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Then I have great news for you. Give me the next 15 minutes of your time and I’ll share how I went from a low level assistant Economics professor to multi-million dollar investment analyst using a secret system that I’ve spent the last 15 years quietly perfecting in my own home.

And how you can utilize my exact system and strategy to skyrocket your portfolio into the million dollar realm (and beyond), without the stress and worry of losing it all with one bad investment.

My system takes emotion and personal bias out of the equation…

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Genia TuranovaHi, My name is I’m Genia Turanova, a 9-year assistant economics professor turned multi-million dollar investment analyst, with 15 years of experience and a track record with an astounding 91% winrate.

I’ve successfully guided investors through bull markets, bear markets and the Great Recession.

Many of you may know me from my work with StreetAuthority, one of the world's leading independent financial services companies. And if you've followed my picks and strategies at all you'll know that I have devoted my career to finding the next big life-changing investing opportunities.
Opportunities that can truly change the lives of hard working Americans like you and help them live the life they've always dreamed.

But what you may not know is that over the last two years working with StreetAuthority, I have amassed an incredible track record with a 91% success rate.

Some of my wins include:

  • 2U (Nasdaq: TWOU)- Returns of 97%

  • Nektar (Nasdaq: NKTR) - Returns of 172%

  • And Twilio (Nasdaq: TWLO) - with returns of 156%.

I've had massive success working as one of StreetAuthority's premier analysts, but felt I could do so much more to help investors reach their goal... The 7 digit club.

So when the opportunity to take the reins of Fast-Track Millionaire was presented to me... I pounced on it as fast as I could… and I can’t wait to bring you the gains that will put you among the elite in the “7 Digit Club.”

This is your chance to join me and finally live out your dream of being a millionaire.... or even a multi-millionaire (never be afraid to dream big)

In Fast-Track Millionaire, I’m not stopping with disruptors and I’m not stopping with beating the market by a “mere” factor of 3.5.

With Fast Track Millionaire... any stock is fair game...

As long I can make a solid case that it has the real potential to outpace the market and get investors on the fast track to profits.

The stocks I seek will have the potential to deliver quick, strong gains, or will carry the promise of truly massive gains, ideally as high as 1,000%.

In Fast-Track Millionaire, I’ll bring you companies of all shapes and sizes: those that are growing sales at supersonic paces, those smaller companies on track to becoming tomorrow’s blue chips, and those better-known stocks that are on their way to becoming market-dominant mega-stars.

Yes! I want to Fast-Track My Portfolio Today

Why do I feel confident that I will bring you tomorrow’s big winners today?

Because my methodology is proven. It’s by and large the same system that has recently delivered gains of 156% in Twilio (NYSE: TWLO) in just over 16 months, 63% in LivePerson (Nasdaq: LPSN) in six months, 172% in Nektar Therapeutics (Nasdaq: NKTR) in five months, and 32% in Mulesoft (Nasdaq: MULE) in just 12 days.

Better yet, the average return per closed trade over these two years was 28.6% (with the average holding period of 209 days).

In other words, my closed positions' annualized return of 49.9% blows the market's annualized return of only 17.7% out of the water.

I look for stocks that are fast-growing or attractively valued — or, better yet, both. Over time, these are the stocks everyone is looking for, of course. The trick is to find them earlier than the crowd — if you do, you'll be rewarded multifold for your efforts. That’s the Fast-Track advantage.

My method for finding these stocks is broken down into three simple but crucial steps:

  1. I start with a "Top Down" approach, looking at various trends and data points to determine which sectors or businesses are likely to grow faster than the economy.

  2. Within the sectors and industries that pass muster on the first test, I then search for the best-positioned growth stocks, using my custom methodology, I seek companies whose growth will not be impacted — or only minimally impacted — by outside factors. This creates the basis for outperformance.

  3. At this stage, I go "Bottom Up," putting the potential pick under a microscope, studying its filings and other releases. I also read all the research reports and analyst opinions I can get my hands on, looking for inconsistencies and too much optimism (or pessimism), which could indicate potential opportunities not reflected in the market price.

And speaking of portfolios…

Instead of a single list of recommendations, inside Fast-Track Millionaire I’ll be showcasing these winning stocks in not just one, but three distinct portfolios:

  • Next-Generation Dominators. The goalhere is to identify the next FAANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) across all sectors – young companies that in five years will be mega caps – the future household names with market caps in the tens or even hundreds of billions. This portfolio is for those stocks that carry that elusive multifold long-term potential.

  • Fast Revenue Growers. This portfolio will hold micro- and small-cap stocks whose products or services are taking their sectors by storm, as measured primarily by sales growth. The goal here is to generate quick double- and triple-digit gains.

  • Peer Beaters. The most attractively valued companies with the best growth prospects. The goal is to generate strong, consistent gains over time.

