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You Are One Step Away from Andy’s Next 1,000% Winner!

AndyCongratulations, you are one of 50 readers to secure a slot in Andy Obermueller’s ongoing quest for 1,000% winners.

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As a new Fast-Track Millionaire member, you’re starting out the most exciting investment experience of your life. You’ll follow Andy every step of the way as he finds his next 10-bagger.

And you probably won't have to wait long, because he’s picked six 10-baggers over six years... as well as 46 stocks that quadrupled and 25 that shot up over 500%.

Most investors don’t see these kinds of winners in their entire life. With Andy, it happens more than once a month.

Now, you have the opportunity to follow along with Andy’s research... and participate in gains like these month after month.

As soon as we receive your application, we’ll give you access to Andy’s top investment opportunities:

report coverMake a Million in Personalized Medicine

We’ll also send you Andy’s research into a profound development that will change the life of nearly everyone alive today. Personalized medicine is finally unlocking the key to ending disease and extending human life to 120 years of age. This report zeroes in on three top companies working to deliver these radical changes, including the outfit with the technology to shrink cancer tumors, and much more...

report coverHow to Make 1,200% as Marijuana Prohibition Ends

This report briefs you on the about-to-explode marijuana industry. Pot stocks are primed to shoot through the roof in 2018, creating new market leaders. This report shows how you could multiply your money by more than 10x in the only medical cannabis grower licensed to sell its products in a nationwide Canadian pharmacy.

report coverThe Key to Making $100,000 with Cryptocurrencies

Digital currencies have exploded in value. Bitcoin—the first cryptocurrency—shot up 78,000% before it dropped. Now, three more are about to take off. This is exactly the sort of hyper-volatile investment in which Andy excels. His report shows you everything you need to know about this entirely unprecedented asset class. Stocks, bonds, metals… have all been around for more than a century. Here is a chance to make a fortune in something entirely new.

report coverThe Angel Investor's Secret to Unlocking Early Mega-Fortunes

You’ll also receive Andy’s detailed briefing on how to invest in the world’s most innovative companies ahead of other investors… before they’re listed on the stock market. This is how those incredible stories happen… where a mere $500 investment in Google turned into $3.6 million.

And it gets even better. As a Fast-Track Millionaire member, you’ll receive Andy’s ongoing research into the companies that are changing the world... and making their investors wealthy along the way.

monthly issuesFast-Track Millionaire Monthly Issue

Every month, Andy will send you an investment opportunity that can change your life. Each recommendation includes a full analysis of the opportunity at hand… an overview of the industry… and its full market potential. He’ll tell you exactly why he’s excited about it… with specific instructions on how to take maximum advantage of the situation… including his “buy up to” price and any additional instructions to maximize your gains.

chart updatesMid-Month Updates

You’ll also receive a mid-month update with a recap of where your investments stand… how the portfolio is performing... and a quick brief on any new opportunities Andy has uncovered.

email alertSpecial Alerts

You’ll get a special alert whenever any of your investments needs immediate attention. Generally it’ll be an early notification to pocket a portion of your gains or to increase your stop-loss order.

text alertText Alerts

We’ll also send you fast-action text alerts straight to your cellphone, alerting you to check your email for Andy’s latest recommendation. These alerts are purely optional, but they’re the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

web members onlyMembers-Only Website

As soon as you join, you’ll receive a login and password to access Andy Obermueller’s private, encrypted website. Here you’ll be able to access every regular issue, mid-month issue, special alert… every investment report and video Andy’s prepared for you.

portfolio snapshotModel Portfolio

The model portfolio shows you exactly how each of our recommendations is doing. It includes the company name, ticker symbol… purchase date and buy price… current price and the gains made so far. It’ll also tell you if an opportunity is still a “buy” or not.

NateVIP Customer Service

As a Fast-Track Millionaire member, you also become part of StreetAuthority’s VIP community. And we make sure you are treated accordingly. That means you get direct access to Andy by email, and a dedicated Customer Service Manager run by Chief Nate Equall, to help you with any aspect of your membership.

Now here's the best part...

Usually, the regular price of a one-year membership is $4,000. Considering the gains you’ll have a chance to make from a system that produces yearly 10-baggers, this is an exceptional deal.

However, because Andy has opened up enrollment to an additional 50 charter members, we’re offering you a one-time rate of $1,995 for one full year.

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FTM guarantee

If you join Fast-Track Millionaire and invest $10,000 following Andy’s recommendations you will have a chance to earn a $100,000 profit within the year. If you don’t, just let us know, Andy will work another year for you free of charge.

This is your one and only opportunity to get on board.

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