Get Ready to Lock in $40,653 a Year for Life...

Get Ready to Lock in $40,653 a Year for Life...

Act now and guarantee your financial future no matter what happens to Social Security

Congratulations on taking this first step to ensuring a prosperous retirement... with a program that will keep on paying you no matter what politicians do to Social Security.

If you’re naturally drawn to an independent lifestyle… are ready to devote 10 minutes a month to our program… and you understand that Social Security is so strapped for cash that it might not be there when you need it most -- then this program is perfect for you.

Because there is simply no way that Social Security can survive the daily burden put on it by wave-after-wave of fresh new retirees… 10,000 baby boomers a day turn 65 and most are inadequately prepared for retirement

That’s why taking steps to develop your own Social Security Insurance plan could mean the difference between scraping by… or living the retirement you want and deserve. 

Best of all, it’s a cinch to set up.

In five simple steps you can lock in a second income that exceeds your promised Social Security payout. And once you do, you’ll never have to worry about Social Security again. 

That’s because our income program has nothing to do with the government. Getting this money doesn’t affect your regular Social Security in any way. 

What’s more, you don’t have to wait until you’re 70 to get the maximum payout, like you do with Social Security.

You can get it right now.

In fact, my clients are generating an average of $40,653 per year with this system… deposited directly into their account every month.

We’re hearing reports from ordinary people who are pulling in extraordinary amounts of cash.

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Let's Get You Started Right Now...

Social Security Insurance: How to Generate $40,653 Per Year Starting Tomorrow.

This report shows you how to combine five remarkable income streams—in five unrelated business sectors—into one bullet-proof retirement-funding package. 

I’ve even found a hidden treasure trove of dividends that few investors know about. That’s because they go unreported by the press… and aren’t included in the stock’s official yield figure.

coverOne of these companies handed out a bonus dividend of $7 per share. Meanwhile, its normal dividend was just 27 cents. That’s like getting your next 26 paychecks in one lump sum.

And I’ve found 10 more unreported dividend payers that you can buy now—before they send out their next surprise checks. I reveal them all in 12 “Unreported” Dividend-Payers Yielding Up To 10.4%.


group HYIFor the next year, you’ll receive my High-Yield Investing research… which covers every sort of income-generating investment on Wall Street. The highlight of each issue is our “High-Yield Stock of the Month”. If you like a towering dividend and a great shot at a solid capital gain, you’ll love this compelling combination of yield and growth (regularly $99). 


To keep you updated between issues and to let you know if we need to make any changes to our Social Security Insurance Program ($79 value).


Market conditions change quickly. And when I adapt, I show you exactly what I’m doing with an alert to keep you up to speed. That way you won't be left wondering what to do ($79 value). 


You’ll also get access to our subscribers-only website. There you’ll have access to all prior issues and discovered new stock picks that can boost your portfolio and potentially generate thousands of dollars in extra income every year ($99 value). 


SA insider coversThe weekly Insider gives you a peek at the market picks (and the recognized experts behind those picks) that have made StreetAuthority the fastest-growing investment advisory publisher in the United States.

All of this is yours for only $49.95.

Sign up to High Yield Investing for 2 years and get even MORE bang for your buck... ONLY $89.90!

The retail cost of this membership level is $198.

You get all 5 member benefits mentioned above with 3 additional research reports… 

additional reports

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  • 3 High Yield REITs with Recession Proof Dividends – Be a wealthy landlord without the hassle of tenants. There’s no easier way to capture a steady stream of rental income than with Real Estate Investment Trusts. Get the 3 best in this provocative report FREE!

  • Pipelines of Profits: How We’re Crushing Stocks with the Most Investor-Friendly Securities on the Planet – The highest yields on Wall Street are found in pipelines that transport oil and gas. Discover 3 ways to cash in with a hearty tax break to boot—FREE!

One more thing that’s worth mentioning… 

When you try High-Yield Investing the risk is mine, not yours—I insist.

You don’t risk a penny with my 100% DOUBLE guarantee.

Here’s how it works… 


Use the full version of High-Yield Investing for 30 Days, Risk-Free—On Me

Take the next 30 days to check out my Social Security Insurance Program… pour through the latest issue of High-Yield Investing... and check out my reports. 

You’ve got three months to use High-Yield Investing and all the other research and services that come with it.

If, at any time within the first 30 days, you're not completely satisfied with the research, gains, or anything else about my High-Yield Investing advisory service, simply let us know and we'll promptly refund every penny of your subscription priceNo questions asked.

And your protection doesn’t stop there. I’m going a big step further… really putting my neck on the block with another even stronger guarantee. I didn’t mention it earlier because this second iron-clad guarantee is reserved only for people like you who are serious about fortifying their retirement immediately.


You Will Generate AT LEAST $40,653 Within a Year 

If you follow my Social Security Insurance Program as described in your FREE report, and you’re not pulling in at least $40,653 annually within the year, simply let us know and we'll extend your subscription for another full year. 

I don’t need to see any documentation or paperwork. Your word is good enough for me. I will work a second year for you at no charge. 

I can’t think of anything fairer than that! 

But you have to move fast if you want the maximum $45,543 payout. It’s all explained in the report I’ll send you instantly once you agree to try High Yield Investing.

Missing out on this opportunity to lock in a $40,653 annual income stream for life could leave you with the sting of regret for years to come… because you’ll always wonder, “what if…” 

So go ahead and join us now. You literally have nothing to lose and so MUCH to gain… 

Or, if you prefer, call our New-Member Services at (855)-512-6698. They’re available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday. 

They'll answer any questions you may have about the service and sign you up right away. 

So please complete the form below and get started before this offer expires. 

Remember, if you don’t like it, you don’t pay. I have no interest in keeping your money if you're not completely satisfied. 

And you can keep both of my new reports I've just detailed as my thanks for giving my service a try. 

Let me welcome you to High-Yield Investing… 

I look forward to serving you. 

With best wishes for a lifetime of income, 

Nathan Slaughter
Chief Investment Strategist
High-Yield Investing

Take Steps to Develop Your Own Social Security Insurance Plan and Lock in $40,653 a Year for Life...With Your Trial Subscription to High-Yield Investing

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