When you join me inside of Fast-Track Millionaire today, you’ll get access to each of these portfolios as well as all of my research on each pick and indicators that tell you exactly when to buy, when to hold and when to sell... so you’ll never worry about making a bad call and losing it all.

But it’s not just my portfolio and research you’re getting access to...

I’m also introducing the following features inside Fast-Track Millionaire:

  • Separate from the portfolios, I will occasionally present a short-term trade, as opportunities arise. The idea is to identify a particular catalyst that could spark a quick double-digit gain in two to three months.

  • I’ll also feature a stock screen. In these, I will use one or two criteria that are most often related to fast-growing stocks and talk about the most promising three to five companies that meet these criteria.

  • My FTM Watch List will give you two or three promising companies that I’ve got my eye on but which just haven’t made the cut... yet (this is your opportunity to monitor them and become a first investor before the market gets wind of it)

  • In my IPO Watch List - I’ll be profiling select companies that have recently begun trading – or are about to go public — that are worth tracking as potential investments.

  • What To Sell Now - will identify a stock, a group of stocks, or an industry to stay away from at all costs.

  • “FAST” Review - this new proprietary “Fast Track Millionaire's At-A-Glance Stock Take”review will use FAST Review not only for new recommendation write-ups, but also in the Portfolio Updates section.

As soon as we receive your application, we’ll give you access to our top current investment opportunities, including:

report coverMake a Million in Personalized Medicine

I’ll also send you our research into a profound development that will change the life of nearly everyone alive today. Personalized medicine is finally unlocking the key to ending disease and extending human life to 120 years of age. This report zeroes in on three top companies working to deliver these radical changes, including the outfit with the technology to shrink cancer tumors, and much more...

report coverHow to Make 1,200% as Marijuana Prohibition Ends

This report briefs you on the about-to-explode marijuana industry. Pot stocks are primed to shoot through the roof in 2018, creating new market leaders. This report shows how you could multiply your money by more than 10x in the only medical cannabis grower licensed to sell its products in a nationwide Canadian pharmacy.

report coverThe Key to Making $100,000 with Cryptocurrencies

Digital currencies have exploded in value. Bitcoin—the first cryptocurrency—shot up 78,000% before it dropped. Now, three more are about to take off. This is exactly the sort of hyper-volatile investment in which Fast-Track Millionaire’s system excels. This report shows you everything you need to know about this entirely unprecedented asset class. Stocks, bonds, metals… have all been around for more than a century. Here is a chance to make a fortune in something entirely new.

report coverThe Angel Investor's Secret to Unlocking Early Mega-Fortunes

You’ll also receive our detailed briefing on how to invest in the world’s most innovative companies ahead of other investors… before they’re listed on the stock market. This is how those incredible stories happen… where a mere $500 investment in Google turned into $3.6 million.

And it gets even better. As a Fast-Track Millionaire member, you’ll receive my ongoing research into the companies that are changing the world... and making their investors wealthy along the way.

monthly issuesFast-Track Millionaire Monthly Issue

Every month, I will send you an investment opportunity that can change your life. Each recommendation includes a full analysis of the opportunity at hand… an overview of the industry… and its full market potential. She’ll tell you exactly why she’s excited about it… with specific instructions on how to take maximum advantage of the situation… including our “buy up to” price and any additional instructions to maximize your gains.

chart updatesMid-Month Updates

You’ll also receive a mid-month update with a recap of where your investments stand… how the portfolio is performing... and a quick brief on any new opportunities I have uncovered.

email alertSpecial Alerts

You’ll get a special alert whenever any of your investments needs immediate attention. Generally it’ll be an early notification to pocket a portion of your gains or to increase your stop-loss order.

text alertText Alerts

We’ll also send you fast-action text alerts straight to your cell phone, alerting you to check your email for My latest recommendation. These alerts are purely optional, but they’re the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

web members onlyMembers-Only Website

As soon as you join, you’ll receive a login and password to access my private, encrypted website. Here you’ll be able to access every regular issue, mid-month issue, special alert… every investment report and video I’ve prepared for you.

NateVIP Customer Service

As a Fast-Track Millionaire member, you also become part of StreetAuthority’s VIP community. And we make sure you are treated accordingly. That means you get direct access to me by email, as well as a dedicated Customer Service team run by our Client Care Manager, Nate Equall, who’s here to help you with every aspect of your membership and to answer any questions you may have...

Join us now to become one step closer to the elite millionaire status you’ve always dreamed of.

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If you decide this service is not what you're looking for, just let us know within 30 days. We'll immediately give you a full refund, and pass your slot on to the next person on the waiting list.

When you join Fast-Track Millionaire and follow my recommendations you will have a chance to join the “7 digit club” in 7 years or less.

If you don’t hit the million dollar mark (even if you’re just off by a few dollars), just let us know.

This is your one and only opportunity to get on board at a fraction of what we normally ask for a service this in-depth.

Remember, this opportunity is only open to 500 investors bold enough to make the leap and trust the system that has already made millions…

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