You Are One Step Away from Dr. Carr's Next 1,000% Winner!
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You Are One Step Away from Dr. Carr's Next 1,000% Winner!

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Congratulations, you are one step away from joining Dr. Carr's subscribers who are well on their way to turning $10,000 into $100,000.

As an Extreme Tech Profits member, you’re about to witness investment opportunities you’ve never seen before… as you join Dr. Carr in capturing profits from today’s brand-new emerging tech boom.

He manages portfolios that for the past seven years are returning 111% and 183% on average, EACH YEAR.

Most investors don’t see this kind of performance their entire life. With Dr. Carr, it’s a regular event.

Now, you have the opportunity to follow along with Dr. Carr’s research and participate in the biggest investment opportunity since the 1990s tech boom.

Today we’re capitalizing on three converging trends in technology. After years of development, they’ve finally reached that tipping point where each industry's technology has matured.

The breakthroughs in each sector are fueling the growth of the others. They’re piggybacking on each other’s advances—and are now taking off.

This is almost surely where the biggest stock gains will be found over the next decade.

As soon as we receive your application, we’ll give you access to Dr. Carr’s top investment opportunities:

report coverReport #1: The Three Top Stocks Leading the Boom in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is going to be THE most influential trend in technology over the next decade. We’re still at the earliest stage of this technology. And that’s good news for us as investors. This first report briefs you on the companies leading this evolution, with full details on how you can invest in them.

report coverReport #2: How to Make a Fortune in the Internet of Things

Medical sensors that detect minute changes weeks before serious symptoms develop... Sensors embedded in highways that alert police to car accidents and road crews to needed repairs... The Internet of Things has wider consequences than most people can fathom. In this report, we show you who’s who of the Internet of Things boom.

report coverReport #3: Three Stocks Leading the Race in Cybersecurity

With 300 million new devices connecting to the Internet every month, every one of which poses a potential security risk, cybersecurity companies are picking up new business faster than any other industry. But out of the hundreds of cybersecurity providers, there are three companies leading the way.

report coverReport #4: Three Cloud Computing Stocks that Will Grow for a Decade

You’ll also receive Dr. Carr’s detailed briefing on the fast-growing industry of cloud computing. Without it, the three other industries wouldn’t grow near as fast as they are today. These three companies can get you in at the very beginning of this exciting growth phase.

And it gets even better. As a Extreme Tech Profits member, you’ll receive Dr. Carr’s ongoing research into the companies that are changing the world... and making their investors wealthy along the way.

monthly issuesExtreme Tech Profits Monthly Issue 

Every month, Dr. Carr will send you an investment opportunity that can change your life. Each recommendation includes a full analysis of the opportunity at hand… an overview of the industry… and its full market potential. He’ll tell you exactly why he’s excited about it… with specific instructions on how to take maximum advantage of the situation… including his “buy up to” price and any additional instructions to maximize your gains.

updatesMid-Month Updates 

You’ll also receive a mid-month update with a recap of where your investments stand… how the portfolio is performing... and a quick brief on any new opportunities Dr. Carr has uncovered.

alertsSpecial Alerts

You’ll get a special alert whenever there is breaking news on any of your investments or when it’s time to sell.

Text Alerts

We’ll also send you fast-action text alerts straight to your cellphone, alerting you to check your email for Dr. Carr’s latest recommendation. This is a purely optional service, but it’s the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

Members-Only Website

log in screenAs soon as you join, you’ll receive a login and password to access Dr. Carr's private, encrypted website. Here you’ll be able to access every regular issue, mid-month issue, special alert… and every investment report and video Dr. Carr’s prepared for you.

xtp actual listModel Portfolio 

The model portfolio shows you exactly how each of our recommendations is doing. It includes the company name, ticker symbol… purchase date and buy price… current price and the gains made so far. It’ll also tell you if an opportunity is still a “buy” or not.

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weekly saThe weekly Insider gives you a peek at the market picks (and the recognized experts behind those picks) that have made StreetAuthority the fastest-growing investment advisory publisher in the United States.

NathanVIP Customer Service

As an Extreme Tech Profits member, you’ll also become part of StreetAuthority’s VIP community. And we’ll make sure you are treated accordingly. That means you get direct access to Dr. Carr by email, and a dedicated customer service team to help you with any aspect of your membership.

Now here's the best part...

Usually, the regular price of a one-year membership is $4,000. Considering the gains you stand to make from a system that produces yearly 10-baggers, this is an exceptional deal.

However, by taking advantage of this offer, you can sign up now at a one-time rate of $1,997 for one full year.

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Of course, we’ll remove any risk for you to try Extreme Tech Profits...

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30 day guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you decide this service is not what you’re looking for, just let us know within 30 days. We’ll immediately give you a full refund, and pass your slot on to the next person on the waiting list.

Guarantee #2:

Dr. Carr's $100,000 Guarantee

If you join Extreme Tech Profits you’ll have a chance to make 1,000% or more—the equivalent of turning every $10,000 into $100,000 over the coming years—by simply following Dr. Carr’s proven strategy.

This is your opportunity to get on board for just $1,997.

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