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7 Stocks You Need To Own Right Now

the list report coverDear Investor,

Congratulations on claiming the latest edition of our highly anticipated investment report: THE LIST… 7 Stocks You Need To Own Right Now.

You’re now just minutes away from obtaining crucial information on these historic opportunities to multiply your wealth, including…

  • A way to profit on the upcoming cure for the deadliest food allergy on the planet. Because of the vast number of sufferers, the investment potential is enormous…

  • Key suppliers to a breakthrough home power device that could trigger a 10,000% stock run… 

  • A safe way to profit from the marijuana legalization boom that most investors never think about… 

  • The easiest way you’ll ever see to make 20-30% on your money overnight (you can  thank Warren Buffet for this one)…. 

  • The best way to cash-in on the country’s infrastructure spending spree 

  • How to profit from a super fiber that could disrupt a $133 billion market

These are just some of the specific investments that our research team has meticulously selected for their explosive profit potential.  Each of these picks could rally 200%...300%...500% or higher and they’re all in THE LIST… 7 Stocks You Need To Own Right Now”.

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We’ve led our readers to dozens of triple-digit stock gains, including…

  • 880% from Acadia Pharmaceuticals

  • 668% from Esperion Therapies

  • 409% from Cheniere Energy

  • 141% from Whirlpool

  • 368% from AthenaHealth

  • 251% from Iozyme Therapeutics

  • 213% from Exactly Sciences

  • 304% from Illumina

  • 126% from Western Digital

  • 296% from Adeptus Health.

Now, we expect to capture some of our biggest gains ever in our latest edition of THE LIST. And that’s why it’s the first piece of research we’ll send you with your trial subscription to Game-Changing Stocks. 

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  • The List: 7 Stocks You Need To Own Right Now ($99 value, yours free)
    This is the in-depth report that brings you a closer look at our top investing ideas right now.  It is the most hotly anticipated report that we publish.  Our recently released picks in 2017 are beating the S&P 500 by nearly two to one.

  • BONUS REPORT #1 Your Backdoor to the Batteries of the Future ($75 value, yours free) This report zeroes in on specific technologies and companies on the forefront of energy storage-- including one with a technology that Bill Gates and Peter Thiel think could change the world.  The only catch is that most transformational energy firms like these are too new to trade on the exchanges. Here’s how to invest in these “off limit” opportunities that are turning early investors into millionaires.

  • BONUS REPORT #2 The Top 5 Apple Suppliers To Buy Right Now ($75 value, yours free) Mobile payments are taking over… and they could be Apple’s biggest game-changer yet, thanks to Apple Pay—the tech giant’s revolutionary pay-by-phone technology.  Half of the retailers in the U.S. now accept Apple Pay and more than 127 million customers are using it.  Its popularity doubled in the past year alone and the fire keeps spreading.  Here you’ll find Apple’s most important suppliers, and see why they could each soar triple-digits. 

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    Each issue of Game-Changing Stocks is loaded with bold predictions and fresh new investing ideas, including medical breakthroughs, energy revolutions, new technologies, and many others. If it’s a company with the potential to deliver gains of 100% to 10,000% in the next few years, then we’re covering it. And because a new issue comes out twice a month, you get twice the research that most services give you.

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    On top of your monthly issues and mid-month updates, we will also send you ’’Instant Alerts’’ with important breaking news. The market doesn’t pay attention to our publication schedule so we need to make sure you have our up-to-the-minute advice when conditions change fast.

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  • report coverBONUS REPORT #3 Three Small Firms That Could Profit the Most from the Internet of Things ($75 value, yours free)
    The market for Internet-connected devices—the “Internet of Things”—keeps growing and is expected to deliver $19 trillion in new wealth by 2020. It will touch every sector and could make a fortune for anyone who can get out ahead of it. Here you’ll find our favorite opportunities in this booming arena.

  • report coverBONUS REPORT #4 Ending America’s Hidden Epidemic ($75 value, yours free)
    Hospitals lose between $17-$28 billion a year to preventable medical errors. What’s worse, these errors kill 441,000 patients a year. The epidemic is so grave that it has caught the attention of our government. In this report, we uncover the innovative companies that are solving this horrific problem and highlight the best way to profit from them.  

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