found investing takes on a whole new perspective. I feel very fortunate to have found your newsletter -- please keep up the great work."
-- Frank Wright
Orlando, Florida

"I love your High-Yield Investing newsletter. It is both interesting and educational. Carla offers a good blend of insight and strategy to her stock picks. Keep up the good work."
-- Scott Kranz
Charlotte, North Carolina

"I have spent countless hours researching various investments on my own, but I recently subscribed to High-Yield Investing. I am delighted with the rich and well researched content of the material available. Tax problems are identified on certain investments placed into an IRA account, an area which I wasn't aware. This is the first email I've written to any newsletter. You are by far the most comprehensively researched newsletter I've read, and you explain your position in a way that is easily understood."
-- Bill Fernandez
Orlando, Florida

"I am impressed with your High- Yield Investing newsletter, and enjoy each issue. I also look forward to the Mid-Month Updates. Thanks so much."
-- Paul Skyles
Charleston, West Virginia

"I am an experienced investor, now retired, and have subscribed to numerous newsletters, including many well-known names. I think your High-Yield Investing newsletter is tops. It fills a valuable niche for investors seeking income. Your research is excellent and your format and presentation is articulate, clear and also educational and informative."
-- Bud Bernard
Pine City, Minnesota

"I am a dedicated follower of your High-Yield Investing newsletter. It is undoubtedly the best available in its field."
-- Madeleine Cheah
Monchique, Portugal

"I have found your High- Yield Investing newsletter to be very valuable and am pleased with my subscription."
-- Neil Benson
Greeley, Colorado

"I have subscribed to numerous financial publications over the past 25 years, but Carla Pasternak's High-Yield Investing is the absolute best. If you want substantial dividends, I'd suggest subscribing to her newsletter as soon as you can. Others give you 'pie in the sky'; she is astute, down-to-earth, and dedicated, fully researching everything before it is recommended."
-- Lee Roach
Las Vegas, NV

"High-Yield Investing is the best financial publication in existence, bar none. I have never written to any of the many publishing services I have used in the past, but yours puts them all to shame. I've made some money following your insightful predictions. The other nice thing is that you don't overwhelm the reader with extraneous information. Thank you."
-- Anthony Lemos
Quincy, Massachusetts

More about High-Yield Investing...

High-Yield Investing is a premium investment newsletter devoted exclusively to income-oriented investments. Each issue presents a wealth of information and timely investment ideas to help you earn a steady income stream from your portfolio. Available exclusively to paid subscribers, the service includes a monthly email newsletter, regular Mid-Month Updates, and access to three model portfolios and various special reports on our web site

High-Yield Investing retails for $199 per year, but if you act now you can take advantage of a special offer of just $149.50 per year. If you're not sure, then try us out first.  We offer a one-month subscription for $19.95.


Thank you for taking the time to review my High-Yield Investing newsletter.

Have a rewarding month!

Carla Pasternak
High-Yield Investing

High-Yield Investing -- Subscribers-Only Web Site Content


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