Your Invitation to Join Maximum Profit

Your Invitation to Join

Maximum Profit

I want to thank you for taking part in today’s broadcast.

By joining Maximum Profit, you’ll receive access to the greatest investment opportunities identified by our indicator.

In each case, our Maximum Profit Indicator will alert you to:

  1. A company that’s being flooded with an ever-growing amount of cash... and...

  2. That it is now exerting incredible pressure on the share price, starting to push it up.

Over the past three years, this indicator has picked out stocks like Electronic Arts, that shot up 219% in 12 months... ANI Pharmaceuticals, that soared 445% in a year and a half... and Gentium, that gained 115% in 7 months.

On average, you could have captured 1–2 double digit winners each month... with a triple digit home run twice a year.

And once again, our indicator has flagged three stocks that are set to take off. I just finished vetting them this morning, and they are THE best opportunities on the market right now.

That means you can get in at the very start as their share prices take off. To help you take advantage of them, I’ve prepared an in-depth report...

Premium Report:#1

The 3 Best Stocks to Double Your Money in the Next 12 Months

The 3 Best Stocks to Double Your Money in the Next 12 Months report coverHere you’ll get the full details of the 3 incredible companies our indicator has just flagged.

One of them is a biomedical research company... the second, a major building product suppler... and the third, an software developer. I believe these stocks give you the absolute best chance to grow your money without worrying about what the market will do next.

By becoming a Maximum Profit member, I’ll send you full updates on these 3 companies, and alert you to every new opportunity that our indicator picks out.

That means every other Friday, I’ll send you an update on our portfolio, along with the full details of our latest opportunity.

Sometimes it will be a fast-growing telecom... maybe an established retailer... or a mid-sized pharmaceutical. Regardless of what it is, you’ll have the assurance this company is being flooded with an ever-growing torrent of cash... is shoveling it back into the company... and as a result, its share price is starting to take off.

And to get you started on your fast track to financial success, I’ve prepared TWO more valuable reports exclusively for those who join on for 2 years...

Premium Report #3

10 Well-Known Companies to Avoid 

10 Well-Known Companies to AvoidThese 10 popular stocks have already sucker punched countless investors... yet, they are still very popular.

They’re well-known name brands... covered on CNBC... in the financial papers... even Cramer touts them occasionally.

But here’s what you may not know about them: Our indicator has revealed that their rate of cash flow is slowing. And even their existing cash flow may not be going back into the company.

Now, I’m not saying any of them are the next Enron or Worldcom. But if you hold any of these stocks in your brokerage account, it may be a good time to sell them. Before it’s too late.

You’ll get the full details on these popular stocks in this second report, as soon as you lock in 2 years of Maximum Profit.

Premium Report #4

The Maximum Profit Watchlist

The Maximum Profit WatchlistOne of the great things about the Maximum Profit Indicator, is that it gives you a sneak peek into a company’s situation early on. Sometimes weeks before its share price takes off.

Thanks to our indicator, you can see the cash flow growth accelerate... as it builds up pressure underneath the share price.

I’ve just spotted 3 such companies. There’s no telling when their share prices will take off. It could be tomorrow, or a few weeks from now.

But today, they’re the top 3 candidates on our radar. And as soon as our indicator tells us, we’re loading up.

With these reports, you have everything you need to get started. And to help you reach your financial goals quickly.

You can get all three reports in the next one or two minutes. As soon as you get on my Maximum Profit distribution list.

We normally charge $1,000 for one year of service.

But for a limited time only, I can give you a full year’s worth, for the price of just 6 months.

That’s 26 issues, each packed with at least one recommendation with the potential to deliver double and triple digit gains... for just $499!

You are, of course, under no obligation to stick with our service once you subscribe, and are completely covered by our Double 100% Satisfaction Guarantee...

Guarantee #1:
You’ll be 100% Satisfied or Your Money Back

I want you to be happy with your service. And I want you to be personally convinced that it lives up to everything I’ve shown you.

In the next few minutes, you’ll have the full details about the three incredible companies that our indicator has just flagged, and which I vetted this morning.

Go over them immediately, and check out our current portfolio, with all the other rising stocks we’re holding. Take advantage of any of the opportunities you wish.

And over the next few weeks, the gains you’ll see could far surpass your membership price... and your expectations as well.

If they don’t live up to everything I’ve told you... let me know and I’ll refund your full membership price within the first 90 days.

Of course, I don’t think you’ll be doing that once you see the incredible gains in your brokerage account. Which brings me to my second 100% Satisfaction Guarantee...

Guarantee #2:
You’ll Make Thousands or Your 2nd Year is Free

If, after a year’s worth of service, you haven’t received at least 15 winning stocks, I’ll give you a second year of Maximum Profit completely free.

That means if, 12 months from now, you received only 14 great winners – not 15 – I’ll extend your subscription for another 12 months, free of charge.

And remember: claiming either one of your guarantees is as easy as calling our toll-free membership desk.

So give my service a try now.

That way, you'll be able to join folks like Francis F., who told us the Maximum Profit Indicator, “has pulled me out of the hole with $30,000 in just a couple of months.”

To start benefiting from Maximum Profit right away, simply select your level of service, and enter your information below...

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